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    Lifelong pee person; enjoying the desperation and release, clothed or non-toilet places. Finding partners to share in the fun is not so easy! Very happy to have found and joined Peefans.

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    Desperation, wetting, showers, giving/recieving
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    Getting a full blast of a hot stream in my face, swallow gulpfulls of it. She let me pee on her too, just on her body, legs and tits. Best experince of the few times we enjoyed it.

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  1. What's the best way to reheat collected pee? A half gallon of pee to play with sounds sexy, but it really is not if it's gone cold. I expect I'm not the only peefan that collects or stores pee for playtime... but not cold! Someone probably has a good idea of the best way to reheat, Stovetop, dedicated kettle, microwave... what reheats well without changing the golden goodness?
  2. Styx


    Welcome Max, I'm sure you'll find friends here!!
  3. Thinking on it... I'm amazed at the number of phone numbers that I haven't called in many decades I can still remember! And how much I love cream eggs.
  4. Great thread! Luckily, I've never had guilt or shame about my love of pee fun. I do feel the lonleyness of disconnection and sting of rejection not sharing it with close people. That's where a community like Peefans comes in. I hate to think what it would be like to live with shame for something that comes natural and is just a part of who you are... HUGS to anyone that does.
  5. Welcome! It's a great place for sharing and exploring, many fun people.
  6. Thanks for sharing. Mmmm, very similar to what I've been thinking of trying. Well, as I enjoy sounding, combining it with pee fun is natural. Thin/slow release to make the fun last. Where do you get your supplies, catheter, lube etc?
  7. Just having a partner for peefun is exciting. Sharing the fun of holding games, clothes wetting self/other, drinking self/other, even just side by side using separate urinals (assuming another male).
  8. Hmm, interesting poll. Peeing before is more related to the quality of the orgasm. The after, I'd just letting, enjoyably, the held pee out.
  9. Indeed! The anonymity the Internet offers has been a big benefit to men, liberating, with mainstream groups emotionally mature threads instead of as emotionally stunted apes or Homers. Hopefully the momentum carries over to society at large to change norms that emotionally imprison men, and maybe moreso, what women expect from men.
  10. A. Welcome! B. IME, having a partner that doesn't share/join is tough. Glad you seem to be happy to express yourself here.
  11. Mmm, we can dream!! 🥴💦🤪
  12. Just stopped in to check it out and it found out the site doesn't allow any proxy, VPN, Tor... so there's no anonaminity, on a fet site... so the site, or anyone can be logging you. Hard pass!
  13. Yeah, both desperation-horny, and equally fun, boner-peeing.
  14. Thinking of browsing a thrift store for ideas.
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