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  1. I thought it would be interesting to make a thread where we share weird facts about ourselves or experiences we have had. I'll go first. I first got the idea to make this thread when I saw @gldenwetgoose thread on summer clothes and was going to respond there but ended up making s thread here. My first weird confession: I am bringing very quickly in the sunlight due to my very pale skin but am also allergic to a lot of the sunscreen brands on the market and others just don't really work. One time I went hiking with a few friends and it was cloudy when we started and wasn't supposed to become sunny but it very quickly did. I decided to use my friends sunscreen because it didn't have any ingredients that I thought I would react to. When I put it on however I very quickly felt my skin rashing over and had to take a weird half shower in a sink in a kind of washroom. Also because I literally can't tan at all I'm very pale and my friends all say that I'm secretly a vampire. Thanks for reading and I hop. You all have confessions or weird experiences/facts to share below!
  2. So super long story short, my absence form the website is because I traveled somewhere on an airplane and came back yesterday Yesterday I had a 6 hour layover in the airport and because of my headache I had been drinking some fluids but not a crazy amount because I wanted to have some holding capacity in my bladder. Soon however an ice thunderstorm happened (I didn't even know those could happen) and soon my flight was delayed an hour and a half. I waited and waited while sipping on my water and when they finally started to board, I went to the bathroom so I would have as long as possible before I needed to go on the plane. I thought this would give me plenty of time before I would need to go on the plane but then there was a very long queue before take off. I was in the window seat of the exit row on the plane and was sitting next to a really nice guy and we were chatting and laughing about it but I was slowly worrying more and more about the wait. A little while later we were still in queue and I was starting to need to pee. They made it very explicitly clear that if anyone stood up during the queue line they would have to forfeit their place because they couldn't move without people in their seats which made me even more worried. As we slowly made our way forward I was feeling my need to pee rise more and more. I was wearing black jeans and a white T-shirt that was tucked into my jeans. At this point I did have my legs clamped together but I couldn't do anything too obvious because I wasn't alone so I tried to just not think about how much I needed to pee as we waited. Finally we got to the front of the queue and we were beginning to take off. I really had to pee at this point and when the force of the plane got applied to my body upon take off a small leak of pee went into my panties. Almost immediately after taking off we started to encounter major turbulence. I felt myself being thrown around the in my seat and I just tried to clench my muscles to prevent myself from peeing but the forces were too much. I felt a long spurt shoot into my panties and felt the warm fabric sticking to my slit. I still tried to clench together and hold on as hard as I could but felt another leak shoot out of my slit. Finally we broke through the cloud layer and everything was instantly calm. A huge relief washed over me and another leak escaped dampening the fabric of my jeans at my bottom. Soon the seatbelt sign turned off and I flew out of the seat like as fast as I could and walked towards the bathrooms. There were too people ahead of me in line. I felt just pushing against my bladder and was crossing my legs but still felt another leak escape. Luckily due to the dim lighting and my black jeans it wasn't visible but I still really had to pee. My bladder was feeling like it was about to explode when finally I was next in line. I just had to wait for the next person to walk out. Then I felt a shudder as the plane hit another pocket of turbulence, then another, then I final one closer than the first too. I knew that the turbulence was coming back and if I went back to my feet I was going to wet myself. As soon as the next person walked out I jumped into the bathroom and closed the door. I felt a huge lurch in the plane causing a large leak to escape. I grabbed my damp jeans and clamped down feeling a slow dribble escape. I removed my hands and started quickly undoing my jeans and pulling them down when another lurch hit the plane and a stream flowed out of my vulva and onto the floor. I quickly sat down and then release. My stream shot out against the bowl of the toilet and a loud hissing sound filled the room as my bladder began to until. Then the plane started to really hit turbulence. I felt myself being thrown around and I used the handicap rale to help keep myself on the toilet as I was peeing. As soon as I was done I wiped and washed my hands as fast as possible while being thrown around the bathroom. I was still grabbing onto the handicap rail and was being thrown about but I knew it was getting worse and I had to get back to my seat. I walked out and kind of braced myself using the corridor. Then is tarted to walk back as the plane was moving all over the place. It was jolting to the side throwing me into the seat on the side of the airplane and then back. The worst was when we dropped a huge amount of altitude in turbulence and I felt my body weight free falling through the air before slamming into the floor. I finally managed to get back to my seat group and a bump of turbulence managed to help me by throwing me into the wall. I finally buckled up and had time to see how much wetness I had attained during the flight. The inside of my thighs we're fairly wet but it still wasn't noticible so just prayed they wouldn't start smelling and started feeling the amusement park ride of the air again. Sorry for this horrible story, I'm a bit jetlagged. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed
  3. Don't worry about it sorry I'm not more confident
  4. I can definitely relate with the third girls need to pee I enjoyed the video. I definitely smiled because they looked like they were having fun and smiles are contagious
  5. I'm really sorry this is happening but it's kind of due to the result of political correctness. I think in society people are so afraid of being shamed that people who normally would be out there are beaten into normality. Im kind of really shy but I still try to often deviate from the social normality. In terms of peeing I peed outside and in places I shouldn't because I like doing things that are considered wrong sometimes. I think that people will realize how much being politically correct is affecting the human experience and while for some things it is very necessary but for self expression it shouldn't take place. Where I am in a sense that has happened. A lot of people do wear very revealing outfits and other things to go against what the social norms are but it's a very complicated issue. Sorry for rambling and I really hope things get better. If there's anything any of us can do to help, let us know
  6. I've done this occasionally and for me it's usually that my panties just get very wet. Usually I can avoid getting it on anything else but my panties usually get wet in the process. I pee like this sometimes just because it's kind of fun to pee like this but it's not practical, at least for me.
  7. I've never been a huge fan of soups. There have been a few clam chowders that I've liked but because the only time I ever really had soup in my childhood was when i was sick, it kinda ruins it for me. Stews or chillis are different because they have a high enough solid to liquid ratio and I do like chicken chili but idk
  8. My bladder is feeling really full right now xD
  9. If you have read my stories you already know this but I usually refer to a vulva by saying vulva or slit. If I refer to a penis I always just say penis. I think the Latin names are beautiful in their own way
  10. I think everyone at some point takes a break from everything. Even if you love something to your core sometimes it's nice to take a break for a little while and experience other things while your exploring. Maybe when she comes back she will have new experiences to tell and new interests that she never knew she had before
  11. Riley


    I'm going to kind of answer my own question a little more in depth. For me every vulva I see as beautiful. They are all pieces of art that some of us carry upon ourselves and use every day. The variations that we see make each vulva unique in their own special way. Some people may have a vulva that's very long while others may not and they look very different but are just as beautiful. The human body is a wonderful machine and any part of it is just as beautiful as any part. For me, this philosophy still stands for penis's. Every penis is still slightly different in its own way and has unique, beautiful attributes that make it what it is. It is part of the human body and is still just as beautiful as the face or the legs, or the chest. Each one of us is unique in our own way and we have all of our lovely traits to share with the world, but in the end, we are all human, and that brings us together no matter what gender, race, religion, or anything people are.
  12. I woke up this morning and I didn't have to pee as badly as I usually do because I woke up in the night to pee like right before I actually woke up so I decided to just not pee in the morning xD. I'm eating breakfast now and I'm really feeling it. Im still in my pajamas but my bladder is rapidly filling xD
  13. a quick google search brought up this coat hanger camera, they aren't uncommon xD https://www.brickhousesecurity.com/hidden-cameras/coat-hook/ and here's just a small camera https://www.amazon.com/Smallest-ZTour-Recorder-Detection-Security/dp/B07DCPZV62 The footage quality doesn't have to be great. In most of the videos on the internet, it's definitely not.
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