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  1. Oh yes thanks. I never thought about the elevator, that's a great one! Also the boat reminded me that I'd actually had that experience myself. Or was an old boat and when it was moored you weren't allowed to use the chemical toilet. My girlfriend at the time didn't dare stick her bum out over the side in case anyone saw, but that meant I got to see her trying to squat over a little tub and then throwing it overboard!
  2. I love thinking about realistic scenarios in which someone might find themselves having to pee in front of other people, specifically the opposite sex. By which I mean not for a thrill, but where events have conspired to make them just go for it despite the setting. I thought of the following and would love to hear if you had any others - - Music festival where there's huge numbers of people and inadequate facilities - Outdoors at a large public sporting or long distance running event - Out hiking, trekking with other people - Situations where people are stuck in
  3. Hi mate, great to have you join us! Let us know what you're into.
  4. I agree with most of what I've read here. Only thing is that I think it's increasingly common at least in some circumstances for women to be comfortable peeing outdoors. I do a lot of running and it's very common for the girls in the group to pop a quick squat, or go into the bushes with the guys. Agree that must women won't be specific when needing to pee, but I love it when they are. I've worked with a girl for a long while now who will often say things like "I just need to go for a wee and then we can meet", or "will just be try minutes or else I might wet myself". Coupled with th
  5. I'm inclined to agree with the lower numbers here. I've read a few articles that came out around the time of the Trump story, and they've always been in the region of 10% for men and <5% for women. I'd say this News story is fairly representative.
  6. Look out for organised distance running events and fun runs and see where they start. Typically they'll start in the big parks or common areas in London. There are generally a few portaloo, but they have queues. Absolutely everyone wants to have a wee before they start running and they're paranoid about missing the start of the race so they nip off into the bushes. Even in Hyde Park in central London I've gone for a piss in the bushes only to find sporty girls and guys peeing together. Obviously you'd look a bit sus if you're not running yourself.
  7. Hi. I read that pee is a fetish that is most often triggered by something specific, even if it's not until years later that you realise where it came from. Interested to know whether you can pinpoint a moment that set you off on this path. Here is my story which I'm sure (alongside another which I have written about previously) led to my fascination. As I said, love to hear your thoughts and your experience - My parents used to have some friends who had kids the same ages as myself and my older sister. Every few months we'd go over to their house. Our parents would g
  8. Would be amazing to be chatting in the beach while they're just casually relieving themselves.
  9. Ha ha, I like that you have a 'signature' arc of pee! Have you ever tried to do you actual signature?;
  10. Wow, now that's something I'd love to see in a locker room!
  11. Thanks for adding to this! When you say you pee in yourself wherever you are at the pool, what do you mean? Do you mean in the water or you get out to do it?
  12. One woman said she just went to the shower area to do it through her suit and then got back in the water. I thought that was a really practical suggestion. Plus I love the idea that someone next to me in the communal shower area might be peeing while showering.
  13. Through it out if the water was mentioned once or twice I think, difficult to find when the comments start rolling up. You must be more of an expert than me because I never expected that one.
  14. A little while ago I posted this question on Reddit. Thought I'd share because I really enjoyed reading through the comments and discussion. It really caught on and I love how many women wanted to describe the different ways they approach peeing in this situation. When I posted I genuinely didn't know the answer. I love this kind of thing so love to hear if you have any thoughts on this, or if you've seen similar posts. Question for women - Peeing in a one piece
  15. This is probably going back about 10 years now. In the good old days before I had so many responsibilities I was a bit of an activist and I attended some anti- austerity protests in London. I went with a group of friends that I'd met at university. For a number of reasons the protest got a bit confrontational and the police started kettling the protestors. Kettling is where they confine protestors into groups by surrounding them and not letting them move so that they can be processed easier. I got separated from our group alongside one of the girls who's name I can't actually remembe
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