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    Hi everyone; naughty peeing is my biggest turn-on. Both doing it myself and watching other people do it. I consider myself a straight male, but watching other men pee can tickle me too under the right circumstances. I'm not looking for a date. Only sharing experiences, chatting and maybe sharing some photo material.

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    The naughty feeling as well as puddles and smelly stains
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    Peeing in places where I'm not supposed to. I'll share more in stories or upon personal request...

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  1. good luck @Wetseat and enjoy!! Please keep us posted about the outcome!
  2. Every once in a while I have an epic piss-episode when I can't think of anything else than naughty pissing. When I have this I usually use my bed as a urinal for many times in a row before washing my sheets. Sometimes more than 2 weeks. Yesterday one of these episodes started again. After peeing my sheets I took my peeing to a next level. I decided to just piss on the floor. I have a tiled floor but I never peed on it before because It splashes everywhere of course. At first I put a towel on the floor and I peed on it a couple of times until the towel was completely saturated. I kept drinking
  3. wonderful hot videos, thank you so much for sharing! I like your pee stains. Nice cum in the last video too! 👍 I wish I could pee with a hardon. I guess it just needs practice?
  4. My favourites would be wall corners (i love to see the piss puddling up), beds and hotel carpets. Lots of experiences in hotels! 🤣💦
  5. Hello dear peefans; i was wondering if any of you have (had) the same observations: until recently i was convinced that my peeing fetish was just a fetish, so per definition sexually related. Due to recent developments i have to conclude that there is not always this sexual/erotic component involved. Sometimes i just love to pee and spray my piss around in unconventional places without feeling any sexual thought at all. does that sound a bit familiar to any of you? I would really love to hear your thoughts on this from within this community as it kind of troubles me. thanks
  6. Tomorrow my new bed will be delivered. Needless to say that throwing out the old mattress created opportunities! Normally i only pee in bed when the mattress is covered with waterproof protection but the passed few days i didn’t really care anymore if some pee seeped directly in the mattress. And today should be the apotheosis! I’ve peed on it already 3 times during the day and i’m going to keep doing that until the next morning. I’ll try not to forget to take some photo’s if i don’t get carried away too much from the excitement! 😂💦💦
  7. What a wonderful introduction! Big welcome dear Peesfully!
  8. For me pulling back the foreskin depends on the situation. I like to piss with a strong stream, and that only works for me when I have a really full bladder. So, when I want to pee but my bladder isn't filled up yet, I pull back the foreskin to increase the power of my stream. A side-effect in that case is that I usually start spraying everywhere with pulled back foreskin instead of having a straight stream.
  9. Hi guys, I was wondering if any of you have experiences with incontinence underwear (not just regular diapers). The thing is that I would love to wear some protective underwear which would allow me to casually wet myself a little bit while being in public, but I don't want people to notice I'm wearing protection. I'm rather shy to come out of the closet about this... . So does anyone have any recommendations? What about f.i. this underwear: https://shop.conni.com.au/mens-kalven-black : does it show when carried under a jeans? Thanks in advance for your advice and thoughts!
  10. Your video's and photo's are really amazing! Especially the ones where you rewet on already old stains. These carpets must have had buckets of piss by now! I was wondering if you ever use the wall near that multicoloured carpet to pee against? Thanks again for sharing!
  11. wow really impressive! Thanks for sharing those!
  12. Oh yes indeed! I have those dreams a lot and I love them! I must say that I deliberately try to provoke them by drinking extra water before going to sleep. When my bladder is full I usually start dreaming about being in some work-related situation and not finding a restroom. It often ends in a scene where I open a door and I enter a big hall with hundreds of urinals and cubicles. I choose one cubicle in a row without many people and I spray my piss allover the place. It actually always feels as if I'm really relieving myself, but then I wake up with still a full bladder. Mostly I ca
  13. Great to read you enjoyed yourself Foxy! Once you get the hang of it you'll start feeling more comfortable to try out more adventures. I'm having a couple of hotel stays coming up in the couple of months too and I'm looking forward to some naughty fun as well... ! Cheers!
  14. Indeed that is exactly what I actually wanted to say. thanks for your input!
  15. This is soooo horny and naughty Leilawet1!! I compliment you on the stains and yellow colour! As you do, I just LOVE to wet my bed. Nothing beats the feeling of waking up with a full bladder and just relaxing and letting it all flow into a big warm puddle. I would really like to try to achieve the yellow stains as you did, but usually I give in to washing my sheets after about 10 days because I don't like the sticky feeling of the residu on the sheets. Thank you for sharing, and I'm totally imagining the odour coming from that sheet right now! 😜 https://www.erome.com/a/934YigSZ
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