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    Encouraged a delightful lady to pee all over my body, even in my hair, so I was completely covered in her scent, then allowed her to pee the last few squirts into my mouth while I sucked her pussy in bed. I loved every moment.

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  1. Oh my! I am just imagining myself gently kissing along the whole length of her inner thighs until I reach those gorgeous labia.
  2. Crikey! Crying was strictly forbidden in my day. (Actually, I think this is probably a fake. Why would a Vietnamese exam paper be written in English?)
  3. You can be a millionaire By stepping on the needy. Words of equality, But they're written for the greedy. Little River Band: "Statue of Liberty", 1975.
  4. It's funny to watch, but the camera is not actually pointing at the woman doing the stretch.
  5. Good taste indeed!

  6. I just took a look at the site (heavy-r.com) and it now appears to have a valid certificate with an expiry date of May 2022. There was no warning from Firefox when I opened the page, so perhaps the problem is now fixed.
  7. Prudery is like a vicious brain disease in western societies. I despise the anti-sex bigots for all the pain and misery they cause. Considering that they are only a vocal minority, they still manage to do a world of harm. Censorship of web sites is just the thin end of their ugly wedge..
  8. Merry Christmas Sophie, and thank you for your fine posts all through 2020.

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