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    Straight guy, but bi-curious as I get off watching men (as well as women), no matter how they are pleasuring themselves. Have enjoyed pee play since early childhood and take every opportunity to mess around in the wetness. Sadly my partner isn't into fetish stuff, so it's limited to when she's not around.

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    Naughty peeing and the feeling of being warm and wet
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    A week of playing with indwelling catheters and being totally incontinent for most of the time, waking up to a soaked bed every morning, and not wearing a nappy a couple of times during the day when outdoors, letting my trousers get drenched whilst I did work in the garden.

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  1. That's where what we feel can differ significantly from the reality of bladder size - feeling the need to pee can be VERY different from how full it is. I've had situations both ends of the scale. Sometimes I've felt the urge to go NOW, only to have a dribble (probably <150ml) come out. Other times I've been in the 600+ area and only felt a slight urge. A couple of memorable ones happened whilst I was driving on a long journey, being aware of a slight build up but didn't think it was much so kept going, but an hour later suddenly getting the "NOW" feeling and wetting slightly
  2. Welcome, hope you have many hours enjoying PeeFans, it's a great forum ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm the same as you in the sense of being happily married but the wife isn't into any kinks/fetishes, so it's the single secret I keep.
  3. Male here ๐Ÿ™‚ Normal peeing is up to 500ml. 700ml is the point I feel a stronger need to go, but if I hold it (normally by being distracted by something non-pee/sexual) I can get over a litre before reaching the point of needing to go NOW! Largest measured is 1200ml which I achieved during some pee play, masturbating with a vibrator so the arousal overrode the need to pee until I reached the point that it came out regardless.
  4. Last week I was on a work visit with a couple of nights in a hotel. These trips are an opportunity for pee play and I usually request an "accessible" room with wet-room style bathroom facilities, allowing me to enjoy messing around without worrying about where it goes. Last week was no different and during both afternoons I let the pee build up whilst I was in the office (assisted by a couple of cups of coffee and some water!). When I got to the hotel I drank more water and had a couple of beers with the evening meal, ending up near my holding limit by the time I got back to the room
  5. Never left it for any length of time, it's usually as I'm loading the washer so gets cleaned straight away. Leaving it for a long time, the odour would probably be removed (with a good washing powder), I'd be more concerned about staining.
  6. Not many places indoors, as I avoid getting anything on carpets etc., so it's... Sinks In the pile of dirty clothes (sitting in them and getting wet like a nappy) just before putting them in the washer Outside in the back garden is a different matter and everywhere is fair game!
  7. Yes, but in specific places that could be easily cleaned (i.e. as "substitute toilets"). The smell and health risks of just peeing anywhere are a definite stop for me to pee just anywhere.
  8. When I was teenager and in my early 20's I used to get this a lot. Almost every time I went for a shit that needed a good push, I'd get thick excretion with bits in it that looked like sago pudding! Needless to say my hand would be around my penis playing with it, ending up with an orgasm whilst pushing the last bits of shit out.
  9. Latest places other than the toilet... At home - Shower (most days, wetting my legs before turning the water on) Other places - Hotel room, went for a big pee and wank session but hadn't covered the bed sufficiently and got the mattress a little wet! Fortunately I was there two nights so managed to get it dry and was more careful the second night ๐Ÿ˜„
  10. Yes! I produce quite a lot of pre-cum and love the taste, helping to keep me aroused and fuelling fantasies! I also love edging for long periods (hours) so have plenty to lick from my fingers โ˜บ๏ธ Not into cum itself, have tasted it a few times but don't care much for it.
  11. A few years ago I had to go for a scan that involved an injection of a mildly radioactive substance to "light up" internal organs. After the injection I had to drink about a litre of water over the next hour, then go into the scanner for about 30 minutes. The scanner room had a changing room with a toilet, where I stripped down to my underwear and relieved myself before laying on the scanner table, having to stay still while it did its job. Part way through I started to feel the need to pee again, not helped by lying face down causing pressure on my bladder! Told the nurse I needed a
  12. One of favourite "naughty" pee plays is to keep my underwear damp by regularly peeing a few drops ๐Ÿ˜Š. When I need to go for a bigger pee I stand over the toilet holding my genitals, letting the pee run over my sack, don't wipe anything and just dress again. Although nothing should soak through, I make sure I'm wearing trousers that don't show when wet to avoid any embarrassment! I often do this when out socially as it's easier to excuse anything that does show as an accident ๐Ÿ˜„ Does anyone else like this sort of play? What are you experiences / embarrassments whilst trying to do
  13. Love peeing over myself whilst lying down, including over my face. Don't care for the taste so normally stop it getting in my mouth, but any other part of the body is fair game ๐Ÿ˜Š
  14. Lots of things! 1) Laziness 2) Warm feeling 3) Naughty feeling 4) Feeling like a young kid who wets the bed 5) Sexual turn-on for masturbation
  15. In recent years, openly peeing in the presence of others when out walking or camping has developed within one particular group of friends, where we will casually pee in full view, treating it as nothing different from anything else we do, and no-one reacts specifically to the peeing. Although the group is mixed, no-one is worried about the others seeing; itโ€™s simply not bothering to do it in private. When walking weโ€™ll mostly pee as a group, either at the side of the track if no-one else is around, or partly hidden in the bushes. When someone needs to a poo we will move slightly further o
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