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  1. I was browsing the tights and pantyhose thread just now and it got me thinking. Those things look like the absolutely perfect material for wetting and rewetting fun! Fast drying, comfortable, etc. It looks like the kind of clothing you could put on at 8 in the morning and not have to even pull down until bed time if you didn't wear underwear! Just power pee through them whenever you have to go! (See pics below). Then I saw you can get mens ones! 😮 I wonder if anyone has ever owned a pair of these as a man, and whether anyone has ever peed through a pair? It looks like it could be great fu
  2. There's something so naughty feeling about just chilling out watching TV while enjoying the odd little warm leak into my tight boxers to tickle my pissy private parts. 😛
  3. Rushed to the bathroom, fumbled with the buttons on my dark blue jeans, managed to get them undone and my jeans down. Dived onto the toilet and within miliseconds my pee muscles released. A torrent of warm piss sprayed at full force straight into my tight boxer briefs, pouring through the material and down into the toilet. It took about 45 seconds to full drain my huge bladder. I sat for a little while as the drips subsided, then pulled my jeans back up and head back downstairs to type this up and check on how my tea is coming along. Foods nearly ready, good job the kitchen chairs ar
  4. Nope! Getting a bit too much of a distraction. Gonna go give my naughty little fella a soaking sitting on the toilet! Be right back!
  5. Trying to cook with a seriously full bladder is very difficult!
  6. Made it through the shower. Want to try and hold out until 6pm. (35 more mins). 😛
  7. I've finally made it home after 2 hours of over time. My house mate is out, my bladder is getting rather full, and I'm in need of a shower. Wish me luck! I intend to force my bladder to save the huge 1.4l flood it holds for a good boxer brief soaking right when I can't hold out any longer!
  8. No problem! It says I have to be a member of the site though. I'll have to have a look at signing up soon. Thanks for the link.
  9. Tortured my bladder on this one! Absolutely bursting but ran out the back of the house, pulled my joggers down and power pissed through my boxers for about 45 seconds! A serious soaking!!
  10. I'm filling up my bladder so fast ready for my 3rd wetting. 😍
  11. Just playing an old sims PC game as if it's totally normal to be sat there wearing boxer briefs I've peed through twice. Still waiting for my bladder to fill up nicely for the 3rd soaking. 😄
  12. Well, my bladder wanted relief so I had to give in. I hurried up to the bathroom. Pulled my joggers down, jumped into the bath and squat down making sure to tilt my hips as far foward as possible. As soon as I was in position my bladder relaxed and I felt a wave of warmth spread around my penis, soaking it once again. The floor poured out through my tight boxers for about 40 seconds. The pee was very clear due to how much I've been drinking. As soon as the flow subsided I change the squat position slightly, allowed the drips to stop then grabbed my towel and dried my legs and feet before
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