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  1. speedy3471

    Moving Forward and Goals

    You are doing great, keep expanding your skill set and slowly push your comfort zone wider. Keep up the good work
  2. speedy3471

    where are you

    Sephora I believe is a fellow Canadian. Her and I maybe the only ones tho haha
  3. speedy3471

    Great Legs!

    Thighs are super sexy tool when use correctly haha A soft tickle and a kiss on my wife thighs get her and me going haha.
  4. speedy3471

    Never have I ever

    Well I would love to notice you pissing out of a window hahaha The closest town to me only has 500 people in it. The closest city has a population of only 300,000. In all of my province which is 652,000 square kilometers there is just over a million people!
  5. speedy3471

    Shaggy&Scooby's corner!!!

    I forget to add that I saute onion in butter. Once they are cooked nicely add them to your burger along with lettuce and tomatoes if you like. Of course cheddar cheese as well Haha
  6. speedy3471

    Ask me anything!

    Good call, I thought of that after I asked the question haha. Good ideas to try
  7. speedy3471

    Never have I ever

    I've never burped really loud around my inlaws either haha. Never ever have I lived in a city
  8. speedy3471

    Shaggy&Scooby's corner!!!

    And beer, cannot forget the beer lol
  9. speedy3471

    Shaggy&Scooby's corner!!!

    My son's birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, he will turn 1 hahaha. We have invited friends and family for a bbq. My menu is fairly simple haha My appetizer is jalepano poppers. I cut the peppers lengthwise and take the seeds out. I mix cream cheese, the seeds, garlic powder, cayenne pepper and a little chili powder together. I then fill the peppers with this mixture and wrap the jalepano with a slice of bacon Iam the gonna make homemade hamburger patties. I start with lean ground beef and add my own mixture of seasonings. I use a woodpellet bbq. Throw the burgers on, add my homemade bbq sauce and bacon. Toast the buns as well haha Iam gonna make potatoe wedges to go with them. Cut potatoes into wedges, toss in canola oil and Montreal steak spice and garlic powder, yummy hahahaha
  10. speedy3471

    where are you

    I think there are only 3 maybe 4 of us Canucks
  11. speedy3471

    Ask me anything!

    Do you piss in your bathtub when your bathing?
  12. speedy3471

    Penis vs Vulva

    Hahaha have fun playing with your pussy haha
  13. speedy3471

    Penis vs Vulva

    Hahah fair enough. The vulva wins hands down
  14. speedy3471

    Penis vs Vulva

    Both can be nice to look at Haha. A nice trimmed pussy or shaved is good. But iam not ashamed to comment on a nice cock either. Manscapped of course hahana
  15. speedy3471

    Shaggy&Scooby's corner!!!

    Did scooby outsmart the pirates hahah?