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    A piss loving person. Like leaving marks. Enjoy pissing my underwear. I love to give myself special time to explore my cock, taste my own piss and cum.
    Really enjoy cheeky chats.

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    The thrill of seeing a marking after someone has just pissed.

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  1. Thanks Goose I'm Forever Peefans, it's on my knuckles. I didn't know what it stood for either.Thats me out then. Wondered what it was about, more for my bi curious side, friend. TIA
  2. Hi Just asking for a friend, 😉 Anyone ever joined or uses the site? Thanks.
  3. Love your piss running down the side of your balls.
  4. Please excuse me MM. Really have the desire to pull your foreskin back ever so slightly as you piss. Pure art work.😉
  5. Speaking from the heart here, would of loved to witnessed that LTW.
  6. Mine is purely the exhibition side of things. When I have to use the urinals I tend to get quite thick and hard and don't hide the situation by standing back more, I've witnessed many gents peeking and tugging while I take a piss.
  7. Absolute beautiful qualifying cock, more please.
  8. I have a curious question. Who enjoys to pump their piss out, as stop and start their flow and hang out the experience. I think it's quite a rewarding turn on when soaking something.
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