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    I am a fun lover who enjoys changing the world, being in nature and making new friends. I'd love to get to chat and share stories and make friends

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    watching pee flow golden showers peeing in the woods and diapers
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    not had any turn experiances just fantasties

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  1. Welcome I hope you are enjoying your time in this great community! I totally agree with you that it is amazing seeing a woman pee standing. Feel free to explore other aspects of your fetish though since this is a open space for all who come seeking knowledge about what turns them on. Hint it's pee
  2. Same I would but I live at college and people would surely smell that stale piss even if I tried to hide it
  3. I love this story! The way you discribed Molly's brothers reactions was amazing. I'm really excited for your next entry. Is Molly more interested in peeing her pants or other styles?
  4. That was an amaing story to hear Sophie. It's almost as if you wanted us to feel your emotions throughout the experiance. You are so lcuky you have Mark supporting you in your fetish and helping you experiment. Can you do another adventure like that together soon.
  5. @HammerheadPilot let the world be your toliet!! I hope you enjoyed it it seems like you did. I'm so excited to see what get's a special treatment from you in the future
  6. Welcome @honeylemon I hope you are enjoying your time here. Have you ever peed in your pants?
  7. I know earlier oyu said that you would let a guy watc hyou pee. Have any taken up that offer? What happened if so
  8. https://www.erome.com/a/qL2hLEIm
  9. Hey everyone so after a weekend of being away and incapable of having fun I decided to change things up a little bit tonight make it a little interesting.
  10. I love peeing in the shower it all goes down the drain anyways so what's the fuss?!
  11. Hy @Pissygal00 hi welcome I'd love to shat and see if we could become friends.
  12. So it's been a long day and I finally decided to take the next step in my journey. I tried earlier this week and suceded but tonight was the real deal. After drinking a hot cholclate and a bottle of water I decided to see how long I would last. After a few hours of waiting I started hoping on both legs until I felt that I couldn't hold it in any longer. Lucky me I had to take a shower so I went into the shower and decided I was ready to try this. So after a long sigh it started and I felt something warm and wet flowing down my legs. I'm so glad that I took this oppertunity but I don't kno
  13. Hi @ShyPissSlut Welcome ot pee fans community. I'm glad you decided to join. Feel free to message me if you want
  14. Amazing I'm so glad you got to enjoy your relief and without anyone knowing about it. Sweet bliss!
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