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  1. Anyone got a really big roll of duct tape?
  2. I seem to be saying "my guess" much too often. Sorry about that. 🙄
  3. I worked for a few years in an international consulting firm. Management was very conservative, particularly when it came to spending money for software licenses or training, but new techniques tended to come in through the back door, as developers had internet access, and were willing to use whatever resources were freely available on line. The response from @HitEmAll is a good example of how developers are already discovering the useful things that it can do to help them with their work. My guess would be that people in software houses are already taking advantage of AI assistance,
  4. I think that you have found some specific examples of places where AI can be very helpful. Your requirement can be clearly expressed in a simple English statement, but it involves looking up some technical details that might be tedious to find. I'd say that's a problem that is tailor made for AI to solve. My guess is that if it came to a requirement that required a lot of complex logic and conditional processing, then it would take longer for you to explain what you want to the AI than it would take you to write the code. Human languages are by their very nature, ambiguous. This mea
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