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    Lifelong interest in female peeing, since childhood. Love the sight, sound, smell and taste of women's pee. Fascinated by women's peeing styles, (sitting, squatting, standing) and try to guess the preferred styles of women I meet, as well as those of celebrities, news anchors, etc., based on their body language, how they sit normally, etc.

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    Watching women pee. Erotic peeing styles.
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    There were several, but I would have to say that "Lisa's" drink, which she gave me after happy hour, was near the top. Her moonlight waterfall was a close second. "Melissa" (not yet introduced) put on a very erotic show for me in the bathroom, on the occasion of our reunion, after 3 years apart, which will be reported soon. "Ellie's" hissing, stopping and starting, the time I watched her on our trip, would be next, and "Jeanie's" standing pee style was quite unique, and can't be neglected. .

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  1. My mother and 3 younger sisters usually peed with the door open, unless my father, or other males, from outside the family, were present. I learned, early on, that this was not a common custom, in other families, where the women and girls usually closed and even locked the bathroom door. A few of them would carry on conversations through closed doors, while peeing. The extremely modest ones would run tap water to cover their sounds. The girls I dated, as a teenager in the 1950's behaved similarly. Finally, in the 1970's, a lady I dated, from work, when we were both in our thirties, left t
  2. More than 80 years ago, literally at my mother's knee! (lol)
  3. Dr.P


    Love your very pretty muffin and your pose, with your lips and legs slightly open, like you're ready to release one of your very sexy streams! I never tire of seeing your lovely muffin and your beautiful thighs. They're always unique. Thanks for sharing this view.
  4. I have had occasional dreams about watching girls or women I know pee, virtually all of my life. The first one I remember was of a woman who lived across the street from our house, peeing a strong, wide yellow stream, while standing up in her shower. I watched it come out forwards, and run down her legs. I am guessing that I was 5 or 6 years old, at the time.
  5. @Fan of girls peeingI agree with you that the psychology of girls, with respect to their pee sounds, is quite complicated, and is made more so by their conditioning by misguided parents, and others. I believe it caused a lot of needless anxiety in my generation, and some later ones. The motivations of the people doing the guiding is as complicated and questionable as the results, in those who are being guided or conditioned, as you indicate.
  6. Yes, you're absolutely right about that, for girls in that situation, aware that guy(s) to whom they are not attracted may be able to hear their sounds. But there is another group, probably more abundant and common, in my generation, who hide their sounds from guys they like, because they have been conditioned to believe their sounds are unattractive. Two of my best g.f.'s were in this group. One ran tap water to cover her sounds, while another peed as quietly as possible, at times in our relationships when they were very attracted to me. I found this out much later, when I discussed it with t
  7. @Fan of girls peeingI believe that some girls don't think their pee sounds are hot, at all, but embarrassing, so they try to hide them. It's hard to tell which group a girl identifies with, unless you know her very well.
  8. @BlindListenerI have heard the whistling sound, on rare occasions. Wish I could refer you to a recording, but I haven't found any.
  9. @Fan of girls peeingYes, it is very hard to respond to presumed teases, or strong negative reactions, all of which may be faked, for one reason, or another. That was one reason why I didn't relate to "Ellie" about leaving the door open. I had heard that openness about peeing, was a tenet of some newly "liberated" women of the '70's, who thought of peeing as a natural act, completely devoid of sexual connotations, either positive or negative. So if I revealed that it was a turnon for me, she could possibly be offended, in that context, and I could lose the opportunities I did have, to listen to
  10. @Fan of girls peeingVery interesting and exciting story. Thanks for sharing. I'm sure she was trying to get a reaction out of you, at the very least. It seems that attitudes toward peeing have changed a lot, toward the more permissive, over the past several decades. Indicating an interest in peeing was a big taboo, especially for women, when I was your age, although it was still there, not far under the surface. Some girls thought it was sexy and exciting, but a large majority were conditioned to believe that it was dirty, disgusting, perverse, or all of the above. And many guys followed this
  11. I don't remember any of the women in these situations looking pointedly at my pants or my face. In different situations, like in bars, at happy hour, I could sometimes get looks or comments by asking if everything came out OK, or saying "That was quick," or "You really had to go!,"etc. On rare occasions, when a girl was aware that I had heard her sounds, she might say something like, "That was a big relief!" or something similar, to engage me, or dare me to comment. I didn't always know how to respond to those situations, unless I knew the girl very well. For example, I once asked a girl, who
  12. I am aware of, and agree with you on all of the social factors you list. Among girls whom I never dated, I rarely got to talk to them, on an intimate level, so I have no idea whether they tried to hide their sounds from me, especially if they succeeded. A few other more or less Platonic female friends have shared low-key pee stories with me, commented on how bad they had to pee, etc., so I was made aware that peeing is a potentially erotic act, to some of them, whether it involves hearing or seeing. So I can only guess. The interesting ones, to me, are those who make no attempt to hide their s
  13. One of several, all of whom became long-time g.f.'s, ran tap water to cover her pee sounds, in her apartment, when we first started dating. When I asked her about it, much later in our relationship, she claimed she was just getting the water warm, to wash her hands. It took a long time for her to allow me to come in the bathroom with her, and watch her pee, which she insisted on doing, with her thighs pressed tightly together, so I couldn't see anything interesting. Still later, when we had broken up and gotten back together, she began doing it with her legs open, so I could see everything. Sh
  14. That dental hygienist never tried to hide her pee sounds from me, to the best of my knowledge. I was her first appointment of that day. She was very relaxed with me, as she set up the chair, saying things like, "That's going to piss me off!" before making an adjustment, etc. We had known each other, for several years. I now think the other woman, whom I call "Ellie," probably had a pee fetish, and wanted to see if I shared her interest. She repeated this behavior many times, over our long, but intermittent relationship. Many other women exhibited some of the behaviors you describe, with m
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