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    Iam 36 married and have fetishes like watersports, cum and more

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  1. Hahahahahahaha no i do not hahahaha
  2. Yes I can piss with a hard on, not accurately tho lol. I piss with morning glory quite often.
  3. With a stream like yours i bet it does
  4. O I bet you do. You both feel the vibes this way, very hot
  5. My wife squirts as well. She seems to only squirt when we use her Hitachi magic wand. If I finger her while she uses it she usually squirts lol
  6. My wife does the same thing lol. In fact she likes to point out any women whether they are wearing yoga pants or not lol
  7. It's a wonderful side note, thanks for sharing
  8. Supper two days ago. Jasmine rice, corn and chicken drumsticks. The chicken was amazing lol
  9. @mickymoist You sir are the king of lazy Sunday's lol. Good work
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