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    Hey there I'm a pup, I enjoys camping, hiking, gaming and movies and more. Asexual.

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    Just watching others pee in public, or me the risk of getting caught.
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    When I was young I was hanging out with a few friends, and I went and climb the tree, and a female friend followed me up. She end up climbing higher then me and we both sat in the tree talking. Then suddenly she said she need to pee badly and can’t climb back down without wetting her self. She was like sat right above me so she just pulled her pants down and let it go. And I had this amazing view of this wet yellow stream coming out of her and almost getting me drenched. I was hooked then.

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  1. Wolfpee

    Penis size

    Yeah the correct. I keep messing up with things like that.
  2. Wolfpee

    Penis size

    2” hard and just under 2” soft. Girth 1” thought I share my little dude as everyone different. Only had one gf who now is my ex she said I make her feel good every time and I pee like a horse lol. boobs size don’t matter to me as long they are natural, but do prefer small.
  3. I would just pee into it while it freshly out of the microwave?
  4. @ChrisS thanks for explaining. I always find it confusing I’m sure you do too, with all our difference. XD and yeah I supposed it a bit of everything passerby of other people and maybe cctvs. But I supposed people don’t really care as they are too focused on driving or unless they know what to look for. it’s pends on what road you take or where you go sometimes on country sides but mostly on A roads tends to have a lot of lay-bys on route. I try and use A road and not freeways.
  5. I always done it at the side of the car with the door open or nip into the bush. But did do the same but at the boot end that way people don’t run over to help thinking you’ve broken down and catching you out mid peeing at lay-bys. plus lay-by pee seems to be the norm. I do it all the time and sometimes I sit there for a while to eat or take a break and see others pee there. but side of the road no, too public. You said shoulder do you mean the motorway hard shoulders? If so that is a risky move but I did have to do an “emergency pee” on shoulder once, and peed 2 or 3 times at a mot
  6. Love the sounds when the puddles fourm on hard service splashing, but mostly like the sound of a pee hitting the water anywhere but not in the toilet. So like puddles, pool, river.
  7. My friend garden is my toilet so either on the shed or one flower pot. But if I can’t go there, I’m not normally a fan on indoor vandalism but I have started peeing on my mat in front of my front door, that has a window so it kinda like peeing outside and watch strangers walking pass knowing they can’t see what I’m doing. (It’s has a foggy effect glass). And an Occasion quick marking anywhere else in my house/friend house just a little so it don’t smell nor that I have to clean up.
  8. Welcome, glad you found the site. You’ll make some friends in no time.
  9. That’s is an impossible challenge. I know I wouldn’t make it. would be interesting if anyone can do it?
  10. I have given and received a golden shower. 🙂
  11. Went out hiking the other day, drank a lot and did pee halfway into walking. Then I kinda got lost and end up having to walk back out of the forestry area onto the main road where some houses where. I got desperate again fast I really needed to pee and I was probably like 30 mins away from my car but I just couldn’t just go where ever I was as I was out in the open with the public. Luckily it was kinda quiet not many walkers but loads of cars. So I had to speed walk hoping I could make it but your aim to the car seems so far away and I literally on fire down there. I saw a bench I thought sod
  12. Only drink water or flavoured water for me. Some times booze but I try not to drink it as it mess with my depression. And rarely but sometimes tea and hot chocolate. And booze and tea tends to go through me fast.
  13. It’s been a while since I updated on here. I got bored and wanted a bit more of a challenge when it come to pissing. I thought why not book an apartment for a night and share the room with a friend. (Who doesn’t know about my kink.) it was a risky move. So I wait till it was bedtime. Waited a while so must have been 30 mins or an hour but I was busting. And to see my friend wasn’t into deep sleep yet. I thought sod it I need to go so walked up to the window, opened the window and it was just the right height for me whip it out and pee. I love the view it just perf
  14. Saw this on TT xD then next text says don’t stop. So im unsure if this is aimed at females.
  15. Like above said. It pends on what campsite ur on. I went to a campsite where it was busy and a lot of family’s there they had a toilet but I didn’t want to walk there or use it. This was the time when lockdown was lifted. So I had to pee between my car and tent being careful not to expose my self I wore shorts and I kneel down and let my guy peek out at the side a little and let go. If there’s a lot of people walking pass I just pee in the bottle in my tent. Or I lay down on a grass slightly rise your hip like if ur doing a plank and pee. There is loads of ways. Or sit cross leg have a hoody o
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