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    Piss is my main kink, i like 420 and video games

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  1. Transman here. I am over at my friends place that are also kinky, 2 beers in and 36 ounces of water and i had to change my boxers because i wanted to let out spurts of piss sitting in the chair and it accidentally flowed down into my right shoe oops. Those are my work shoes anyway so eh. I also went into the spare bedroom and pulled back the fitted sheet to piss some on the bare mattress. It felt good and my stream was kinda yellow from the iced coffee earlier. Im continuing to drink water until i have to piss again.
  2. Why are carpet pisses so satisfying and hot? Its been a while since ive piss marked something and i need to watch something soak up my stream but have a roomate and would like to be discreet. Fuck i miss the sound of piss hitting carpet. I want to rent a hotel room soon with somebody and soak it.
  3. Sit on the coner of your bed and piss as hard as you can, see if itll absorb all in your mattress or leak onto the floor.
  4. Yesssss ugh i cant stress this enough. Ive recorded a few of my carpet pisses but theres never enough😅😏
  5. Carpet pisses are extremely satisfying. I have 2 toilets at my place, if you were here would you be too tempted to just go on the floor?
  6. Desperate carpet peeing, messy toilet pissing from women
  7. Anyone plan on naughty pissing at family members houses or their own today? Ive had 2 cups of coffee and my pillow sounds like a really good spot to relieve myself.
  8. I've been on this site for a while i guess but recently just started using it regularly. I'm a 28 year old transman thats always been into piss marking. I accept requests and all messages https://thisvid.com/videos/me-pissing-on-the-wall/ Thats me pissing in my old apartment.
  9. It was so fun honestly. And i really only cleaned it once bc i usually hydrate really well
  10. Goals! Im assuming you have carpet in the bedroom?
  11. That sounds so hot🥴🥴 i would love to have you soak my carpets here and whatever else you wanted as long as you had a full bladder.
  12. My old apartment was fully carpeted except for bathroom and kitchen, my place now just has carpet in the bedrooms
  13. Lets hear some of your favorite naughty pees. Ive done my fair share of public bathroom trashing, pissing in dressing rooms with carpet only, in my apartment literally all over, and hotels.
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