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    fascinated by the many aspects of human sexuality,especially the mechanics of urination without a penis.(girly wee wees)

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    How girls pee,like where does it come out?
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    Watching 2 girls pee,each girl watching the other along with me.

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  1. F.W

    Do you have a "type"?

    No,ive always been pretty broad taste.I think if someone shows you an interest its nice to explore that.Often it fails,but its nice.What i mean is wouldnt judge a girl mainly by her looks or body type generally.
  2. F.W

    Penis vs Vulva

    Hmm another tricky one.I guess in basic terms we have the same functions.Urination and reproduction. Just that in males,we have babies in liquid form you could say!Maybe the penis is more "practical"?Its easier to urinate with,i can pee under my coat and no-one can see if im careful,i guess its hard for women to pee discreetly without making a wet mess of themselves?
  3. F.W

    Penis vs Vulva

    No contest is there? Not me by the way!
  4. F.W

    Penis vs Vulva

    Agreed.Its a beautiful part of the body. I wake up some mornings and im quickly reminded of being male,with an erection,for a few seconds after waking,hoping theres a nice warm vulva nearby.Damn it,not,so back to sleep it goes.We have NO control over our erections ladies,just in case you ever wondered.We cant "think" it to erection,it has to "happen" on its own.
  5. F.W


    Riley you sure have an eye for the vulva....this is another beauty.
  6. F.W


    This one is a real stiffener...
  7. F.W

    Penis vs Vulva

    what do you girls think?Im a guy so im biased towards women,but do you agree the vulva is "prettier" than the penis and testicles,all big and lumpy?
  8. F.W


    Oh my word,beautiful.
  9. F.W

    Shaggy&Scooby's corner!!!

    It was a great formula though. A group of teens enter a spooky house or swamp.Theres a local legend of some evil monster.The gang find the evil monster.The evil monster chases the gang round for 15 minutes.The gang uncover the evil monster as the local janitor who is after some long lost treasure. Brilliant,i wish id thought of that.
  10. Id like to see you pee in the snow.If thats what you meant.
  11. F.W

    Shaggy&Scooby's corner!!!

    Scooby ooby doo! When i was a kid i used to like Scooby Doo myself,and the original 1960s Hanna-Barberas are awesome.I think Daphne was my first crush too!
  12. F.W

    Shaggy&Scooby's corner!!!

    Steve,youve heard of "Political correctness"?Thats why.The maid "THOMAS!",is portrayed as a big black mamma type.In this day and age it wouldnt be allowed.Tom and Jerry were my faves too.
  13. F.W

    Penis vs Vulva

    Erm a bit tricky,they both have their uses. Penis good for quick widdle in a shop doorway etc,in a way really you cant do with a vulva,i would think.But the vulva is more aesthetic to look at.
  14. Sadly for us guys,the world of hearing girls having wee wees is basically a closed world!
  15. Yesterday,a Muslim fanatic got onto a tram in the city of Utrecht,and shot 8 people,3 dead,5 wounded.Straight away,it was "we dont know it was a terror attack","we think its a family matter"...As if a guy opening fire on a tram isnt terrifying enough,they immediately try to draw it back from the automatic assumption its an Islamic attack...If the guys Islamic,and hes shot 8 people ona tram,its an Islamic attack. So,where is the media,screaming how wicked he is?How he must be a Muslim supremacist? But really annoying is the attempt to label him ANYTHING other than a Muslim fanatic.It makes me vomit.Its already taking about 4th place on the news.Yet we they are still speaking about the NZ attack.Which was of course wicked. Ok,lets have sympathy for Holland.