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  1. This is very true. I know a girl who has horses. She often spends whole days down at the stables. She'll take big bottles of water, food and snacks etc and just spend a day in the countryside with her horses. I've actually spent a day with her before and seen her pee a couple of times (I think it was around 5 by the time we walked home). She never seems to have toilet paper but doesn't seem to care about being pissy. I imagine after a day of doing it she ends up pretty scented! 😮 I can only imagine how naughty it must feel bouncing up and down on saddle with a little damp patc
  2. Ahhh yeah, the old "Scurry across the car park" scenario 🤣 Always gets you close to loosing control! Bet you were glad you made it!
  3. Luckily I haven't. I would love to, but with it being only a year or so old, I would be absolutely devistated if I did! Have you?
  4. I have no idea! I can't imagine it would have been much longer at all though. Maybe 10/15 minutes at most I would think!
  5. You post a huge amount of stuff on here, all of it great content! 😄 At the end of the day, we all forget stuff, so you definitely don't need to appologise. 😄 Not to mention that new members might not have seen the older stuff anyway. 😄
  6. I do love giving my bladder a good challenge every now and then! 😄 Yeah I wouldn't say I made it haha! I ended up pretty wet! 🤣
  7. Fell asleep in those boxer briefs by accident! Probably should change and shower!! 😂
  8. Today I had to do a site visit to one of our suppliers. It was a different direction to where my normal work is, so my manager said I could finish early and take the short route home rather than having to come back up to my usual work place. I had spent the day going about the job, drinking plenty of tea when offered and a bottle of lemonade as it was quite humid and warm. This definitely didn't play into my hands on the journey home! Nope! What should have taken around 45 minutes, took nearly 2 hours instead! I got myself stuck on the motorway in heavy traffic, and spent the whole of the
  9. Interesting stuff then. A girl I know is dead casual about not wiping. I've seen her quite a few times just pop a squat and pee without toilet paper at all. Mostly when we're down at her stables or on a walk / camping etc. Even though she knows she's doing these activities she doesn't ever seem bothered about having paper. Does it cause any negative effects? Uncomfortable, itchy, or anything like that or is it okay. She seems totally laid back about it from what I've seen!
  10. So, as most of you girls probably know, guys tend to just shake / drip dry. Do all of you actually wipe? Or is it more common than I think for girls to just shimmy and wiggle a bit to drip dry? I'm intrigued. 😄
  11. Do you like wetting or just peeing? A good panty soaking under a skirt while squatting is always a super sexy thing to see! 😄
  12. Welcome! What a wonderful introduction. Some lovely photos that you've shared! Thank you. I hope you enjoy it here! 😄
  13. No negative effects from it I assume? 😁
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