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  1. Pissed in my shared house shower earlier. I stood up, spread my pussy open, and unleashed my pee all over. I need some more ideas for naughty pissing while at college!
  2. This is my favorite video of all time, I'm so glad you posted it! I used to get off to it all the time but then it was removed from PornHub 😕
  3. Well it happened. I got to watch them piss in the shower and then I stood over them and pissed down their body. Safe to say this is the start of something wonderful!
  4. My girlfriend is coming over tonight, and we've been talking about the fun we're gonna get up to tonight. They've been begging for me to piss on them, and we're finally going to do it tonight. I asked in exchange that I get to watch them piss standing up (it's like my biggest turn on). I will update soon 😊
  5. Unfortunately my "dorm" is actually just a room in a house I share with my friends. So our common area can't be used 😕 but I have thought about the many open classrooms late at night. I haven't gotten any naughty pisses in lately besides the one in our sink, but I will definitely update if I do more 😊
  6. Just pissed in the sink I share with my housemates 🤭 it felt so good to just let it go
  7. I like watching anyone piss outside. I absolutely love watching women stand to piss, especially when they have a nice arching stream
  8. My girlfriend and I have been very open about our kinks, so naturally my piss kink has come up a few times. They told me they're interested in having me pee on them, but I'm more into watching people pee. They've also told me they know how to pee standing up, which I find incredibly hot. How should I bring this up to them?
  9. Love these types of vids! Nothing hotter than a guy pissing proudly in public. Both guys have great cocks 🥵
  10. This past weekend I was driving when I noticed a car pulled over on the side of the road. A blonde woman hopped out of the car and with no hesitation pulled down her pants, leaving her bare ass in full view. The car was pulled over by an exit in a pretty populated area, there definitely would've been a public restroom nearby. But clearly she just couldn't hold it! As she was squatting down I passed by, unfortunately missing desperate piss she was about to take.
  11. After months of not being able to piss outside, I was finally able to relieve myself in the fresh air. The other night I was desperate for a piss and I really didn't want to go upstairs, so I snuck out of the basement door while my family was sleeping. The ground was still damp from the rain, so I knew I'd get away with it. I stepped to the right of the door, pulled down my shorts and underwear, and got into a squat position. Just a few seconds later a nice stream was coming from my pussy. It splashed on my feet a bit, but I didn't care because I was so desperate. It felt so good to be able to
  12. Why do I have a feeling it was a Taylor Swift concert 😂 maybe it's just the Swiftie in me
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