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    Hi everyone; naughty peeing is my biggest turn-on. Both doing it myself and watching other people do it. I consider myself a straight male, but watching other men pee can tickle me too under the right circumstances. I'm not looking for a date. Only sharing experiences, chatting and maybe sharing some photo material.

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    The naughty feeling as well as puddles and smelly stains
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    Peeing in places where I'm not supposed to. I'll share more in stories or upon personal request...

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  1. that carpet must smell really great by now! thanks for sharing PeeBear; I love it!
  2. Thank you so much for your insights Bacardi! You really reassured me; I needed that! 😇 I've been craving to pee my bed and bedroom floor the last couple of days but I just didn't dare to do it anymore... Guess I'll start drinking that water bottle here now... Cheers!
  3. Hi everyone! Almost all my adult life I have loved to pee in naughty places. The last couple of years I've been pissing in my bed on purpose very regularly. Although I use mattress protection and I clean the bed regularly it is sometimes unavoidable to have some pee leaking on the floor or in the bed. My room doesn't really smell that bad but there Is unmistakably a very faint urine odour present. I love it, but at the same time I do worry it might attract bed bugs or something. Does anyone have experiences or knowledge about this? Should I be more careful or are bed bugs and urine u
  4. Your video's are just awesome! Thank you so much for sharing!!
  5. Absolutely fabulous! I really enjoyed watching your wees! Thanks for posting!!
  6. so hot to read this! I'm happy for you! thanks for sharing...
  7. I haven't peed on a bus yet myself, but I was lucky enough to witness a girl peeing in a bus when I was in high school. The girl was around 18-19 years old, was very good-looking and she was desperate to go because the bus had been delayed (which happened a lot). She was squirming around already for some time when her friends suggested her to just pee on the back seat. The upholstery of the seat was completely torn. The busses in my town were quite crappy in those days.. . She was wearing a typical blue high school uniform with a skirt. She lowered her panties, hovered over the
  8. I imagine her stream to be big and extreme powerful, splashing everything in the surroundings!
  9. To boldly pee where no-one has peed before! I haven't peed in any of those places yet, but the cinema is high on my Wishlist! Before Covid I used to travel a lot and during my road trips I always piss-trashed the bathrooms along the way. I would say it's time for another trip!!
  10. Sounds very promising! Anyways, already you're a lucky guy being able to live this fetish out in your relationship! Much succes with your future developments!
  11. RDC


    Welcome Bob! You'll find out that this a great community where you can enjoy tons of pee-related stories, photo's, video's and experiences. Feel free to contribute with your own experiences if you feel up to it!
  12. I would love to do that in a hotel next time! At home I have a cardboard box next to my bed which I use now to pee in already for a couple of days (see my other posts for photo & video..). In a hotel I did pee several times between the bed headboard and the wall. Loved it!!
  13. I felt like pissing on the floor this morning... https://www.erome.com/a/zgDOoWIM
  14. I wonder how many pees it will take before the box completely collapses. This is the third one... . Are there more people here who have such a box next to their bed? https://www.erome.com/a/gNYgqb8w
  15. Great video's, thanks for sharing @Tony89. I love the splattering!
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