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  1. When iam out in my shop I will piss in the sink or more often piss right in the floor onto the drain
  2. All of those are great places. If i were in your shoes a wall in an empty room would be calling my name😉
  3. Staring off in the bathtub or shower makes for easy clean up
  4. Wow truly amazing pics very hot. Thanks for sharing them with us
  5. If I was at that carnival you can bet I would be pissing on a tree
  6. @Jayne78 Well iam very sorry to heat that your husband still gets upset with you. He clearly has a piss fetish as he installed the cameras in your bathroom. I wish he would learn to be sympathetic with you, embrace you when you Cleary need a hug and a its alright when you have an accident, after all your only human Till then please allow me to give you a hug
  7. I hear ya when you say equipment shakes the piss out of you lol.
  8. @Colormerose At the risk of sounding like a crazy stalker guy lol. What a lovely amd descriptive holding experience. The feeling of 'sweet relief' must of been something else. Thanks for sharing with us
  9. Sounds like a very naughty place to have a piss, I've never done this before. May have to try this sometime
  10. Love to see you dressed up JacquiPee. I wish I was in the classroom with you
  11. I've piseed into alot of cups and glasses lol. Some a pre-employment drug test and sometimes just to see if I can piss into a beer glass from 3 feet away lol
  12. Iam happy to hear your family supports you😀
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