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    Male, gay
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    Early retired
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    East London
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    Outgoing, many interests, very much enjoy being free from the shackles of work.

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    Love public piss and randomly doing it away from the toilet. Love to watch other guys and share.
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    Drinking a guy's piss straight from the tap as it hung out of his shorts.

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  1. Being pissed over is a massive turn on for me...... a really fantastic feeling. I love a hot stream cascading all over me or a slow trickle into the lining of my nylon shorts from my partner.
  2. I was unlucky enough to require circumcision at age 7, but even without a foreskin I have an unpredictable aim! sometimes I go in a straight line but often it becomes a multiple spray, ideal for making a mess. That's one reason I've always loved urinals - much better designed for men than toilet bowls! It feels far more natural to point your cock outwards rather than forcing it point down towards the floor.
  3. How about in a shop fitting room or other public place??
  4. Well done, James, another brilliant piss to make me horny.... thanks! You are a real turn on.
  5. Hello everyone, nice to have arrived on here. I was tipped off about this site very recently. I am turned on by all aspects of male piss, having developed a fascination with it from a very young age. Guys randomly pissing, especially in public away from the toilet, has always been a major turn on for me..
  6. A warm welcome from Romford, as usual. X
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