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    Lifelong interest in female peeing, since childhood. Love the sight, sound, smell and taste of women's pee. Fascinated by women's peeing styles, (sitting, squatting, standing) and try to guess the preferred styles of women I meet, as well as those of celebrities, news anchors, etc., based on their body language, how they sit normally, etc.

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    Watching women pee. Erotic peeing styles.
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    There were several, but I would have to say that "Lisa's" drink, which she gave me after happy hour, was near the top. Her moonlight waterfall was a close second. "Melissa" (not yet introduced) put on a very erotic show for me in the bathroom, on the occasion of our reunion, after 3 years apart, which will be reported soon. "Ellie's" hissing, stopping and starting, the time I watched her on our trip, would be next, and "Jeanie's" standing pee style was quite unique, and can't be neglected. .

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  1. One of my first posts on PeeFans was on this subject, based on experiences with a g.f., "Melissa," long ago. The post was a short fictional story, based on real experiences, when I was licking her. As she neared orgasm, she would occasionally stop me, warning "If you keep on licking that spot, your face might get awfully wet, in a few seconds! I feel like I'm going to pee!" My usual response was, "Go for it! I'd love it" She would eventually have her orgasm, but I never tasted a drop of pee, or female ejaculate, etc. So it is possible that the fluid didn't come out, at all, or went b
  2. Allison Janney was on the Jimmy Kimmel show, to promote her Net Flix action movie, "Lou," last Thursday night. She described the rigors of her physical training for the movie, and the extremely wet environment (rain) in which much of it takes place. Without questions or prompting from the host, she then volunteered a relatively long and detailed description of how she eventually decided to pee discreetlly on the set, in costume, although the movie does not have any overt pee scenes. Her description has unfortunately not been included in any transcripts of that interview that I have seen,
  3. The sharp, and sometimes melodious hiss of a female pee, originating at the source. Gushing restarts, after stopping, add to the effect. Splattering off of hard surfaces is also good, as is tinkling in the water of the toilet or urinal, which can give evidence of the force of the stream.
  4. @pguy2981, From previous, similar experiences, at work, I believe that your perceptions of your co-worker's desires and motivations are spot on, but I understand your needs for caution, especially at work. I think your current strategy of letting her take the lead is working, but there is a danger that she may eventually lose interest, if you wait too long. So a story of one of your past experiences may be appropriate, but context and timing are crucial. I once dated a girl at work, whom I have named "Ellie," in my posts about her, who had the interesting habit of leaving the bathroom do
  5. I realize that I probably fall in the minority, in this forum, but I do not find the use of conventional, Western style toilets to be automatically boring, in pee porn. They can contribute to an illusion of intimacy. She may be peeing in a style which she actually uses, in private. I find that very erotic, especially if it is messy, spraying her legs, the seat or floor, or her clothing, either accidentally or intentionally, while she sits, squats, or stands on, or over the toilet. I feel that I may be witnessing actions that she takes, when she has an expectation of complete privacy, as she mi
  6. I will add my 2 cents worth to the knickers, panties, pants, discussion, from an ancient US perspective, the Midwestern US, in the late 1940's, when I was a boy, in elementary school. In that environment, I sometimes wore outer pants, which reached below the knee, to the tops of my boots, as snow gear, in winter. They were only worn by males, to the best of my knowledge, and were called "knickers," probably because they had elastic bands or straps, below the knees, to hold them in place. So the use of the same term as a name for short, female undergarments has always seemed strange and puzzlin
  7. @Takashi96, and Eliminature, Thanks for the tip on the Brit meaning of "pants," and women's feelings about "panties." I was not aware of those. @CarbOnBased, "I know "wee-wee" almost entirely as a word that children use, or adults use when talking to children. I wasn't aware that it once was common among adults as well. And I've never heard of a "wee-wee fountain"--that's interesting to hear that female peeing was referenced so openly when describing something that is in itself totally "clean" and everyday." Yes, "wee-wee" was used among adult women, when talking among themselves, ev
  8. @Takashi96, I have also lived in the United States, since birth, but I am well aware that many of the members here reside in the UK. So I often include UK equivalent words, parenthetically, in my posts, "bum" for butt, "knickers" for panties, "suspenders" for garters, etc., just for clarity. I have tried to avoid the use of the word "cunt" because many people, especially women, find it offensive, both in the US and UK. Although the single word "wee" is not widely used in the States, The hyphenated word, "wee-wee" was very popular and widely used, in my mother's generation (roughly 1920-19
  9. I have very rarely dreamed about needing to pee, myself, or actually peeing, but I have often dreamed of watching women pee, or attempting to watch them, unsuccessfully. I still remember my first such dream, which happened when I was probably eight to ten years old, just becoming aware of the sexual connotation of peeing. In my dream, I walked into a neighbor lady's house, which I often did, in reality, because her son was a playmate. I found my way to her bathroom, and saw her standing in the shower, located in the tub, peeing a thick, powerful, ragged, dark yellow, stream, straight down, bet
  10. @steve25805, I don't disbelieve your statistics, at all, but I think we have observed different groups of ladies, in terms of average age, health, physical condition, etc., since I am some 20 or more years older than you. Some of my lady friends have arthritis, or other conditions, which limit their ability to get down into a squat, or get back up, afterward. And some have simply told me that squatting all the way down, was far more effort than they were willing to put into something as simple as peeing.
  11. @kitty and mimi, Love your colorfully worded choices, in your survey, but I think your descriptions of personality types may be overly simple. Peeing can be a complex act, for at least some women, and several personality traits may influence the style she chooses.
  12. More than muscle strength is required to do a full, flat-footed squat. Hamstring length, strength, and flexibility are also required, among other attributes, like lumbar flexibility and strength. I am a Western male, and have done a lot of weight training, over my thankfully long life. I don't remember any age at which I could do a full, flat-footed squat. I have always ended up on the balls of my feet. I had one gf who could easily maintain a flat-footed squat, for as long as she wanted to. She is of Caucasian ancestry, and was born and raised in the States, using Western toilets, almost excl
  13. @kitty and mimi, Your survey looks well designed and informative. Hope you get a large number of responses from the ladies here. Wish I could respond, but I don't qualify.
  14. I have made the same observations as Havelock and others about forward stream directions from Asian women. My wife is also of Asian descent, and I have noticed that Japanese squat toilets are fitted with deflector shields at the front, to keep the streams confined to the toilets. Very astute observation and design by the Japanese, to fit the actual needs of women users, of that ethnicity. Western toilet designs have problems, in this area, and I believe they are all created by men. I remember my mother shouting "Bend over, so you don't get the seat wet!" when she toilet trained my three y
  15. My first, I think, was Patches Place, as many of you have mentioned. My long-time favorite was Elite Gold, where I posted a lot of stories, both real and fictional, and received excellent feedback, little or no hostility, and formed friendships, even met a gf, there. I was very sad to see that it has disappeared. Don't know what happened to it. Visited Newbie Nudes, for a while, after EG, and then found Pee Fans, several years ago.
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