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  1. The Programmer's Lament I've had it with this damned machine. I wish that they would sell it. It never does quite what I want, But only what I tell it !
  2. Here is one of my nerdy projects - a vintage one from 1977, when I was a teenager doing a computer science degree at university. I was just getting into the concept of building my own personal computer, in the days before anyone had ever heard of Apple or Microsoft, and one of the tools I needed was a logic probe. After paying the rent on my shared flat, the utility bills, bus fares and groceries, I didn't have much budget left for education. I couldn't possibly buy electronic test equipment, so I made this one from a circuit design published in a magazine. Apart from th
  3. The only kind of hunt where it is safest to be a big fat slow-moving target. 😉
  4. This has just got to be in Australia. 🙄
  5. Lovemaking with a real person is so much nicer than porn, you will probably still be OK with it. Maybe stay away from recreational chemicals though. They can burn out the orgasmic part of your brain. That would be really bad. In answer to your question - I still love cunnilingus porn even if she isn't peeing.
  6. Is it just me, or is anyone else wondering if the cap on the other end would reveal an anus? 😇
  7. Something tells me that a giant plastic hotdog is just a tad more conspicuous than the traditional black "flashlight." ( "Torch," for those in English-speaking countries. ) Funny fleshlight story from a 747 pilot ...
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