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    Lifelong interest in female peeing, since childhood. Love the sight, sound, smell and taste of women's pee. Fascinated by women's peeing styles, (sitting, squatting, standing) and try to guess the preferred styles of women I meet, as well as those of celebrities, news anchors, etc., based on their body language, how they sit normally, etc.

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    Watching women pee. Erotic peeing styles.
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    There were several, but I would have to say that "Lisa's" drink, which she gave me after happy hour, was near the top. Her moonlight waterfall was a close second. "Melissa" (not yet introduced) put on a very erotic show for me in the bathroom, on the occasion of our reunion, after 3 years apart, which will be reported soon. "Ellie's" hissing, stopping and starting, the time I watched her on our trip, would be next, and "Jeanie's" standing pee style was quite unique, and can't be neglected. .

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  1. An alternative form for this little rhyme was told to me by "Lisa," a g.f., from my distant past: "If you sprinkle, when you tinkle, be a sweetie, and wipe the seatie!" She said that she had seen it written on the walls of Ladies' rooms, and heard it spoken out loud. She said it was definitely aimed at women who wet the seats (or floor), while hovering, standing, or even sitting, in women's public toilets. She said it was not aimed at men, although they are careless and messy enough. I have to agree, since I have never seen it written in men's or all-gender restrooms, in either form, or any o
  2. I have seen this happen to several gf's, and heard and read about it from many others. I find it very sexy to watch! And I am happy to help with the cleanup, if allowed!
  3. I can understand that Chinese (or Western) men may seek mates with open, interesting, or sexy peeing postures, like squatting or hovering, which they love to watch. The real purpose is to have access to a woman who pees in one or more sexy ways, which turn the man on. He doesn't have to have a chance to actually see her do it in a public, gender segregated bathroom. He can ask her to describe her public peeing styles, and show him how she does it, either at home, or in facilities which they may find available, by chance, such as hotel rooms, etc. Some women are surprisingly cooperative, in th
  4. ABSOLUTELY NOT! in answer to all of your questions! The squat toilets, and bathrooms containing them, in Asia, are part of the Asian environment, so women have NO CHOICE, but to use them, or pee outside, or wet themselves, or try to hold it, until they find another choice. My Chinese wife, who has been fully accustomed to Western toilets, for more than 50 years, was in this situation, when we visited Thailand, many years ago, and she told me about it. So I can empathize and sympathize with women who have not encountered this situation previous to their trips to Asia. There is no way any huma
  5. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing! Love the uniform skirts and forward-directed streams! Wish there was a way to view them larger.
  6. Good question. I have no ideas or observations. The variety of your observations is quite impressive! The closest I came, was when I dated a policeman's wife, very briefly, and saw her peeing on a Western toilet, once. She sat all the way down, with her thighs a couple of inches apart, panties slightly above her knees, a very common style, in the West. If I may express some guesses about policewomen, I would think that they may occasionally find themselves in awkward situations, where they are outdoors, or in stationary vehicles, and/or in the company of male officers, and need to find imagina
  7. Very interesting psychology attributed to Chinese men, if true. I think that Western men's views may be different. When using presumably clean Western toilets at home, women can sit down, be comfortable, neat, clean, very modest, and private, when seen by other women, or even by men. When using public facilities, some of these women may hover, to avoid contact with perceived filth, but sacrifice some privacy and neatness, if they tend to spray, when hovering. Or they may use paper seat covers, or sit directly on the seats, after wiping them. This practice is far less common, because it is a ha
  8. Since I am in my early eighties, and partly disabled, my experiences have not been very exciting, especially in this group. There were a few titillating stories on mainstream TV, which I have reported, and numerous stories and pictures on Pee Fans, but otherwise, they are boring. But there was a phone conversation with a lady who has been a more or less Platonic friend, of about my age, for 30 or more years, although we have never become lovers. This one qualifies as "pee talk," since it took place, in a phone conversation. I called her to see how she was doing, late one afternoon. We had
  9. Well, looking at the adverts, in the broadest context, they can be viewed as discussion with the purpose of selling a product, providing supporting data describing that product. lol... I'm very pleased, but not surprised, to hear that the campaign worked so well. I thought that the model/actress would be very attractive to both males and females, due to her well chosen clothing and erotic body language. She shows just enough thigh to be sexy to males, but not enough to turn females off.
  10. Love the TENA Discreet advert! The model takes a very sexy pose, sitting on the toilet!
  11. 1) Peeing on a partner 5 2) Being peed on by a partner 7 3) Peeing in your partner's face 0 4) Having your own face peed on 5 5) Having your partner drink your pee from the source 3 6) Drinking your partner's pee from the source 10 7) Watching your partner piss all over the carpet 3 😎 Yourself pissing all over the carpet in front of your partner 3 9) Wetting yourself while your partner watches 0 10) Watching your partner wet him/her self 10 11) Having your partner hold your dick/part your labia while you pee 7 12) Being totally desperate i
  12. Being from an older generation than many of you, I naturally prefer classic clothing of roughly the mid Twentieth Century, with women wearing fully fashioned stockings, secured by garter belts or girdles, under skirts or dresses of knee length, or shorter. Stocking lengths should reveal a nice expanse of bare thighs above their tops, roughly at mid thigh. Panties are optional, but they can add to the appeal if they are slipped down to mid thigh, and stretched, by the wearer, as she tries to spread her legs far enough apart, to keep them from getting wet, as her stream may wander, sprinkle, or
  13. I totally agree that it should be socially acceptable to pee whenever and wherever you need to, regardless of gender, as long as you don't create a public nuisance, ruin, or contaminate property, etc. However, the current problem seems to be legality, and the ubiquity of surveillance cameras. The legal consequences can range from relatively minor "public nuisance" charges to being branded as a sex offender, which can completely ruin a person's life. So even though I am an old man, with prostate problems, I am very careful to avoid situations where I can be observed, or photographed. For obviou
  14. @Mitch11, gldenwetgoose, et al. One of my first posts on PeeFans was on this subject, based on experiences with a g.f., "Melissa," (or "Michelle" ?) long ago. The post was a short fictional story, based on my own real experiences, when I was licking her. As she neared orgasm, she would occasionally stop me, warning "If you keep on licking that spot, your face might get awfully wet, in a few seconds! I feel like I'm going to pee!" My usual response was, "Go for it! I'd love it!" which, incidentally, was the truth. (Neither of us would have enjoyed sleeping in a wet bed, so we always place
  15. I have licked a lot of dribbles from g.f.'s vulvas and thighs, loving every drop, but one of my favorite experiences was with "Lisa," when we had been drinking quite a bit, early one evening, in one of our favorite local bars. On leaving the bar, we went to the Cadillac she was driving at the time, supposedly to kiss and hug a little, and say goodnight, since we both had commitments in different places later in the evening. As soon as we got in the car, she told me she had to "go" badly, and wanted to do it in my mouth. I was delighted, hardly believing my good fortune, and immediately lay dow
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