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    I’m a bi female. I love to watch men and woman pee. I’ve never got to watch a woman pee in person and would love too.

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    Peeing outside watching others pee. I love to hold a mans dick while he is peeing
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    I played a little bit with my ex. He let me pee on his dick and he licked my pussy while I was peeing, I came as soon as his tongue hit my pussy. Best orgasm ever

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  1. Having my significant other into peeing as much as I am. I would drink a lot and hold it as long as possible. Then he go down on me licking my pussy. Until I have the most Peetastic orgasm. Then have a lot of sex involving pee on each other
  2. If u would like I can post the video to my account and upload it for you 😈
  3. I hate wearing one and won’t most of the time.
  4. Well they really don’t like me peeing in their back yard either.
  5. That a little judgement don’t u think. There are a lot of us on this site who uses one or more of these sites.
  6. There are a handful of woman here. We have some regulars. The men’s section is one of my favorite. I love that fact that a lot of it is from our members and not just videos or pictures taken off the net. While I do appreciate all the work some do is post them. It seems more personal when you can actual talk to the person posting their own stuff.
  7. I wouldn’t mind letting you use my yard. But my dogs and husband may not like it to much 😂😂😂😂
  8. Im in the middle of a Harry Potter Marathon. Im on the Half Blooded Prince.
  9. There have been a few naughty places around my house, kitchen, dinning room, guest room. On the floor in the bathroom. In a few things around the house. In the back yard on the pouch under the bedroom window while my hush was sleeping. Off the side of the bed onto the floor
  10. Sweets

    Newest member

    I do know Pokémon that was a favorite of my daughters. I think she watched sailor moon but I may have the name wrong.
  11. The last time I was there was to clean out my grandmas storage unit when she passed 5 years ago. I have one uncle that I’ve alway been close with and a lot of cousins left. It been hard to get time to off so unfortunately I do not. I usually stay close to home. Maybe one day I’ll get to do some traveling
  12. Officially welcome.
  13. Sweets

    Newest member

    I’m not to familiar with anima. I have watched some porn videos. Over only ran across a few that I like. So it’s alittle out side my wheel house

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