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    It was the night of a huge noreaster and we were holed up on the third floor with my family members on the other side of the door. She didn't want to disturb anyone and said shes gonna pee on a surface so no one hears her peeing. She stood up and sprayed the window and heater with her hot piss stream. I had a behind view of it and saw the pee stream catch the street lights as the heater got soaked. She held her lips apart and stood like a man. Probably the hottest thing I've seen to this day. I let her use the carpet the rest of the night.

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  1. Where were you peeing that you got caught? Worst I've done was piss in the middle of the bathroom floor on the drain. Splattered everywhere and someone came in right after me. Got the hell out real fast lol
  2. If you go to pornhub.com and search up any plus size pee-focused content creator, their algorithms will mainly give you plus sized pee suggestions. Perhaps you aren't searching the right users or tags. I'll name drop a few of my personal favorites: PeeGirl1999 (twitter and fansly under the same name) Ladyredbush Laverrnee (I think) LittlePeePrincess Or (LittlePrincess) SilentCrisis Personally, I'm more into the quality of the content than the quantity of body fat on the person (Though I have my hard limits)
  3. I would have loved seeing that more lol. She was overfilling the cup and I just said "Just piss on the floor!". So she moved the cup out of the way and sprayed the carpet. I loved the sound of it, and it didn't even smell! It happened again on our way to the airport that happens to be across one of the standard timezones. We fucked up and forgot about the time change so we couldn't stop for anything, not even to pee. The pee came for her and she said she couldn't hold it all the way to the airport, so I just told her "Do what you gotta do". Seeing no other option, she just let go onto the
  4. These dogs are really little, my wife has the nose of a blood hound, and I just pissed a whole bunch all over the all and carpet..fuuuuuuck clean up sucks. Definitely an enjoyable horny piss though. No regrets here.
  5. Yeah too bad she doesn't exist lol...yet...
  6. Apart from that last part, I actually let this happen more than once. Once on a road trip we were part way through god knows where and with one too many cars around, my wife announces that she has to pee. Of course my ears perk up (as did other parts of my body), I told her that I wasn't stopping, even though I could have waited for the cars to stop coming by since, again, we were in the middle of nowhere. I told her to just go in this very large cup she just drank an entire coke out of (seriously, why does America have these things if they don't double as toilets). She takes my advice, squats
  7. I'm lying in bed right now scrolling through this thread and holding back the urge to pee. I'm really considering letting it off to the side and spraying the wall. I'm doing rover to pay bills so i dont think anyone will be the wiser if I do. Should I?
  8. Haha, I've always wanted to try pissing in someones pants while they piss in it themselves. I could see myself doing this with a (very) close friend at a festival if theres no other option. Just pull out the shorts a bit and let go down her backside into her pants
  9. Whats your plan for the day? Last night I let it out on the second floor of a hotel I was delivering to. Behind the ice machine. I honestly didn't feel like I could hold it another hour.
  10. Hard to pick one, but a major one is OSINT investigations. What's your naughtiest pee experience?
  11. This was both hilarious and stressful to read lol
  12. Nope! A lot of taboo things make me horny (e.g. Flashing, public sex and voyeurism, making someone cum where they shouldn't, public fondling). I'm more into those things with a willing partner and less so for myself. It's fun to try and make your partner lose their composure in public and watch them blush. It only makes me rougher in the bedroom because I'll want them so much it physically hurts.
  13. I really love their backs in all of these photos. God damn....
  14. So my wife has this friend, lets call her A. A can be kind of a snarky asshole type friend; Gives backhanded compliments and judges others before judging herself. But if there is anything I hate the most about this person, it is that they take HORRIBLE care of themselves AND their pets. There's dirt and grime everywhere, dried animal stains, dirty dishes, and dried mud. For whatever reason, I volunteered to watch her pets while shes away (even though I have problems of my own). I get there, wade through the aforementioned filth to get her pets outside, and there, smack dab in the middle o
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