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    A piss loving person. Like leaving marks. Enjoy pissing my underwear. Love tasting my cum.
    Enjoy the exhibitionist side of life, love wearing tight skimpy shorts with no underwear allowing my cock to be more visible.

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    The thrill of seeing a marking after someone has just pissed.

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  1. Definitely piss as long as I can have a cheeky hand shuffle.
  2. Beautiful bodies, too be loved.
  3. I do love a stairwell, especially when it puddles, love the smell too.
  4. Just wondering. I quite enjoy whilst pissing against a wall or in a stairwell to break my piss flow for half a second at a time, to pump my piss flow on and off. Does anyone else enjoy doing this whilst pissing mid flow?
  5. My perfect piss partner would be a mature gent, both out on the bicycles, in lycra, both just stop in a country lane, pull out our balls and cock, watching each other jet our piss down near our feet.
  6. A nice small piss in some beer as a topper might be nice, followed by that perfect dick stirring it.
  7. Absolutely nothing, love to shower, little bit of talc and bed.
  8. If only I could have grabbed a glimpse.
  9. Did you manage to have a cheeky piss?
  10. Amazing, that set would look nice perched on my shoulder, yum.
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