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    I’m a bi female. I love to watch men and woman pee. I’ve never got to watch a woman pee in person and would love too.

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    Peeing outside watching others pee. I love to hold a mans dick while he is peeing
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    I played a little bit with my ex. He let me pee on his dick and he licked my pussy while I was peeing, I came as soon as his tongue hit my pussy. Best orgasm ever

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  1. Thanks for share. You did very well for your first story. Please keep writing.
  2. The negative effect is the smell. I’ve been in bathroom before that was out of paper. And it it can have a strong mess after a while.
  3. Most of the time I wipe. The only time I don’t is when I take an naughty video. Or pee outside. And I don’t pee outside very much.
  4. He don’t have a lot of time in the morning but I’ll take what I can get 😉
  5. No I’m not, and I’m sure most of your guys here won’t complain 😈. The puppies are good cover
  6. After I posted my story this morning, I was feeling a little horny. So I was playing in the living room. My husband woke up to get something to drink. He “caught” me playing and asked if I wanted to fool around. So we went in the front room. It was a quickie. He went back to bed to let me finish. I was having a hard time reaching orgasm and had to pee. So I squatted down at the end of the bed and put my toy on my clit and started to pee on a throw rug. That did the trick. Instant orgasm while peeing. I took the rug and throw it in the washer and left it. When I got home from work
  7. This is a fantasy I would like to play out with my husband. Involves Holding, golden showers, some sexual content We have both been working long hours. So instead of going out on date night. I planned a night in. I spent the day getting very well hydrated. I set up the spare room with some candles and a chair in the middle of the room. We had a light dinner with a bottle of wine. We picked out a movie, had another bottle of wine. After the movie I put my plan in action. I slide my hand across his thigh and leaned up to kiss him. I started to remove his clothes. Everything but
  8. I have to admit this is a fantasy of mine also. Among other pee related things involving another woman 😈
  9. I enjoy naughty peeing around the house when ever I’m by myself. Which isn’t often. I would really like to do some naughty peeing outside it would be fun to have a partner to play with me
  10. Very nice. Love the nice clean landscaping.
  11. Really enjoying the story so far. Can’t wait for the next chapter.
  12. This sounds like a fun day at the beach. Pissing the day away sounds like fun
  13. Love watching you play. It’s been way to long we need to make a date
  14. I loved the beginning to this that you sent me 😈.
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