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  1. I uploaded some of my recent bed pissing videos. https://www.erome.com/a/TTqLtSaa
  2. This is my third piss of the day (yesterday) onto my already stained mattress.
  3. This is from yesterday, after the stains have started to dry.
  4. This is my second pee of the day yesterday, on my bare mattress, no protection.
  5. This is from yesterday morning. I woke up, removed the blankets and sheets from my mattress, and released my morning pee all over the bare mattress.
  6. Here's one from several months ago. I started to pee on my bare mattress with no protection on it. More to come...
  7. I will divorce my wife to be with you. You can pee wherever you want.
  8. I certainly do want to know more. I want to see pictures of your stained carpet! Where else do you pee in your apartment? Furniture, bed? How do you do it, naked? Nonchalant, hands-free? Big puddles or dribbles all over the place? Personally, I think peeing all over as much as possible is the naughtiest because it's impossible to clean. A puddle is relatively easy to clean.
  9. Very good! I love to see another guy walk around naked and hands-free piss on the carpet. I hope you leave it to dry and don't bother cleaning it up.
  10. Love the piss directly on the unprotected mattress! That's so hot.
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