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  1. Well that was incredible!! Your bladder bulge at the start of the 3rd video looks very firm! I bet you were absolutely bursting! The wetting looks like it felt like heaven as well. 😄 Thanks for sharing such lovely videos. 🙂
  2. I got chance to do this again today. However, this time I wore swim briefs rather than shorts. I really really thoroughly showered after swimming and made sure they were fully cleaned out of chlorine etc. Then, once again I sat on the toilet and peed a waterfall through them. The only difference, this time I went into the changing rooms after and rather than changing into fresh boxers, I pulled my thick black joggers up over my pissy swim briefs and drove home. They are nearly dry now and when I they are I'll give them another soaking I think!
  3. Hi 😄 I am wondering if this is something anyone else enjoys? Today I got home from work at around 12:30. I already needed to pee quite badly, so I grabbed a thick towel and a couple of big bottles of water, then put a film on. Over the next 2 hours or so, I held myself right on the brink of desperation, letting out little warm leaks of pee only when absolutely required. Once the film finished, I managed to distract myself another hour with a game and let out plenty more leaks. I find the thrill of this really nice. It feels like you are torturing both your bladder, and your private a
  4. I have been indulging thoroughly with this the last couple of months. It's great when the house mate is away at high girlfriends house for days! 😁 Anyone else enjoy a naughty rewetting session? 😁
  5. I have to admit. This has quickly become one of my favorite wetting methods! Did the exact same this evening. The feeling of peeling off pee dranked swim shorts, and then just slipping my glistening pissy penis straight into a pair of tight boxers is incredible! Going to neglect my pissy penis for the evening. Maybe even make him wet himself a bit more later as well! 😛
  6. So this is one I have done a fair few times before, and I thought I'd share it this time round. I had an early finish at work today. I finished at lunch time, and decided to go swimming after work. I took my stuff to work with me to save having to drive back out after. I spent the day drinking absolutely loads of water. I ended up peeing at work 3 times from 7:30 to 13:00 due to how much I was drinking. By the time I got to the swimming pool, I was fairly full again. I changed into my swim shorts, went to the toilet and peed like normal, just enough to relieve the pressure but leave
  7. A summary of yesterdays wet fun really turns me on again when I read it back! 😮 10:30 - Kitchen floor female dog position wetting. 13:30 - Garage sitting over bucket pissing through boxers. 16:30 - Sitting on side of bath flooding through boxers. 19:15 - Outside down the side of the house squatting through boxers. 21:15 - Peed through boxers squatting in the bath with hips tilted forwards. All in the same boxers. At around 22:15 I went to the bathroom and peed like normal! Which felt super weird after peeing myself all day. I then tucked my pissy little guy back into th
  8. The funny thing is, I always pee before bed. So if I do decide to sleep in these boxers, I'll literally have to go to the toilet like normal with a pissy little cock. He'll finally get to see the toilet bowl rather than being forced to pee himself each time I need relief. 😛
  9. Just done the 5th and final one of the day. I only wanted the front of my boxers to get wet this time, so I just squat in the bath and tilted my hips literally as far forward as I could and just pissed through the front of them. 😄 Hopefully they'll dry by bed time so I am going to sit in just my boxers now until bed time. 😄
  10. I think perhaps my last pee through these boxers should be at 9pm. That way, they will be nice and dry, and perhaps if I'm feeling naughty and comfortable enough I could sleep in them. 😄
  11. I can smell a delicate pee scent when I pull my waistband away and look down there.
  12. It is! That was why I was really quick doing it!
  13. Sorry I didn't reply. I've just had to go again. I was bursting! I've been drinking so much. This time I went outside into the garden in the dark. It was raining a little so I was quick. I hurred round the side of the house where no one can oversee, squat down, pulled my joggers down and just power pissed as fast and hard as I could through my boxers.... Again!! I've come back in and settled on the sofa with some food from the fridge, and my little guy is definitely getting rather pissy scented now. I keep looking down the front of my boxers to see him looking all pissy and scented!!
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