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  1. Serves him right for being an asshole lol
  2. Sounds like a lovely way to spend the day with your husband. Any time spent with your significant other is a good day
  3. Hahahaha. What part? You pissing in full view at a concert or Alex placing his hand on your ass while you piss hahahah?
  4. Gotta stop and check your tires every once in a while lol
  5. @Lillipee Happy birthday. Sorry Iam late
  6. Adventurous and naughty lol, good work lol
  7. Iam sorry to hear this. This is just one way that you women are tougher than us men hahaha. You ladies have to endure this once a month hahaha
  8. Hahahahah. Good thing it drives by itself hahahah
  9. Hahahahaha i had my seatbelt on hahahaha
  10. Sounds like reasonable requests to me. I hate it when people leave their garage every where. If people come and ask politely and follow my requests I will never say no you cant hunt on my land
  11. 2 years ago I went out to the field, our vertical tillage machine had a wheel bearing fail, we had a spare hub in the service truck so off i went lol. Well after replacing the hub i noticed a truck with Oregon plates parked off in my field. Well I waited and a fella comes walking back from duck hunting along a coulee on my land, I asked if who gave him permission, he said so and so did. I said so and so farms over there, this is my land, the fella apologized like crazy, I was polite about the whole thing but just ask permission
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