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  1. I saw this topic on another site and it attracted a lot of interesting comments. Do you like to masturbate when you have to pee?
  2. Thank you for sharing this story. I always wonder if someone who acts like person A is trying to telegraph their interest. I would be very interested in what latter evolved regarding your relarionship
  3. I would love to find a partner who is into this. I believe full bladder sex, for woman, enhances orgasms. So, this is, definitely a related activity. While I have had partners who indulged, over the years, most are too inhibited to do this. They have no idea how much joy they are missing, for themselves and for myself.
  4. Welcome. This us definitely the place to share. I look forward to your memories, stories and other things.
  5. I have noticed a very string correlation to edging an orgasm and edging a pee. Both build tension and tension can lead to more intense orgasms. I also think that if more people were less shamed by peeing, or more precisely, the possibility of losing control, they would enjoy the affects a full bladder does have on the intensity of orgasms.
  6. I have had several experiences. First of all, I do like the video, posted above. It gives good advise as to how to properly handle a session with an escort. I recommend a couple of things. 1. Seek a professional, someone who takes the business of giving pleasure seriously. Try to verify them. There are web sites that give you information. It is for your safety and enjoyment that you do this. 2. Chose a place where escorts are legal or at least tolerated. It will go a long way to supporting the existence of those I reference in #1. High enforcement places, ironically, create a bad environment for good providers and a good environment for unsafe or unsavory providers. 3. Follow the advice in the video above regarding communications with a provider. Be very clear what you expect. 4. Respect the provider. They are as human as you and are doing a job. Having experienced a hard time, from time to time, in finding my fetish outlets fulfilled in my relationships, I have turned to providers. It is challenging in two respects. First, as someone mentioned, you do lack that personal connection. Nothing beats being naughty, in a spontaneous manner, with a friend. Second, I like desperation and it is challenging to stage produce, through a professional, what should be spontaneous. Our interests are a spectrum and I think those who wish to be peed upon have an easier time getting satisfaction from an escort than those of us who wish to experince true desperation. That said, I have frequented Quebec where escorts do not suffer from legal enforcement. I found information about providers to be available and setting up a session to be straight forward. This lead to two different sessions with one provider who was very classy. If fact she was a professional dancer who then raised tuition money through her services. She also had a genuine interest in the bizarre sex interests of her clients, which went a long way to making me feel easy. She role played twice for me. The first session, she acted out a bathroom denial scenario, in my hotel room. The second time, we got more daring and went out and about with a another pee desperation scenario. Both were well executed. I then used another provider and the experince was a bit more seedy. It was a hotel of her choosing and it was a hotel that, apparently allowed for a lot of this business to occur on its premises. Be that as it may. She dressed as I instructed and played out the scenario. She was a good player, but not quite into it as the other provider. I had other experiences with providers in other parts of the US. Some for non-pee encounters and some were tangential, such as a usual session with an ability to watch her pee in the toilet thrown in. In the end, for what I seek, it is challenging to use an escort. Even in the best experince, it all felt, well unspontaneous as it was unspontaneous. So, ever seeking an outlet, I commissioned a video, with the actress acting out a scenario. That was vastly successful. I was able to arrange her to wear what I wanted her to wear and act out the scenario. In many ways, for what I sought, this does seem to be preferable over escorts. Seeing that I like desperation, it does lead to a more believable experince, and there is far less awkwardness and a better suspension of disbelief. However, i am also not physically there, which is a draw back. Very good topic. I hope I added good perspective.
  7. When I was in pre-school, a girl, the same age as I, would frequently play with me and another boy. I came to know, later in life, that she had a bed wetting problem, but I did not know it at the time. What did occur is that she would often, in our presence, pee in front of us. She then proceeded to encourage us to play "doctor." I would certainly say this sexualized pee activities for me. I have no idea what motivated her and often wondered about that.
  8. This is a story about pee desperation of a woman on a train, which weave in some clothing fetishes (skirts, kneesocks, panties, shoes). It is how I help her with the desperation that leads to other things. Yes, not terribly realistic, but that is what fantasies are all about. It was mid-afternoon and there were hardly any people on the commuter train out of the city. I boarded and moved to the last car. It was an older train and had many signs of wear and tear, including the sign that read “rest rooms out of order” I sat down and opened up my paper to read on the long trip home. I looked up and noticed a young woman sitting across from me. She and I were the only people in the train coach. She had on dark cable knit kneesocks, maryjane pumps, a pleated skirt, and a tight sweater, showing some cleavage. I was aroused as there was something with that outfit that made my heart race with excitement. However, I contained myself and went back to reading the paper, stealing glances now and again. She had her legs crossed and her skirt was riding up on her leg. There is something about this outfit that accentuates the female form of a woman’s legs. I could not help but to continue to look every now and again. The woman noticed my looks and smiled back, but she looked nervous and distracted. She bit her lip and furrowed her brow. She began to swing and pump her crossed leg. The train came to a stop and she looked up with a more worried look. The wait continued for several minutes and then the announcement came, “We are going to be delayed due to an electrical malfunction. We will keep you advised.” I heard her whimper. We made light talk about the delay and the possible cause. She was most anxious to know how long it would take, while she began to cross and re-cross her legs. I knew what might be happening and I could barely contain my excitement. I finally asked, “Are you ok?” She said, “No, I need to pee like I have never had before. I had a few beers with my friends at the train station, unaware that the train was about to leave. I heard it called and raced onto the train, no having had time to pee. I hoped to be able to pee on board, but the rest rooms are closed, and now this!!” I moved next to her and put my arm around her to comfort her. I told her that hopefully they would get the problem fixed soon and that we would be on our way. She said, “I am almost beyond my limit at this point, there is no way I can make it.” I told her that she needed to try so that she would not disgrace herself. I related that she was a grown woman and that she can certainly hold on. She assured me that she would try as her legs were madly pumping back and forth. I told her I would help her. She smiled weakly and thanked me. Minutes passed and I helped her with breathing exercises. It was becoming a real team exercise to keep her pee inside. After a few more minutes she sucked in some air and grabbed her crotch through her skirt. She quickly moved her hand under her skirt and squeezed the crotch of her panties. After a while she began to rub her pussy through her panties. As she did so, her panties came into view, white cotton panties that fit snug over her crotch. I noticed that she seemed to be getting aroused. I certainly was very aroused myself. I massaged her leg calf to ease her pain and tension, while at the same time enjoying the texture of her kneesocks accenting the sweet curvature of her legs. More minutes passed and she squealed, “Some came out! I just squirted into my panties!” I assured her that we would just have to take extra measures. I had her rearrange herself. I sat with my back against the window and had her arrange herself between my legs on the seat, so that the crack of her but nestled against my stiff cock. I then had her fold her legs underneath herself so that she was sitting on the heal of her shoe, pressing the heal against her pussy to hold in the pee. I took one of my hands and placed it over her panty covered crotch and squeezed and then began messaging her pussy through her panties. I rubbed up and down softly and then more firmly. I felt her clit through her now moist panties and, between strokes, started to toy with it with my fingers. She was now breathing very heavily and soon more spurts of pee came out. Even more aggressive measures needed to be taken. I swung around in front of her and onto the floor. I reached up under her skirt and pulled down her panties. “I might as well save what is left of your panties before they become too wet.” I got between her legs and opened them against her protests, as she clearly wanted to cross them. I smiled at her and said that I need to dry her very moist pussy. I moved my face up close to her pussy and gently began to blow on it. She was moaning and loudly protesting. She said she could not hold back and that she was going to piss in my face. I told her that it would not be a nice thing to do to someone who is trying to help. Just then another spurt shot out, catching me in the face. I jokingly said, you naughty girl, I will have to put you over my knee and spank you if you do that again. With that I said, “I am going to hold in your pee with my tongue and you really have to try hard not to pee on me. You would not dare piss on my face, that should help you to hold. It is mind over matter.” I moved my tongue over her pee hole, and then slowly traced it up one side of her labia to her clit. I then moved my tongue down the other side of her labia to her pee hole, I slowly made several circles in this fashion. She was frantically urging me to stop. I then increased the pace and then started to flick her pussy with the tip of my tongue. It was hard to keep my face in place as she was rocking all over the place. She was panting and at one point grabbed my head and rammed it into her pussy to stem the flow. She was in quite a state between ecstasy and desperation. I was loving every minute of it. I then took two fingers and slipped them up into her pussy. “I am going to help you hold your bladder from the inside.” I suggested. She replied, “no, no!!”, all the while moaning and thrashing about. I curled my fingers inward and started to stroke the back of her distended bladder, while at the same time I sucked on her clit. It wasn’t long before she exploded pee all over my face, while at the same time having an earth-shattering orgasm. She was, of course, very upset. I sat next to her and put my arm around her and reassured her that all would be alright. Luckily most of the damage was relegated to the floor, were it was mostly absorbed into the carptet. I had already saved her panties from most of the damage. Her skirt had been hiked up and out of the way of the eruption. Her kneesocks were quite wet, but, since they were dark, showed no damage. Her shoes were wet, but I was able to address that. I took out Kleenex and took of each shoe and dried each. I also took some more Kleenex and helped her dry her legs. I then had her stand up, still with her skirt up and I dabbed her pussy dry. I then kissed it and said, “I hope you feel better now.” Her face was still very much flushed, but she said, “I am very embarrassed, that has never happened to me before.” I said that no one notices and that I certainly was aroused by the experience myself. She said, with a slight smile, “yes, I noticed” At that point, the train began to lurch forward. The electrical problem seemed to have been fixed and we were underway. She slid her panties back on and moved to another seat. My stop was next and I soon got off. I winked at her, thanked her for the experience, and said that I hoped to see her on the train again. She smiled back at me and said she hoped so as well.
  9. This is a story about pee desperation of a woman and how she uses her desperation to tease and the after affects that tease then causes. I invite you to accompany me on a day when I am to make a policy speech at a meeting, and you agreed. It is an important gathering of people I wish to influence for a cause upon which I was working. I put a lot of time and effort into the preparation, and while I had done hundreds of such presentations, this one was making me anxious. So, I was quite glad that I would have a friend in the audience. We arranged to meet for breakfast, in advance. I gave you the address and then made my way there upon waking the next morning. I was the first to arrive and was seated. You entered the room shortly thereafter. I looked up and became aroused. You were wearing the dress I liked, which revealed a healthy amount of cleavage and came to slightly above the knee. You wore knee lengthy boots, and underneath those boots, I could immediately detect that you wore knee socks. I was then immediately sure, although I could not yet confirm that you wore the underwear that I liked, as I concluded that you had decided to dress to make my horny. You took your seat as if all was normal. It was far from normal for me, but we were in public and decorum needed to be met. I arose to great you to my table. , although my body was not the only thing that was standing at attention. You extended your hand and there was a flirtatious smile on your face. I took your hand and grasped it and guided you to your seat. I otherwise was reserved and was careful not to publicly display any undue affection. You consumed a copious amount of liquid during our breakfast. Included was a full glass of water, a full glass of juice and three cups of coffee. It began to dawn on me what you were doing. On the surface we conversed about many things, none of them sexual, and we certainly did not make any reference at all to the things you were in the process of doing to drive me crazy. Appearances did need to be maintained and we had no idea as to who might be listening to us. All I know was that my mind and heart had begun to race. We concluded breakfast. I paid the bill and we got up to leave. I expected, given your consumption, that you would have excused yourself. However, you did no such thing. We exited the building and I hailed a cab. I opened the rear door to allow you to get in. It is at the moment that you got into the back seat that my suspicion was confirmed. You gave me able opportunity to see up your skirt and I seized that visual moment. You, of course, were wearing cotton panties. They were of a pastel color, rose to be precise. I also distinctly saw a very small wet patch. OMG. I got into the cab next to you. You then leaned over and whispered in my ear, that you really needed to pee, and that, in fact, some may have come out in your panties. i was wild with lust but was now a bit annoyed as well. "you know that that may speech is very important! What are you trying to do to me?!" You just gave me a very devilish grin. I wanted to admonish you and fuck you at the same time. Any thought of being frisky with you in the cab was mentally dismissed as it was broad daylight. Also, I certainly needed to get my head in the game. Although the cab ride was short, you did put on a show. you crossed your legs and began to pump your leg, knowing full well that as to how I would interpret what you were doing. You reached down and adjusted your knee socks, pulling both a bit higher. You were killing me. We got out of the cab and immediately I got drawn into meeting people. I introduced you to t a few people, but we soon had to separate. I tried to be in the moment, as I had to engage with several people before my speech. However, I was also highly aroused and flustered as a result. Within 30 minutes, I mounted the podium and move to the center to address the audience. When I looked out to the audience, you were sitting there right in front. You saw me see you and you immediately mouthed the words, "I still need to pee." OMG, you are so damned naughty. Your legs were crossed and again, you reached down and pulled up your knee socks. i somehow made it through the speech. I forced myself not to look at you. Following the speech, there were more to follow, and I had to sit there on the platform. My eyes wondered back to you, as I sat there. You put on a very delicious show. You crossed and re-crossed your legs and did some discreet squirming. You maintained a very discreet manner and only you and I knew was happening. I nearly came in my pants. I had to think of something else, as I could not cum in my pants and, I had to soon stand up. Through utter concentration, I got myself in order and was able to not embarrass myself when I did have to stand. We arrived at a break. I had to mingle. Eventually, I was able to leave the room. You were immediately in tow. I was both very cross with you and highly aroused. I pull you in a room, close and lock the door. It was an empty conference room with chairs arranged around a conference table. I sternly admonish you for your behavior. I then sit and pull you across my knee. I lift up your skirt and began to swat your bottom. I give you five good swats, thoroughly enjoying the feel of my hand landing on your cotton panties. However, you know that by the feel of the hard on now sticking in your abdomen. Not satisfied that you are really feel the wrath of my ire, I then pull down your panties. I see that the wet spot has grown a little larger, but not by much. You certainly did manage to contain all that pee, all morning long. I then began to swat your now exposed rear end, quite hard and it became redder with each swat. You begged me to stop, complaining that you had to pee and that my spanking might cause it to come out. After about twenty wacks, you managed to keep everything under control. It was I who was out of control. We were both snapped back into reality as we heard the door being jingled, as someone attempted to enter the room. It was looked of course, but we immediately had to compose ourselves. Who knew if that person had a key. You stood up, yanked off your panties and placed them in my hand. you then composed yourself and left the room. I stuffed the panties and attempted to compose myself, as I had to go back into the room, mount the stage and participate in a round table discussion. How was I ever going to do that? I left you with a very full bladder, sans your panties, as I headed back into the conference to participate in a panel discussion. The panties, which had been moistened with what could be some pee, or maybe some sexual lubrication, or both, where now in my pants pocket. I was wildly horny and I had to duck into a corner to adjust myself. I had to straighten out my erection so that it stood straight up and not straight out. I needed to immediately look presentable. I took the stage and took my seat. You took your too, right in the front row. It was obvious, in how quickly you followed me, that you did not detour, in any way, to mitigate your predicament. The panel included three others and a moderator. Although there were significant gaps of time where I did not speak, it was imperative that I pay attention. Your presence, in your predicament, was not at all helpful. I was getting to be quite cross with you. I was, out of my mind, horny, and I could not show it. You continued to act, like you did, before the break. You continued to squirm in your seat and cross and re-cross your legs. You continued to tease me mercilessly. Worst of all, you paid very close attention to all on stage and knew when to strike, knowing full well that I was always keeping you in sight. When you sensed the others were looking elsewhere, you would slowly undress your legs and give me a very clear shot up your skirt. Omg, I nearly came in my pants. There was more than once where I had to have a question repeated. I suspect some even though there was something wrong with me. I knew I was sweating and must have looked flush. I was struggling, to say the least. The session, mercifully, came to an end and the program moved on to another speaker. I immediately went into the audience and, somewhat roughly and abruptly, grabbed you by the arm and all but dragged you out of the auditorium. Although I was trying to act in a manner that did not draw undue attention, I am afraid I was indeed overacting and drawing attention. I dragged you into the hallway and down the corridor to the elevators. I did not speak a word to you. I was a bit of a mess, both full of lust and more than a bit cross. I was going to teach you a lesson and you knew what was coming. You began to whimper. When the elevator door closed, i pushed you up against the wall and rapidly slipped my hand up under your skirt. My finger, first one finger, and then the other, entered you. I sternly said, "you humiliated me, and now you are going to learn your lesson." Before I could do much in the way of digital stimulation, the elevator reached its destination, and I withdrew my hand as rapidly as I inserted it. I dragged you out of the elevator, a bit more roughly as there was no longer an audience. Down the hallway I marched you until we were outside the room. I insisted the key card and opened the door. I then swept you off your feet and on to the bed. I immediately dove in between your legs. You tried to kick me off and voiced protests about having to pee very badly and not wanting to wet the bed. I cut you off in your protests and stated that if you played games then games would be played on you with all the attendant consequences. I then reinserted both my fingers in your pussy and immediately began torturing your g-spot by making "cum hither" movements with my curled fingers. I also began torturing your pee filled pussy with my tongue. I licked your lips and teased your clit with passing strokes, slowly, giving it more and more the attention it craved. With my other hand, I pressed down on your lower abdomen, also causing increased urgency. I then incorporated sucking, gentle biting and kissing of your clit, as I continually changed up the sensation. You did not know what you would feel next, other than the unimaginable urge to pee. You had not idea whether you would pee or cum or do both. The pressure was unbelievable. I played you like a musical instrument. I backed off as soon as you approached the edge. I did this repeatedly. The peaks and valleys were getting shorter and shorter. It was very intense. Just when I sensed that orgasm denial was not going to be sustained anymore, I moved away from you. I then dragged you on my knee and yanked up your skirt. I then said that o hope you were learning your lesson about playing with fire. I then began to administer your punishment. I began to spank your bare bottom until it was very red. Your kept pleading me to stop as it was going to cause you to pee. After twenty good swats, I felt that you had enough punishment. I also was quite impressed with your ability to hold. I sat you up on the bed. I stood over you. I spoke gently. I explained why I was so upset. You could barely pay attention to my words, you had to either cum or pee so bad. I gently touched your face and brushed your hair. You looked so beautiful. I played with your hair. I loved my hand to your shirt, which was still on. I unbuttoned it slowly. I hugged you and kissed you on your lips. I moved my kisses lower on your body. I unclasped your lacy bra and I fondled your breasts. My kissing moved to your breasts. I licked and kissed your nipples. You were panting due the many signals your body was sending. The stimulation of your nipples was not helping. I pushed you back on the bed and then moved between your legs again. I finished you off with my mouth and my fingers. Your orgasm was very intense, followed immediately by my trusting my hard cock into you and thrusting hard and fast with all the pent up energy the last few hours of excitement had caused. My orgasm was as intense as yours. As we embraced on a now very wet bed, we both felt spent, but very good.
  10. I am surprised that it is so difficult to find a like minded person with whom to share. Yes, forums like this allow us to share with like minded people, and that is a blessing. However, if you actually wish to meet someone, there really is not much out there to assist in matching. In my own experience, finding a like minded person has been both a blessing, a rarity, and not planned. It is hard to explore with the uninitiated, and the results are mixed. I have never started a relationship, much less an encounter, based on this fetish. I have sometimes, and not always, arrived at a revealing moment, which is always fraught with acceptance anxiety. On the plus side, no one has reacted with disgust. However, very few have fully embraced it. My ex-wife did, and I always appreciated that, despite the other shortcomings of the relationship. Her enjoyment probably exceeded mine (particularly full bladder orgasms). A few other relationships or encounters revealed an interest, but it was like winning a lottery ticket. Most just dismiss it as my quirk and leave me wondering how one ever finds these people.
  11. Is it the naughtiness of the act, or is it that your full bladder caused you to get horny? Or is it both?
  12. It just dawned on me that while I have participated, I never posted an introduction. Sorry, how thoughtless of me. I am from the Northeast US, bordering Quebec, Canada. I love watching woman who are experincing pee desperation and those who naughty pee, especially due to desperation. Wetting, as a result of desperation, is also logically connected. That said, and this is often an apparent contradiction, I do not wish them to be in pain or be embarrassed unless they wish to be. It is paramount that they have pleasure, or it is not pleasurable to me. I have a particular interest in desperation and the connection with orgasms with women. I have noticed a definite link with some partners and feel it is an orgasm enhancer to most who are open to the possibilities. I love pleasuring woman and love it when I can create an out of mind and body experience. The tension created in holding a pee desperation, I have observed and believe, can go a long way to creating that ultimate orgasm. Interested in sharing others experiences.
  13. A belated welcome. Look forward to you sharing your desperation experiences.
  14. Welcome and I do hope you enjoy your experince here. I am especially interested in your thoughts about peeing and orgasms. I agree that both are very much linked and I share your surprise that the greater population does not seem to acknowledge the connection.

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