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    I’m bi but in hetero relationship
    I love desperate girls

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    public peeing and desperation wetting
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    I have quite of few public pee stories

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  1. Hey, there’s clearly a lot of dudes on the site but I’d love to connect w the girls who are into women. I’m turned on only by desperate girls. Sometimes this fetish makes me feel lonely would love to connect with girls who are into the same.
  2. Hey guys I’m new.. this is my hottest public peeing experience I had always fantasized about pissing in the changing room at Target. One day, when I had the day off from work, I smoked some weed and got a venti Starbucks iced tea. I was in Ross (next door to Target) when I realized I had to go, and was instantly turned on. I made my way over to Target, completely overcome with excitement. I eagerly picked out a couple clothing items and locked myself in the last open fitting room. Hearing people all around me made it even hotter and I was so desperate. My plan was to leak on some of the
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