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  1. I don't often go to a pool but when I did I'd often soak my swim shorts standing in the shower or sitting on the toilet. At the beach I happily pee through my swimshorts all the time. So long as I am far enough away from people I'll pee them walking down the beach or laying on my sun lounger or up in the sand dunes. Even on days when I'm just planning to sunbathe rather than swim I'll still give them a good couple of soakings. 😋
  2. So, everyone has their favorite clothes for pee fun. Whether that's naughty peeing in fun places, or wetting etc. I'm intrigued as to what people would choose as their favorite fetish clothes and why? I'll do mine now. Underwear - Polyester Boxer Trunks. Fast drying and comfortable when peed through. Trousers - Dark blue / black jeans to hide any little damp patches. Shoes - Lightweight black canvas or Wellie boots as one hides wetness totally, the other dries fairly quickly.
  3. I do enjoy this. I can lock the bathroom in my house from the outside using a coin or something in the slot. I then refuse myself entry to the locked bathroom and hold like crazy until eventually my poor bladder gives up and I end up soaking my boxers or something. 😄
  4. One last little flood through the front of my boxers 😛 And then I'll shower in a couple of hours. 😄 Been a very productive day due to not wanting to leave little wet bum prints on furniture today!
  5. An hour of hoover round the house has left my naughty boy pee scented and now only very slightly damp. 😋
  6. Ahhh heavenly warm relief! Yet another soaking of my pissy boy in my tight boxers!! He's still loving it no matter how much it feels like I'm torturing him! What a dirty day! 😄 For those that are intrigued by what type of boxers I have on this time. It's a pair VERY similar to these. So quick drying and comfortable! Perfect for just peeing through and totally ignoring the need to change. 😄 18 hours and counting. 😄
  7. 😄 Good amount of time then! I think I've been into it for like 15 years as well now. Oh that's cool then!! 😄 If you want to talk about wetting much feel free to message me. 😄 I'm genuinely sat wearing damp boxer briefs right now as I wet about 30 minutes ago! 😄 I hope you enjoy it here. 🙂
  8. Hey 😄 How are you? Welcome to the site. How long have you been into pee? Is it just peeing / pissing or are you into wetting as well? 🙂
  9. Hi and Welcome! 😄 I am sure you will love it here. 🙂
  10. Finally done my 2nd full wetting through my briefs 16 hours after the first one! The feeling of pure naughty relief when you finally allow a desperate cock to release a full bladder straight through your boxer briefs is always amazing. 😝 I love forcing my dirty boy to hold even though I know full well the only relief he's going to get all day will be just soaking himself in the same pissy pair of tight boxers! Just feels so naughty to continuously tease and torture my pissy cock! 😍😍
  11. I didn't do a full 2nd rewetting in the end. I did however leak a few more times and then fall asleep with a pissy damp little penis. Just woke up and I have a very delicate pee scent down there. It'd be optamistic of my cock to think he's getting cleaned up though! My first morning pes I will do normally into the toilet and from then on he'll be forced to piss himself whenever he demands relief, still in my tight pissy boxer briefs. 😋😋
  12. Just let a couple of little extra leaks out just to tease my pissy boy! 😄
  13. Hi Welcome to the site. 😄 Out of interest, how come your old account got taken down? 😕
  14. Hi welcome to the site. 😄
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