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    It was the night of a huge noreaster and we were holed up on the third floor with my family members on the other side of the door. She didn't want to disturb anyone and said shes gonna pee on a surface so no one hears her peeing. She stood up and sprayed the window and heater with her hot piss stream. I had a behind view of it and saw the pee stream catch the street lights as the heater got soaked. She held her lips apart and stood like a man. Probably the hottest thing I've seen to this day. I let her use the carpet the rest of the night.

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  1. Yup, but it was an accident. I was going to community college at the time, and at that time my sleep schedule was absolute garbage. I had stayed up the entire night I think, the day before school. So my tired, groggy and barely conscious self ended up wandering into the womens bathroom to pee. I sat down and went (I know, and I refuse to debate this or defend myself), and a young lady, to my shock, occupied the stall next to me and started her stream. One came in, then another, then another, and it didn't stop and I was sitting there like "Fuck if I get caught I'm gonna be labeled some ki
  2. My grandmas house was Victorian Era and she had these heating vents all around the house. Not like they worked, so as a child I would piss inside of them when no one was around.
  3. If it were me in this situation, I would do the following: 1.) Get drunk. Not stupidly drunk but enough to keep the pee flowing 2.) Rent out that hotel. Not a motel, but a reasonably priced hotel. Even better if they take forms of payment that aren't credit cards 3.) Get to the hotel, maybe it has an elevator. Wear something loose, go to the elevator, and just let rip all over the walls 4.) Drink more, get to your room. If you have to pee, find somewhere to sit on. Perhaps the heater. Let it loose from the heater to the floor, and maybe on some of the sheets too. 5.) I
  4. Oh I forgot about that. Well idk if I could have gotten away with claiming it was an accident, but I bet you could say "Oh I'm so sorry, I just was bursting and as I was getting up, it all just came out of me. I'll clean and polish it, don't worry." Highly doubt he'd be the wiser. My gf leaked like that alot in the early days, like it was delayed squirting.
  5. Usually the toilet bc my gf would be mad otherwise. If it were anyone else, I would skip the bathroom and go right onto the patio and let loose. I would encourage said partner to join me in making a puddle on the outdoor carpet since it gets wet from rain anyways.
  6. I'm disappointed you didn't take the chance to take a naughty piss on the carpet next to the bed while he was sleeping 😞
  7. It's almost August and I haven't heard any cicadas this year. I only heard a couple just now for the first time. This is both surprising and concerning. Anyone else experiencing something similar?
  8. You better stop playing with me because you just might find me at your door step (in the least creepy way possible lol).
  9. Everyone says they aren't until they've been fucked so good that they can no longer say that. Example: In the early days of my relationship, back when we were still fucking in my parents basement, we decided to fuck not so quietly while there was family upstairs. After we got done and she could hardly stand, she would fall to her knees and start letting loose on the carpet. Idk if you can call it squirting or not, but it was SO MUCH, like the same amount every time. She would squirt more than once like this, all over the floor until there was a sizeable puddle. No idea how we hid that fro
  10. This hits home for me because I used to do that but I got caught by my dad and received punishment for it. Now I can hardly justify peeing in the shower. I say I do, but I rarely ever "go with the flow" like that.
  11. One time I pissed in my gfs mouth because she kept sucking me when I told her to stop. I hardly had time to warn her. She was disgusted, I was mortified, and I pray that never happens again. Its EXACTLY the reason I tell girls that I don't get off that way. I'm simply too sensitive and the feeling of having to cum/pee feel extremely similar.
  12. I'm not a licensed masseuse but I am good at it (so my SO says) and I would be more than okay with someone letting go during the massage!
  13. Thats why you get cheap furniture from the street, clean and sanitize it, so you can ruin it later and toss it :). I've never actually done that, but I would should I ever have someone to fool around with piss-wise. And don't worry about me, def focus on you.
  14. I would, as long as you arch'ed it and pissed as far as you could onto the floor. Others, go ahead and piss into the cushion. I definitely want to hear the hissing noise.
  15. I feel like positioning, muscle use down there, and surface tension have a lot to do with each other on this topic.
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