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  1. Was great fun! I am trying to think of ways to incorperate it into a normal day as well as a work day. Perhaps things like every time you see a certain brand advertised, or read a certain word on a website / book etc. 😄
  2. Got home bursting to pee. Forced my poor bladder to hold it through a whole shower. Got dressed, went to the bathroom. Let a big spurt go into my boxers and then relieved myself as normal. Damp patch is drying nicely. 😄
  3. Today has been a brilliant day to indulge in my naughty enjoyment of wetting! 😄 It started at 7am. I got up, drank a huge glass of water and had a shower. I got dressed in some comfy black sports boxers, a pair of comfy jogging bottoms, and a nice t-shirt. I love being able to work at home! All the formalities of usual work can be thrown out the window! 😄 I began working at 8am having already drank more than a pint of water. I had made myself a huge mug of tea as well and was sipping through that. I decided to have a bit of fun! I had layed a towel down on the leather office chair a
  4. I think the fact there is so much CCTV is part of the reason we have no longer got wetting videos like British Extreme or Hightide. Everything is recorded and people can be shamed all over the internet using the footage. 😣
  5. Anyone else absolutely bursting right now with 0 intention of relieving themselves until they end up a soaked mess? 😛
  6. That's brave! I bet that was incredibly exciting! 😮
  7. Hi All, I love a good wetting now and then (now and then is a serious underestatement). I always enjoy the idea of discrete wetting. Like sneaky ways of getting away with having a wet patch that no one would notice. I am wondering if anyone has any fun ideas, suggestions, or theories of fun ways to enjoy wetting without getting caught? For example, a great one would be sitting in swim shorts on the grass next to a pool, or through a pair of underwear and then pulling your jeans back up and hiding it behind a jacket / raincoat wrapped around your waist etc. Any ideas would b
  8. This sounds like perfectly sneaky fun for someone into pee. I think I'd be the same if I was female. I pee in my swim shorts often enough that I'm sure I'd do the same to a swimsuit if I was a lady.
  9. I decided to pee like normal for my 4th pee. It felt so strangly exciting whipping out a penis that had peed itself 3 times to just pee like normal. My boxers are dry and I am trying to decide what to do next!
  10. So today I decided to really indulge in some naughty desepration and wetting fun! The rules have been pretty simple. 1) Pretend I don't have a toilet. 2) Wear comfy clothes and quick drying, tight boxers. 3) Drink 500ml per hour. 4) No pulling my boxers down. I've had the house to myself all day, and the challenge began after my first pee (and shower) at 10am. (I had drank 500ml at 09:30). For the first 2 hours I was wearing a pair of black sports shorts, my black boxer briefs and a pair of flip flops while I washed the car. At around 11:15 (after drinking
  11. I went in, changed my shorts to a pair of joggers and have chilled watching Tv has my boxer briefs dry out nicely. 😄 Such a nice afternoon.
  12. Uh-oh! Here comes the rain. Time to empty my whole bladder before I get soaked (with rain). 😛 Cya all!
  13. Still so desperate! Going to just keep letting leaks out for as long as I can! Weather is turning now.
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