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    The apartment where I live has NO TOILET facilities nor any access to a men's room , thus when I need to relieve myself I have little choice but to improvise and literally use my own home as one big lavatory instead! Thus the carpet, sink, bath, an empty bottle, my clothes or any other suitable item double up as a makeshift urinal whenever I get desperate for a pee and cannot hold my urine any longer.

    Connected with the above, I have never been formally toilet trained so don't know how to use an actual toilet. Therefore if I need to urinate in public or when visiting someone, I cannot go to the bathroom or men's room and have to discreetly find somewhere else to piss or end up losing control and wetting myself!

    In addition, due to the above factors I go commando and do not wear any underpants. This is so that if I have to pee in my clothes then only one layer- my trousers- gets wet if I am dressed. Though, I am usually naked at home as I feel too restrained in clothing and makes it easier for me to urinate anywhere in my toilet-less apartment as there is are no clothes to get in the way!

    My penis always has freedom to hang loose and there is nothing to stop it if I get aroused!

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    Makng puddles on the carpet
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    Discreetly peeing under the table in a crowded pub

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  1. Getting ready for work this morning and as usual got dressed without underwear. Not that I have any to put on anyway!
  2. I always make a fresh puddle every time I need to urinate on the carpet.
  3. After a few weeks absence, I am back with some new material from my apartment with NO TOILET! Nearly every morning I wake up desperate to pee but in my apartment I cannot simply dash to the lavatory and urinate as I have NO TOILETS installed here nor any access to a men's room! Thus when I am in this situation I often just kneel down and relieve myself on the carpet leaving the resulting pool of urine to soak in or dry up by itself. https://www.erome.com/a/pBIGwc7L
  4. I was out on a test drive and badly needed to urinate however being in a van, full uniform and in an urban area I struggled to find anywhere suitable to relieve myself. I was getting desperate and thought the only option I had was to full on wet myself (which would have soaked straight through my uniform and into the seat) but it suddenly occurred to me I was driving a refrigerated van which by their nature have smooth easy clean interiors and a handy drainage hole through the floor. So I pulled over and went into the back of the van to seek relief in the corner over the drainage hol
  5. I was in my local park in town yesterday where the public toilets are now permanently closed- they never re-opened after Covid. I noticed this mum with her primary school aged son approach the ladies room and try the door but obviously it was locked. Around 10 minutes later I observed from a distance the son waiting by the rockery (a collection of semi secluded very large granite rocks of various shapes) and after a minute or so noticed the mum tucking her shirt back into her jeans. It was clear to me she decided to urinate amongst the rocks. They walked away in the opposite di
  6. Hot off the press, here is another video of me urinating on the carpet due to NOT having any toilets in my apartment. Pretty much in the same place as before. After all these years being used as a urinal the carpets are starting to wear out now! https://www.erome.com/i/JCFxg6AH
  7. At my work, the men's room is in a different building across the yard to where I am normally based and due to the lack of toilets at home I am uncomfortable going in there anyway as I was never taught how to use a toilet. I usually deal with the situation when I am desperate for a piss at work by going somewhere discreet in the yard but on this occasion there was constant heavy rain, so would have got soaked trying to pee outside! I tried to hold out until the rain eased so I could dash to boundary fence and urinate but the rain kept on pouring. I had to do something to relieve mysel
  8. Naturally, as we have no toilet provisions here, we all find it neutral when we see each other having to pee openly in the apartment. So my mum urinating in the sink with her jeans pulled down is quite normal, it is just somewhere to pee (I often use the sink as a urinal too if I am in the kitchen). We have been doing it for so long that it doesn't phase me. Despite doing so for many years, I still get a buzz out any of us going toilet on the carpet and making large puddles.
  9. Well it depends on our state of undress as we are all "clothing optional" at home but mum tends to dressed at home in case of any knock at the door or similar. We have had cases where one or more of us have had to pee at the same time and have done so in the same puddle! When naked she just squats and urinates on the carpet but when dressed she often hoists herself up to sit on the kitchen sink and use it as a urinal! Sometimes to save all the faff of undressing, she will just go in her jeans.
  10. I am probably one of the guilty ones here. Maybe I should start one new thread and add my new video releases to it rather than each in a separate thread.
  11. No matter what season or weather I am nearly always wearing black or navy blue sports trousers when out and about (with no underpants). This is because if I need to pee myself in public as I don't know how to use a toilet then the wetness is hardly noticeable and these trousers tend to dry quick too. As my apartment has NO TOILET facility, I am usually only in my birthday suit at home so it makes it easier for me to use my apartment as a lavatory if I need to relieve myself.
  12. Peeing in front of other family members is near daily occurrence for me as the apartment me and my parents live has NO TOILET provisions. Therefore we have a very open policy when it comes to relieving ourselves as we simply use our own home as a lavatory whenever we need to. As a result, all of us here (both male and female) have seen each other openly going toilet somewhere in the apartment like on the carpet, in the sink, in our clothes or similar and make no effort to conceal our pee stream or private parts!
  13. I virtually have to live in my own toilet as my apartment has NO lavatory because somehow one was never fitted in my bathroom! So here I am in my usual attire urinating on the side of the bookcase when I needed a pee this evening. https://www.erome.com/i/KFcddNaB
  14. I was at work doing a job outside in the yard when I needed a wee. I thought why traipse all the way back to the building to use the mens room when I can just unzip and relieve myself right here and now in the yard. https://www.erome.com/i/TsWzB3W6
  15. Oh yes, I was desperate and could barely hold it in! However with my apartment having no access to a toilet at all, the carpets in my home are often used as a urinal especially when I am in the nude.
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