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    Hey there I'm a pup, I enjoys camping, hiking, gaming and movies and more. Asexual.

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    Just watching others pee in public, or me the risk of getting caught.
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    When I was young I was hanging out with a few friends, and I went and climb the tree, and a female friend followed me up. She end up climbing higher then me and we both sat in the tree talking. Then suddenly she said she need to pee badly and can’t climb back down without wetting her self. She was like sat right above me so she just pulled her pants down and let it go. And I had this amazing view of this wet yellow stream coming out of her and almost getting me drenched. I was hooked then.

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  1. Damn I need to find a girl who is willing as yours. Hot stuff. Sounds like you both had a lot of fun and worth wetting the bed for.
  2. I don’t drink pee but seen somewhere it pends on what you drink as it can make it sour but if loads of water it be much weaker something like that.
  3. Interesting. not come across them in pubs but have seen a few of them in nightclubs and have seen two in town public/park toilets. I’m curious if beachs toilets have them? I want to visit an Victorian urinal as it may not have a divider but you can hid yourself well. Do you have any pictures I’m curious
  4. I have noticed that in the USA they have a lot of urinals with dividers on movies and photos never been there my self. But while in UK I have never seen a single dividers at all. Are we the only one or are there others that don’t? I have been to France which I know they have a lot of unsex toilets can’t remember at the time I was young. And Spain they tend to have one stall and one urinal in a room.
  5. I have peed behind a bush a lot of times in the park. Pending on how busy it is. I once peed on a skate half pipe ramp at a park seeing that nobody used it and it was empty at the time (has a toilet block but that locked up permanently, and there was once an open outdoor type but that been knocked down). So there are times where I have pee into a lake and or ponds, and this park has a toilet block but again permanently locked never seen it open and it has cctv. Do love peeing on the wall too where everyone can see the wet mark.
  6. Don’t you all try pushing/squeezing under your balls (like other side before your butt) after you finished? if not or if so any update to see if that helps in some way? sometimes it works for me sometimes not but If I’m not in the rush and outdoors I stand for a few more seconds after I finish, shake, squeeze the thing and then do the balls and squeeze any remaining drips out. There are male pads u can put in your boxers for it to adob the Pp.
  7. I think this is the best I can do this year as I’m trying to break a record for the longest piss again. So far atm is 2 mins long and glad I was able to share it with you all. https://www.erome.com/a/Qtd0LLIo
  8. That so hot. I love peeing on the lay-by I do it a lot on my long trips too.
  9. That was a bold move. I peed on a skate park half pipe ramp from the top it was empty but felt good and enjoy watching it form a puddle in the middle. A dog Walker walked pass and I think he might have saw me.
  10. Same here as long it is a solid one. Don’t mind catching them out if they were desperate and have to go. But never really seen anyone do it in rl but have seen loads of logs and tissues next to it though. as long as they dug a hole or clean up after them selfs.
  11. I remember seeing a clip of a cctv where a guy got robbed and pissed him self but he dropped his stuff into his puddle of pee and robbers just left it running off. So don’t know if it was all an act or not. But me I get scared but not to the point where I piss my self but to the point where I do need to go.
  12. I remember on a news that a woman piss onto the floor while watching a match it was a while ago now photo and a clip of it and I think she end up getting a fine.
  13. Well they seen you around so just have to hope or change route to avoid the dog is more important 😅. once a dog found me while I was peeing too and would not go away and someone turned up. But you gotta do you gotta go. 😉
  14. Welcome JC. You well have a very warm welcome here and we are all a friendly bunch.
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