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    I’m a bi female. I love to watch men and woman pee. I’ve never got to watch a woman pee in person and would love too.

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    Peeing outside watching others pee. I love to hold a mans dick while he is peeing
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    I played a little bit with my ex. He let me pee on his dick and he licked my pussy while I was peeing, I came as soon as his tongue hit my pussy. Best orgasm ever

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  1. There was a follow up video that he didn’t post. That was equally good 😈😈😈. I’m sure the ladies wouldn’t mind seeing that video too 😘
  2. I peed with my ex husband in the shower. Only a couple times
  3. Welcome I’m sure you will find many things here that tickle your fancy.
  4. Well the sinus infection is more of a pain than the peeing part. I’m kinda use to it by now. I’m lucky to be sick at home. I’m out of work until Saturday so hopefully I can get my medication tomorrow and the cough will stop before I go back to work. As some lady’s know have bladder problems in public can be an issue.
  5. I started getting sick Monday with my ears hurting. By Tuesday my throat was sore. I couldn’t sleep when I got home that night and was up all night and day. That when the coughing started. With is a problem for someone with a weak bladder. Hence why I didn’t sleep. I would lay down feel a cough coming on so I would get up to go to the bathroom. I think I peed myself 3 times standing in front of the sink. It doesn’t matter that I have just peed. Thinking my bladders empty, Start coughing nope. It runs down my legs and made a small puddle on the bathmat. I figured it would happen again so I said fuck it and just left the carpet there. I guess I would wash them lol. Got lucky no peeing the bed. On Thursday I couldn’t control the coughing so now I’m wearing pads. They suck you can never position them just right. It either runs forward and gets your panties wet up front or runs to the back and gets your ass wet. But it’s better than soaking what ever your setting one. It completely sucks for me. But hopefully someone gets turned on from my situation.
  6. Just curious has anyone caught you peeing out side.
  7. I’ve used my dogs peepee pad a couple times to pee in naughty places. It’s convenient sometimes when you don’t want a big mess to clean up.
  8. I think it looks very suckable. 😈
  9. Every time I have peed somewhere I’m not supposed to. It always ends in an orgasm. It turns me on so much. Most of the time I make my self cum where I have peed. Sometimes I wait if I plan on peeing a couple times in naughty places. I love the feel of my pussy right after a pee using it to help with lubricant
  10. Welcome. You seem like you will fit in well. Please feel free to share some of your experiences. There is a whole men sections that the girls like to check out. If u have any questions feel free to ask
  11. Welcome. You came to the right place.
  12. Sweets


    Welcome. I’m sure you will find something that peaks your interest. Any questions feel free to ask
  13. One think I noticed that when a lady introduces herself she gets bombarded with comment. But I notice that the guys don’t get the same treatment some don’t even get a welcome. I understand everyone being excited about having a new female. But we should try to make a point to welcome everyone. I try to see new ones that have no comments and or a few and say hi.

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