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  1. In Australia the word seems to have been corrupted to mean "any man who likes to look at women." I'm not sure how that happened. Personally, I think that people have sexual preferences, not perversions.
  2. Someone was sleeping in firearms safety class 😲
  3. Why women live longer than men
  4. This wasn't an accident. It was planned this way from the start. Bigotry is very ambitious. The whole idea was to tar everyone with the same brush, so that anyone who enjoys any kind of erotic art is considered equal to a rapist-murderer.
  5. ................................
  6. I've just been watching this series "Wartime Farm" . It's about agriculture in Britain during world war 2. Before the war Britain was importing 60% of its food, and these supplies were almost completely cut off by the German naval blockade. To avoid letting the whole country starve, British farmers had to double the yield of their land with very limited equipment, and they actually managed to do it. I was fascinated to watch people trying to re-create some of the things they did.
  7. How do they get picked up afterwards? Do you have to return with a baler?

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