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    Hey there I'm a pup, I enjoys camping, hiking, gaming and movies and more.

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    Just watching others pee in public, or me the risk of getting caught.
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    Peeing in a car park.

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  1. I haven't tried that so may when I have my next near busting.
  2. Mine would have been almost 3 mins (would have been longer...) I was driving back home, trip was about 4/5 hours and i busting to go really bad and knew i wasnt able to make it back in time, so i had to unbutten and unzip while driving so i can quickly wip it out when i gotten out of the car. Pulled into a car park that i know, few people were about and there was a cctv but i was in a well hidden area where they couldnt see anyway, as i stop open the door and wip it out and it just went and barely got my phone out to video it. And it just felt so good letting it all go and that how i know i done almost 3 mins of peeing when i was filming myself. Got back into the car and drove else where as need to go again quite soon after. There was a few waps flying about and was worried about my D getting stung!
  3. My pee fantasies is having a girl where we drink a lot of water and go hiking alot, and watch each other pee, but would love it if we sat on a bench and she tells me that she really needs to go, I ask her to sit on my knees facing me and lifting her skirt up so I can watch her stream.
  4. Thanks wolf. Thanks. Lol Im sure I will fit right in. Thanks I hope so, and I hope you all will enjoy my stories I got to share.
  5. Thank you. 😄
  6. That's a great story, I have heard ridding on the saddled helps you hold for longer? Same goes for how good it feels can be addictive.
  7. That sounds hot, thanks for sharing. That guy must have wanted a peak.
  8. Hello everyone I'm a pup, that loves to pee and mark my territories outside with the nature. It feels wrong peeing in the bathroom. I also enjoy watching woman do their business too. I'm a 33 year old male from UK, and I'm glad a friend has mention this place, now I can enjoy talking without being judgemental. Love to hear and see your peeing stories.

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