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  1. I can't believe I missed this thread lol. Love your new underwear, very sexy
  2. Well as mentioned in a thread elsewhere I've pissed in my dishwasher many times lol. I made a video of it hehehe. Here are a few screen shots of the video
  3. Well so glad to hear you don't need your distraction techniques anymore, means your just getting more and more comfortable with pissing outside which is awesome. I totally understand the 'high' you feel when doing so, I still get this feeling as well lol, iam I've been pissing outside for a long time lol. Seeing men and women pissing outside is arousing for me, love seeing both
  4. I may have a few pics of me pissing into my dishwasher hehehe. Just seems like a perfect match, just finished filling it and needed a piss, so why not lol
  5. Awe iam so sorry to here your husband was abusive. Glad you left him, men like that don't deserve any person in their lives A big hug
  6. Sorry for the late response, I just found this thread My vote is the drawer as it's naughty at least to me and is easier cleaned
  7. Wow that's hot as hell. Good thing about leather couches is that it's easy to clean afterwards 😉
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