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  1. If you go into a big store, like ikea or home depo or something like that, you might be able to find a corner of the store that’s hidden with the racks. IKEA has a lot of carpet, so you might end up going on something someone will buy
  2. So I chugged a bottle of water and have been drinking it steady all day. I’m about to go to bed, and I’m planning on holding until tomorrow afternoon.😈 I have free rain to piss anywhere in my studio apartment without consequence. Where should I go?? Where would you go? **I look forward to getting horny reading your response. 23M
  3. I want to start this topic so I can post and write about my naughty pees I’ve had recently, I hope everyone enjoys 🙂 Yesterday we had Pizza Hut for dinner. Like always I excuse myself to the bathroom. I pulled my cock out and aimed it at the wall. I let pressure build up and blasted pee up the wall. Then I pissed on the mirror too. I put my cock away and sat back down to eat The night before we stopped at 7/11 around 10:30pm. I went to the men’s room to relieve myself. Somebody had shit in the urinal! This time I had to pee a LOT. I got my cock out and started in one corner,
  4. This story is complete made up, the names and events are not real. Enjoy! If you like it, please let me know! Hello! My name is Mark, I’m a lawyer. I’m about 6’ and have an athletic build. My wife’s name is Shannon. She’s about 5’6 brown hair, athletic build, with gorgeous medium size tits. And we have 2 daughters, Mikayla and Emily. Milayla is 19, blond hair, small breasts, and a bubble butt. Emily has a little bit thicker thighs and a big ass with the most beautiful breasts I’ve seen. We are an open family, we like to be naked when at home. And I allow everybody to pee where ever
  5. Story contains piss marking, trashing, nonchalant peeing, and more! This is my first store I’ve wrote, let me know what you think!! I was out of state on vacation, by myself! I was so excited to go by myself so I can really get naughty with me peeing. It was nearing dinner time when I saw this big light up sign “Adult Wet Restaurant!” I turned around and pulled in the lot. The small words under it said “must be 18+ to enter. The wetter the better!” I got out of my car and headed to the door, on the door has stickers of women and men pissing! I wondered if I was able to get one for my
  6. I never had people visit, and they never did inspections. I kept candles going and stayed hydrated so the smell was at a minimum
  7. I went on my old xbox I didn’t play. Somebody gave me this junk guitar that couldn’t be fixed anymore, so I went on that a couple times
  8. When I moved into the apartment the carpet was already stained, so I didn’t care about stains. Plus, my landlords turned out to be a fuckin asshole. There was carpet everywhere! Carpet coming up the stairs, in the bedrooms, rugs in the kitchen, closets, etc. when watching tv I would arch it over the arm of the chair and onto the floor. I would shit on the toilet and aim my piss onto the carpet. I would piss up the walls when I was horny. Sometimes I would blast piss down the stairs and hit the door. I loved to be naked, so I would just piss when I needed to, and I didn’t care what I pissed in
  9. When I lived in this apartment I never pissed in the toilet. I lived there for 2 years! I would walk out of my bedroom in the middle of the night and just let pee spray from my cock all over the living room. I would go whenever I wanted. If you want to hear more stories, let me know!
  10. Did anybody here grow up in an open pee family? Were you aloud to pee in the living room or on your bedroom carpet? I love those kinds of stories
  11. Hello everyone! This is my first ever post on here! I don’t know how to go about this or if you can message people on here. but I’m looking for anybody, mainly women, to send my naughty piss marking and videos. To explore the link more thank you!!!
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