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    The apartment where I live has NO TOILET facilities at all, so when it comes to relieving myself I have no option but to improvise and openly do so elsewhere within my own home such as using the carpet, sink, bath, an empty bottle, my clothes or any other suitable item I can find as a makeshift lavatory whenever I get desperate and cannot hold it any longer.

    Connected with the above, I have never been formally toilet trained so don't know how to use the lavatory. Therefore if I need to pee in public or visiting someone, it means I cannot just go to the bathroom and instead have to find somewhere discreet to piss or resort to wetting myself.

    In addition, due to the above factors I go commando and do not wear any underpants. This is so if I have to pee myself only one layer- my trousers- gets wet. Therefore my penis is free to hang within my trousers and there is nothing to stop it if I get aroused!

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    Makng puddles on the carpet
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    Discreetly peeing under the table in a crowded pub

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  1. I was in my apartment most of the day Easter Monday catching up with things that needed doing at home. This meant having no ready access to a toilet as my apartment is NOT provided with such facilities. As the day wore on I got increasingly desperate for a wee and as I was clothed it was inevitable that my trousers would end up rather wet!
  2. I woke up this morning with a very full bladder and within minutes I was desperate to pee however I couldn't simply dash to the loo and urinate as my apartment has NO TOILET provisions at all. Therefore I quickly had to improvise and use something else within my apartment in order to relieve myself. As I couldn't hold on any longer, I just knelt down where I was and made quite a puddle on the carpet... https://www.erome.com/i/v272IStx
  3. Due to the fact that there are NO TOILETS in my apartment, I have never learnt how to use a lavatory, therefore I am uncomfortable with using the men's room in public if I need to relieve myself. I overcome this difficulty at work by going outside and sneaking a piss somewhere in the yard when I get desperate for a wee. The rear fire exit passage round the back of the building is often used by me as a urinal- as per this example. https://www.erome.com/i/Cnqm4zo0
  4. It is only my particular apartment within the building that has NO toilet provisions, as all other tenants have toilets within their own apartment for them to use.
  5. I try not to pee in the same place within my apartment on any given day, this is so that one particular area or room is not used as a "toilet" constantly but instead use any room or other suitable means (usually whatever is nearby at the time) to relieve myself so as to spread the load- especially in these colder winter months when the puddles on the carpet (or wet trousers) take longer to dry!
  6. My apartment does NOT have any toilet facilities installed, thus I literally use my own home as a lavatory instead should I get desperate. So here I am kneeling down to empty my bladder onto the carpet at the bottom of the stairs when I badly needed a pee and was devoid of clothing (so couldn't wet myself). without clothing at the time Sorry about the darkness to the video but can still me in the act. https://www.erome.com/i/iBlY8V4P
  7. I have done this too. I was naked and loading some of my dirty work clothes in the washer when I felt the need to urinate but as I have no toilet in my apartment, the easiest solution was to just pee into the machine over the clothes. I then closed the door and started the wash cycle.
  8. My apartment is provided with NO TOILET facility, so I normally kneel down and simply use the carpet as a urinal when I am at home, naked and badly need a wee.
  9. I think you are right about MisterPoll being abandoned as I submitted my poll for review to the search directory when it was created over a year ago but it never has been listed. In addition, emails to them about this issue have remained unanswered and the "editors choice" of polls on the right hand side of the home page never seem to change/update. All the votes for my poll have therefore been through advertising it on other pee related polls or on this forum rather than people searching for it. However it was through a chance conversation via MisterPoll with one member already esta
  10. There is NO TOILET installed in my apartment, so I usually make do with urinating on the carpet when I get desperate for a piss at home. https://www.erome.com/i/i3IywVG6
  11. I believe only the one you see in the video, despite my street being on route to a busy railway station.
  12. I had just got home and had a sudden urge to pee but with my apartment being equipped with NO TOILET, I was thinking where else can I relieve myself? Then it dawned on me... I was still dressed and going commando so could easily use my jeans and piss in them. The wetness is clearly visible as my jeans were soaked! *I had previously tried to video this in another area of my apartment but the lighting conditions were not good hence why my jeans already have wet patches on them* https://www.erome.com/i/WCaFBpoc
  13. Am I the only one who routinely applies their park brake when stationary in traffic or waiting at traffic lights so as not to dazzle the driver behind me with my brake lights? Where has this art gone? In any vehicle I drive it is virtually automatic for me to apply the park brake and knock it out of gear in such situations. Saving keeping ones foot pressed on the pedals, which can wear out the brake pads and clutch. With these dark winter nights, staring at the brake lights of the car in front (particularly if they are newer LED types) cannot be good for ones eyes.
  14. I woke up this morning and as usual needed to pee but with no toilet in my apartment I had to improvise...so as I was naked and in the process of pulling the curtains open to let the daylight in I took the opportunity to urinate out of the window. https://www.erome.com/i/CryY8x8I
  15. This was around mid morning (1000 to 1100), when my usual breakfast tea and fruit juice plus a can of energy drink were all increasing my need to pee. I held off for about an hour, but to no avail!
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