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    I'm a simple person with fetish behaviour

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    Naughty and Dominant
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    My BF is the best FULL toilet ever!!!

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  1. I would love to improve my power pissing skills to better spraying urine when I'm standing... Some advice?
  2. I need to improve the power pissing...
  3. I completely agree with you on everything. As far as I'm concerned, I add that the sensation of enjoyment is as much greater as the guilty conscience ...
  4. Amazing naughty pissing!!! Favorite naughty locations? 😍
  5. A puddle definitely worth the effort... πŸ’˜
  6. You are GLORIOUS!!! 😍😍😍
  7. Directly all over the mirror too, I suggest... 😜
  8. My dream, my friend!!! Many times on the bodywork only... 😘
  9. An excellent car for a great piss... πŸ’›
  10. Every Lady needs a Friend as you are... People has to understand that cars are female best toilets... 😜
  11. Flawless, Darling! 😍
  12. You are more than welcome, Elodie! I'm so glad to share some wet fantasy with you... 😘

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