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    Hey there I'm a pup, I enjoys camping, hiking, gaming and movies and more.

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    Just watching others pee in public, or me the risk of getting caught.
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    When I was young I was hanging out with a few friends, and I went and climb the tree, and a female friend followed me up. She end up climbing higher then me and we both sat in the tree talking. Then suddenly she said she need to pee badly and can’t climb back down without wetting her self. She was like sat right above me so she just pulled her pants down and let it go. And I had this amazing view of this wet yellow stream coming out of her and almost getting me drenched. I was hooked then.

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  1. Caught once. I was out walking in one of these nature parks. I needed to go and it was quiet too but couldn't find anywhere to hide and wanted to see if I could pee and walk at the same time. Not easy lol. While I was doing that woman suddenly appeared walking towards me I panicked and cut short and hide my junk agest the wall over the bridge. She looked at me and smiled though and not said anything.
  2. Happens to me sometimes when I'm really busting sometimes I find it hard to let go and it drips or slow steam for a bit untill it emptyed enough it flows back to normal.
  3. I went to the water park recently, and I have not see anyone use the public loo either or at lest very little. I do wonder where poeple would go or how many. I was In the queue and needed to go but couldn't as was worried other people would have felt my warm pee on the cold floor. And how there were walkways above you and its always dripping with water and wonder if people peed there too and all that dripping on u or oto the floor/pool below. If you can smell the chlorine stronger then useal then yeah that pee mixed.
  4. Never peed in the movies, I think I left it too late to dare try. Due to them updating the seats to leather and lots more cctvs. But pends on how long the movie is and how much I drink most of the time I can make it all the way sometimes I may when it near ending of the movie and can't hold it anymore. But enjoy the power piss of holding for so long tho
  5. Saw it once in a public toilet but he was drunk af and had mates around him smacking his ass and stuff. I wouldn't do it but if I needed to go outside I like to expose my butt and have the nice feeling of a cold air hitting my butt. Or at home.
  6. I love walking in autumn lately not sure if it cos less people out and about or it being wet and it wash the Evidence away. But love the sound when pee hits the leaves, and you can see the steam coming off it when it cold enough. Went out again to an new territory and wanted to explore to see if there any good spots to unleashed my golden water. Unfortunately it not an ideal place since it seems to be really popular with joggers, walkers, dog, horse riders and cyclists. And not many hidden places where I can just dip behind to. Although I do see alot of tissues at the car park 😏.
  7. Had a nice piss into the autumn leafs, after having a nice late evening stroll. https://www.erome.com/a/Fau3JJ1r
  8. Found this and iv marked it. Unfortunately my bladder wasn't full enough to reach the boobs
  9. This is something id love to try. Also camping shops where they have outside areas where the demo tents are displayed.
  10. I haven't, but I have seen a few posts about it. I like these kind of story's.
  11. My naughtiness one would be pissing out of a tall hotel building window while I was sharing a room with a friend who knows nothing about my kink. My kinky one would be peeing on my ex in shower and watching someone piss just above me In a tree we both cilmed up high and she needed to go and couldn't be bothered to cilmed back down. That was my first pee experience.
  12. Not a huge fan in pissing in hotels, but I did give it ago and boy it gave me a huge rush I think it due to being such a high risk thing. I have just squrted pee in a room on the cream floor here and there while my friend who does not know about my kink was in the bath room. Found it hard to relax to do anything like it but did it anyway. Love to try plants especially big ones in rooms or anywhere as long it not in view Of cctv. But I did however piss out of a high hotel building window that was the most crazy feeling ever. And the other hotel I stayed at has a balcony did alot of
  13. I love getting naked in nature, use to have a favourite spot where I can strip for a few minutes or so but now it been fenced off and can't go there anymore. So I kinda miss doing it. But for peeing I do that all the time when it safe to do so. But did go to a nude camp this year, will have to try a nude beach next.
  14. I like to stand to pee and sometimes see how high I can pee up. Sometimes when I feel lazy like to sit on the front eage of something and let it flow. My favorite view if a woman is on all fours, and or sqaut and does a huge arch forward peeing. Even if they hang or climb a tree and pee off it. I also started to like it when they sit on the edge of something butt out and peeing off it. And my fantasy is to have a woman setting on my lap facing me so I can watch their stream between my and their legs.
  15. Iv only done it twice, close to what you discussed. The two times Iv done is In very busy packed car park with alot people about but did it discreetly unsure if I got caught one time but didn't care and was busting. And I have always stop and just pee where ever when it quiet and with a friend, and same friend I had to drive and pull into layby and peed into a bottle. :)
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