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    Hi everyone; naughty peeing is my biggest turn-on. Both doing it myself and watching other people do it. I consider myself a straight male, but watching other men pee can tickle me too under the right circumstances. I'm not looking for a date. Only sharing experiences, chatting and maybe sharing some photo material.

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    The naughty feeling as well as puddles and smelly stains
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    Peeing in places where I'm not supposed to. I'll share more in stories or upon personal request...

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  1. I just LOVE your videos No Toilet! I bet that carpet has seen a lot of pee by now... . Just out of curiosity: where do you go for number two's? Does your building have a shared bathroom or so? Thanks for sharing your vids!
  2. Wow these are great! You certainly know how to have fun blueyez_guy! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your pees!
  3. https://www.erome.com/a/cdVtfxxt I've been peeing a couple of times in this abandoned building. The smell is just amazing!😇 Do any of you have similar naughty peeing pleasures? Please share if you do..
  4. In the closet is indeed a great spot if it is carpeted. I did that many times, and it dries quickly. another good place to pee in is a drawer. You can wipe it out afterwards. Just put a towel underneath to soak up the dripping.
  5. And here's one more: lazy peeing in my bed. Recorded under the duvet...: https://www.erome.com/a/aBurDPEN I find it difficult to have inspiration for new ways of peeing/wetting. Every suggestion is welcome!!
  6. Well my partner does not share this fetish, but she does accept that I live it out on my own. So she knows I sometimes play pee games and soak things, and that's OK as long as I don't bother her with it and clean up my mess myself... . So out of respect for her I never do it in front of her.
  7. Yesterday morning and this morning I really needed to go bad as I didn't go to the toilet before going to sleep. Waking up, I just let go completely, soaking the sheets with a nice warm yellow puddle. I recorded some fragments of the wetting and I hope our peefriends here will enjoy it:: https://www.erome.com/a/hYDadKju
  8. Over the last week I had a little fun with using my mattress as a toilet. I just love to see the patterns of the stains change every day 😜. Any other people here with similar hobby?
  9. so far for being in a 'free country' 🤔
  10. Thanks for sharing nycmarker! Sounds really great to be able to actually live this out like that. I do think there are several parties like that organised pretty much everywhere, but they hardly ever advertise for it on the net. It's more who-knows-who thing I guess. O well, corona is here now so I guess I'll patiently wait until I stumble on the right occasion. Take care!
  11. That is truly so well written Sophie! Usually I don't even start reading longer stories like this because at some point they don't really 'do' it for me, but your wonderful descriptions are so good in balance that I just can't stop reading and picturing the whole setting. Thankssssss!
  12. Yep that's the kind of party I meant 😆. Thanks for sharing this again here Sophie! 🙏
  13. Hello my fellow PeeFans! I was wondering if anyone has experienced a real life pee party together with other people. Whether personally organised, in a club or whatever? If so, would you mind sharing your experiences? And are there still such parties being organised somewhere? I appreciate your input, thanks in advance!
  14. In my experience there is indeed urine in every single hotel room. I check with a light every time and I always find stains, whether it is a cheap or an expensive hotel. Personally I would advice not to mind too much about peeing on things since you can wipe them clean yourself. A good 'trick' is to check wether the bed or a closet is heavy enough that it won't be moved during daily cleaning. If it's heavy enough, it's very safe to pee behind the headboard or behind the closet. Pretty naughty and nobody will ever discover. Even peeing under a sofa on the carpet is fairly safe (especi
  15. Hey Wetmanjf; I remember you told this story before on other forums as well. It's still hot as hell. Thanks for sharing it here again
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