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  1. Sounds like heaven! I bet it feels so nice to wear a skirt and just spurt little leaks into panties all day! I didn't. I just endulged in the cool fresh feeling of finally removing damp boxers after a whole day. 😛
  2. Tight sports style boxer briefs! Perfect for peeing through and drying quickly. 😄 I love a good rewetting in them.
  3. Finally release from my pissy boxers! 😛 Sat naked on my bed, legs spread letting the cool fresh air tickle my pissy little privates! Got to be one of the best feelings in the world! 😛
  4. Just an hour left. I consider these as rather naughty challenges. Somewhat like a torture for my naughty privates that get turned on and exited by being pissy. 😛 I'm so excited to get stripped off and enjoy the lovely fresh air feeling when I finally get my pissy boxers off. 😄
  5. Still thoroughly enjoying myself! I love having a little damp patch clinging nicely against my privates all day. I hope others on here do as well!
  6. Afternoon all! I've been indulging in one of my favorite pee fetish acts today. Basically I wear some nice boxers, and a pair of comfy trousers and then go about my day like normal. The only naughty thing is that throughout the day as and whenever I feel like I just let out a little spurt of pee into my boxers to enjoy the warm, pissy feeling! I've been doing it since 9am this morning which is 5 hours ago now. Each time I let it dry enough to be able to just let another one out and create a tiny wet patch. Does anyone else do it? 😄 I hope there are others. 😄 I intend to k
  7. Absolutely loving how fast my black polyester sports shorts are drying in this weather! I've been relaxing the garden most of the day and have already enjoyed peeing through them and my boxers twice today. I can just continue to enjoy my sunbathing and little odd jobs in the garden and they are dry super quick. So much fun! Maybe 1 or two more wettings in them before a nice cool shower to clean up later.
  8. So, one thing I've always been interested in with regards to this fetish is whether anyone knows friends that can really hold their pee well. For example. 8 or so years ago I was going to college. There was a girl on our course that was really sweet. She openly admited that she HATES the college toilet and would regularly not use the toilet at college. That would mean a whole day at college from around 8am to 4pm without peeing. (8 hours straight away). She also had to take a bus into college (She was 18 but hadn't learned to drive yet). That meant an hour before, and then an hour after a
  9. I held much longer this time before giving in and letting it soak my boxer briefs. They were totally dry and my bladder was absolutely bursting. 😛 But the 4th wetting has been the best by far. I think I'll let them dry and then shower and change later this evening. 😄
  10. I think one more naughty soaking would be acceptable before making myself some food for the evening. 😄
  11. Chatting on here with a quickly filling bladder, and an already wet & rewet private area is one of my favorite weekend activities.
  12. It's been a very relaxing 6 or so hours. I have spent it basically outside in the garden on the sun lounger wearing sports style mesh boxer briefs, and a pair of black exercise shorts. I've had to pee 3 times so far (as I've been drinking a lot). Every time I've had to go I've just pulled my shorts down, squat behind the shed and peed through my nice tight boxer briefs. Then I just pull my shorts back up and continue to sunbathe. The weather is beautiful so they have been drying nice and quick each time.
  13. I hadn't until I had to search for them. Shorts are the baggy type, jammes are the tight ones that more profesional swimmers wear usually. They are very good for soaking!
  14. I've been in a really naughty mood today, and as such I decided to try something a little different. I have been wearing a pair of swimming jammers. Every time I have needed to pee since putting them on (3 times so far) I have just totally neglected going to the toilet! The first time I had to pee and couldn't hold any more was in the kitchen. I pulled my jeans down, squat down and tilted my hips right forwards and power pissed through the tight swim shorts. Then I pulled my jeans back up, and carried on making breakfast with a damp patch on my jeans. The second time I was out in the
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