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    The apartment where I live with my family has NO TOILET facilities at all, so when it comes to relieving myself I have to improvise and openly do so elsewhere within the home such as using the carpet, sink, bath, an empty bottle, my clothes or any other suitable item I can find as a makeshift lavatory whenever I get desperate and cannot hold it any longer.

    Connected with the above, I have never been formally toilet trained so don't know how to use such things. Therefore if I need to pee in public, it means I cannot just go in a men's room and instead find somewhere discreet to piss outside or resort to wetting myself.

    In addition, I do not wear any underpants and simply go commando. My penis is free to hang within my trousers and there is nothing to stop it if I get aroused!

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    Makng puddles on the carpet
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    Discreetly peeing under the table in a crowded pub

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  1. Am I the only one who routinely applies their park brake when stationary in traffic or waiting at traffic lights so as not to dazzle the driver behind me with my brake lights? Where has this art gone? In any vehicle I drive it is virtually automatic for me to apply the park brake and knock it out of gear in such situations. Saving keeping ones foot pressed on the pedals, which can wear out the brake pads and clutch. With these dark winter nights, staring at the brake lights of the car in front (particularly if they are newer LED types) cannot be good for ones eyes.
  2. I woke up this morning and as usual needed to pee but with no toilet in my apartment I had to improvise...so as I was naked and in the process of pulling the curtains open to let the daylight in I took the opportunity to urinate out of the window. https://www.erome.com/i/CryY8x8I
  3. This was around mid morning (1000 to 1100), when my usual breakfast tea and fruit juice plus a can of energy drink were all increasing my need to pee. I held off for about an hour, but to no avail!
  4. There are NO toilets in my apartment, so every time I get desperate to relieve myself I have to improvise and use something else within my home as a "toilet." As my apartment is carpeted in most rooms, I frequently use the carpets for such a purpose. My bladder was quite full when the postman came, so as I went downstairs to collect the letters, I could not hold it much longer and sat down at the bottom of the stairs to openly urinate onto the hallway carpet. https://www.erome.com/i/FToKVPDU
  5. Every morning I usually wake up and need to urinate, this particular day was no exception. However, due to there being NO toilets in my apartment, I am constantly having to improvise and seek something else to use as a makeshift substitute. Such as here, where I relieve myself in a small bin- which was not empty. https://www.erome.com/i/jGGK5oZv
  6. If the link does not work by directly clicking on it, try copy and paste to a new window, then it should appear.
  7. Upon travelling home from an evening out by train, the need to pee hit but because I am not toilet trained I was unable to use the on board lavatory. However, as I was still several stations from my destination, I could not hold on and the result was inevitable, ended up having to go in my jeans...
  8. I was at work and about to drain out excess water from the air compressor before shutting it down when I felt the need to drain out excess water from my bladder. So I whipped out my penis and openly pissed next to the compressor. https://www.erome.com/i/Ymx3R0yK
  9. As my name suggests, the apartment where I live is devoid of a toilet, so I am always having to improvise and seeking various other things to use as a substitute in my home such as the carpet, sink/bath, empty bottles or wet myself EVERY time I need to go.
  10. Before I found this forum, I set up a poll on Misterpoll to gauge what others would do to relieve themselves if, like me, they had NO toilet facilities at all in their house/apartment and other such questions such as what if visitors needed the toilet. It is a poll with several multiple choice questions which I don't think I can replicate on here and for ease of keeping the results all in one place I am providing the Misterpoll link for any members here to vote. The poll is for everyone to answer, both men and women. I would value feedback. http://www.misterpoll.com:80/polls/630094 (may need to copy/paste to new window)
  11. I was pretty desperate to go as prior to arriving home I was driving home from work and had some heavy traffic on the motorway.
  12. Just read some of the other conversations I have started on this board, in particular the thread entitled Urinating on the Carpet
  13. Knowing I have no toilet provisions in my apartment, sometimes when I return home and need to pee, I seek relief next to the bin shed before going upstairs. https://www.erome.com/i/dVPmhoYd
  14. That drain is used regularly by myself for such purposes at work.
  15. I was quite involved with a certain job at work and put off visiting the men's room even though I needed to go- as such facilities are in another building on site. Once I completed the parts I was assembling and was happy they were all bolted in position, I quickly went outside to openly relieve myself into a drain in the parking area. Thankfully I wasn't wearing any underpants but even so I could barely get my penis out of my jeans in time and started pissing straightaway as I was that desperate! https://www.erome.com/i/iOc9xZxf

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