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    Northern NE, DC area, London
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    Very much interested in giving full bladder pleasure to women, using any method (oral, finger, etc.)

    Otherwise, interested in female desperation, naughty peeing, and desperate wetting.

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    desperation, naughty peeing and desperstion
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    Had sex with a woman in a park, at night. She was beyond desperate. I pulled her into a dark spot, pulled down her pants, sank to me knees and gave her oral. She had an explosive orgasm, but managed to hold in her pee. she then needed immediate release, sank into a squat, and gushed pee into the dirt, while I fingered her.

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  1. I would like to further explore when you say that when you are feeling extremely naughty, and wearing a skirt, you pee in your underwear, keep them on, and go home. What type of underwear material do you like when you do that? You say that you either walk or drive home. I get how you conceal the walk, but how do you conceal sitting in your car, with wet underwear? Thank you again for being so informative.
  2. I would never pee in a pool. I heard that urine does not combine well with clorine in the sense that it causes a nasty chemical reaction to occur. I also think it is just simply too contained and would involve innocent people. The ocean or other bodies of water are fair game. I would just go in my swim suit without pulling it aside.
  3. Welcome and I do hope you share. I also hope that you find good content here and connections.
  4. After years of reading about our fetish, the one thing that seems to emerge is that women do get turned on by the risk of being caught. In fact it transcends peeing and covers all sorts of naughty behavior, such as, otherwise vanilla sex, conducted in a place where the risk of being caught is real. The turn on probably even extends into going commando or wearing something revealing, on the risk that something taboo much might get flashed. I have experienced this with partners, as well, over the years. Sex in public does seem to to highten the erotic response. Wearing something hidden,
  5. Thank you so much for all of these posts. I just read through them all to make sure my questions were not repeats. 1. Does a full bladder make you horny? 2. Does having a full bladder enhance your sexual experience? I know you said a bursting bladder does not. The question just regards fullness.
  6. Yes, sorry, I should have clicked the link before I asked that question. I do think these videos are very erotic. However, I also know that there must be some women where those circumstances would make it impossible for them to cum. Was the assistant, under the table that good?
  7. on your third method, have you ever watched the video series of women reading while someone works on them with a vibrator? They try to read the text, which becomes inceasingly difficult. It seems to have beem a mainstream project, with many women featured. I could find the link and post it, if you would like.
  8. can you PM me the mesaage boaed as well? Thank you.
  9. I think you mean the envelop icon? In other words, the ability to message another member directly and privately? If so, I did not know that you could turn that off. I spent time trying to figure that out and could not find that ability.
  10. I too had that dream. I was lucky enough to once have had a job that allowed access and use of a GA plane. While I was not a pilot, the pilot did give me informal lessons. I always wanted to get a private pilots license, but life got in the way. Too bad covid interupted your dream. Covid did so much to disrupt. I do hope you can pursue it someday.
  11. Riley, this was a very well written story. Thank you and I do hope you share more.
  12. Having a woman being absolutely desperate and having her sit on my face as I give her my best oral, as well as finger her pee engorged pussy.
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