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    A piss loving person. Like leaving marks. Enjoy pissing my underwear. I love to give myself special time to explore my cock, taste my own piss and cum.
    Really enjoy cheeky chats.

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    The thrill of seeing a marking after someone has just pissed.

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  1. Good question Ms. Tito. Being bisexual I'm rather partial to a nice cock and balls Often fantasied about being out on a bike ride with a few gents and reaching a mutual decision that it's time to stop and take a piss together, that would certainly curb my shy side and would also enjoy it if we all watched each other pissing with excited cocks.
  2. Top of a car park stair well. Quiet, empty and with previous piss puddles or stains. A slight aroma of piss adds to the swelling of my cock as I pull it out, pull my foreskin back and jet my piss everywhere.
  3. Extremely true Kupar. For me it's all about the nano split micro moment before the release.😞 I try to hold back from the O and at the same time tend to end up with a nice reward of leaked cum, true, it is so more very palatable before the O. For me after that seems to be a big no.
  4. Oh, I could imagine, best time. I've almost tasted a full load before the O, seems more achievable.
  5. Absolutely delicious, love placing my cock in a glass of cold beer and giving it a small top up of piss, lovely to drink.
  6. That's good to hear euro. Not always in the mood but when especially randy and my large head is there in front of me leaking, dam it's appealing and have to taste.
  7. Guy's, do you ever have a taste of your pre cum or cum? I have really taken to edging, either releasing small drops of piss to taste or tasting my pre cum or cum. Such a turn on. Never swallowed my whole load yet. Anyone else find it erotic?
  8. Very beautiful thick cock, very nice ridge, more please
  9. Wished I was receiving that stream. Beautiful cock.
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