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    The apartment where I live has NO TOILET facilities nor any access to a men's room as none are provided in the building thus when I get desperate to relieve myself I have nowhere to go. This leaves me little choice but to improvise and literally use my own home as one big lavatory instead! Therefore the carpet, sink, bath, an empty bottle, my clothes, communal areas of the building or any other suitable item double up as a makeshift urinal whenever I get desperate for a pee and cannot hold it any longer.

    Connected with the above, I have never been formally toilet trained so don't know how to use an actual toilet. Therefore if I need to urinate in public or when visiting someone, I cannot go to the bathroom or men's room and have to discreetly find somewhere else to piss or resort to wetting myself!

    In addition, due to the above factors I go commando and do not wear any underpants. This is so that if I have to pee in my clothes then only one layer- my trousers- gets wet if I am dressed. Though, I am usually naked at home as I feel too restrained in clothing and makes it easier for me to urinate anywhere in my toilet-less apartment as there is are no clothes to get in the way!

    My penis always has freedom to hang loose and there is nothing to stop it if I get aroused!

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    Makng puddles on the carpet
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    Discreetly peeing under the table in a crowded pub

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  1. https://www.erome.com/a/o8wlNi2f As there is no toilet in my apartment nor any lavatory facilities in the building to go to, whenever I am at home and need a pee I have to think of other ways to relieve myself without a toilet like laying down and urinating all over my naked body.
  2. After a few months away, I am back with some new videos. I was out and about walking around town when I became desperate for a pee but without any public toilets nearby to use as my local authority has closed all of them down, I had little option but to relieve myself outside or end up with wet pants! Thankfully, I found a suitable spot then waited for a suitable gap in the light traffic before getting my penis out to openly urinate at the side of the road. https://www.erome.com/a/SO3aj7eK
  3. During the very hot summer days at work when the temperature got unbearable (especially if I was working outside in the sun), I would strip down and just wear my overalls with nothing underneath them... not even any underpants! https://www.erome.com/a/eVAm6fjw
  4. I was at home in the nude in my apartment that has NO TOILETS nor any access to a lavatory but I was getting more and more desperate for a pee. I literally could not hold it a moment longer thus the only thing I could do was to urinate somewhere in my own apartment. So I quickly knelt down and proceeded to piss on the carpet making this rather large puddle. https://www.erome.com/a/MFlpJpGI
  5. I was just about start a new topic about my naked piss in the woods but you seem to have beaten me to it, so will add mine here instead. So here is my video: https://www.erome.com/a/5zeZChZ7 "I was walking through the woods in the buff when I needed a wee, so I simply stepped off the main trail and relieved myself as nature intended onto the undergrowth."
  6. As can be seen from many of my videos on here, I am uncut but prefer to keep my foreskin rolled back
  7. I remember a time when I wearing some sports trousers with an elasticated waistband (black colour trousers like this are my default choice of clothing below the waist as they are comfortable and usually hide the damage when I have to pee in them). I put them on that morning and tied up the cord in the normal manner so they were not too tight and crucially would not fall down easily (especially in my case as I go commando). Anyway, I was going about my day out and about when I got desperate for a wee and found somewhere suitable to go outside without being seen. However, the cord
  8. There some advantages of having NO TOILET facilities in one's apartment such as not needing to stop what I am doing and go to the bathroom as my home acts as one big lavatory. Therefore when I am at the computer naked and need to pee I frequently just urinate onto the carpet under the desk and carry on working/gaming/browsing.
  9. As I returned home from the pub, I was very desperate for a pee but with NO TOILET in my apartment nor any communal men's room in the block, I had to quickly find somewhere else to seek relief. As nobody was near I went to my usual outdoor spot round the back of the bin shed and openly urinated against the wall before going upstairs to my apartment. https://www.erome.com/a/NcMdmWTv
  10. I was at home in the nude and became in need of a piss but because NO TOILET facilities are installed in my apartment I had to seek somewhere else to pee, so I decided to go in the corner of the room. https://www.erome.com/a/JjFPEchi
  11. I was working on a time critical job nearing the end of my shift when I needed a pee. Rather than down tools to urinate outside somewhere or go to the men's room in the other building (to pee in the shower cubicle or similar as I don't know how to use a lavatory), I decided to just kneel down and relieve myself on the workshop floor where I was to crack on with the job. https://www.erome.com/a/md6h22CP
  12. A couple of days ago me and a male friend who I had not seen in ages met up in the centre of town and we migrated back to my apartment for a couple of hours to catch up on things. When we were back at my apartment I was desperate to pee (I could have easily just wet my pants on the way to my apartment but thought better of it as I had company), so I showed him to the sofa before excusing myself and dashing upstairs to urinate on the hallway carpet. We got chatting over a beer or two. Just before he left me to get public transport back across to his side of the city he said "can I use
  13. The latter, I use my whole apartment as a "toilet" so usually just urinate wherever I am at that point in time (or simply wet myself if I have clothes on). This is so that one spot or room is not constantly being soaked with pee but instead has a chance to dry out in between using that area again as a urinal.
  14. https://www.erome.com/a/LwZmLtZg This is how I have to urinate when I am naked at home and badly need a pee as there are NO TOILET facilities in my apartment at all nor any public men's room nearby I can use. This leaves me with nothing when my bladder becomes full thus I relieve myself on the carpet instead.
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