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  1. Yes. I like to gradually get desperate to pee while not wearing any pants or underwear. I like to sit at my desk, while working or looking at porn, while getting more and more desperate. Eventually, I struggle to hold it and some leaks out onto the chair or floor. I then get up and walk around, bottomless, trying to hold it. I'll start masturbating too while trying to hold it. I also like to play naughty games with myself, for example, by pulling back the sheets on my bed and hovering over my bare mattress while desperately trying not to piss on it. I know I cannot just pee on my bare mattress, but I know I really want to. A little bit will sometimes leak out. Sometimes I get carried away and piss a short amount onto my mattress. Sometimes I hump my bare mattress. Other times I allow myself to get so desperate that I can't help dribbling and pissing on the floor. Then I have to clean it up. But so what? I walk around the house dribbling pee uncontrollably here and there. I fantasize about pissing all over my house, on the carpet, couches, beds, walls.

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