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  1. I'm peeing on my mattress this week while wife is traveling
  2. That is so hot. I'd be tempted to bury my face in that mattress and hump it until I cum on it.
  3. Wow that is exciting. How many days have you been pissing into that mattress now? I bet it smells great! Keep going!
  4. Here's a couple newer ones. I love the smell in my bedroom after peeing on my mattress for several days.
  5. Loved the videos, keep up the great work! I’d love to see your stained mattress too
  6. Yes, those were new stains after the first washing
  7. I've been pissing on my bed too lately. I started pissing on the unprotected mattress, because it was so exciting. I would pee a little, then wipe it up with a wash cloth as best I could. Then I stopped wiping it up and left it to dry. My mattress started to show stains. Then one day I just pissed all over the mattress and got it really wet. I was so horny, I humped my wet bed while burying my face in the pee smell, which had built up for about three or four days. Then I came on my mattress. I took the cover off, put it through the washing machine, and used an enzyme cleaner on my mattress. Am
  8. Very effective. No smell at all remaining.
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