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    A piss loving person. Like leaving marks. Enjoy pissing my underwear. Watching others piss.

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    The thrill of seeing a marking after someone has just pissed. .

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  1. I'm uncut. Absolutely love stretching my foreskin creating piss balloons. For me the foreskin adds to the reveal excitement of the head. Very baggy now though.
  2. The warmth must have been satisfing alone.The smell after a while is cum justifiable. Credit due, nice work LTW.
  3. Lovely close up,nice and hard. Self cock lifts are sexy.
  4. Well I did Kupar, thank you. Cock out pissing and proud, what could be better than that.
  5. Both the bi descriptions are me. BUT, been wondering something for a while, am I more turned on with the physical look of a man's cock, mine or someone else's or the piss that exits out.
  6. Share all you like, please, those pictures are hot.
  7. Do I mind,oh no, don't mind that at all. Fantastic work.
  8. May be you do, just to double check 😘
  9. Would love to smell your pissed bed the next day, turn on.
  10. Fantastic, the way your cock decides to twitch and lift whilst pissing, extremely sexy.
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