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  1. Sadly I never got round to another. Had to get cleaned up and decided to pick up some food. It was a good day while it lasted. 😄
  2. 16:00 - Was just relaxing and watching a show when the urge became enough for me to want relief. I hurried out the lounge to the downstairs toilet, pulled my trousers down and sat myself comfortably onto the toilet. This time I did it as nonchalant as possible. I settled onto the toilet. Relaxed, and felt the warmth flow through the material. I then pretended I was female, so I wiggled a little, wiped the pissy briefs, and pulled my trousers back up as though what I had done was totally normal. I think that may have been my last for today, but I'll see how I feel in a coupl
  3. One more soaking in about half an hour I think. I spent most of the last 2 hours chilling watching a series while sitting on a towel. 🤣
  4. 13:45 - Carried on working outside a bit with damp briefs tightly clinging to my naughty little penis. 2 hours 10 later and two big mugs of tea and some water, my bladder was getting full AGAIN. This time I decided to go inside, and enjoy a squat wetting of my briefs in the toilet again. I took my shoes off, pulled my work trousers down, hopped up onto the toilet seat, squatting above it and released. My naughty penis once again soaked itself in lovely dilute warm pee. It poured through the tight material perfectly in a thick stream and splashed into the toilet below. Once I was finished,
  5. 11:35 - Was out in the garden working on clearing up leaves. My bladder was so full that I decided to squat and wet behind the shed. I hurried behind it, pulled my work trousers down and dropped into a low squat. As soon as I was down I felt the pure warmth release and spread around the still very slightly damp briefs. The heat from it caused a steaming warm puddle on the slab below. As soon as I was finished, I pulled my trousers back up. I still have work to do outside yet. 😄 My naughty wet penis can wait to be cleaned up later.
  6. 08:50 - Absolutely heavenly soaking. I had really built up a full bladder and was busy making a cup of tea trying to ignore my need to pee. Unfortunately my bladder wasn't playing ball so I had to run to the downstairs bathroom and go. I hurried in, pulled my joggers down and sat on the toilet. The release was instant the second I was on the seat. The pee sprayed powerfully from my penis, soaking it with beautiful warmth. The pee poured perfectly through the tight polyester briefs and splashed into the toilet below. I grabbed some toilet paper and dabbed the briefs dry as much as I could
  7. Showered, dressed, and excited for the naughty day ahead. Been drinking plenty since 7am so already filling my bladder nicely for the first naughty wetting around 9am!
  8. Sadly, over the next 3-4 weeks I'll be very busy. Both with work and family life. As such I'll likely not be able to enjoy naughty fun for quite some time. I've decided to treat myself to a full Sunday Wetathon tomorrow! I will keep keeping you all up to date here with the naughty antics that I get up to throughout the day. I've decided I'm wearing my tight polyester briefs as they keep my favorite parts wet, but don't end up making my thighs soaked as well. They also dry really rather quickly which is very convenient for a naughty rewetting day. Over those briefs I'll likely b
  9. Couldn't hold out any longer! Ran up to the bathroom. As I was running I could feel my muscles losing control. Little jets escaped and as I was pulling my joggers down I felt it start pouring out. I quickly got them down out the way, sat on the toilet and lost all control in my boxers. Totally drenching my private area after almost 2 hours of none stop leaking. 😛
  10. Still holding after another 5 or so little leaks. Got to pee so badly!
  11. I woke up this morning in a really naughty mood. I had my usual morning pee and instantly began drinking a really good amount of water. I had to run some errands in the morning, but have since set myself up at my gaming PC and have been relaxing playing games. I have been drinking plenty, and been filling my bladder fast. Since about 12 I have been letting out little spurts to keep reducing the pressure, but it's building faster than it can dry so now I have quite the damp patch on my boxer briefs and jogging bottoms! It's feels so naughty to just keep rewetting a little bit at a time! I'
  12. Well, I finally couldn't hold any more. I ran off to my bedroom and decided to change into my swimming trunks. (Tight polyester briefs styles ones). Ran into the bathroom and dived onto the toilet. Released a torrential waterfall of pee straight through them. Then pulled my joggers up like nothing unusual had happened. 😄 Feels so nice being all comfy with tight damp swim trunks clinging to my soaked penis.
  13. Absolutely bursting to pee. Very tempted to let it flood my tight boxer briefs and then just sit on a nice towel for the rest of the evening letting them dry!
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