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    I’m a bi female. I love to watch men and woman pee. I’ve never got to watch a woman pee in person and would love too.

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    Peeing outside watching others pee. I love to hold a mans dick while he is peeing
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    I played a little bit with my ex. He let me pee on his dick and he licked my pussy while I was peeing, I came as soon as his tongue hit my pussy. Best orgasm ever

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  1. You have to be In The right position to pee with a cock inside. The easiest way I found is missionary. I usually have my feet resting on the back of his tights pushing my pelvis down. Then you can push the pee out. It also helps to have a very full bladder
  2. I have used puppy pad when I didn’t want to clean up a big mess from my naughty peeing. They do work well.
  3. Female here that is into the fetish. I had a lot of videos posted on pornhub. That I ended up removing and posting some on another web site. For me making and sharing videos is a real turn on. I’m into peeing in naughty places. And it turns me on when my naughty act turns someone else on. I removed my videos from pornhub because they were getting a little to popular. I was worried that someone I might physically know in person might run across one. All though I might be bold and naughty on here I don’t have that same confidence in person about our fetish. Last year I was very active
  4. There are a few of us that from your same time zone. But I’m a night owl and by the time I get on y’all are in bed. The people from England are usually getting up. I’m up for a chat anytime I’m on. So feel free to send me a message
  5. 🥵 wooh it’s getting hot in here
  6. I love the way you think too. I’ve been trying to pop in more often.
  7. I have to disagree that they are just shoes. Let’s change this over to what a man wears. A man wearing a sharp business suit compared to a slacks and polo shirt gives off different vibs. It’s all about mind set. And what your showing off.
  8. I agree with you. They do give off dominant. I am control tonight.
  9. I guess I’m the first woman to give her point of View why we like to wear heels and boots. Both make us feel sexy. We walk differently in heels. Depends on what we are wearing they make you legs look sexier. I find it pretty damn hot for a woman in heels to squat down left her skirt and pee. It gives a different do view point. And as far as sex. They don’t call them fuck me shoes for no reason. Some men find them sexy some don’t. To each their own. Just like some guys like anal and some don’t. I usually don’t wear heel to bed. Only on special Occasions with a special outfit.
  10. Mine wasn’t unexpected it was kinda planned. I thought I was showing up to meet a couple to have a threesome. What I didn’t expect was an orgy. I had a mmf threesome with my ex husband and the guy of this couple. His girl friend wasn’t aware and I guess it was a secret. Not sure why. Well I met them at the bar where he worked. There was another guy there. So I was thinking ok either this isn’t happening or it’s turned into a 4 some. We a few drinks waited for him to get off work then headed to their place which was right across the street. When we got there we had some more drinks and w
  11. I have a few kinks. I’ve done a few kinky things but I have a lot of fantasies. Which will probably never come true. But it never hurts to keep Fantasizing

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