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    The visual experience accompanied with the uncontrollable pleasure when she starts peeing and doesn't stop gushing a full stream while you're balls deep feeling every drop as you slide in and out of her tight litttle tasty haven

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  1. Heyy looking for feed back? 1. Can you please offer any detailed info about giving or receiving a full piss inside pussy (or ass) during penetrative sex? 2. Would love to hear about how it felt on your first time? 3. Is it something you enjoy and still involve it from time to time? 4. Have you got any tips or tricks? I dont want to hear about hygiene risks and or any “anti topic” comments. We have always practised safe when peeing is involved, making sure we a fully hydrated and that our pee is flowing clear before we have fun.
  2. Good girl !!! I’m new here, I must check out your past posts and learn for a seasoned squirter.
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