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    bisexual transman
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    i was born a female but i take testosterone and am transitioning to a man

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    naughty peeing, carpet peeing

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  1. as young as i can remember. i started naughty peeing, leaking little spot around the basement when i was about 5. then i would sneak outside behind the bushes on the patio and pee in the mulch.
  2. My niche: naughty peeing anywhere i shouldn’t-carpet, furniture, clothes, outside, food. Makes it enjoyable: watching it soak in, destroying things with my piss, the sound, the naughtiness, the freedom Makes it less enjoyable: cleaning up and getting caught
  3. sometimes the positioning of my labia can cause my pee to run down my lips instead of just being a straight stream, but if i change positioning i can fix it. sometimes that feels good but i prefer the feeling of a strong stream.
  4. my go to easy spots are puppy pads, dirty laundry, and the floor in the bathroom. trash cans are fun too
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