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  1. Giving oral to a woman who is desperate to pee and now allowing her to pee until she cums.
  2. I saw this topic on another site and it attracted a lot of interesting comments. Do you like to masturbate when you have to pee?
  3. Thank you for sharing this story. I always wonder if someone who acts like person A is trying to telegraph their interest. I would be very interested in what latter evolved regarding your relarionship
  4. I would love to find a partner who is into this. I believe full bladder sex, for woman, enhances orgasms. So, this is, definitely a related activity. While I have had partners who indulged, over the years, most are too inhibited to do this. They have no idea how much joy they are missing, for themselves and for myself.
  5. Welcome. This us definitely the place to share. I look forward to your memories, stories and other things.
  6. I have noticed a very string correlation to edging an orgasm and edging a pee. Both build tension and tension can lead to more intense orgasms. I also think that if more people were less shamed by peeing, or more precisely, the possibility of losing control, they would enjoy the affects a full bladder does have on the intensity of orgasms.
  7. I have had several experiences. First of all, I do like the video, posted above. It gives good advise as to how to properly handle a session with an escort. I recommend a couple of things. 1. Seek a professional, someone who takes the business of giving pleasure seriously. Try to verify them. There are web sites that give you information. It is for your safety and enjoyment that you do this. 2. Chose a place where escorts are legal or at least tolerated. It will go a long way to supporting the existence of those I reference in #1. High enforcement places, iro
  8. When I was in pre-school, a girl, the same age as I, would frequently play with me and another boy. I came to know, later in life, that she had a bed wetting problem, but I did not know it at the time. What did occur is that she would often, in our presence, pee in front of us. She then proceeded to encourage us to play "doctor." I would certainly say this sexualized pee activities for me. I have no idea what motivated her and often wondered about that.
  9. This is a story about pee desperation of a woman on a train, which weave in some clothing fetishes (skirts, kneesocks, panties, shoes). It is how I help her with the desperation that leads to other things. Yes, not terribly realistic, but that is what fantasies are all about. It was mid-afternoon and there were hardly any people on the commuter train out of the city. I boarded and moved to the last car. It was an older train and had many signs of wear and tear, including the sign that read “rest rooms out of order” I sat down and opened up my paper to read on the l
  10. This is a story about pee desperation of a woman and how she uses her desperation to tease and the after affects that tease then causes. I invite you to accompany me on a day when I am to make a policy speech at a meeting, and you agreed. It is an important gathering of people I wish to influence for a cause upon which I was working. I put a lot of time and effort into the preparation, and while I had done hundreds of such presentations, this one was making me anxious. So, I was quite glad that I would have a friend in the audience. We arranged to meet for breakfast, in advanc
  11. I am surprised that it is so difficult to find a like minded person with whom to share. Yes, forums like this allow us to share with like minded people, and that is a blessing. However, if you actually wish to meet someone, there really is not much out there to assist in matching. In my own experience, finding a like minded person has been both a blessing, a rarity, and not planned. It is hard to explore with the uninitiated, and the results are mixed. I have never started a relationship, much less an encounter, based on this fetish. I have sometimes, and not always, arrived at a r
  12. Is it the naughtiness of the act, or is it that your full bladder caused you to get horny? Or is it both?
  13. It just dawned on me that while I have participated, I never posted an introduction. Sorry, how thoughtless of me. I am from the Northeast US, bordering Quebec, Canada. I love watching woman who are experincing pee desperation and those who naughty pee, especially due to desperation. Wetting, as a result of desperation, is also logically connected. That said, and this is often an apparent contradiction, I do not wish them to be in pain or be embarrassed unless they wish to be. It is paramount that they have pleasure, or it is not pleasurable to me. I have a particula
  14. A belated welcome. Look forward to you sharing your desperation experiences.
  15. Welcome and I do hope you enjoy your experince here. I am especially interested in your thoughts about peeing and orgasms. I agree that both are very much linked and I share your surprise that the greater population does not seem to acknowledge the connection.
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