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    I am a fun lover who enjoys changing the world, being in nature and making new friends. I'd love to get to chat and share stories and make friends

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    watching pee flow golden showers peeing in the woods and diapers
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    not had any turn experiances just fantasties

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  1. @pop-a-squat you are so luncky ot have such a naughty girlfriend? How did you introduce her to your pee fun?
  2. If it can be anywhere I'd love ot encourage a friend to pee while out on the water kayaking! It might be interesting for the dock crew plus you can claim that something in the water caused it. Could work otherwise I;d ask people who are having a 4th of july party
  3. OMG another amazing shot @pop-a-squat! You clearly hae this naughty peeing thing down to a science! Would you ever do it standing up completely without bending your knees?
  4. I am big into running but since COVId started like @Sophie I backed off after a failed attempted marathon. I can't wait to start back up again but I also work actively on my feet since I'm at a bagel shop. @Sophie what is your favorite running distance?
  5. Hi Iive been on the site for almost 6 months and I have not gotten the courage till now to do this but hi. My name is Jared and I am from the New England area of the US. I love wetting, desperation and peeing in naughty places. I am slowly getting into wetting and peeing on long runs. I would love to chat with anyone and explore this fetish that has been going on for a while. Feel free to message me!😆
  6. No it's hard to connect around something so intimate
  7. Not bad clearly you really needed to go! Next time can you try to do it against a wall or something crazy? @DoeHaze
  8. the real question is what would happen if you peed on the third rail? Would you be electricuted through the stream or not?
  9. Damn I already let it out almost an hour ago. Here it is if you want to see it https://www.erome.com/a/MgtErWi9
  10. So it has been several hours since my last pee. I had class and I decided to go beforehand. Afterwards I drank a hot chocolate and 2 cartons of OJ. I finally decided to release it sweet bilss!! https://www.erome.com/a/MgtErWi9
  11. I wonder what you all think but I've been holding for a while today and it's been pretty soporatic but I feel like I might need to go soon. I'd love ot have any support if anyone's online!!😁
  12. @blankfuse how are you feeling? Can you hold on a little while longer
  13. So how much water have you had so far? I'm sure people would love to hear that story behind this pee afterwards if that is something you would be okay with
  14. How far do you think you are till the floodgates can't hold it @blankfuse? Do you think you could do another 800ml of water? Also are you planning on wetting your self on the bed
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