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    Straight guy, but bi-curious as I get off watching men (as well as women), no matter how they are pleasuring themselves. Have enjoyed pee play since early childhood and take every opportunity to mess around in the wetness. Sadly my partner isn't into fetish stuff, so it's limited to when she's not around.

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    Naughty peeing and the feeling of being warm and wet
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    A week of playing with indwelling catheters and being totally incontinent for most of the time, waking up to a soaked bed every morning, and not wearing a nappy a couple of times during the day when outdoors, letting my trousers get drenched whilst I did work in the garden.

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  1. My interest tends to be a sexual kink, but mainly due to feeling naughty wetting them and liking the feeling of pee around my groin. Had I been able to wear them whenever I wanted throughout my life without judgement and they were just a normal, I'm sure the sexual component of wearing them wouldn't exist and they would be just like putting underwear on.
  2. Absolutely agree that diapers (nappies, I'm in the UK!) should be normalised. We are too reserved and private about toilet matters and societal obsession that everything has to be done in a toilet, which ensures they are seen as just something for young kids until they are toilet trained, any older and it's for medical reasons only. Why shouldn't we wear them as a convenience item? Yes that perhaps means having public toilets with more facilities for cleaning up, but why not? Wearing them in bed is great and I agree with those who suggest you get a better sleep due to not being distu
  3. In secondary school (UK 11-15) I'd regularly pee on the floor in the cubicles. The main toilet block at the school was separate from the classroom buildings, between two of them under a covered walkway. This was 1970's when a lot of outbuildings were basic concrete structures which were difficult to keep clean, so messing on the floor didn't matter and enjoyed spraying it around the cubicle and walking away. There would often be some pee on the floor anyway, so it was just adding to what was already there πŸ˜„ I'd also wet myself during outdoor sports lessons if it was raining as there
  4. Yep, love doing that to create more mess πŸ™‚
  5. Uncut here. Yes, pull it back every time (unless I'm messing around!). I have a lot of foreskin (see my profile picture) that causes pee to spray everywhere, so need to pull it back to have any hope of making it go where I want it to. When not pulled back, the stream shoots slightly upwards into the foreskin (not directly at the opening), causing it to splatter around. Great if I'm messing around and want to wet myself, not so good if I'm trying to stay dry πŸ˜„
  6. Absolutely! I normally start holding well before I go to the pool so I'm full by the time I get there, then have a coke (or something with a lot of caffeine - always a good diuretic) before getting in. I generate a lot of pee when I'm in the water anyway, and this sets me up for involuntarily wetting in and around the pool ☺️
  7. Certainly when we were on the beach mum would just tell me to go in the water. Assuming when I was very young she would have been with me and encouraging me to do it in the sea, but once I was swimming around on my own I have a vague recollection of telling her a few times that I needed to go and being told to do it in the water, after which I just peed without asking. This included in swimming pools, whether mum wanted me to I don't know, but I simply associated being in water with peeing and just got on with it!
  8. Many times - straight pee, wetting underwear, masturbating with pee, etc. Use them as a wank bank πŸ˜„ Nothing published as I don't want to be recognised.
  9. Wet the bed every time. I don't often get the chance to do this, but when I'm home alone and can protect the bed I just let go whenever the need hits. If I wake up needing a pee but not desperate yet, I'll ignore it and go back to sleep, waking again later in a more desperate state. Sometimes manage to nap for a while longer until I'm really desperate. Love the feeling of holding it, waiting for the inevitable to happen and then the pleasure of just relaxing and feeling the bed gently warm up, whilst dropping back to sleep. Occasionally have a "squirt" accident when getting out
  10. For me the two are separate, as I've never had the opportunity to experience pissy sex to know what it's like (partner isn't into anything fetish), although I do often fantasise about having wet sex with her and wondering what it would be like. The closest I get during sex is to be desperate myself to enhance the feelings, but never release anything. I (don't think!) I'd need to be in love with anyone to enjoy piss play, it's all about the feelings. When I masturbate anyone can be the object of the fantasies - my partner, or anyone else I might have recently seen peeing/desperate, it
  11. The only other fetishes I've got is for anal play (butt plugs, enemas, prostate massage) and poo desperation. Anal insertions enhance masturbation. Poo desperation is the pressure feeling and trying not to lose control as it builds up (but deliberately going too far if I'm wearing a nappy and enjoying the involuntary release), but not going further into scat.
  12. Male here. Several different methods, depending on what mood I'm in and the circumstances/location. My dick isn't particularly long, so much of the regular masturbation is using first & index finger and thumb wrapped around the upper part (like holding a pencil), directly stimulating the head by sliding the foreskin back & forth (I'm blessed with a large foreskin, which still covers the head when fully erect). This gives a satisfying orgasm in a reasonably short time and particularly useful for quick sessions. Lying on the bed open-legged, with my fist encircled around m
  13. You're not weird, and you are lucky to have such an understanding mum. Sounds like she's just looking out for you and although you get the lecture, she's got your best interests at heart πŸ™‚
  14. Picking up on the original theme of this thread... There have been (and still are) plenty of situations that arouse me and I've wanked later (=added them to the mental wank-bank pictures πŸ˜„), such as catching someone peeing as I pass an alleyway, seeing someone desperate, etc. Not a strong enough reaction to want to do it then, but arouse myself to the images later the same day. The only situation I can recall that I got instantly and strongly aroused was many years ago when I was 18 or 19. Out on a countryside walk with a group of friends (mixed), one of the girls was becoming desper
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