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  1. Wearing clothes in bed has always seemed a strange idea to me. I have never bought pyjamas in my life, and have not worn any since I was twelve years old. If I have to spend a night in hospital I just take an oversize T-shirt.
  2. Nice cake for a peefans party 😉
  3. I know what you mean. I am socially a libertarian, but economically a socialist. That conflict means that I get hated by many socialists and libertarians 😵
  4. I don't believe that's true. The rules are here, and they do not say anything about that. Moderators have said in the past, that this site is not to be used as a dating site, as mentioned in rule 8. We are also required not to give personal contact details in a forum post, and not to harass other members with contact requests. @Admin has advised in this post that it is OK to exchange personal details in private messages once members get to know each other. Specifically : "Of course, members who have built strong friendships here and privately wish to exchange contact inf
  5. Wow! I just found this thread for the first time and read all four parts of the story. This is exactly the kind of fantasy I wish I could take part in in real life. Beautifully written too, with great descriptions so that I could see a mental picture of the sexy fun and games as I was reading. @ifucksluts I hope you will write more parts to this story.
  6. To be fair, I should say that this could really be legitimate. Any loadmaster will tell you, it's not just the weight that matters, but where it is stowed on the plane.. Centre of gravity too far forward or back = death.
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