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    I've always felt arousal at the shock of someone or myself urinating inappropriately, it took me until my teens to identify the urge though.

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    Peeing out of spite, territory marking, peeing to humiliate, being so scared that I wet myself, being a men's urinal, nonchalantly peeing
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    Better to just chat than give away the best bits!

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  1. Its always easier for boys, I hate to walk about with an 'appendage' to help me though. Luckily the more rural you are, the more freely you can pee.
  2. Are there any males here that actively piss on/in places to mark it? Maybe you pee against your car tire every morning before going into work? Do you use it to control or dominate someone, maybe unknowingly spraying a bit of piss on another person's bag or something. Or maybe just fantasize about it?
  3. I think its less suited to a nudist resort but more of a hippie commune. Resort implies a vacation, springing into a brief time of being without normal consequences. I think its more suited to a warm environment with lots of open space per human population, a commune large enough to comfortably accommodate urine output from the population.
  4. But a great deterrent for nearby predators, might be an okay security system to piss around the cave you live in.
  5. I've always been curious and had a fascination with peeing, being naked and doing both publicly and openly wherever and whenever. Whatever sort of desire this stems from who can say but its always made me curious and eager to try both and see its application in society. Imagine being able to go out to the mall shopping with some friends, completely nude, no shoes, no underwear and then service haha. On top of that being able to squat down on the floor and make a little puddle on the cheap carpet or cool stone? Incredible. Imagine bringing home your boyfriend to meet your parents, hes a
  6. Releasing your torrent on nature? Another of man's triumphs over mother nature 😘 Not pictured: two women trying to have a nice picnic 😂🤣
  7. Sometimes I have the overwhelming urge to pee right around the corner from two people having a conversation. The knowledge that I could be caught or even heard at any moment is very appealing to me. I'd probably pull up my skirt and stand as close to the wall, spreading my cunt so my stream didn't make as much noise, just a quiet hiss.
  8. Drinking seems to be the great uniter for people to piss publicly for those of us from societies that are squirmish about public urination. It's too bad that we have to drink just to pee outside where it can't hurt anything. We really should be more accepting and appreciative of men that urinate outdoors when they could easily do so inside while intoxicated. I personally find it quite a turn on to witness a male mark his territory or just urinating outside but thats just me.
  9. Welcome to peefans, hope it provides you with what you're looking for Are you recently married?
  10. I knew the people on peefans would be able to find it for me. I would'nt have guessed that the author would be on here! What incredible luck! Thank you for writing it, time to reread an old classic.
  11. Watering the crops for the farmers! Very thoughtful, especially on earth day!
  12. Hey folks, Not sure if this is the thread for it but if there are any big literotica surfers out there then I've been looking for this story I read when I was in my teens. Heres what I recall: It revolved around this fantasy queen on the day of her coronation. It was her right as royalty to pee wherever she pleased, I believe it was taboo for anyone else to urinate publicly but when she did it it was a great honor. She was preparing to pee on an ancient tree to annoint her power Unfortunately thats all I remember, and I may not remember it correctly but if
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