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    Lifelong interest in female peeing, since childhood. Love the sight, sound, smell and taste of women's pee. Fascinated by women's peeing styles, (sitting, squatting, standing) and try to guess the preferred styles of women I meet, as well as those of celebrities, news anchors, etc., based on their body language, how they sit normally, etc.

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    Watching women pee. Erotic peeing styles.
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    There were several, but I would have to say that "Lisa's" drink, which she gave me after happy hour, was near the top. Her moonlight waterfall was a close second. "Melissa" (not yet introduced) put on a very erotic show for me in the bathroom, on the occasion of our reunion, after 3 years apart, which will be reported soon. "Ellie's" hissing, stopping and starting, the time I watched her on our trip, would be next, and "Jeanie's" standing pee style was quite unique, and can't be neglected. .

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  1. It occurs to me that her basic anatomy and the amount and location of her pubic hair may influence a woman's decision to wipe, or not, after she pees. If the anatomy of her vulva makes her pee spray a lot, wetting her thighs, and/or her bum, she may end up quite wet, and shaking to remove the dribbles may not be very effective. So her clothing may get wet, when she puts it back on, and depending on what she is wearing, wet spots could be visible, when she leaves the toilet, which could be very embarrassing. Heavy pubic hair, which gets wet, when she pees, could cause similar problems. Shaving or waxing can solve that, of course. And of course, there is a potential problem with odor, as Naughts points out: "I have to be careful though because after not wiping the entire day it starts to smell. I dont want that because I dont want people to notice for many reasons." As I noted previously, in this forum, it was odor which first attracted me to a girl in elementary school, who either didn't wipe effectively, or didn't wipe at all: "There was a little girl in my class who always smelled kind of funny, something like stale piss. Some of the other kids used to whisper behind her back about her smell, but I found it vaguely attractive, and was drawn to her." "One day, I was fortunate enough to get a clear look, up her skirt, all the way to her panties, immediately after she returned from the little girls' room, and slid into her desk, sideways, spreading her legs wide, as she did that. I saw several little, yellow pee dribbles clinging to her inner thighs, and some pale yellow pee stains in her white cotton panties. I was absolutely thrilled, and filled with intense curiosity about how those pee dribbles got on her legs!" That experience, among others, helped to focus me on female peeing, for life, thank goodness! And for the record, I still find a light pee fragrance very attractive, coming from a woman.
  2. @peeingone, Thanks for bringing this up, again. It is one of my favorite subjects. You have done a great job of describing the range of behaviors that women may demonstrate, regarding their pee sounds, and their camouflage of them, if they wish to do so. I think the reasons which women may have for inventing all of the tricks you mention, both for concealing and revealing their pee sounds, are at least as interesting as the tricks, themselves, and I have described them in 3 basic categories, based on those attitudes. It is important for men to understand, and distinguish among these reasons, and the attitudes which give rise to them, in order to have harmonious relationships with these women. Men who want to get closer to any of them, must understand the psychological basis of the women's attitudes toward peeing, or they will approach them in the wrong way, and be rejected or ignored. I have experienced this, as well as acceptance. On 1/6/21, you posted, "I think a lot of times Women can even use those sounds to turn on guys they like and other times a girl may even let you hear her hot pee sounds to test your attitude towards her pissing sounds." 1. Erotic Pissing: Some women, such as those you describe, in your post of 1/6/21, may believe their peeing sounds are sexy, or hot, and will turn guys (or other girls) on, whether or not they find the listeners attractive. A woman with this attitude usually perceives a strong positive connection between peeing and sexuality, and assumes that peeing is part of her appeal, so the sounds of her peeing are also attractive. So audio pee privacy is not usually a big deal, for her, and she may be quite relaxed and nonchalant about allowing her sounds to be heard, or even leaving the bathroom door partially open, so she can be seen, peeing. She may also make spontaneous, unsolicited comments about her peeing, or relate intimate details of incidents involving it, without prompting. As you point out, her main concerns are that men who are unattractive to her may be drawn to her, by her pee sounds or their visual sightings of her, while peeing, or that listeners outside the bathroom may find her pee sounds socially inappropriate (hissing too loud, going too long, audible sighs of relief, etc.) 2. Super-Private (Shy) Pissing: Women showing this attitude are the exact opposites of those with the erotic attitude, in that they may believe that their sounds, and their bodily processes themselves, are gross, ugly, dirty, or disgusting. So they may conclude that their sounds are anti-erotic, and will turn listeners of either gender off, whether or not there is any mutual attraction, between them and their listeners, on other levels. A woman with this attitude may also perceive a strong connection between peeing and sexuality, but in a negative context, because of social conditioning, or actual experiences. These are the women you mention, who usually make a big deal out of pee privacy, closing and locking the bathroom door and running tap water, or even shower water, as you describe, to cover their sounds, believing that those sounds are a huge sexual turn off, or socially embarrassing, at the very least. They almost never make spontaneous comments about their peeing, even in the most general terms, and will change the subject, or otherwise evade direct questions about it. 3. Utilitarian, Non-Erotic Pissing: A third group of women may feel neutral, being mostly unaware, or uncaring about the effects of their pee sounds, or even being viewed, while peeing, on potential listeners or viewers. Pee privacy is usually not a big deal to these women, so they may be quite nonchalant about being heard, or even seen peeing, as with the erotic attitude, above. So it is easy to confuse the two attitudes, based on behavior, if the underlying psychology is unknown. A woman with this attitude may not perceive much of a connection, if any, between peeing and sexuality, and she might be quite surprised at a man making that connection. Or she may simply take it in stride, realizing that some, but not all men, are interested in it, for no reason which makes sense to her. One act is the natural excretion of bodily wastes, and not inherently erotic, to her, while the other is potentially intimate and pleasurable. But the two functions are not connected, in her view, although they use some of the same body parts. So discovering that a man is making an erotic connection between her pee sounds and her sexuality may not be a turn-on, for her. It will probably not make any difference, but in fact, may make it awkward, for her to relate to that man. She sees her peeing as totally natural, and so she is usually not embarrassed or reluctant to talk about it, at least in general terms, although she may not volunteer intimate details. These three basic attitudes depend heavily on a woman's upbringing, cultural conditioning, and life experiences, and they may vary with specific situations, in the same woman. I think these same basic views may apply to women's attitudes toward being observed, visually, while they pee, although the cultural taboos connected with viewing, or being viewed, are much deeper and more intense, so these situations are more complicated by issues of privacy, especially in the present time. In public bathroom or outdoor situations, involving sound or visual observation, perceived filth, "germophobia," etc., may complicate matters. For example, a woman may want to "hover," squat, or even stand, over a public toilet, to avoid the filth she may associate with touching or sitting on it, but she might have fears of potential embarrassment, if she is heard, or seen, in a very revealing posture, which may give rise to louder, easily identifiable sounds. So she may elect to paper the seat, and sit down, with her legs pressed together, to minimize both. Although I am not aware of any statistics on the popularity or relative prevalence of these attitudes, I have known, and had experiences with real women who have exhibited characteristics of each of them. I will start by posting an experience with a lady who I think was approaching me with an erotic attitude, but I have never been absolutely sure that her views were not simply utilitarian. I plan to post experiences with women who presented more of that, and the other views later, if there is interest among readers. peeingone wrote (1/6/21 3:04 p.m.) @Ppgirl: "Like if you are a guy and let's say that you are good in hearing distance and the bathroom is near you then the girl will pee very loud on purpose and will try to make those sexy pee sounds girls make as much as possible and after she is done with her peeing she will come out of the bathroom and try to look at you to see if you are hard or not. I have noticed a few girls doing that to me and some other guys before." I had an experience which was almost exactly as you describe, many years ago, but I failed to recognize it, at the time. Here it is: "Ellie" was an attractive lady, with whom I worked, in the 1970's and '80's. She had stunningly beautiful legs, which she loved to show off, wearing the shortest of miniskirts throughout the entire decade of the 1970's, and beyond. (Like Ally McBeal on US TV in the late 1990's). She was a few years older than I, recently divorced, and reputed to be a "swinger," at the time. We had many enjoyable, titillating conversations, at work, and eventually began dating, casually, but had not yet slept together, at the time this incident took place. I convinced her to go along with me on a short business trip, to an adjacent state. We knew we would be sleeping together on the trip, and talked about it intimately and enthusiastically, during our day-long drive to our destination. She told me to bring along some "protection", since she was off the pill. (Her steady boyfriend had had a vasectomy, while I had not, at that point.) After checking into the motel, we showered separately and dressed for dinner, all casually and uneventfully, since we had 3 days, and there was no hurry to "jump each other's bones," as the saying went, at the time. We were about to leave for dinner, standing together between the bathroom door and the room door, talking about the restaurant we had chosen, and how far it was from the motel. She asked me how much time it would take to get there. "About a half hour," I said. She turned to me, took my hands in hers, looked deeply into my eyes and said, "I have to "go" before we leave, OK?" Without waiting for my answer, she slipped into the bathroom, pushing the door minimally, to a half-closed position, but still open about a foot, on the knob side, with a lesser gap, on the hinge side. She left it there, as if it didn't really matter to her, since she was just following a social protocol. "Go ahead, get comfortable, we've got plenty of time to make our reservation," I replied, through the half-open door, trying to sound as casual and relaxed as possible. Her manner was a huge (and very welcome) surprise to me, maybe a pleasant shock would be more accurate, since we had not yet slept together, and she was about to pee with no real visual or sound barriers between us! I was accustomed to women nervously closing and locking bathroom doors, and even running tap water to cover their peeing sounds, in similar situations, no matter how "liberated" they pretended to be, in the early to mid 1970's, when "women's liberation" and the "sexual revolution" were becoming popular. The way she looked into my eyes and held my hands when she informed me of her need to pee, made me wonder if she was giving me some sort of invitation. I also wondered why she hadn't peed in complete privacy, without telling me, at all, during the time she had spent showering, and dressing for dinner, behind closed doors. That was my experience with most women I had dated, up to that time. Seeing the half-open door, I was sorely tempted. I really wanted to watch her pee. But I knew that at this delicate point in the relationship, I didn't dare just walk in on her, or stand in the open doorway and watch her, where she could see me. To do so could be considered extremely rude, possibly frightening, creepy, or disgusting to her, thereby ruining what could be a great few days together. And I knew she would tell everyone at work what a sicko pervert I was, if she took it particularly badly. So I was torn between curiosity, lust, and fear. Curiosity and lust won, but I was extremely careful, knowing what I perceived to be the risks. I moved silently to a point near the bathroom door, where I could see through the narrow open space between the hinge and the jamb, yet not be seen easily from her position, on the toilet. I had a perfect right side and partial front view of her, sitting on the toilet, short skirt gathered very high, around her waist, totally out of the way, panties below her knees, with her beautiful, smooth bare thighs fully exposed and separated comfortably, about 3 or 4 inches apart at her knees, and open all the way up to her slit, (which I could not see), very relaxed. She had a length of toilet paper, which she folded slowly and neatly, while she peed, and draped carefully over her left thigh, ready for use, and she was looking down at her thighs, presumably watching her stream, between them, rather than at the door. I could not see her pussy or her stream at this angle, but I could hear everything extremely well. This would have to do. Although she sat in a very relaxed, nonchalant fashion, and her need hadn't seemed urgent when she told me she had to "go," her stream gushed and sprayed forcefully into the bowl, hissing loudly, stopping and re-starting three times, before slowing to a trickle and finally stopping. Although I had heard gallons of female pee, growing up with a mother and three younger sisters, in a small house, with one bathroom, I had never heard anything like this. The gushing and hissing were a fantastic turn-on, and the stopping and starting were incredibly exciting, nearly driving me over the edge, as I imagined her spraying her inner thighs and bum, with a burst, each time she re-started! I also wanted to watch her wipe, since I was confident, in my fantasy, that this spectacular audio performance would have left her thighs and bum quite wet, or at the very least, sprinkled with a few drops, from the hissing sprays, and repeated starts and stops. I wanted to see where that wetness and those dribbles had landed, on her body, and watch how she wiped them away, if she tried to. But I quickly came to my senses and moved discretely away from my vantage point, realizing that if she looked up from her thighs, to the doorway, and caught me too close to the bathroom door, it would give the game away, and all could be lost. I moved a modest distance away from the door, and feigned interest in my road map, while I waited for her to finish peeing and wiping, still able to hear everything going on, in the bathroom. She emerged from the bathroom after a few minutes, still smoothing her skirt, and checking her bare legs in the full length mirror, presumably for dribbles. She looked me up and down, seemingly surprised to see me so far away from the bathroom door, but didn't say anything. I was polite, refraining from making lewd comments, like asking her if everything came out OK. We went to dinner, and slept together, for the first time, that night, and I never mentioned her very erotic peeing. I wanted very much to watch her pee, with her consent, but I had no idea how to approach her. I didn't know if her behavior arose from her seeing her pissing as non-erotic (utilitarian), which was becoming a popular, "natural" view, in the 1970's, or if she was coming from the erotic attitude toward pissing, and testing my interest, or even teasing me, which I had not experienced first hand, at that time. So I never brought the subject up, for fear of being considered as a "perv." by her. I have related this experience to several women friends, in the years since, and all agree that she was testing my interest in her peeing, or teasing me. "Ellie" and I dated, off and on, for about ten years after this incident, and she always peed the same way, when we got back to her house, leaving the bathroom door halfway open, hissing loudly, stopping, and re-starting several times, in one sitting. In all that time, I never summoned the courage to approach her, or ask her about her very erotic peeing style. Dr. P.
  3. Sounds like a very delicate situation. Be careful!
  4. JMY wrote: "Women in a sense dont have that problem,they can piss like a racehorse forever." Although women don't have prostate problems, they do have other conditions which can limit their abilities to "piss like a racehorse." Repeated and/or severe bladder infections, which are very common in women, can restrict or partially block the urethra, with scar tissue, or similar obstructions, so they may have to push, or bear down hard to get their urine to come out, at all. To compensate for this, they may stop and restart frequently, in order to empty their bladders completely. Their flow may come in sharp sprays or gushes, followed by pauses, or it may be a weak series of dribbles, or a weak, continuous stream, going on for a relatively long time. Weakening of pelvic floor muscles, with age, or following childbirth, may give rise to other urinary problems, in women, such as dribbling, or urge incontinence, and structural conditions, such as "dropped bladder," which can radically change the direction of the urine stream, causing it to shoot out forward, under the seat, or splattering it, if they are sitting down. So a substantial fraction of women are not able to "piss like a racehorse forever." Dr.P
  5. @MrTickle, Very interesting, and to me, unusual experience. I would guess that she was testing your reaction, as you surmised. Many women are much less inhibited about actually doing a sexual activity than they are talking about it. Peesex and water sports are unfortunately not widely accepted, in mainstream society (pun intended), so her reluctance to talk about it is quite understandable. She was a very brave girl to actually try it with you, without asking! You're very fortunate, in my view! Since I am into these activities, I have begged several g.f.'s to do what she did with you, with only moderate success. Most of them will allow me to wipe or lick their labia and thighs, after they pee, and some will allow me to put my fingers in their streams, when they are peeing on the toilet. But only a select few will provide me with a drink from their furry cup, in real time. And none of my g.f.'s have initiated any of these activities, on their own, before we discussed them. Dr.P
  6. I, too, am male, so the question is not aimed at me, but I have an opinion, from the observer's point of view. I think a high squat, sometimes close to standing, but with knees bent, or flexed, rather than straight or locked, is the naughtiest, sexiest, and most innately feminine, peeing style for a woman, either outdoors, or indoors, using a toilet or urinal. Examples below. If her stream sprays, or goes out of control, and gets her legs wet, it becomes even more erotic, for me, whether she is aiming it with her fingers, or just letting it flow, naturally. What does she do, when that happens? Does she stop peeing, and adjust her position, etc., or does she do nothing, just letting it happen, and dealing with the wetness or dribbles, later, either by wiping, or shaking? Her actions, or lack of action, may give intimate insights into her personality. The traditional and very common "Naked, low squat with knees up and wide apart. Vulva exposed.." style described by gldenwetgoose doesn't usually do much, for me, erotically. It can also be more difficult for many women to achieve, than the high squat, particularly if they have joint, tendon, or muscle issues in their hips, knees, or legs, brought on by injury, lifestyle, or age. This is one common perk associated with watching mature ladies pee. They often do it in a high squat, because it's the easiest for them! Dr.P
  7. This picture was scanned from an old Shoebox birthday card, which I have. The caption, inside the card, reads: "You've reached the age where the toilet-squatting exercise is the most valuable one you can do." In my admittedly perverse view, I find it erotic, as well as funny, showing a variety of heights and styles of toilet squats. The lady in the front is particularly attractive, showing a view of her bare, inner thigh, above the top of her stocking.
  8. @gldenwetgoose, Great story! Thanks for writing! I love the way the suspense builds, throughout the story. Very interesting to know that Lisa was aware of the photographer's kink, very early in the story. I think this insight is true for many women, but men, myself, especially, are often unaware of the depth of their insight into our interests. Thanks for bringing this out. Dr.P
  9. This problem is probably uncommon or even rare, among younger women, particularly among those who have not given birth, but I think it is quite common in middle-aged and older women. I have heard many complaints from my wife, and women friends about this problem. Weakness of the pelvic floor muscles is usually cited as a common cause, and the Kegel exercises are recommended as a helpful solution. I have felt free to use it in my fictional and non-fictional stories posted on Pee Fans. Although these complaints are anecdotal, non-scientific evidence, there is a significant mainstream (pun intended) industry in the States, dealing with the problem, and advertising fairly heavily on US TV, for the past several years. The two main suppliers of "bladder leak" underwear appear to be "Depends" and "Always Discrete." My favorite commercial of this genre is that of Sandra Thigpen, a very pretty, middle-aged Jamaican actress. It was very popular, a few years ago, but I haven't seen it very often, lately. I miss it! Here is a link to it: https://www.ispot.tv/ad/dOEL/always-discreet-boutique-protected-and-pretty As to male problems in this regard, I can personally attest to the fact that age, prostate enlargement, and other prostate problems, can contribute heavily to the problem. I have been experiencing them, myself, for a couple of decades, as have many of my male friends. Dr.P
  10. @very thirsty, I have had similar experiences with one or two of my g.f.'s, associated with drinking. "Lisa's" nectar tasted exceptionally good, when we both had been drinking vodka and tonic.
  11. I am older than most of this group, so my tastes are old fashioned, by comparison. I was born and raised in a very different world, and my tastes reflect my experiences in that world. I am most into watching and listening to women pee in toilets or urinals, either sitting, squatting, or standing, the messier, the better. If they are partially clothed, wearing stockings, and panties slipped to mid thigh, and stretched by their open legs, with a skirt or dress lifted high enough to show the action, that adds to the thrill, for me. Seeing a woman's thighs get wet, with her pee, puts me over the top, for a sexual thrill, whether it happens accidentally, or deliberately. I fantasize about licking her "dry," as I have done, many times, in reality. This is one of my favorite activities. I also like drinking, directly from the source, although I have had only limited experience with this. After some reflection, I think that perceived intimacy is part of my attraction to women peeing in bathroom settings. There is a strong expectation of privacy associated with those settings, so seeing what a woman actually does in those situations is an extremely intimate look into one of the most private aspects of her life. I also like watching women pee outdoors; sitting on the running boards of cars, with the doors open, is another favorite. Or simply standing, or peeing in a high squat, with a skirt or dress up, also lights my fire. Dr. P
  12. @Puddyls, Thanks for your latest series of photos. Your pantyhose help to accentuate the incredible beauty of your sexy, lovely legs. Stunning! I always look forward to your posts. Dr. P.
  13. @Louise87, I would also love to hear the other encounter. I'm 80, but still very interested!
  14. I agree! Striking resemblance to a former g.f. of mine! Wish I could find the source, or the name of the model. Dr. P.
  15. @felicia1234: Yes, listening to women pee is one of my favorite things, second only to watching. I also find it fascinating. I have posted some of my experiences here, on this site, several times, beginning in July of 2017. I love trying to guess women's peeing styles (sitting, squatting, standing), their state of urgency, as well as the force and direction of their streams, from their sounds. I also love it if they stop and restart. I have heard many, many more women pee, in real life, than I have had the privilege or good luck to watch. In addition to lovers, and my wife, they include casual friends and perfect strangers. Dr.P

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