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    Straight guy, but bi-curious as I get off watching men (as well as women), no matter how they are pleasuring themselves. Have enjoyed pee play since early childhood and take every opportunity to mess around in the wetness. Sadly my partner isn't into fetish stuff, so it's limited to when she's not around.

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    Naughty peeing and the feeling of being warm and wet
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    A week of playing with indwelling catheters and being totally incontinent for most of the time, waking up to a soaked bed every morning, and not wearing a nappy a couple of times during the day when outdoors, letting my trousers get drenched whilst I did work in the garden.

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  1. Bladder pressure is a turn-on for me, so it's some during masturbation and mostly after. Using masturbation to keep the pee desperation down is a great feeling and I end up wetting myself shortly after orgasm as I can't hold it any longer <bliss> Sadly my partner isn't into watersports so I can't get quite as desperate before sex, but still have an almost full bladder for the feeling and head to the toilet afterwards.
  2. Depends on how much I need to pee. If a "normal" amount it can take some pushing and sometimes have to concentrate on relaxing to slightly reduce the erection. But with a full bladder a slight push will start the stream no matter how hard I am, but no chance of directing it anywhere with any accuracy 😄. In the middle of play that doesn't matter but can be more of a problem if I'm aroused but need to use conventional toilets <very messy!>. Conversely, I use erections and masturbation to stop myself peeing for desperation play!
  3. Mostly I'm with that, it's the interaction that's the turn-on. Men just straight peeing is boring, but if they are messing around in some way, even on their own, that gets my attention.
  4. If you are straight and have no interest in anything sexual with the same sex, are you still attracted to watching people of same sex as you, pee? I'm male straight but classify myself as bi-curious, aroused by watching men irrespective of how they are enjoying themselves (same-sex or not), but the thought of actually doing something another man is a turn-off.
  5. A favourite is peeing myself whilst out walking alone in the countryside. I’ll drink a lot of water before going out for an evening walk, holding the pee in as long as I can and then letting it leak out as I walk along. Stress incontinence comes into play in a big way due to the physical exertion when climbing over stiles or on difficult ground and I cannot stop myself from peeing. I’m usually out for a couple of hours so I’ll take extra water to make me pee more, rather than just enough to replace body liquids. The trousers I wear don’t show that they are wet so I can do all this without
  6. Front view for me to see the pee stream, or at least working it's way out. Not into views from the rear, prefer the direct image 😊
  7. Since my earliest memories I’ve always found the act of peeing fun, I’d pee anywhere and loved doing it outdoors. If I was on a country walk or outing with my parents I would convince them I was busting and they’d let me go in the bushes, or would just wait until I was desperate, pee myself and enjoy having to walk back to the car wearing wet clothes. Peeing outdoors extended to the seaside. Our family had an annual seaside holiday that lasted until I was aged 10 and a lot of time was spent on the beach. Whenever I needed to pee, instead of making the trip to find toilets (which were some
  8. My belief is it's genetic, or at least the predisposition for fetishes. I can't remember a time when I wasn't interested in pee, going right back to my first cognitive memories around aged two. Yes as we grow up we learn what we like and pick up techniques and ideas, but something has to be there in the first place to attract you. Same logic of why people like particular hobbies or pursuits that others find uninteresting. A lot of that is innate behaviour, not learned. Whatever the origins, it gives us a lot of pleasure, but it's just the way we are 😊
  9. About 5" erect, 2" soft. Quite happy and never felt I wanted a bigger erection. Never had any "image" issues or been teased, but it's small size when flaccid is annoying when trying to pee through trouser zip openings (I often use a cubical just for convenience so I can drop my trousers). Only difficulty I've had is finding masturbators, as many of the "pussy" type are designed for men who are hung like a horse!
  10. Only time we close the bathroom door is when there are visitors. The wife and I are open about peeing and it's quite normal for one of us to be showering and the other on the toilet.
  11. I've done it in my garden a few times, but have to wait until the street lights go off (although the garden isn't directly overlooked, houses a little further away can see into the garden) and I'm always conscious of movements on the adjoining path. Being in the field meant I could just relax and fully enjoy myself 😊
  12. A fantasy of mine has been to be naked and wet myself outdoors whilst alone in a field. Trying to find a hidden location to do this has been virtually impossible, however the opportunity came about by chance last weekend. One of my pastimes is helping to marshal on long distance "ultra" runs, which are often in rural areas of the country. To cut a long story short, due to another volunteer dropping out I ended up manning a late-night checkpoint by myself. This gave me a perfect opportunity to attempt my fantasy as I would be half a mile down a farm track on private land, in the proverbial
  13. Yep, <bliss> Needs some prep, with a waterproof sheet and towels etc. so the mattress stays dry, but it's worth it and I love just letting go whenever I wake needing a piss. If I drink a load of water just before getting into bed, and a cupful every time I wake, the need can be hourly with a very wet bed by morning 😊
  14. Spent this evening doing stuff on the computer... and wetting my underwear! Felt "naughty" at work during the afternoon, so began drinking a lot of water. I had a strong need for a pee by the time I got home, held it whilst I had dinner and headed to the computer with a towel and bucket, slowly wetting my underwear whilst drinking more water. Started to get uncontrollable urges (despite masturbating), so grabbed the the bucket each time and let out just enough through the underwear to regain control. Now very wet and happy, about to head to the bathroom to spray myself in pee 😊
  15. Filled a couple more nappies on Tuesday, just enjoying the wetness. Went to bed with a fresh one on and had filled it by morning. Remember waking during the night and just letting go without moving, promptly going back to sleep again. Yesterday was spent filling several nappies, a few sessions edging whilst wetting and generally keeping myself aroused most of the time. Shopping this lunchtime so didn't pee after changing the overnight nappy, getting myself desperate and close to leaking. Drank several more glasses of water and walked up to the local store (10 minutes away). Desp
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