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  1. Sounds wonderful @stefania 😊. I piss in my kitchen as well, the sink ans dishwasher gets used alot 😜 Glad your exploring more and more.
  2. Love the hands free technique. It's very exilerating to piss someplace naughty like that 😜. Thanks for sharing this experience with us
  3. Just seen this older poll, can't believe I haven't noticed it till now. I did vote
  4. As a guy I don't have tp in my pickup truck. But I've usually always have a roll of shop towels and or hand cleaning wipes
  5. Great video. Looks like you we're full 😜
  6. Some strong theory of mine
  7. Mmm gorgeous looking pussy, bet he did 😜
  8. I pissed outside in my deck. Did the hands free technique
  9. I usually only use one hand to bring my cock out. Covering the zipper certainly helps keep things comfortable
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