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    Friendly 30 year old queer guy. I love naughty pissing and piss marking. I live in New York City and would love to meet up with someone of any gender for that type of fun.

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  1. That sounds really hot. Doing a morning piss on the communal couch is especially naughty. A shame the videos got deleted, but I imagine it gives you an excuse to repeat the experiences 😉 Does it smell?
  2. I’ve pissed in front of friends, and on friends lots of times. I am sometimes pee shy, but I trained myself out of most of it. Being drunk and/or desperate helps a lot. Sometimes I’ll ask my friends to distract me, and we will talk about the weather or something really boring. Usually I can relax enough to get started after that.
  3. That sounds fun. I’ve pissed on the subway too, but never in front of friends. Coming home from the bars in Manhattan, it is a long ride to the outer boroughs. I’ve pissed on the floor on empty trains, and I’ve also pissed in a few stations. Some subway stations have bathrooms, and I’ve used those on occasion too. I’ve also witnessed people pissing on the subway. One memorable time I was with a friend and we were sitting across from a homeless man spread out across the seats wearing sweatpants. He had his face covered by the hood of his jacket. All of a sudden he sneaks his dick out
  4. Wow thanks for posting that. I didn’t remember that she did an interview about it. I loved her line at the end, that she wasn’t proud of what she did but also that she did something a lot of people fantasize about. So true!
  5. Sounding can be a lot of fun! I recommend purchasing a sounding kit though, I would be worried about injuring yourself with things not made for that purpose. I’ve sounded a few people before as a top but have never put anything in my dick, that’s something I’m still too scared to bottom for!
  6. Yeah, anyone who wasn’t a registered model had their content deleted. Check out my stuff on twitter under the same name.
  7. That’s really hot. You’ve definitely made that box your toilet. Pissing in the same spot over and over again is also super naughty. I hope you’ll show us the carpet underneath when you decide to move it!
  8. I think the concern would be what is underneath the tile. I think it would work well on a concrete floor. I have a large area rug in my basement that I piss on. I’ve also used bath mats, and small washable rugs. The plus side to those is that you can wash it when it starts to smell terrible.
  9. That’s super hot! I didn’t know that was you over there. You have some really hot stories here on peefans. Nice job. There’s nothing like pissing on carpet in a hotel.
  10. That sounds pretty hot actually. I would love to come visit and piss on your carpets. I bet they’re absolutely saturated with piss. You should post more! I enjoy your videos on xtube.
  11. Personally, I think it’s homophobic to not include men. I’ve always found this website to be a little weird and ‘precious‘ about ensuring straight men don’t see other men. That said, it isn’t my website and I enjoy the content so I respect the structure here. Pornhub did a study and about 25% of their users were women. I also don’t understand, operationally, how including men would make a project like this more difficult? And, besides, how would you deal with models who collaborate on videos and who are doing heterosexual scenes, with a male and female in them? Isn’t that man entitled t
  12. I’m also really into men pissing wherever they want to. It feels really good to pull my cock out and piss in places I’m not supposed to. Sometimes I get too aroused and can’t actually pee! I like watching other guys do it too. I grew up in a rural area and it was normal to piss outside when you needed to. It’s a big fantasy of mine to meet someone who wants me to piss all over their place. I think my favorite thing to piss on is wall to wall carpeting. The fact that it’s so hard to clean up is really arousing for me. I have some videos up on xtube and twitter under the same name as here. I jus
  13. It’s not a porn game but in Death Stranding for the PS4 you can make your character pee everywhere. Your urine is an enemy deterrent. You can’t pee in front of any other human characters but if you knock out all the enemies outside of their camp you can go inside and piss all over stuff like beds and couches. When you’re done a big mushroom appears where you pissed and you can see other players marks. The more people that piss in one spot (it’s online connected) the bigger the mushroom.
  14. Yes, it’s not advertised online much. In the USA the AIDS crisis led to many public health laws outlawing public sex venues. In reality, it just pushed everything underground and was more about moral panic than actual public health interventions. The police also have a long history of homophobia and singling out gay establishments for enforcement and harassment, so events like these have to be advertised quietly otherwise they’re shut down.
  15. I have! These type of parties are more common for gay men. Of course, the pandemic has shut down all that sort of fun. I’ve been to two events that have recurring parties. My favorite one is an underground event space that hosts lots of sex parties. I like their watersports party. There are other events for women and queer people, but not many for straight guys. There is music and a DJ, and beer. There’s a socializing area and a back room part with beds with rubber sheets and some slings. You can piss wherever you want to, but you need consent to piss on other people. There are also
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