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    Im a guy who is into watesports since mid teens. I would like to meet with like minded people. Also would like to experience these stuff and not just by looking at pics and vids.

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  1. So a few years ago i had a broken femur. Due to that i had to have surgery. It was done and while i recovered still in hospital still in bed i had to use a sort of bedpan. One of those days no idea why i just held my pee for a good while but later i had to use the bedpan. So i went for it and almost fully loaded it ( about a liter at least).
  2. A few years ago it happened that my pc was in a service for repair. As the day came that i got it back i went for putting the wires together each to their own place. So as i was laying there on my stomach i felt a sudden urge to pee. I clenched my muscle that prevents it from escaping. Nut in that position the ground just pressed on my bladder and the urge was so bad as i moved to get up i felt my the muscle loosen therefore pee started to come out. Luckily it wasnt too much that got out so i was able to hurry to the bathroom get my d out and let the rest go in the toilet.
  3. Heres another joke i know: Why cant you hear the Pterodactyl use the bathroom? Coz the p(ee) is silent.
  4. I dont know if anyone told this joke or not. If so im sorry but: A lifeguard caught Lil Johnny peeing in the pool. He says Lil Johnny you cant pee in the pool. Lil Johnny goes: Oh come on but everyone does that. The lifeguard goes: Well yeah but not from the diving board
  5. One time during last summer when i visited my girlfriend we spent a day at her pool. Granted it was just a blow up pool but was big enough for multiple people. Anyway as time went by and the cool water made its effect my girlfriend told me she needs to pee. At first jokingly i said you can go on my lap. But she was game so she sat in my lap. After a short while she let go unfortunatly i didnt feel it at first. Than when i stood up to get out i suddenly felt the warmth around my crotch where she sat and let go on me.
  6. A few months ago i wet myself on purpose. Like after finging out before that much like me my girlfriend is into pee stuff too i decided to do something for her. I stripped to my underwear than hopped in the bathtub with my phone in hand. I layed there with the camera facing my crotch as i sighed and let go. It was pretty quick since i had to go already but i made a video for my girlfriend to enjoy.
  7. No worries sure can happen but thats understandable on a site like that
  8. Yeah i guess that can happen. By catheter tho i meant the one that goes through the veins not the urethral one but thanks for sharing non the less.
  9. Thanks for the reply and also its cool
  10. Mucs appreciation for your answer and i agree
  11. Thank you for your answer its lenght is alright and much appreciated and you get it right with everything i believe
  12. Would you consider going in your swimwear wetting when youre in some sort of water ( pool, sea/ocean, lake, river etc.) ? Ps: i would really appreciate if i would get some answers please
  13. So about a year or more ago i had to have a surgery with my heart. It was a minor catheter surgery basically widening some veins around that area. As i was laying there after the first round that was examination with contrast gel or whatever its called i felt the sudden urge to pee. I asked one of the nurses attending for a male bedpan so i wont pee all over the table and cover and stuff. So got one quite quickly done my deed and thats about it.
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