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    Arizona, United States
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    I'm into dirty, naughty peeing all over the house: beds, carpets, and furniture. I've pissed onto my carpet in every house and apartment I've lived in. I also pee onto my unprotected mattress. I like to see piss stains, and I like the smell. Unfortunately, I live with a partner who is not into pee, so I can only really indulge when she's traveling away from home, and I have to clean so she doesn't smell it. If I lived alone, my house would always smell like piss.

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    Naughty pissing on carpets, furniture, unprotected beds, and cloth diapers. I like to rewet over and over and build up piss stains.
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    Wife was away, and for a week straight I never used the toilet to pee. Instead, I rewet my mattress, underwear, cloth diaper, and computer chair multiple times every day until everything was covered in multiple overlapping yellow piss stains. The smell was incredible. I humped my mattress while burying my face into my wet piss stains, breathing in the smell, licking and sucking at my wet pissy mattress, fucking my mattress, until I had one of the biggest orgasms of my life, cumming onto my mattress. It felt so good that I did the same thing nearly every day after, trying to get that intense orgasm again.

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  1. Getting the bed dry quickly enough is important. I live in a warm, dry climate (Arizona), so I can get away with pissing in my unprotected bed. It dries within hours with a fan, so I can pee on it all day as long as I don't soak it too much in one spot. And it's dry by the time I go to bed. But when my wife is not home, I don't want to waste any pee, so even my bedtime pee goes on my mattress. I can't sleep on a wet bed, so I'll sleep on the couch or in her bed. And if I have to pee during the night, I'll pee on my own unprotected bed again. I don't even turn on the light to see where I'm
  2. I like peeing in my own house the best, on my unprotected mattress, and on my carpets in the past (I don't have carpets anymore, sadly).
  3. Yes, please try it! Even if you don't clean it up, a little pee will not smell, or if it does, the smell gradually disappears after a few weeks. But the feeling of pissing on the carpet is such a rush. Every time I'm alone with carpet, I have to pee on it, like when I'm staying at hotels. I can't resist. I like walking around the room naked from the waste down, desperate to pee, and letting it squirt out here and there all over the place. Sometimes I wish I lived alone so I could pee all over.
  4. I think you're right. It's exciting because it's extreme behavior. I think if we do it all the time, it becomes normal and the excitement wears off, and we'd have to engage in more and more extreme behavior to get the same excitement. Like drugs. That has happened to me over time. I need to give it a rest sometimes to reset my brain.
  5. I listened to a podcast once about the "arousal template" (what sexually excites us), and the experts said some of it is genetic, some is how we were raised and what we were exposed to. But it's largely not in our control. I remember getting sexually aroused by peeing at an early age. But it wasn't something anybody had exposed me to, that I'm aware. It seemed to be just ingrained in me. So maybe genetic.
  6. Maybe polyamory is a solution to this. It is becoming more popular, at least among young people. For those who can do it, if your partner isn't into pee, you can stay committed to that partner while looking for another partner who is. Some people feel that they can be committed to more than one person. I feel that way.
  7. Thank you! I haven't seen these. I also love watching desperate guys try to hold back, but end up squirting and losing control. I do that myself. It's especially hot when he's on the carpet and not trying to protect it.
  8. I agree with this. I think tolerance and acceptance is the right stance towards this type of exploration. I think shaming kids is terrible. If they want to do it and they like it, then there's no big harm, at least in my world.
  9. Very good point! This is private and very personal and intimate. You know how vulnerable we are just sharing this with an adult sexual partner. Acceptance of ourselves and of our children is not the same as pushing our fetishes on others. We don't want to negatively impact or hurt anyone, especially those powerless to protect themselves. I think using children in any way to indulge our fetish is crossing the line.
  10. Thank you! I think what excites me about these types of videos is the "hands-free" nature -- not directing the piss but just allowing it to fly out and land wherever. I like seeing a small, desperate penis spraying pee everywhere vs a long hanging penis that just lands at the guy's feet. Yes, please share more!
  11. I totally understand those who don't want to ruin a mattress or replace one often. Peeing on an unprotected bed and making the habit sustainable is a special kink that requires a little experience or special circumstances. None of us wants mold growing in our beds or foul smells. I have been "sustainably" pissing on my mattresses for a couple years now in a way that my partner can't detect after I've "cleaned up." I found a way to do it that doesn't permanently ruin the mattress. The downside is that it requires a little restraint. I try not to soak any one area too much. I also live in a
  12. I didn't grow up in this kind of family, but I've read a few stories written by parents who claim to let their kids pee wherever they wanted. If I were lucky enough to have a pissy girl as my partner, if she's anything like me, we would end up pissing all over our house and never cleaning it up. We would never use the toilet to pee. Piss stains would be everywhere. If we had kids, I'd tell them that the toilet is only necessary for #2, that peeing on the floor is okay, if they want. Our house rules would be: Okay to pee on the carpets, walls, closets, couches, and beds. But no peeing on e
  13. @Tman27 You know it! I love the smell of my piss stains. Rewetting, drying, rewetting again, over and over, until the room has a wonderful pee aroma and my bed is covered in overlapping pee stains. The smell turns me on, and the more I pee, the more the smell, the more I'm turned on by it. I'm not even going to cum for two days. I'm so horny, but I'm going to hold back to enjoy this state longer.
  14. My wife just left to visit family in another state, so I have 4 days to myself. My bed will not be protected and I will not be using the toilet to pee. Instead, I plan to pee only on my unprotected mattress and into my cloth diaper. I won't destroy the bed, because it is my only bed, but I will spread my piss all over the bare mattress for the next few days, without worrying about hiding the smell or stains from her. I got a head start last night, peeing all over myself and the bed while she was at a party. And this morning I held until I was desperate, then released my yellow piss o
  15. I love all genders, races and body types when it comes to naughty pissing. I don't care; it turns me on. This guy's videos were posted a couple years ago, but new to me. He appears to be unafraid of getting naked at work and pissing repeatedly on his office carpet. Very hot to me. He's got other videos too. https://xhamster.com/videos/under-my-desk-xhWhUw5 https://xhamster.com/videos/pissing-at-my-desk-at-work-xhuZfWs https://xhamster.com/videos/pissing-at-work-xhSJJ0Q
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