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    I am a fun lover who enjoys changing the world, being in nature and making new friends. I'd love to get to chat and share stories and make friends

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    watching pee flow golden showers peeing in the woods and diapers
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    not had any turn experiances just fantasties

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  1. Welcome Dakota I hope you feel comfortable with being yourself on here. This is one of the most friendly communites on the internet, and are always open for a fun discussion about pee or anything in life
  2. Welcome back Abby I hope you have enjoyed your break. I hope you continue to be a part of this amazing community. Did you enjoy your break?
  3. Glad you could join in the fun Olivia. You have stumbled across one of the most welcoming communities on the internet. I hope you are able to share more and learn mroe about your fetish
  4. Welcome Katie. I am sure you will find some good friends just feel free to ask about anything. Of course have fun and I am sure you will find more about yourself and your love of pee
  5. I have noticed many girls and women are comfortable enough with some guys to have them stand guard when peeing and make sure they are not being watched by other guys. I'd love to hear if anyone has any experience with that and what your thoughts are on the hpyscology behind it? If you have stood guard was it facing away from the girl/woman?
  6. Such a hot piss to watch. I hope you enjoyed it. Was that your first voiceover?
  7. Welcome @pissdumpsterso happy you joined. I agree with you so many of these would be sexy have. What do you want to try first?
  8. would love for oyu to do it if you like wetting
  9. Welcome it's so nice to have a fellow Massachusettan aboard this ride of fun pissy times. have you ever done any naughty outdoor pees?
  10. Welcome to peefans! I am so glad you finally took a leap and decided to sign up. Hope you find some friends on here there are so many nice people aruond
  11. Fetlife can be useful but is also full of guys who are just interested in satifying their fantasy so a mixed bag but worth trying
  12. good cute stream i like how it spreads out on your legs
  13. as a guy i never wipe unless i am outdoors and i shake off the last drop
  14. Welcome I hope you can learn move about your fetidh and find some friends
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