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  1. I was thinking about the same. Let's say all places are taken apart from the corner one. How would you approach? Excuse me, do you have some space for one more dick? Or just stay one step behind whip out and shout: "Don't move! Incoming stream!"...😄
  2. Hi and welcome! I think you found the best place. Enjoy your time here!
  3. If such place would exist, I think a lot of us would organize a trip there as a holiday or even moving there. 😆 As an "accepted" public pissing place, I could add Germany. At some rest stations along the Autobahn there are no facilities, so everybody is just using mother nature and it is considered quite normal for both sexes.
  4. What is going through your mind as you piss in naughty places? (hotel, elevator, room, carpet). And also, how come you do not speak /moan in your videos? The 2 questions are sometimes a bit connected to each other. In a naughty pissing situation like a park, staircase, parking garages, public places etc. I remain silent to hear if anybody is coming. In one hand I am thinking about avoiding getting caught, but on the other hand also thinking about things like "what to hit next" or "Oh...Jesus... It's more than I thought it will be...". A hotel room pissing is more relaxed, becau
  5. It would be such a beautiful world, you just painted us. Most of it wouldn't even be destructive or anything, just would require the people / society to be more opened. I think though you would need to pee a few times to soak through our carpet😄
  6. Aiming for F13 could end up being really painful...😄
  7. I have just finished my lunch this moment (tortellini😋) and I felt too lazy to go out to the toilet, so I rinsed the plate instead. It's better now.😁
  8. Last time for example I was staying in a hotel. I thought I might want to pee just before falling asleep but I felt it won't be a lot. For this amount I don't want to get out of bed. In this bedroom the 2 single sized beds were pushed together in the middle of the room. Since I always sleep naked I just had to turn on my front, push my dick between the 2 matrasses (not to wet the surface where I sleep) and let it go. As I suspected, I was pissing for about 5-10 seconds. I was quite hydrated so it dryed up by the next morning and no stains left behind. It felt relieving and naughty without any
  9. I think, I would join the carpet and empty / abandoned building pissers group. But I like the above mentioned public toilet scene as well. Last time it was a rarely used public toilet of a Parkhouse. I went to the urinals, took my dick out, turned 180° and pressure washed the whole place from left to right. Shaked off and left. It felt good because I was bursting.
  10. Women like this are a gift. I could get used to it living like this. Whenever the need arises, I can just drench her, AND she is happy with it. Dream life... https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5fc7d18e4524d
  11. Living room: from / on the sofa while everybody is just chilling, chatting and just pissing nonchalantly wherever they feel it, like if it's the most natural thing to do Bedroom: standing at the door, pulling out my dick and power spraying the whole room (carpet, bed whatever gets hit)
  12. Today morning I had to help out the dishwasher with some prewash.
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