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  1. I was at my local fitness club with 2 of my friends and we were at the indoor pool. There are 2 sections to the pool and we were at the smaller section. One of my friends was relaxing outside the pool on a chair and me and my other friend were swimming. At one point, I needed to pee really bad but I did not want to use the dirty pool toilets. I decided to pee in the pool but I wasn't sure if it would be visible from the outside. To make sure my pee wasn't visible, I swam over to the pool wall and pretend to talk to my friend and just chill on the side. On the side I was at, there was a water j
  2. Kinda bored so thought I’d ask a random question. I wear a nightgown when sleeping usually.
  3. Basically about the same water intake but I only pee about 4-5 times a day
  4. Hey, just curious and wanted to see if most people are alike. How much water do you usually drink per day and how many times do you pee per day?
  5. I do both but I prefer to face the trunk and water the bottom of it. When I face away i sometimes rest my back on the trunk.
  6. I always go hiking and usually piss outside at least once per hike. My most common spots are at the base of trees but sometimes I like to empty my bladder on small plants.
  7. Mostly all of it was in the toilet, small drops probably fell on the seat.
  8. Yes I know, I don’t know what happened to it and I sadly don’t have the recording anymore. 😞
  9. Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while since my last post but I’ve been busy lately. Anyway, I was at the beach a few days ago and I had the greatest piss. I was out with a few of my family at the beach and we were set up with blankets and umbrellas. It was a little busier than usual that day since it was warm out. I was wearing a black two piece swimsuit with a sarong wrapped around my waist. I drank a ton of water since it was sunny out and after about an hour I really needed to pee. I had just come back from enjoying the water and was wet. There were porta potty’s at the beach but it was qui
  10. This morning I was out for a jog at my local park and was feeling super desperate to piss. There was an increased number of people at the park today so I decided to use the porta potty instead of going into the forest to pee. This was also due to the fact that I was practically bursting. I recorded an audio of it right before I relieved myself. I'll include a link to it. https://jmp.sh/s/9kKS5xxBQeUQ4f0Xh2lc
  11. Wow, I really didn’t imagine that so many people would be interested but I’m glad that I got to hear everyone’s questions and give answers. All the questions that I’d been hoping for and expected were asked. Thanks for asking! 😂
  12. The last place I’ve peed was in the forest when I was jogging this morning. It wasn’t my cats, it was at a house party.
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