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  1. I’ve enjoyed rewetting a pair of boxer briefs for an entire week while wife was away. I work from home. I put a layer of white towels over my office chair, then sat on top in my boxer briefs. While working, when the need to pee arose, I just let it out to soak my underwear and towels. After several days of this, everything smelled really strong of piss, and the stains on my underwear were multi-layered and getting crusty. The more it smelled, the more it turned me on.
  2. Hot! I love when I get so horny that I have to pee on something. I do what you described to my bed. I wait until I’m really desperate, then I climb into bed naked or stand over my bed. Unprotected bare mattress. Then I try not to pee on my bare mattress. But I get so desperate that eventually it dribbles and squirts out, uncontrollably, and although I’m trying to hold back, it’s so naughty and horny knowing that I’m allowing myself to piss on my bed. I’m trying to hold back, so I don’t soak my mattress, but at the same time I’m desperately dribbling and squirting yellow piss all over it, and I
  3. I’m not large either, and I’ve had over twenty years of a very active and happy sex life. Not many women can cum with straight sex, but my first girlfriend came multiple times on my dick in any position, and she was a large woman (much taller than me). My current wife cannot cum without manual clitoral stimulation. Anyway, point is, size is not as important as other factors. If you really want to please a woman, lick her.
  4. On my own stuff, or in commercial properties (hotels) that are cleaned and maintained by professionals that have the money and equipment. Not on others' personal property (airbnbs, friends' houses).
  5. It also turns me on to soak it in one spot. Sometimes I'll lay on it, face down, bladder full of yellow pee, and just let go. As the seconds go by, and the mattress under my dick is getting wetter and wetter, I think to myself, should I stop? If the mattress gets too wet in that one spot, with my dick pushing into the mattress, there's a chance the urine could soak really deep into it and ruin it. So it's a thrill to keep pissing knowing that I could be ruining my bed, but it feels so good, and it's such a rush, to just keep peeing into my mattress. And when I finally stop, that one big wet sp
  6. I lost control of myself and started peeing on my mattress again a couple days ago. I really hadn't intended to, but once it started, there's no stopping now for several days. I haven't used the toilet since three days ago. I've only peed on a white t-shirt and my mattress. I've tried to use the white t-shirt to soak up most of it, so my mattress doesn't get completely ruined. But as you'll see, the yellow piss stains have spread all over my mattress. The pee soaks through the already piss-stained t-shirt into my mattress. There's no protection on this bed, and I have to sleep in it each
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