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    It was the night of a huge noreaster and we were holed up on the third floor with my family members on the other side of the door. She didn't want to disturb anyone and said shes gonna pee on a surface so no one hears her peeing. She stood up and sprayed the window and heater with her hot piss stream. I had a behind view of it and saw the pee stream catch the street lights as the heater got soaked. She held her lips apart and stood like a man. Probably the hottest thing I've seen to this day. I let her use the carpet the rest of the night.

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  1. So I was watching a funny Hazbin Hotel edit where every word is a google image, and one of the images that came up was a photo of "Pissy Pussy Girls" by Gordon Denmen. First thought was that this guy had to be some kinda freak like us to find that image because it's super niche and definitely does not come up in the word "pissy". Does anyone have that book or have photo copies of the images? The images sound promising given the description of the book, and this being the diverse community it is, was wondering if anyone had it?
  2. Does anyone monitor the IP cams in New orleans? Anyone see anything interesting? The Mardi Gras goes on for quite awhile, ending some time this month.
  3. I do! I skinny dip when I can, which is not nearly enough. Last time I did anything like that it was years ago in a hot tub.
  4. Meet people? Make friends?? Curses, my only two weaknesses (besides girls with properly functioning bladders)
  5. A true patriot right here fellas. As an american myself, my first instinct would be to whip out google translate and google lens. Yeah I could learn the basics of a new language but in the case that I get overwhelmed and my knowledge doesn't protect me like it should, I would want something quick and dirty to help me out...like finding a bathroom for starters.
  6. I mean yeah tbh. Cant front, she was the best sex for 10 years.
  7. I was really tired one time in community college (I had stayed up most of the night before working or something), and I stumbled into the women's restroom without noticing. It slipped my mind that there were no urinals so I never questioned it. Went to the furthest stall to have a piss, then what looked like feminine shoes walked in, sat down and let rip. Then another, and another, and another! I'd be turned on but was otherwise mortified at the fact I had accidentally walked into the women's restroom and now need to find a way out. Found the smallest break in foot traffic and bolted. I'v
  8. I feel like dialogue is heavily underappreciated when it comes to pissing. It isn't just words for me, it's also sounds. I also love a semi-linear progression of noises that hint at how bad it is. "I really have to piss/pee" - Gets my ears perked up. I get really excited on the inside but I try to hide my enthusiasm "Oh fuck I need to pee" - The fuck part really drives it home for me "Mmf I can't hold it " - Usually just before the damn breaks "Okay, it's coming out. . ." - At this point I'm probably on the verge of busting my zipper open without using my hands Whateve
  9. Oh god no, while I generally (and shamefully) like watching the films, I recoil at the thought of doing so myself. Do I like a good pee show? Sure, but it's a different interaction in public. I'll feel bad for staring, act surprised, blush and then leave even though I probably had to pee myself. Besides, I am nowhere near Roskilde and lack the funds and interest to go. I'm not much of a music fan, and I would love to camp, but what you described sounds grizzly and gross (what if I'm camping and someone pees in my shoes, or tent!). I love watching and sometimes being seen, but I draw the line a
  10. @vanessa9, you said you were filmed. I've seen the clips that end up on the internet, and from some POVs, the camera appears to be on the ground or tied to someone's leg. Can you confirm this?
  11. That could just mean that they had a hardware issue. My favorite data archive site went down for MONTHS and came back up so all is not lost until they say so.
  12. I didn't see any features where the camera was able to be controlled. . . too bad. Has anyone seen any open webcams near Tulsa University? How are you guys even finding these webcams. Shodan? Censys? Google search?
  13. This brought back memories of all my (female) siblings needing to pee as we hit NYC traffic on an annual visit to grandmas. They repeatedly had UTIs on these trips, why that kept happening is known to no one. Pretty sure we've had two accidents maybe? Pretty sure I attempted to pee in the trunk at one point but was too nervous. How this even became news is hilarious...
  14. I have done this many times with the houses that were being built behind my house. I used to love hiking in the woods but they tore down 30% of it for houses way outside of the surrounding neighborhoods price range. Definitely took a couple of pees in that house.
  15. You know what, starting to realize that I might actually have a heart condition because my heart rate is low regardless.
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