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    Lifelong interest in female peeing, since childhood. Love the sight, sound, smell and taste of women's pee. Fascinated by women's peeing styles, (sitting, squatting, standing) and try to guess the preferred styles of women I meet, as well as those of celebrities, news anchors, etc., based on their body language, how they sit normally, etc.

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    Watching women pee. Erotic peeing styles.
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    There were several, but I would have to say that "Lisa's" drink, which she gave me after happy hour, was near the top. Her moonlight waterfall was a close second. "Melissa" (not yet introduced) put on a very erotic show for me in the bathroom, on the occasion of our reunion, after 3 years apart, which will be reported soon. "Ellie's" hissing, stopping and starting, the time I watched her on our trip, would be next, and "Jeanie's" standing pee style was quite unique, and can't be neglected. .

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  1. My First Real Pee Sighting By Dr.P This experience took place during my first year in California, in my late twenties, in the late 1960's. It was very impressive to me, and I remember all of the details, even though it happened roughly 50 years ago. I had lived my whole life in the Midwest, prior to that time, with few opportunities for actual sightings of women, who were strangers to me, peeing, with their streams and/or lady parts visible to me, in my adult life. I had a few distant views of women squatting, or preparing to squat, beside roads, or in corn fields, and I was well aware of what they were doing, but I couldn't see anything interesting. Although I had a lifelong interest in women's peeing, I had seen very little. The internet had not yet been invented, but I had seen some black and white porn photos of women peeing on toilets. I was quite naive, and had no idea that women could pee, while standing up. I got my wife to try it once, when we were newlyweds, but it sprayed her thighs, and ran down her legs, so she got mad and refused to try it again, although she still let me watch her pee, while sitting down, any time I wanted to. This all changed one weekend, when my wife and I visited a tourist attraction, I think it was Marine Land, with its views and shows of aquatic life. It has long since disappeared from the local scene. There was a large parking lot in front of the gated entrance to the pavilion where the aquatic shows were put on. It wasn't just a huge expanse of asphalt, like most of them are, today. It had islands of grass and trees, with picnic benches, etc., so families could spend a day there. On the other hand, the restroom facilities were located inside the gates, so people had to buy a ticket, to use them. As my wife and I approached the pavilion, with the large, milling crowd, I noticed a family, ahead of us, a young man and woman, probably in their twenties, with a small child, in a stroller that they were pushing, accompanied by a much older woman, possibly in her early sixties, who was most likely the grandmother of the child. They appeared to be of Southeastern European ethnicity. I was able to catch bits and pieces of their conversations, but I couldn't identify their language. It wasn't Spanish, Italian, or Greek, any of which I would have recognized, from my youth, growing up in Chicago. It sounded vaguely Slavic, possibly Slovenian or Romanian, and I couldn't understand a single word of it. As we neared the gate to the pavilion, the older woman hung back from the young family, stopped, and stood straight up, totally still, rooted to one spot, in one of the grassy islands, with her bare legs spread as far apart as her knee-length dress would allow. Her posture alerted me, immediately, so I adjusted my pace and direction to keep her in my view. It was late afternoon, on a warm Fall day, so the Sun was low in the sky. As I approached her from the rear, I noticed a single, neat, round, well controlled pee stream coming out from under her dress, into the grass, midway between her legs. The setting sun illuminated her stream , and made it sparkle or glow, a little, and therefore even easier to see. As I moved around to her side, I could see that her stream was directed forward, hitting the ground, in front of her feet, almost like a guy's would have, although her body showed that she was definitely a woman, and not unattractive. She wasn't obese, but her lower belly protruded forward far enough to stretch her dress away from her body and legs, in the front, so her dress wasn't getting wet, while she peed. She didn't have her hands under her dress, so she wasn't aiming her stream with her fingers, spreading her lips. I had to admire her skill at peeing, which indicated that she had done this previously. She was standing on grass, so her pee wouldn't splatter, as it would have, on pavement, getting her legs and feet wet, and giving her secret away. I assumed that she was not wearing panties, or her stream would not be so neat, and well controlled, and would probably have sprayed or sprinkled more, in multiple directions, and run down her legs, as soon as she started to pee. I was surprised that her stream was single and neat, rather than more ragged and spraying, like the streams of the few other women I had seen pee, at that time in my life. This was quite a revelation to me, in itself. She was well aware of her surroundings, and she noticed me, when I stopped and stared at her, fascinated by the fact that she was doing this in public, in the middle of a large crowd. She glared at me, but did not stop peeing, or show signs of embarrassment, or try to cover up. She simply took a step or two forward, with her legs still spread wide apart, while her stream continued to flow, between them. I turned my head and moved a few steps away, behind other people, but then stole another glance at her, as soon as I could. The steady stream was no longer visible beneath her dress, but was now a single rivulet, continuing to run neatly down her right leg, wetting the back of her knee, then her calf and ankle, as it continued, with its strength waning. I wondered at the fact that she didn't seem to mind getting her leg wet, in the process of relieving herself, outdoors, in a crowd. Why wasn't she embarrassed? It occurred to me that she must have been very desperate, to choose to do it this way. Or was she just accustomed to doing it like this, in her home country, where public facilities were few and far between, and wet legs were an experience shared by most women? At that point, I had to continue on with the crowd, toward the gate, to keep up with my wife. Needless to say, I did not share my observations with her. When we got very close to the gate, I noticed the young parents and the child waiting for the woman, outside the gate. They all talked excitedly, with many gestures, when she approached them. Although I couldn't understand a word that they said, I guessed that she told them why and where she had stopped, since she pointed at her wet leg, and gestured toward the grassy island where she had peed, during the conversation. The young couple gestured and pointed toward the gate, and must have told her that there were restrooms available inside, so she didn't have to do it outdoors. This incident was very exciting to me, because of the intimacy of the moment that I experienced with this woman. Although she was not young or hot, but still somewhat attractive, with nice legs, I found her behavior very sexy, and I was drawn to her. I would like to have known more about her, and her experiences, over her life, as well as her choice of clothing, and her decision to urinate outside, in the middle of a crowd. Apparently, this was not a unique incident for her. It was logical to assume that she planned for this possibility, by wearing a dress, with no stockings or panties underneath, to make it a lot easier. But of course, that may have been her custom, in her home country, anyway. And she was well aware of the advantage of choosing a grassy location to pee, so it wouldn't splatter, and give her secret away. So it was possible that women in her homeland urinated in public, in the same way that she did, and thought nothing of it. These old memories are still a turn-on, and a source of curiosity for me, to this day. Dr.P
  2. Dr.P


    @puddyls, I have no idea why you're wired like this, but I thank goodness that you are! Thanks so much for sharing! You seem to have an innate ability and skills to show your lovely legs and body to best advantage, in the most erotic views, whether in upskirts, wetting, or peeing, and your skills seem to be improving, with time. Thanks again for posting, and keep up the excellent work! xxx Dr.P
  3. @puddyls, Wow! Thanks for another very erotic contribution to this thread, in your three beautiful photos, two front, and one top view, of a perfect, classic example of the "Legs Together" style of women's peeing! The three camera angles provide a very tantalizing tease, almost, but not quite, revealing what is going on between your incredibly beautiful thighs. Your thighs are so lovely that I would not be able to resist hugging and kissing them, while you pee! You look so delicious and lovable! I would love to lick you dry, when you are done. xoxo
  4. @puddyls, A note, added to my previous post: Your sexy pose, or style, reminds me of the style of a favorite, long-term gf, from my distant past. She sat in the same basic pose, as you do, in this photo, and her stream sometimes deviated toward her left thigh, like yours, often leaving some delicious little dribbles on her leg, for me to wipe or lick off. You brought back some great memories for me! Thanks again for your post! xoxo Dr.P
  5. @puddyls, You certainly do remember how to do this right, sitting with your legs open comfortably, and your stream off center, between them, putting some sexy, tasty little dribbles on your inner thighs! I also love seeing your pink and black panties stretched between your knees, a practical, and pretty, feminine touch, showing the reality of the scene. I absolutely LOVE it! One of my all time favorite, classic ladies' peeing poses, or styles. I love your pretty little slit, with just a little bit of hair above and around it, too! Thanks for a very lovely, erotic photo! xoxo Dr.P
  6. @puddyls, Many thanks for the beautiful, very erotic photo (at least in my view!). Yours is the most perfect example of the "Naturally Discrete" peeing pose that I have ever seen. Very different and interesting to see it from the woman's point of view, "top down," as compared to straight-on frontal, or some other angle, which I also like. Love the pink and black panties, at your knees, too. A very feminine, pretty touch. And your thighs are incredibly smooth and beautiful, as always. Thanks again! xxx Dr.P
  7. @Grizzly Man: Thanks for your photos of the lovely lady. She is showing a perfect, classic example of a subset of the "Legs Together" peeing style, which I have named "Naturally Discrete," since her lovely upper thighs are together, hiding the action between them, while her knees are separated. This is a very erotic, and common style, in my view. It could be associated with even more conflicting emotions and motivations than the straight up "Legs Together" style, or it may simply be the result of female anatomy or body type. Some of my questions for ladies who pee in this style would be, 1. Is this just your natural, relaxed peeing style, which you have never thought much about, or cared much about? You are neither overly modest, nor shy, nor exhibitionistic, about your peeing. 2. Would you really rather be peeing with your legs open, or apart, from your knees, all the way to your groin, but your anatomy won't allow it, since the seat squeezes your upper thighs together, because of their fullness, or their softness? 3. Or are you basically very modest, or shy, intentionally using the closing of your upper thighs to hide your lady parts, your pee stream, and its interactions with your body, and the toilet? 3a. If this describes your feelings, why don't you press the entire lengths of your thighs tight together, hiding everything, from groin to knees, as some women do? 4. Or does your pee tend to spray, sprinkle, or gush, wetting your legs, your clothing, or the seat, so you are attempting to hide those messy characteristics, and confine it to wetting only your upper, inner thighs, by keeping them together, while allowing your legs to relax, with your knees apart, while you pee? I am very sure there are more questions associated with this peeing style, but I think this is a start. Hope to read more comments here, especially from you ladies, who may themselves use this peeing style. Dr.P
  8. @FatYoda: Thanks for posting this very erotic collage of photos. No, you are not the only one who goes crazy over photos like this, particularly in this pose, and slight variants of it. I am a fellow admirer of them, have been for a long time. I think they fascinate me so much because they stimulate my imagination, about exactly what is actually going on down there, as suggested by a long time female friend. I always mull over these questions: How is her pee coming out, in detail? Is her pee directed forward, possibly wetting the insides and backs of her thighs, in the area that we can't see? Is it directed straight down, into the toilet? Or, is it directed backward, possibly wetting her bum? Is it a single, round stream? Or a ragged, flat spray? Or some other form, like a multi-directional gush? How forceful is her stream? Does it emit an audible hiss? Does the direction, character, sound, and force of her stream vary, while she is peeing? What parts of her anatomy will she have to wipe, when she is done peeing? This last question has always fascinated me the most, about girls who choose to pee in this specific style. How can they avoid getting their legs, and other parts of their bodies wet? Or do they intentionally use this style to confine the wetting to their inner thighs and bum, and conceal it from themselves and others, with this modest pose? To me, this is a treasure trove of psychological, as well as anatomical and physiological questions for women, and the men who love seeing how they pee. Dr.P
  9. @puddyls, I love your wet panties, and the dribbles, clinging between your inner thighs! Yumm! xxx
  10. A Holiday Selfie. Part 3. A "Wet" Valentine. (Short) by Dr.P Summary: She sends me another video, as promised in Part 2, in which she pees, while squatting low over the toilet, as I remember her doing, when she had to use public facilities, long ago, when we were together. Her hiss can be heard, and she explains, in a detailed, ongoing narrative, how she prepares to pee, when she has to squat. Her narrative continues, as the video shows her actually peeing, and having difficulties controlling her spraying stream. She gets very wet, as a result, and the video shows her efforts at cleanup. I describe this second video, and relay a phone conversation that I have with her about it, in intimate detail. Sure enough, I find another e-mail from her, with a video attached, a few days later. The subject line says, "Happy Valentine's Day," and in her note to me, she says, "My physical therapist says I'm getting much better, as you'll see in this video. I can do something now, that I told you I couldn't do, and haven't done, in more than a year. Hope you like watching me do it! You used to beg me to do it, all the time, and now, I can do it again! You'll see what it is, in the video! It's my Valentine's gift to you." I am quite intrigued and excited by her tease, and open the video immediately. As this one begins, she is already in the bathroom, standing in front of the toilet. The field of view of the camera is at the height of the toilet, and quite close to it. I'm guessing that she placed her phone on the chair that they have in the bathroom, to help disabled patients, in the shower. Her voice comes on for the first time, in the video: "I have to get situated, here, so I can show you how I do this. I still do it pretty much the same way as I did, back when we were together, and I have to do the same things to get ready. First, I have to get my clothes out of the way, so they don't get wet." She lifts her nightie and wraps it around her waist, then slips her panties down her legs, below her knees. "Then I have to get my lips open, so it comes out straight, without spraying, too much. If my lips are stuck together, it can spray everywhere, and make a mess." "The hard part comes next: I have to squat down, close enough to the seat, so I don't do it on the floor, or get the seat wet, and I have to spread my legs wide enough so that they don't get wet, but not so far apart that it sprays. I don't know why it does that, when I spread my legs really wide, but it always has. Everything has to be just right." She opens her slit with two fingers, and then lets her lips relax, before lowering herself, until her thighs and bum are only a couple of inches above the seat, where she stops, and opens her legs until her thighs are about an inch or two apart, exactly as I remember her doing it, when she showed me how she squatted in public Ladies' rooms, when we were together, long ago. She takes a wad of t.p. in her hand, to get it ready, and keeps her nightie in place, around her waist, with her other hand. Her voice comes on again, in the video, "Well, now that I have everything ready, here it comes! Hope you like the view! Be careful so you don't get wet!" She winks and grins at the camera. Her stream separates her lips in a powerful, flat spray, midway between her thighs, hissing more loudly than it does, when she pees, sitting down. It goes so far forward that it splatters off the front edge of the bowl in the gap in the institutional-style seat, sprinkling her inner thighs and knees with some fine drops. "Wow! I had to go even more than I thought I did!" She comments. She leans forward slightly, to prevent the splatter, and continues to pee. Then her stream wanders sideways, instantly wetting her left thigh, from her slit to her knee. She shifts sideways, in an effort to control this, and it sprays her right thigh, before she eventually, gets it back in the middle, going into the toilet, between her legs. "That was messy! I forgot how hard it was to control my stream, when I squat to do it. I'll have to practice doing this, more! Wish you were here to wipe me, or lick my legs for me!" She says, in the video, with a big smile, and a wink. Her stream finally weakens and becomes round and well behaved, but it still wanders sideways, and wets her inner left thigh, in her thigh gap, before it stops, momentarily. Then it spurts a few more drops, at the end. I wish I could catch them in my mouth, as I watch them sprinkle her inner thighs. She spreads her legs to show me all of the dribbles on her thighs, her bum, and the seat, does the best she can to wipe some of them away, while she is still squatting, then stands up, and takes more t.p. from the roll, to wipe her legs and the seat. She is careful to keep all of her wiping in the view of the camera. "See how wet I am! Now I really wish you were here to help with the cleanup." After watching this latest video, I am very curious about many of the details of how she did it, and want to congratulate her on the improvement in her leg strength. So I call her on the phone. "Happy Valentine's Day to you, too! Thanks very much for your latest video. It's incredibly sexy! A wonderful, very different Valentine! And congratulations on getting some strength back in your lovely legs." "You're very welcome! Glad you liked it! It was so messy, and I got so wet, that I almost didn't send it to you! But I remembered that you liked it best, when I got the wettest!" "That's true! How did you find out that your legs were strong enough to squat, again? Did you try it before you made the video?" "Yes. It was kind of an accident, again. I sort of had to squat, one day, or I would have wet myself. When I was teasing you about it, on the phone, I had already done it that time, so I knew I could do it. " "Sounds like an interesting story." I'd love to hear it!" "I knew you would, so I'll tell you all about it, right now, if you have time to listen." "There's nothing I'd rather hear, or do." "One of my room mates had a woman visitor, who stayed all afternoon. When she was ready to leave, she took it upon herself to use our patients' bathroom, even though it's against the rules, here. I had to go bad, because I was waiting for her to leave, for a long time. So I got in that bathroom, as soon as she left, with my nightie up, around my waist, and my panties down, ready to sit down, and go!" "But luckily, I looked down at the toilet seat first. Apparently, this woman had squatted or stood, when she went, and peed all over the seat, without wiping it. The seat was totally wet, with little puddles of pee, not just a few dribbles, like a lot of women leave. So there was no way that I could sit down, in that mess! I would have had to clean all of that up, if I wanted to sit down, a very dirty, disgusting job. But I also had to go so bad, by that time, that I would have wet my own panties, and had it running down my legs, while I was cleaning the seat." "So I decided to try squatting above the seat, like I did, back in the day, when you and I were together. I didn't know if I could still do that, after breaking my hip, but I had to try. The therapist had told me that my legs were much stronger, lately, so I figured I had a good chance. So I lowered myself carefully, over the toilet, used one of the grab bars, for balance, and just let fly. It worked very well, although I have to admit that I added a little to the pee drops on the seat, when it sprayed. I hadn't squatted to do it in so long that I forgot how! When I was done, I took a big wad of tissue and just wiped the whole seat, so my room mates wouldn't blame me for making the mess, and flushed it all away." "After this was over, I thought about you, and I knew that you would have loved to watch what I did in the bathroom, that time, since you always begged me to squat, when I went, while you were watching. Guess I need to practice some more, so I don't make such a mess, when I do it for you again." "I always wanted you to squat, so I could really see how it came out, more than I could see, when you were sitting down, especially when you kept your legs together. There is nothing I'd rather do more than help you get back in practice, squatting when you pee, by doing the cleanup! I would choose to lick you, instead of wiping you, if you would let me!" "We'll have to talk about that, if I can ever get out of here, and go home. I know I'd like you to lick me a lot, like you used to. I haven't felt anything as good as that, in many years." "All my pleasure!" I replied. "I can't wait to take good care of you, again!" Dr.P
  11. A Holiday Selfie. Part 2 (Very short) By Dr.P Summary: This story relays my phone conversation with her, in which she reveals the most intimate details of how she took and chose the pictures and video, of her peeing in a toilet, which she sent to me, in Part 1. Those details, and her willingness to talk about them openly with me, are at least as erotic, as the pictures and video, themselves. I begin by thanking her for the pictures and video, "Thanks for the lovely, sexy pictures that you sent me. They are beautiful, and your video is over the top, hot!" "You're very welcome! Glad you liked them. You keep those to yourself, now! I don't want them all over the 'net!" "No worries! They're locked away on one of my USB drives, which only I can see." "How did you take them? I didn't know you had such a good camera." "I took them with my new phone! The family got me a phone for Christmas, which can do practically everything. And Tom and Johnny showed me how to take pictures and videos with it." "Thank you again! That was a huge surprise! How did you happen to think of doing that? "Actually, it was kind of an accident, almost a wet accident, if you get my drift!" "Ooh, I'd love to hear about that!" "I thought you would, so I'll tell you the story." "A couple of days ago, I had to go to the bathroom, really bad, and one of my room mates was in there for the longest time. I was playing with my phone, trying to take my mind off of how bad I had to go." "As soon as that door opened, I went for it, taking my phone with me, because I was so desperate, that I forgot to put it down. I lifted up my new nightie, from you, pulled down my panties, and sat down, just like you saw me do, a hundred times, when we were together." "I started going immediately, and it was hissing very loud, because I had to go so bad. It was embarrassing! I was afraid that people would hear it, outside the bathroom." "Ooh, I love your hiss, which I can hear in the video. I wish the still pictures had sound. I think your hiss, and other sounds that happen, when you pee, are very sexy. Why do you think your sounds are embarrassing?" "Because anyone who's listening can hear exactly what I'm doing, while I'm doing it, and even guess how I'm doing it, like whether I'm sitting down or squatting, and if it's going in the toilet, or on the seat, or on the floor. It can be a very intimate, personal thing, which I don't like to share with anyone, except maybe you. I think that's why you like it so much, right?" "Right! I love to hear it, because it adds to the intimacy, and makes me feel very close to you." "I'll send you another video, with sound. I don't mind sharing my pee sounds with you, since they turn you on, so much!" "Looking forward to that! Thanks, in advance." "Anyway, before I even thought of taking the picture I am going to tell you about, and sending it to you, I tried to look down between my legs, to see where it was going, like I always do, so I don't get the seat, or my clothes, or my legs wet, and make a mess. By the way, that's getting to be harder to do, as I get older, and I could use your help with the cleanup even more! But I happened to be holding my phone above my lap, so I couldn't see anything, directly. It was blocking my view." "But somehow, my phone happened to be in camera mode, and I could clearly see my stream, coming out between my legs, in the viewer. I thought of you, in a flash, and took a picture, to show you. I thought you would like it. I kept on watching myself go, in the camera. It seemed like it went on forever." "It started to spray, and it got my leg wet, like you've seen happen, a few times, when you were with me. I remembered how much you used to like that, so I snapped a picture of it sprinkling my leg, and leaving dribbles on it, just for you to wipe or lick, like you used to. I wished that you were here to help me, by actually doing that." "When I was finally done, I spread my legs, to see how wet I was, getting ready to wipe. It had hissed and sprayed a lot, so I was pretty wet, and I remembered how much you loved seeing that. The wetter I was, the better you liked it! So I snapped another picture, just for you, before I wiped myself completely dry, which took a while. I honestly wished you were here to help me, and I would have liked it even better, if you used your tongue!" "Sounds delicious to me. Sorry I had to miss that part of it. I can taste you, in my memory, I swear!" "After I got myself all dry, I took a picture, sitting on the toilet, with my legs apart, like I do, when I go, to show you what a good job I did." "Oh, I thought you took that one before you started going." "No, I took it after I went, and wiped myself. Then, just for fun, I took one, sitting on the toilet, with my legs together, like I used to do it, when I first let you in the bathroom with me. I thought you might enjoy that memory, too. And I also took a couple of pictures of me, in my new nightie, both sitting and standing, as I promised you I would. Hope you still like my legs." "All the pictures were beautiful, and I treasure them. Of course I still love your legs! I'd like to kiss them from your ankles, all the way up, and I will, when I see you! Thank you so much!" "How did you happen to take that fantastic video?" "That was the next day. Both of my room mates were away for tests or therapy, and I had the room and bathroom to myself, for a while. No worries about sounds, or how long I stayed in the bathroom. I could even describe what I was doing, to you, while I was doing it. Glad you liked it so much. I thought you might." We continue talking about other things, for quite a while. She tells me that she is doing well in her physical therapy, her legs are much stronger, and she is able to do more things, on her own. As we conclude our conversation, she teases me, saying, "I may have a surprise for you, if I continue to get better. Watch your e-mail for another video!" "I can't wait!" I reply. Dr.P
  12. @puddyls, I think a woman's wet legs, when she has peed on them, are the sexiest sight, in all the world. Thank you very much for posting so many pictures of your very beautiful legs, when they are wet. Many women seem embarrassed by their wet legs, and don't often show them, in pictures. You are one of the rare exceptions! Thank you again! xoxo Dr.P
  13. @puddyls, Wow! An incredibly sexy set of photos! I love your bare thighs, and a little bit of your hair, showing above your black stockings and panties, in the first photo, as well as the detailed view of your stream, coming out of you, in the third photo. Thanks for posting such an intimate and erotic set. xoxo
  14. @puddyls, I would love to see you on the street, in your morning pants, with the pee stains, whether they were wet or dry. Just seeing your history in those stains would be quite a turn-on. Thanks for posting!
  15. Jayne, Great set of photos, and you are as beautiful as ever. Thanks for posting. I particularly love the photos of you on the toilet. (E7 in this series.) They are very intimate and erotic.
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