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    I'm a 25 year old Male, who enjoys.. Shall we say..marking my territory.. From the great outdoors to carpeted floors. And everywhere else inbetween!
    And Thoroughly enjoys watching others mark there's..

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  1. I never clean the floor after peeing on it…. Both at home, work, or just out in general, I enjoy marking my territory.. and cleaning up would just be vary counterproductive lol ^_^
  2. I highly encourage Frends/family to use the yard…. Granted I live in a camper with no working plumbing (or water at the moment lol) so the yard is the only bathroom I have of any kind!! Perks to being surrounded by woods…have lots of privacy for those who may want it ^_^
  3. Nice!!! I would definitely go back lol ^_^
  4. I have one, and Peed quite a few times in it after use, good way to clean it out when your done with it 🙂 And I can’t personally say I’ve noticed any damage to mine because of it, so enjoy and pee it up!!
  5. Just wondering if you ever asked your aunt... and if so.. her response??
  6. For me... definitely the floor of a train, and I’ve always thought busses would be fun to pee in... had thought that many times when I used to ride em (mind was always trying to think of a way of getting away with it). But with the security cameras and me being a guy, I couldn’t find a way to discreetly whip it out and go 😞 as for airplanes... I seem to recall that seats are (supposed to be anyway) made to be extremely water replant for easy clean up (meaning you’d probably be sitting in a puddle the whole trip) now if you could manage to discreetly go the floor of a plan...
  7. Yes, if I know them. although the options would be extremely limited (or limitless depending on how you look at it I suppose) for indoors, I only basically have one room to my house, and only three small movable pieces of carpeting I live in (because I wanted to) a 20ft single wide 5th wheel camper on a few acres of land surrounded mostly by woods, so outside is always my primary bathroom while the camper does have a small bathroom.... I use that room mostly for storage:)
  8. My cleaning method is to walk away while it may not be helpful answer lol, It’s what I find works best for me when I pee somewhere indoors
  9. Just did this moments ago, peed on the wall behind someone else’s SUV, I’ve been waiting in the hot car for hours now With nothing else to do but drink, I’m in a hospital parking garage second floor (nothing serious, a friend is in for a minor procedure), didn’t feel like trekking all the way to the hospital itself lol (including photo of some of the resulting aftermath)
  10. I would definitely recommend the carpet! There is nothing better then soaking one
  11. I know they also make one called the GoGirl.. comes in a little travel case to boot (Walmart has em in the camping department by me)
  12. I like the sound of that!! Would love to use a human toilet system like the one in your fantasy!!!
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