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    I am a fun lover who enjoys changing the world, being in nature and making new friends. I'd love to get to chat and share stories and make friends

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    watching pee flow golden showers peeing in the woods and diapers
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  1. while i don't know that area too well maybe a good idea for you to get a shewee or a measuring cup just in case you can't stop along the road for a few hours @Hayley Bauer
  2. Congrats that's very exciting are you going to wet yourself anywhere special like outside or in your place?
  3. @pissflavoredmochi welcome to peefans! It's good to see that you feeling more confident to post. Hopefully the first of many
  4. don't let it out yet hold it for another hour Kylie
  5. you definately will make sure you keep drinking
  6. maybe you should measure it. Do you have a measuring cup nearby?
  7. Fair I hope you can do an interesting one though
  8. Wo wow you got a big bladder bluge! I wonder where you want to go?
  9. probobly 4 out of 10. where are you now?
  10. wow @Hayley Bauer another great experience congrats!
  11. Welcome to peefans @anon22222. Really hot thanks for sharing
  12. Hey Sarah do you find that there is more tolerance for women peeing whenever they have to.
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