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    Arizona, United States
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    I'm into dirty, naughty peeing all over the house: beds, carpets, and furniture. I've pissed onto my carpet in every house and apartment I've lived in. I also pee onto my unprotected mattress. I like to see piss stains, and I like the smell. Unfortunately, I live with a partner who is not into pee, so I can only really indulge when she's traveling away from home, and I have to clean so she doesn't smell it. If I lived alone, my house would always smell like piss.

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    Naughty pissing on carpets, furniture, unprotected beds, and cloth diapers. I like to rewet over and over and build up piss stains.
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    Wife was away, and for a week straight I never used the toilet to pee. Instead, I rewet my mattress, underwear, cloth diaper, and computer chair multiple times every day until everything was covered in multiple overlapping yellow piss stains. The smell was incredible. I humped my mattress while burying my face into my wet piss stains, breathing in the smell, licking and sucking at my wet pissy mattress, fucking my mattress, until I had one of the biggest orgasms of my life, cumming onto my mattress. It felt so good that I did the same thing nearly every day after, trying to get that intense orgasm again.

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  1. No, just me. My wife hates it, so I can't let the smell get too strong. She never goes back there anyway. But when she travels and I'm alone, I'm able to let the smell build up more, and I love it.
  2. I'm "in the mood" several times a week, so I guess I'll be pissing in there pretty often!
  3. I left another mess last night. I had turned off the lights, sat in the dark jerking my dick while pissing into the air and letting it fall back down on the carpet. For some reason pissing in the dark really turns me on, I guess because I can hear it but can't see exactly where it's landing. This was the result.
  4. Nobody should need to stop having sex to get their boners back. Sex is totally natural. And I agree with @GenericUsername NoFap is not scientific, and be very skeptical of the wacky claims those guys make. 😀
  5. The past couple days I've pissed my full bladder several times all over my walk-in closet on the carpet. I can't seem to help myself. When I get desperate, I get an urge to release it on the carpet. These photos are from yesterday. I didn't even bother cleaning anything up, just left it to dry on its own. Just now I went in there with the lights off, in total darkness, with no pants on, and let it fly hands-free while walking slowly around so the piss landed all over the place. The piss smell is obvious, but that just turns me on even more to keep doing it.
  6. It's nice your partner is on board and you have your own place to pee where you want. There are days where I don't use the toilet at all and instead piss on my carpets in my bedroom and closet or on my unprotected bed.
  7. I have always fantasized about my ideal pee partner. Unfortunately my wife doesn't share this fetish, and I probably got married too young before I knew what I really wanted in a partner. And meeting someone like me seems unlikely. Anyway, my ideal partner would have a dirty naughty pee fetish like me and be into pissing all over our carpets, beds, walls and furniture, without any intention of cleaning it up. She'd have to be into piss smells and stains like me. She'd piss around the house nonchalantly and never use the toilet to pee. Since I own my home outright, and everything is ultimately
  8. That's a good point. I have concrete under my carpets, since houses where I live are built on concrete slabs instead of basements. Obviously nothing will hurt the concrete, and I can always replace the carpet easily.
  9. I pee in my bedroom and I'm pretty good at hiding it from my wife, though she knows I like to pee. I piss on my carpet all the time, but I can't allow a piss smell to develop, because she hates it. So to hide it, I discovered that spraying my markings with vinegar eliminates any piss odors from developing. The vinegar breaks down urine, and when the vinegar evaporates, only a very mild vinegar smell remains which goes away within days. If you like to pee on carpets, start with hidden spots: under the bed, behind furniture. And then soak it up and rub some white vinegar on your pee spot.
  10. Sounds like good advice. Every day is very frequent. Sometimes I need a week to recharge.
  11. I feel your concern, the same has happened to me. There is something called porn-induced erectile dysfunction, and I think it's affected me. Although it's not agreed upon by all professionals, and there haven't been many quality studies on it, there's is evidence that the epidemic of porn consumption in the modern age has led to widespread erectile dysfunction among young people. Before the Internet, erectile dysfunction among young people was rare. I'm a science guy and I'd like to see more research on it. But you'll find a lot of opinions and anecdotes on YouTube. I decided to test it o
  12. My favorite spot too! I've been peeing on the carpet a lot lately.
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