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    Hello! I'm a social introverted shy girl that likes to open up to people on the internet. I love the how to train you dragon movies and listen to a lot of depressing music. I also love to draw, play the violin and piano and mountain bike.

    If you ever want to get to know me a little better or have any questions feel free to send me a private message!

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  1. i was! i feel so much better now. I better go clean up now😅
  2. the releif feels so good. theres pee streaming down my legs. its so wet and warm, and feels so nice
  3. crap i think its all going to come out, it keeps leaking
  4. i just leaked a lot. i promise im trying my best to hold it, its just so hard
  5. another big spurt came out, my panties are kind of wet now xD
  6. i want to hold it as long as i can until it all flows ouut of me out of my control
  7. i just leaked a lot, its getting so hard to keep holding, im shaking so much now
  8. i keep leaking tiny spurts i keep trying to hold it in but a little bit keeps escaping
  9. no i still need to beat you! all i have to do is not pee, it cant be that hard 😅
  10. i just leaked again, i dont know how much longer i can keep everything in
  11. i just leaked again. Im barely holdng on
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