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    I've always felt arousal at the shock of someone or myself urinating inappropriately, it took me until my teens to identify the urge though.

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    Peeing out of spite, territory marking, peeing to humiliate, being so scared that I wet myself, being a men's urinal, nonchalantly peeing
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    Better to just chat than give away the best bits!

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  1. The men here who specifically prefer to pee on women only, what goes through your mind as you do it? Is it a large part marking your territory? An act of love? You enjoy the sight of your piss (and or other men's pee) landing on a woman? Is there a specific spot you like to target? I would like to know for research purposes and in as much detail as you can provide please and thank you 🙂
  2. What would you have said if you'd been caught? Or would you just pretend you hadn't done it?
  3. I've always been curious if you are or were a tradesman, working inside people's homes would you piss inside their home? I've always really enjoyed the thought of having a plumber come do some work and while he tells me what the issues are, he unzips and starts pissing into my kitchen sink, almost daring me to say something. Or maybe a carpenter comes in and every so often takes a break and finds a spot to relieve himself in my home, the corner of a room or the back of the couch etc. Have you ever had the urge to mark in someone else's home? To leave your scent and marking wherever
  4. I'd love to go on a first date with a guy and have him grab my drink and use it to piss in, then handing it back to me nonchalantly. So romantic ❤️💕
  5. Was it in a city? Just off of a house? What motivated you to do it? Were you hoping to spray someone below?
  6. I thought it'd be fun to hold until someone on the forum gives me permission to go. Leave it up to a complete stranger to give me relief. So a little help pretty please? 🙂
  7. You have a well in your basement? Is that the family drinking water?
  8. I like the idea of reaching that level that early humans did that they would just pee wherever they stood when the urge came (unless of course they were in their nest) maybe you could get to that level one day
  9. Exactly what I was thinking, I love a man that pisses when he needs and ensures he is the dominant force in the room. I bet you would've joined him if he started pissing first.
  10. A lesbian with a very young anime girl pfp? Can't say I've met that type of lesbian/bi woman before
  11. Well you know what to do next time you see sheets drying on the line!
  12. You're absolutely right, all men contribute to leave their scent. Most men don't let their primal instincts take over, if they did, I'm sure we would be witness to a lot more openly peeing in public
  13. We really should be so grateful to hobo's releasing wherever they please, christening any new buildings with their streams, always nice to see beers put to work.
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