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    A piss loving person. Like leaving marks. Enjoy pissing my underwear. Love tasting my cum.

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    The thrill of seeing a marking after someone has just pissed.

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  1. Hi Great pic Small piss squirts in underwear is fun. I love to hold my foreskin tight at the end and create a piss balloon. Good fun and stretches your foreskin. You get to the point where you can't squeeze in anymore piss, then let it blow everywhere.
  2. I'm quite partial to re wetting my undies with little piss drips When wearing white gym shorts out in public, commando, I always wet them making them opaque, love the ridge of my cock on show.
  3. By 2 pm most people are so pissed, all inhibitions are gone. Women squatting anywhere and guys with their cocks pissing for all to see, it's a Peefans mega treat, I promise.
  4. If you really and I mean really want to test the water (sorry for the pun) visit the Notting Hill Carnival, it is an absolute mega piss fest, open for all and both to see , any one agree?
  5. I love piss patches, I always feel it's a sexy tease.
  6. Fantastic, do you enjoy the beautiful smell of dried piss, gets he hard, love the smell.
  7. What a fantastic bonus, a beautiful cock pissing over an amazing looking woman. Wow. Every now and then, on a sea front walk at night, usually end up getting a throbbing cock in my no underwear flimsy shorts, I like to piss against the bin whist she pulls my foreskin back hard and jet my piss, very occasionally she will tap my slit with her finger whilst pissing making it spray.
  8. I can only comment on small piss squirts, if I see someone very sexy, whilst out, nice body etc, I simulate pissing on that person. Short thrusted piss squirts. Anyway, hour or so.
  9. Absolutely fantastic Love the wetting videos, thought I was going to catch a glimpse of something else in those soaked pink panties.
  10. Wonder what the front view looks like😉😉😉
  11. My oh my Kupar, class work, the motion and stiffness were certainly transfering there properties 😉
  12. I have to agree, precum is amazing in taste.
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