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    I am a fun lover who enjoys changing the world, being in nature and making new friends. I'd love to get to chat and share stories and make friends

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    watching pee flow golden showers peeing in the woods and diapers
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    not had any turn experiances just fantasties

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  1. Hi @Josejo welcome to this beautiful community. While I may not have your experiences I certainly enjoy wetting and am really excited to hear what experiences you have had so far and what wetting you want to do in teh future!
  2. Wow @Rosita just wow you really did it thid time. You are so brave. Thanks for sharing this experience with us. You clearly had to go badly and from what you described you were lucky in ins caught you. Did anyone comment afterwards when they noticed your puddle?
  3. Jar351


    Hi @Rosita Welcome aboard this beautiful community. I hope you can get some ideas about where to do more naughty pees. They are some of the most fun and you should not feel ashamed sbout doing it.
  4. Jar351

    Hi! I'm Keri

    Welcome aboard @Keri I hope you canyou brave and explore this beautiful community
  5. So hot @ProfessionalPisser . One suggestion is do under your bed or you could find a cup. Maybe before you do your laundry give it a nice soaking.
  6. Like many others on here I would love an in-person pee friend bit mostly it's been on here and kik messenger. Kind of jealous of everyone who has had a meaningful per friend so far but it will happen one day.
  7. @Audrey81 if you could go back in time pee anywhere naughty where would it be?
  8. Any thoughts sbout where? Maybe if after hours you can go in the sink. Do you remember how much you drank ahead of that pee?
  9. Wow it takes bravery for us to be who we truly are and I'm so happy you took that step for yourself. Are you going to do others like it @Rosita?
  10. Wow such an amazing story @sweet_release so excited so see future stories come to life
  11. Welcome aboard @AliceAlfresco
  12. Any chancecan get I will it's so fun and rebellious!
  13. Hi Valerie. I hope you can feel comfortable sharing stories and asking questions about this fetish we all share on here.
  14. Probably when I got my black belt 7 years ago. Do far thst is what I am personally most proud of
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