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  1. I've arrived somewhat fashionably late to the welcoming party lol, but welcome doehaze. Iam sure you will find that we are all friendly and accepting group of people. Take your time to explore the various topics and ask any questions that you may have
  2. Amazing video as always sir. You always find unique ways to film yourself, another job well done. What a lovely backyard as well
  3. That's quite the puddle you left, good job. I've never sat down and just pissed on the floor before, may just have to try that now😉
  4. Well I see your butt plug is a different colour than the one in a few previously posted pictures. You must have a collection of them😜
  5. Sounds like a great plan lol
  6. Well I've got no experience in either department. I've unfortunately never had a three way, never mind a 4 some before
  7. As am I, in fact I'm betting everyone here is looking forward to more photos
  8. Wow another lovely and well written description as always Sophie. Good thing the fickle finger of fate intervened and sent a 'relief' teacher lol
  9. Looks like you've got some steps to wash hahahaha Very nice tho, thanks for sharing with us
  10. Iam just glad I wasn't moving down the road at 20mph. Wouldn't of had time to bring the machine to a complete stop before bailing out
  11. Mmm so very hot and so very very lickable
  12. Yes it's crazy how fast they go up in flames. I got out of the cab within about 29 seconds or so. By then the flames were 2 feet up the door
  13. I seen whatcha did there hahahahaha. Good one
  14. Very cool you have someone to share your experiences with
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