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    I am italian

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    Naughty peeing mainly, then wetting and golden shower
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    For a whole day that I was alone, I peed all over everything in home... Then I cleaned up all :)

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  1. Washing machine, dish washer, laundry basket...
  2. Welcome! I well know how do you feel... As you, I am married with a woman who is not into pee so I secretly play with pee on my own and she does not know that I really love peeing in naughty places.
  3. Yes it is exactly what I did mean... Anyway, thank you! It's a pleasure to share with you all my experiences!
  4. Yes! I can't wait to return there and pee again... I love pee there. Unfortunately I have nobody with whom share this...
  5. Today while I had a walk I noticed an abandoned building. My fantasy suggest me to go inside and pee all over the floor.. So I did it! I found also some old chairs and I did pee also all over one of these chairs. It was so hot! I really love peeing in abandoned buildings
  6. Welcome Sarah! Enjoy the forum and feel free to chat with us! We love it!
  7. I play guitar, piano and bass. I love music as well as I love peeing 🙂
  8. The other day I tried to pee through my underwear keeping my dick thight to it. I had a huge pee but the wet patch was very small so I didn't need to change my underwear.
  9. I did it! You can find my pics on men section. It is so naughty and then all is cleaned.
  10. I always look for an alternative place to go. Mainly I will pee in the sink or in the shower if there is not chance to have a naughty pee.
  11. Today I did pee into the dishwasher. It was so hot and I will do it again next time I will be alone at home
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