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    The sound, how it catches the light, the positions, the power
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    It was the night of a huge noreaster and we were holed up on the third floor with my family members on the other side of the door. She didn't want to disturb anyone and said shes gonna pee on a surface so no one hears her peeing. She stood up and sprayed the window and heater with her hot piss stream. I had a behind view of it and saw the pee stream catch the street lights as the heater got soaked. She held her lips apart and stood like a man. Probably the hottest thing I've seen to this day. I let her use the carpet the rest of the night.

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  1. I don't have many but my friend, lets call her O, pissed behind the open door to her car while I was pulling in. She often doesn't hold it simply because she can't be bothered to, so she opts for pissing in her current location. My friend, we'll call her scarlet; She often pisses where she is because she's too lazy. She pees in cups when she's sleepy and doesn't want to walk to the bathroom, and chooses to piss on her patio instead of ducking behind a corner or going to the bathroom. She'll ask if its okay first before letting go, so she tells me anyways. We don't hang out enough for me to kno
  2. All the time; I used to piss out the window on some occasions at my parents place when I lived there. I even pissed on the window at some point, which was even more fun. No one found out. I also have one video floating around out there of me pissing out the door onto the patio, but I don't think that counts since I'm on the ground floor and the splatter damage is minimal. Still fun though
  3. Bacardi, are you CHALLENGING ME?! Do I mention to this whole community what happened the last time I was presented with a challenge?!
  4. I'm surprised you didn't give up on the toilet and let loose on the floor or sink.
  5. I've been meaning to play this game but have never found the time to do so.
  6. I recently took a trip out east to do some important things I had to take care of. While I was out there, I decided to visit a friend I had not seen since 2016. We decided to meet up outside a cannabis dispensary. Since we had not seen each other in awhile, I brought a dog to break the ice. She's a beautiful, well trained husky who is a conversation starter anywhere she goes (anywhere that is dog friendly that is). My friend is someone I have been friends with for years, since summer of 2013, and someone I've written about on here before. She's on the taller side, hazel eyed, and brown haired.
  7. Thats a strong stream. From the looks of it, I figured you wouldn't have made it to the bathroom
  8. Personally, I love both aspects mentioned in this post. Both are equally exciting.
  9. I'm so proud of you. This is bold and sneaky. So fucking hot 🙂
  10. This makes someone a hard 15 for me. Someone did that to me as they wrapped one leg around me and started pissing all over the floor, not caring if it made a noticeable mess in the middle of my parents basement. She didn't care at the time, I definitely did not, and we humped like bunnies right afterwards. 2011 was wild.
  11. She's a 10, but she pees on the dance floor while she's dancing
  12. I don't think I have ever done something like this but I feel like I have. I've always wanted to though. I'll have to think really hard about this one...
  13. Nah no one around. Though I did it again and there were people walking outside. Not sure if they saw me or not lol.
  14. Seconding this. I was a regular on that site and the stories were better than any image porn you would find at the time. Peepoogirls was great but got boring because they never posted anything new or amateur. Going to add xtube and xnxx. Those sites hardly changed over the years.
  15. This one was risky and I loved it. I was horny and had one of those hard-ons that didn't go away. Felt like releasing outside. https://www.erome.com/a/qt4LMaa8
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