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    Lifelong interest in female peeing, since childhood. Love the sight, sound, smell and taste of women's pee. Fascinated by women's peeing styles, (sitting, squatting, standing) and try to guess the preferred styles of women I meet, as well as those of celebrities, news anchors, etc., based on their body language, how they sit normally, etc.

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    Watching women pee. Erotic peeing styles.
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    There were several, but I would have to say that "Lisa's" drink, which she gave me after happy hour, was near the top. Her moonlight waterfall was a close second. "Melissa" (not yet introduced) put on a very erotic show for me in the bathroom, on the occasion of our reunion, after 3 years apart, which will be reported soon. "Ellie's" hissing, stopping and starting, the time I watched her on our trip, would be next, and "Jeanie's" standing pee style was quite unique, and can't be neglected. .

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  1. To start this topic, peeingone wrote: "Is it OK to listen to your female relatives pee by standing outside the closed bathroom doors at home bathrooms?" My answer, based on a lifetime of experience, is a resounding "YES!" but with some qualifications, most of which have been noted by Peewee123, Bacardi, Tman27, and gldnwetgoose. Part 1. Early Experiences. "Looking's free," was an old cliche from my younger days, which obviously no longer applies, in today's world, but an analog, applying to listening, must still be valid, since it is mostly involuntary, and unavoidable, as
  2. Thanks to peeingone for revisiting a subject that has always been a favorite of mine, the sounds made by female peeing. I have been most interested in the causes of the various sounds, from interactions of the stream(s) with anatomical features, like the labia. I love the hisses, and have actually seen how the lips can cause them, by watching willing and cooperative gf's pee. Thanks to greedyneedygirl for the detailed anatomical information and the intimate, first-hand revelations, in this area. The whistling sound, mentioned by CarbOnBased and peeingone is especially fascinating, to me, but I
  3. I grew up in the Chicago metropolitan area of the U.S., in the 1940's and 1950's, and am of German and Polish ancestry, which was very common, at that time. Like Vassal, and the rest of you, I have always been fascinated with the words people, especially women, use for urination. "Wee-wee" was my mother's preferred word for pee, used as a noun and a verb; she also used "go" as a verb, and "going" as an adverb. So those were the terms I learned, as a small child, between 2 1/2 and 4 years old. When she had to pee, she always left the bathroom door open, when we were home alone, and she might ev
  4. I think I saw the same video once, many years ago, and have not seen it since. Sorry I can't help.
  5. I had a gf who would warn me that she was about to pee, as she approached orgasm, when I was licking her, in a certain spot, even though she had usually peed before we went to bed. Of course, my response was "Bring it on!" She tried, but was not able to do it. The next time she warned me of the impending flood, I said "Promises, promises!" and we both laughed. I have posted more details of this on Pee Fans, in my stories of "Michelle," or "Melissa." I don't think we deliberately tried it when her bladder was full. She was very big on keeping the bed dry, always putting towels under us.
  6. Purple_minion, I totally agree with you about aubrey plaza. Saw her recently on a late night talk show.
  7. I think the suggestion of nenTyp is excellent. One of my gf's, who was initially shy about even allowing me to watch her pee on the toilet, with her legs open, actually suggested this to me, and we did it. When she sat on my lap, straddling and facing me, on the toilet, I asked her to slip backward slightly, so I could watch her pee come out. "You don't have to see it, this time," she commented, as she hugged me closer. "Just enjoy how nice and warm it feels!" I did, and found that she was right. Her warm pee got me so hard that we fucked, right there, on the toilet!
  8. I would like to see more messy toilet pissing, either sitting, squatting, or standing, in "traditional" female clothing, like skirts, dresses, stockings, or panties, lifted up, slipped down, or pulled aside, showing desperation, nonchalance, or exhibitionism, as appropriate to the scenario. I like them all. The "aftermath," wet thighs, legs. bums, stockings, panties, other clothing, toilet seats, and floors, should always be included, along with attempts at wiping, by the woman, if any. I like the scenarios to appear genuine, like the actions of real women, in real situations, without the grat
  9. I prefer clear to pale yellow female pee to watch, lick, or drink, for several reasons: 1. If she is well hydrated, and her pee is light-colored, her stream is usually more powerful, and may spray more, making it more interesting to watch, as compared to a dark, but low-powered stream, which may just drizzle or dribble out, slowly. 2. If the concentration of urea is lower, as in clear pee, it is easier to smell her pheromones, which I find erotic, if I'm watching her at close range, licking her dribbles away from her body, or actually drinking from the source. And the taste is much b
  10. @JasonSt. All of the ideas expressed here look good, to me, but here are a few of my own. I would add a visit to a beach, on a lake, river, ocean, or other natural body of water, to the suggestion of p1ssputz, regarding peeing through swimsuits. The two of you could wade out into the water, until it is just below her crotch level, and let fly simultaneously, through your suits. You could be standing side-by-side, holding hands, which could be quite romantic, or better yet, facing, and watching, or eventually hugging each other, while peeing, when she becomes more accustomed to the situati
  11. Kristin Chenoweth appeared on James Corden's Late Late show recently. She's quite sexy, and I would love to watch her pee. She told a story on the show, which increased that desire, on Sunday night. She said she had dressed as a mummy once, for Halloween, and quickly discovered that she had to pee. The costume was very elaborate, and getting out of it was not an option, so she found "an area" to accommodate her need. James and Kal Penn, another guest on the show, questioned her more closely, saying, "You mean you made a hole." She answered "Yeah, I made a hole so I could go to the bathroom." T
  12. No sightings for me at my favorite grocery market, probably because they have multiple all-gender, single-user toilets, which are kept surprisingly clean, so that women like to use them. But seeing the aftermath of ladies hovering over the toilets is quite common, and quite erotic, especially if I get to see the woman as she enters or leaves one of the rooms. It can actually be quite thrilling, in a vicarious way, if she smiles at me, as she leaves, and I discover the telltale pattern of her spray on the seat, floor, etc. This has happened occasionally, so I am aware of possibilities, and adju
  13. A great video, or picture, for that matter, shows the "AFTERMATH" (Thank you, Puddyls!) of the pissing action depicted. This is a personal preference, or special kink, of mine, which may or may not be shared by all, but it is a common minor annoyance, for me, when it is NOT done. Puddyls does it very consistently, in her posts. By "aftermath," I mean the dribbles and runs to be expected on thighs, legs, or bums, wet stockings, clothing, and dribbles, or puddles on objects, like toilet seats, urinals, furniture, vehicles, or the floor, or ground, resulting from the pissing action in the
  14. @DoctorDoctor, and @thisguy20, I agree with all of the elements that you both have listed. I would add the appearance of spontaneity, or loss of control, where her stream runs down her leg, or sprays it, or wets her clothing, including stockings, panties, or skirt, and she reacts, with surprise, annoyance, nonchalance, or even delight and satisfaction. To me, the physical reaction and facial expression are almost as interesting and important as the unexpected event, since it reveals her attitude toward pee, and the intimate act itself. Does she approach it with anxiety, and/or disgust, ov
  15. Great story! Very erotic! Thanks for sharing. Your story reminds me of an experience I had with a gf, on an airplane flight, although my experience didn't turn out quite as erotic as yours. This was her first ever air trip, and she was afraid to use the restroom on the plane, during flying. We were sitting side-by-side, in coach. She was wearing dark-colored pants over tights. Several hours into a 4-hour flight, she confided, in a whisper, that she needed a wee, desperately. We were holding hands, on the common arm rest, between our seats, and she subtly moved our hands to her lap, then o
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