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  1. Harvest is all wrapped up for the year, now iam doing some fall field work. Getting the fields ready for next spring. Iam heavy harrowing now
  2. Good luck. Iam sure you will make her feel comfortable enough to piss in the pool
  3. Forgive my ignorance but what's this?
  4. Great work, great idea pissing on the kitchen floor
  5. I know i can't stop once ive started pissing, no matter who is watching me lol
  6. Very sexy pictures Eliminature. Thank you for sharing them with us
  7. 2 reverse gears and 18 forward gears lol
  8. I drive a manual transmission quite often, every day during harvest lol
  9. I've got no dought that you were as lady like a possible while doing this pose lol
  10. Your right, I did get some on the stairs, and the bin, the railing lol. It was a bit windy up there lol I should get a premium price for the canola now that its been pissed on lol
  11. Its hard not to get excited while pissing outside, parson the pun lol
  12. so I went up to check on how full my bin of canola was getting and needed a piss, so I pissed in the inspection lid. Its about 24 inches in diameter lol. Hard to miss lol
  13. I do this everyday lol. Love pissing anywhere in the shower. Both of my showers have glass doors and always get pisses on
  14. Nice. That looks like a unique position lol. Glad you tried it.

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