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  1. Loving the new profile pic ??

  2. Barbieoxo

    I'm new

    Glad you're enjoying the forum lovely! It's nice to meet people who have fetishes like ours ☺
  3. Your amazing ?

  4. Welcome back to this site now. I like your new pee picture on here.
  5. Barbieoxo

    I'm back!

    Hey guys!!! Just a quick hello as I'm back on the forum! Disappeared for a while for various reasons but was visiting occasionally! Summer holidays are finally here so lots of opportunities to pee where I shouldn't! Keep an eye out for any pics! :) here's a reminder of what I do ;)
  6. I would like to welcome you on this form. Feel free to post any kind of pee stories or anything pee on here. I have a few pee stories look me up.
  7. Happy Birthday again this year
  8. Hi I love your pics real good keep pissing and keep posting
  9. Happy Birthday!
  10. Glad you enjoyed the corridor piss clip... Is she peeing or squirting? (BTW, there is no such thing as enjoying your piss fetish too much!)
  11. I am enjoying my pee fetish way too much at the moment.
    1. Uphilldoughnut


      It really is fun eh?
    2. Hamster245


      I don't think there is such a thing as 'too much'.
    3. Discreetmale


      Agree with Hamster... no such thing as too much :-)
  12. Barbieoxo

    I just had to celebrate!

    It's not really related to this forum, site or whatever but I just had to express my excitement!!! MY S.O HAS GOT INTO PEEING!!! I am so excited it feels amazing to know that he knows all about me now - currently sending him all of my amazing peeing videos for him to enjoy ;)
  13. we need more sexy girls on here like you.