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    Encouraged a delightful lady to pee all over my body, even in my hair, so I was completely covered in her scent, then allowed her to pee the last few squirts into my mouth while I sucked her pussy in bed. I loved every moment.

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  1. I do love an exhibitionist 🥰
  2. I totally agree with this view. For me, pee sex has always been about fun and friendly intimacy. I have never associated it with humiliation or dom/sub activities. From the posts I have read on this forum, I think that a great many of our members feel the same way. Definitely one of the best things about Sex Bizarre was this sense of mutual enjoyment in almost all of their stories.
  3. 😀I counted them twice! Then after that I counted their nipples and divided by two, just to be sure, and got 18.5. 😉
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