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  1. Seems like a better choice than portaloos. At least you are breathing fresh air, instead of being cooped up in a stinky box with an equally dirty floor. Probably easy to use in a skirt, but a real problem if you are wearing jeans, slacks or a jumpsuit. The comments thread is interesting, with many women saying that they have had nightmares that featured this kind of toilet.
  2. Is your contact planning to publish on the subject? I would be fascinated to read that history.
  3. And see all all the photos taken by earlier visitors 😲😉
  4. The guy in my avatar is definitely not me. I don't know who the guy in the image is, but the woman is a porn actress named Elsa Jean. I picked the image because it was a really nice gif of an activity that I enjoy doing very much. I love her happy smile of pleasure, and the way she is using her hand behind his head to guide his mouth to her pussy.
  5. Some others I have heard of: Sue Ridge Heywood Jablomi
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