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  1. This morning I was out for a jog at my local park and was feeling super desperate to piss. There was an increased number of people at the park today so I decided to use the porta potty instead of going into the forest to pee. This was also due to the fact that I was practically bursting. I recorded an audio of it right before I relieved myself. I'll include a link to it. https://jmp.sh/s/9kKS5xxBQeUQ4f0Xh2lc
  2. Wow, I really didn’t imagine that so many people would be interested but I’m glad that I got to hear everyone’s questions and give answers. All the questions that I’d been hoping for and expected were asked. Thanks for asking! 😂
  3. The last place I’ve peed was in the forest when I was jogging this morning. It wasn’t my cats, it was at a house party.
  4. Well, it really depends I guss. I haven’t experienced anything if the sort.
  5. Well yes. Usually when I’m sitting my pee stream goes down, not straight down but a little forward. When I’m squatting, my stream goes farther forward than when I’d be sitting.
  6. I’ve never been held in the air to pee.I have pissed in groups before. When my stream is particularly strong it does feel quit pleasing sometimes. I have peed onto my shoes when squatting but it doesn’t happen anymore.
  7. It was one of those paddle ducky boats. I was with my cousins and I really needed to pee. Since there is a giant hole for the paddle to skim the water, I squatted down inside the boat and just pissed into the water.
  8. It was probably when I was 16. Me and my friends would go to a convenience store after school and since the bathrooms were dirty I would piss in the stairwell of this old parking garage nearby.
  9. A few of them were out of necessity but most of them were just to have fun.
  10. Hmmm, I don’t remember the last time I specifically peed in a stairwell but I have pissed outside a couple times in the last few weeks.
  11. Well it would definitely be easier to keep myself covered while peeing 😆
  12. The last time I’ve peed in that specific stairwell was 1 or 2 years ago since I’m no longer near that school.
  13. I’ve pissed in the cats litter box once since the bathrooms were occupied.
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