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  1. Thailand seems to be managing it well. Their citizens who returned from China have been quarantined at a naval hospital for 14 days, and have recently gone home after tests showed they did not have the virus. One person is still being treated at the hospital. There have been no cases reported in the town where I am going. Fatality rates seem to be pretty low. Estimates range from 0.5% to 4%. I suspect the low end of the range is more likely, as many people get such mild symptoms from the virus that they may not know they have it, so would not be counted in the statistics. I have decided not to cancel my trip.
  2. Yes, a lot. Thai culture is much less hostile to them than than our western culture is.
  3. I have to say I agree with you on this. There is no God, there is no "vast eternal plan." Everything that happens is purely random chance. Life has, by chance, dealt you a really lousy hand. This is not your fault, you are not being "punished" for anything, there is no reason behind it. It's nothing more than the blind luck of the draw. The only option you have is to think of ways to play the cards you were dealt, in the best way you can. In the long run, nobody wins the game of life. Not even the richest corpse in the cemetery. We can only try to find some small but good thing in each day that passes.
  4. You can encrypt the files yourself before you upload them. Then a hacker can do nothing with them. Winzip can create an archive with AES encryption I think. Without the encryption key, nobody can see the files inside the zip.
  5. Cars with large engines are also a major tell. 😁 I always wanted to own a Zeppelin. I guess that gives me away for sure.
  6. With our present rate of pollution and environmental destruction, I estimate that the human race is on track for extinction in the next 200 years, not 1000. The majority of people either don't care, or make whiney excuses about how they have to run an oil furnace instead of just insulating their damned house. As pollution and the climate disaster destroy all our food producing lands, and all fish stocks in the oceans, it seems likely that the wars fought over the last remaining food supplies will escalate until nuclear, biological and chemical weapons are deployed. Extinction is then the most likely outcome. This could happen as early as 2100. It's possible, that instead of extinction, humanity may just be reduced to a few nomadic bands of brutish, ignorant savages. Perhaps those people might rebuild another civilisation in 20,000 years or so. Perhaps they will not. When I look at human history, it seems like a tremendous fluke that we ever put together a civilisation at all. I have worked for most of my life to try to find ways to prevent these outcomes. I have reduced my personal carbon footprint by 80% compared to other people in my country. I generate twice as much solar power as I use, and put the surplus into the grid for others. I vote always for parties that have policies to address these problems. It has all been in vain, as greed and ignorance triumph always. Our farmers vote for more droughts, more floods, more frequent and worse wildfires. Our trade unionists vote for more pollution, and our businessmen vote for the right to steal, pollute and murder for profit. So, my response to the human race is a big, fat, FUCK YOU. I have no children. I have at most 25 more years to live. It's YOUR grandchildren that you are murdering, not mine, so FUCK YOU! I GIVE UP!
  7. I'm due to fly to Thailand in three weeks. I hope we have a clearer idea of the risk by then. I don't want to cancel my trip because I would lose a substantial amount of money on non-refundable bookings, but if there turns out to be significant danger, it's obviously better to lose a few thousands than to lose one's life.
  8. Yes, I really love women's natural scents. They are more erotic for me than any perfume. That delicious sexy odor of a woman's pussy always makes me want to kiss and lick.
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