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  1. I would love to pee all over your mouth 😉 I never tell anyone about being into this but I’ve always fantasized being able to pee on or with another man outside or anywhere. I’ve peed with women outside before just out of necessity but still hot
  2. I often like to stop on my way home from work (I live in the country ish area but still populated) and relieve myself on the side of the road or in the middle if it’s clear. Today I happened to wear ankle long black dress and no panties because I like the fresh air. I had a bad day at work and stopped for a beer on my way home. Soon enough I had to really pee, and it’s dark out by now so I’m driving and scouting out places to let it all out. I ended up stopping on the side of a curvy paved road near my house. There wasn’t much traffic on the road tonight so I just parked my car barely off to
  3. One time when I was working a fraternity party with my coworker as entertainer strippers and sometimes the rides were up to 3 hours so by the time we got to our location that we were called to we really had full bladders. When my coworker and I went to get changed/ready for our show we were in the basement bathroom (any and all frat house bathrooms I saw were basically not useable) and Ofc no working toilet. I decided to hurry and pee down the drain before our manager/any fo the guys walked in which was really thrilling. My coworker decided to use a leftover jumbo red party cup and filled it a
  4. Female here. I have always been a fan of public pissing, watching people pee, and peeing on men (haven’t tried it yet or received it but would like to someday) I’ve always been ashamed and kept it a secret only telling two partners out of too many but never doing anything with it besides alone when I take videos or the occasionally pit stop pee on the side of the road. I just discovered this community tonight, I’m not great with technology but I’m excited to learn about this website and meet other pee enthusiasts!
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