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    Encouraged a delightful lady to pee all over my body, even in my hair, so I was completely covered in her scent, then allowed her to pee the last few squirts into my mouth while I sucked her pussy in bed. I loved every moment.

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  1. For me it is very much about imagining myself taking part in the scene. If there is a male actor doing something I want to do, I imagine myself in his place. If he is giving cunnilingus to a woman, I also imagine the parts that video can't supply, such as the taste of her labia, their texture and her scent. The feeling of her skin under my fingertips. The little quivers in the muscles under her skin as she reacts to what I am doing. If she is peeing on him I imagine the warm, slippery feeling of it on my skin, or on my lips and tongue. I try to imagine the smell and taste of it. I don't imagine myself in her place or experience her feelings directly, it's more about having the feeling of me being close to her, learning how her body responds and discovering what makes her feel good. I think I am what is called a "pleaser". The thing that excites me about sex is the thought of giving pleasure to the woman, so the parts of pornography that excite me are those that concentrate on her enjoyment. In the case of lesbian porn, I am a sort of disembodied male presence in the room. When one woman is actively pleasing the other, I sometimes imagine myself taking her place at the pleasure giving. When two women are peeing on each other I am wishing I could be kissing and tasting the wet parts of their skin. When I see a solo woman peeing, especially somewhere naughty, like on a sofa or in a public stairwell, or a car, I enjoy it in multiple ways. First I am thinking of her excitement. I imagine her heart racing and her breathless feeling at the illicit thing she is doing, and the feeling of sexual arousal that it gives her. I also imagine how it would feel to kiss her vulva while she is in that excited, aroused state, completing her experience by bringing her to orgasm. There is also the sensual delight of knowing that that place is going to retain the strong, feminine smell of her urine and imagining myself being there later and enjoying that intimate scent in the air. There is a "behind the scenes" type video of an American porn actress who sits on a toilet but releases her pee all over the bathroom floor while bantering with the director and camera crew. She is clearly aroused by it. The camera keeps running after she has finished and records her telling the crew that her legs are wet and inviting them to come to her and lick the pee off her thighs. (They don't do it, but I certainly imagined myself responding to her request.) In the final analysis though, for me, porn is only a limited substitute for real life. If I am having frequent sex I tend to lose interest in porn, unless I am watching it with a female sex partner for our mutual enjoyment.
  2. likesToLick


    Like a pretty flower - a pink orchid perhaps.
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    Her clitoris looks tiny
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    Fascinating folded labia I would love to gently unwrap. Bet you didn't notice the split infinitive. 😊
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    Don't you just love how every woman is different?

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