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    Iam 40 and have fetishes like watersports, cum and more

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    Naughty peeing
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  1. Iam from Saskatchewan Canada
  2. I haven't pissed anywhere to crazy today, outside mostly. The craziest was in the floor drain in my shop
  3. I've been caught pissing outside by other people more than once. Usually they didn't say anything and move on. Once when I was pissing in a parking lot I got a "wow you really had to piss" lol
  4. I don't have the proper equipment to offer any advice to you @sunny.puppy. But sounds like @ABBYPEEGODDESSgave you some great advice. Have fun applying her advice 😉
  5. I love pissing in sinks, especially when it's the perfect height. Much more convenient than a toilet hehehehe
  6. Last place I pissed was outside against my shop. I pissed on the wall
  7. Guess I've got a few different grips lol. Iam a huge fan of hand free, just whip it out and let it fly lol. But usually I use a right handed grip, thumb at the top of the shaft pointing toward the purple mushroom head hehehe. I then direct this stream anywhere in want to hehehe
  8. Sounds like a great idea. I wish we could do that as well
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