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    Hey there I'm a pup, I enjoys camping, hiking, gaming and movies and more. Asexual.

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    Just watching others pee in public, or me the risk of getting caught.
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    When I was young I was hanging out with a few friends, and I went and climb the tree, and a female friend followed me up. She end up climbing higher then me and we both sat in the tree talking. Then suddenly she said she need to pee badly and can’t climb back down without wetting her self. She was like sat right above me so she just pulled her pants down and let it go. And I had this amazing view of this wet yellow stream coming out of her and almost getting me drenched. I was hooked then.

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  1. I always see piss bottles at lay-bys, pit stops and side roads of country sides and mostly on motorways. Also seen cans, beer bottles, haven’t seen any unusual piss into something. I do agree why littler.
  2. My best friend knows about my kink and he happy to let me watch and pee with him but he doesn’t look. But never done it with the opposite sex and like some said above I have a limit and as long we both agree and happy to a few things without crossing the line is all good. But just never had the guts to ask any other person.
  3. Someone on an other platform told me about this site.
  4. That a lot. Yeah sometimes I feel like wow this longer then I thought and just stand there a bit longer and hopes no one pops up lol. But it feel good though. unsure what my volume would be though.
  5. My best one is 3 mins. I loved to know if any lady’s can pee that long too.
  6. I rarely come across one with both toilet and a urinal in a locked room but I have been to a few but I haven’t been able to remember where I found them. Mostly abroad I think. But do know there is a few that has that but unfortunately not in a locked room. In a small fast food chain like kfc or something.
  7. I been there to check out the cafe and I was sooo tempted to have a quick squirt. XD too many eyes tho
  8. That’s true more of an crime or insurance thing. But they may spot a few who will have a sneakiness business and may make it to the front news or internet xD
  9. If you are in town or city’s there is bound to be cctv or people looking out of the window if you pee anywhere where u think u may not get seen like alleyways and stuff. I always go to a nature or parks where they have trees or bush’s cctv tends to not able to see that far into or see what you are doing even tho they may know.
  10. Urinal when it quiet but if it busy or there’s no space without braking the rules then stalls otherwise it outside.
  11. I went to meet my sis and her husband for a walk and a catch-up. Me and husband needed to pee so he went off to go but I held on and not said anything. About an hour in I really need to go bad and announce it, since they know the area and I don’t, says there is a public toilet to which I was saddened to hear. As we walked to the public toilet block but it was closed so I was so happy that I didn’t have to use the loo. They said go behind the bush So nipped behind the bush and peed there while they just carried on walking. It felt like forever and felt great and didn’t care if anyone saw me or
  12. I remember one store as a kid went shopping with mum they had a toilet room with two loos there in the room one for adult and one for kid. I think the store was a kids clothing store so it may explain why there’s a small loo for kids to used but I found it very weird seeing two in a room with no privacy.
  13. Yeah I just love the freedom to just pee where ever I like desperate or not. Mostly cos I feel naughty in wanting to mark somewhere where people will see it. But just love the feeling of the breeze hitting your downstairs, watching your pee flow on ground or wall. I just find it very relaxing.
  14. I seen that before. Don’t think it’ll hold my amount of pee though lol.
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