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    West Yorkshire,GB.
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    fascinated by the many aspects of human sexuality,especially the mechanics of urination without a penis.(girly wee wees)

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    How girls pee,like where does it come out?
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    Watching 2 girls pee,each girl watching the other along with me.

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  1. F.W. you doin ok? Haven't heard from you in a while

    1. gldenwetgoose


      @Audrey81 - Unfortunately F.W is no longer a member, as of the early part of this year.  Hence the silence.

    2. Audrey81


      Oh okay 😕 

  2. F.W

    Without nudity?

    I found this while trawling YouTube.I have NO idea what its about.Yet,isnt this one of the most arousing women you ever saw?You can bet she had a wee just before this scene i bet!
  3. This is because of political correctness.All flights from China should have been stopped,and Chinese people banned from travelling. Also,its because of the disgusting eating habits of the Chinese.Its thought this virus comes from eating bats.Among animal populations,there are many viruses that exist that those creatures have evolved to live with,yet if another species,say,humans,encounters it,it can mutate quickly and become lethal.This is down to wildlife crimes that no-one tried to stop.
  4. F.W

    Sexy dreams.

    Do women have "wet dreams",of a kind?
  5. It would be good if any of our lovely ladies can remember their first period.Id love to know how it impacts upon a girls life.How old etc.
  6. F.W


    If anyone has any of Mariah Carey,like this,please post.One of these pictures isnt really her.(as far as i know) I like to imagine she pees like a racehorse..
  7. F.W


    Ready for my golden shower mariah!
  8. F.W


    The way those black panties hug your mound of venus,oh my!
  9. F.W


    I wasnt complaining though.posed is just as nice!
  10. F.W


    I wish there were more genuine upskirt shots available.Girls in parks unaware etc,these are lovely but posed..Its not the upskirt itself,but the idea shes unaware.I guess very tricky to obtain.
  11. That would sure require some skilled flying by the girl bat!
  12. This wont be everyones thing of course,but it IS on a seperate page,so it can be avioded if need be.I like it,its that thing that we males arent really supposed to see.Which makes it so naughty.
  13. F.W


    Nothing quite like a boner from puddyls!mmmmmm
  14. I was at the supermarket today,and i found i was evaluating the women peewise.One of the checkout girls was quite pee worthy. I wonder if they are spurters,in that they have a long stream,but then a finishing quick jet.I love it when they do that.

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