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    Very much interested in giving full bladder pleasure to women, using any method (oral, finger, etc.)

    Otherwise, interested in female desperation, naughty peeing, and desperate wetting.

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    Had sex with a woman in a park, at night. She was beyond desperate. I pulled her into a dark spot, pulled down her pants, sank to me knees and gave her oral. She had an explosive orgasm, but managed to hold in her pee. she then needed immediate release, sank into a squat, and gushed pee into the dirt, while I fingered her.

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  1. I have clothing festishes, in addition to my pee fetishes. There are simply certain items of clothing that trigger me. My perfect trifecta is a woman wearing kneesocks, skirt and cotton panties, who is desperate to pee.
  2. Yes, we are still connected. Although only a two hour drive away, our two lives habe been complicated enough to make physical interaction rarer than either of us would like. However, the on line sessions have been intense. She seems to have no interest in watching me pee. I did ask her if she liked to watch. She said she liked to watch women, and if the situation was right, a man. However, it was my sense that watching was very low on her pee fetish list.
  3. Ok, I have to ask whethet you habe any desperation, wetting or naughty peeing stories while you were a cheerleader?
  4. As I shared in a previous post, my search for a physical play partner was largely unsuccessful. I even gave up on one site, Fetlife, that seemed to only deliver a lot of on-line interaction, but nothing physical. However, after several years, and, frankly ignoring the site, someone, noticing my postings, reached out to me with a friend request. This is the story of our encounter. She had another reason to drive near where I was that day. We agreed to meet up for drinks at a restaurant/bar. Even though we had both shared a lot on line, the first encounter is always a bit of a nervo
  5. One of the hardest things is finding a partner. I have been at this many years and have been on many sites. I wish I could say that my live encounters were as numerous and far less elusive. In the end, I would summarize success as follows: Relationships. It is always hard to get around to sharing a pee fetish. I have had many relationships with women. over the years. I shared, with most, eventually, most or all of my fetishes. I would say there have been mixed results. The woman to whom I was married for many years, following several years of committed relationship, was perhaps
  6. Story includes desperation, wetting some clothing fetishes, and sex. Like my previous posting, this is a story I created on my Fetlife page, even longer ago. Again, sharing it here. It was mid-afternoon and there were hardly any people on the commuter train out of the city. I boarded and moved to the last car. It was an older train and had many signs of wear and tear, including the sign that read “rest rooms out of order” I sat down and opened up my paper to read on the long trip home. I looked up and noticed a young woman sitting across from me. She and I were th
  7. I wrote the following on my Fetlife page, some time ago. I figured I will share it here as well. I loosely based this upon a relationship I had, many years ago. It was my partner who did professional presentations and I often joked with her that I would tease her during same. This story turns it all around. I invite you to accompany me on a day when I am to make a policy speech at a meeting and you agreed. It is an important gathering of people I wish to influence for a cause upon which I was working. I put a lot of time and effort into the preparation, and while I had done
  8. Now to redirect the topic back to Oktoberfest 2022. I want to now state what was seen, instead of what was not seen, or may not be seen in the future. As I said, my purpose of attending Oktoberfest was not actually to watch public peeing, but to actually be at Oktoberfest for the food, drink, music and activity. I highly recommend it. All in all, I went for two days, both forecasted to be heavily trafficked days, but actually tempered by weather conditions. Both of my viewing time periods occured on the ends of my daily visits. On the first day, or rather late afternoon,
  9. I agree that smart phones have significantly changed the landscape. It is not only that images and videos can be easily captured on a discrete devise, but that a moment that involves only a couple of people can then be instantly shared into a distribution system that reaches a vast swath of the human race. Once something is digitized and shared, it loses any form of meaningful containment. You notice the impacts in our world in that true voyeur images, once very prevalent, are now rare. It also goes far beyond our world as well to the point that with such technology, the realm of truly p
  10. I did go to this year's Oktoberfest in Munich and am happy to report that sightings are still plentiful. Things have changed, however. More portable toilets have been added. Security is very active to prevent all public peeing, wherever it might occur on site. Finally a lot more fencing has been erected to cut off sites that had previously been ideal viewing areas. As anyone who has viewed videos and images from past years, there was always prime viewing near the Hofbrau-Festzelt. Fist, the outdoor portable toilets always had long lines, so the viewing of desperation was, seemingly
  11. You must share how you find such a willing partner.
  12. where did you habe sightings on a Saturday or Sunday morning?
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