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    Hey there I'm a pup, I enjoys camping, hiking, gaming and movies and more. Asexual.

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    Just watching others pee in public, or me the risk of getting caught.
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    When I was young I was hanging out with a few friends, and I went and climb the tree, and a female friend followed me up. She end up climbing higher then me and we both sat in the tree talking. Then suddenly she said she need to pee badly and can’t climb back down without wetting her self. She was like sat right above me so she just pulled her pants down and let it go. And I had this amazing view of this wet yellow stream coming out of her and almost getting me drenched. I was hooked then.

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  1. Since I saw the topic of peeing on nude beach's I Found a nude friendly camp, and have taken my opportunity to have alot of sneeky piss.
  2. Welcome, you will feel at home here.
  3. I have ridden most of my life so been in and out of yard/stables. And on farm too. There always girls there on site and only either me or two guys there. I always hear them announcing that they needed to pee but I never see or hear them go so they must have warn us not to go looking haha. I once went behind a building to pee and got caught by some girls walking pass and having a peek.
  4. Did it once in a hotel room as the window was low enough for me to piss out of. Oh the excitement of doing it as it was a risky move. Can’t do it at home too high but always thinking how I wish I could just piss out of the window.
  5. Was a kink at 1st but it now become a routine for me tryin to go out doors as much as I can. Lest gives me a reason to hike. And a challenge too.
  6. I’ve always peed a lot outside. But the most public I have done was in a car park in a park it was busy! Their public toilet was locked and I was desperate so I just peed behind my open car door and had bush around me there was also a cctv in the area as well, same thing but at a motorway pit stop parking but this time I was more exposed no bush to hide and just using the door to cover and had my back to the grassy area were loads of people walking their dog on and I just pretended to be on my phone. And other was on a bench I was literally almost wetting myself which I did a litt
  7. Smelly pee, peeing in food or eating/drinking it.
  8. Wolfpee

    Penis size

    Yeah the correct. I keep messing up with things like that.
  9. Wolfpee

    Penis size

    2” hard and just under 2” soft. Girth 1” thought I share my little dude as everyone different. Only had one gf who now is my ex she said I make her feel good every time and I pee like a horse lol. boobs size don’t matter to me as long they are natural, but do prefer small.
  10. I would just pee into it while it freshly out of the microwave?
  11. @ChrisS thanks for explaining. I always find it confusing I’m sure you do too, with all our difference. XD and yeah I supposed it a bit of everything passerby of other people and maybe cctvs. But I supposed people don’t really care as they are too focused on driving or unless they know what to look for. it’s pends on what road you take or where you go sometimes on country sides but mostly on A roads tends to have a lot of lay-bys on route. I try and use A road and not freeways.
  12. I always done it at the side of the car with the door open or nip into the bush. But did do the same but at the boot end that way people don’t run over to help thinking you’ve broken down and catching you out mid peeing at lay-bys. plus lay-by pee seems to be the norm. I do it all the time and sometimes I sit there for a while to eat or take a break and see others pee there. but side of the road no, too public. You said shoulder do you mean the motorway hard shoulders? If so that is a risky move but I did have to do an “emergency pee” on shoulder once, and peed 2 or 3 times at a mot
  13. Love the sounds when the puddles fourm on hard service splashing, but mostly like the sound of a pee hitting the water anywhere but not in the toilet. So like puddles, pool, river.
  14. My friend garden is my toilet so either on the shed or one flower pot. But if I can’t go there, I’m not normally a fan on indoor vandalism but I have started peeing on my mat in front of my front door, that has a window so it kinda like peeing outside and watch strangers walking pass knowing they can’t see what I’m doing. (It’s has a foggy effect glass). And an Occasion quick marking anywhere else in my house/friend house just a little so it don’t smell nor that I have to clean up.
  15. Welcome, glad you found the site. You’ll make some friends in no time.
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