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  1. Looks like your tank was definitely full lol. Glad you got outside in time
  2. Well iam very late to that party, as usual lol What a lovely way to spend the afternoon with your loving husband Sophie. Your writing truly is great, very descriptive and easy reading, as always. Thanks again for sharing such a lovely moment between your husband and you with us
  3. Well done peesneakers. Also love how you just kept pissing while going from the sink to the urinal. Thanks for sharing with us
  4. Great to see you breaking in your new bathroom carpet, well done
  5. O of course I do lol. Iam betting that everyone here has imagined this in some way or another
  6. Can't say that I've ever measured but and beachmom said us guys don't have the same pressure thus can't piss as far lol. The advantage certainly goes to women. I just might have to measure my next distance challenge lol
  7. Wow very brazen of you, good work. Did you leave the cloths in the fitting room?
  8. What a great roommate you have pop-a-squat. You 2 seem to have alot of fun together
  9. Love how you pissed in your car while on your break, so hot and naughty. At least you had a sweater to hid your wet pants lol

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