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    West Yorkshire,GB.
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    fascinated by the many aspects of human sexuality,especially the mechanics of urination without a penis.(girly wee wees)

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    How girls pee,like where does it come out?
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    Watching 2 girls pee,each girl watching the other along with me.

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  1. F.W

    Salted Caramel?

    All of a sudden,everything is this "salted caramel"!When i was a kid,it was just "caramel".A much softer kind of toffee basically. Who ever thought of putting SALT in it?It tastes the same to me anyway.I think its like having Custard with mashed potatoes.Anyone?
  2. Hmmm maybe..not really into that..
  3. This isnt really my thing,but she sure leaves a nice pool!https://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Pissing-on-the-carpet
  4. To revive this interesting topic,as im a rich and generally beneficial dictator,everyday,any girls are encouraged to visit my headquarters,whereupon one lucky girl will be given 20 years free sanitary products,and up to £1000 depending on her willingness to perform sex acts. This is not a mandatory thing,women will be encouraged,its a voluntary,fun thing,my way as president,of trying to become popular among my people,but once they have signed the form,the very least they must do,is pee in front of me.Or they can stay as my guest for the day,and enjoy my hospitality.A nice meal will be provided etc. So,my staff have narrowed down the field for that day.Now i have to choose one girl from this group to do the minimum let me watch her pee(£100),then blow job(£500),swallow(£800) and sex(£1000). From these girls,the lucky girl will be extreme left.The others will also earn £50 for at least volunteering. If you had to choose,which one?
  5. Then again,the public school system has produced many of our greatest Britons.
  6. F.W

    Naked Women

    Even better in groups!
  7. F.W

    Naked Women

    In appreciation of the beauty of the female body,this for any pictures of women in the nude.Really,its meant not for pics of "glamour models",but any where ordinary,or "the girl next door" has posed naked at anytime.No peeing here please,theres PLENTY of that around!All women are beautiful,lets enjoy that beauty... Of course,if any of our own lovely ladies,we love you ALL,would care to be appreciated,please feel free to take part.
  8. Mount Everest,the highest point above sea level on earth,at 29,032 feet.Just about 5 miles high. Ironically,the rocks of the Himalayas were once the sea bed,until about 40,000,000 years ago,when the continental plate on which modern day India sits,began to move north,thus colliding with the Eurasian plate,in the area of now Tibet.Thus causing the crust of the earth to buckle upwards,resulting in the Himalayas,and the high Tibetan plateau. This has been established by the discovery of ancient marine fossils in the rocks,at thousands of feet. But,the actual highest point above GROUND level,is Mauna Kea in the Hawaiian Islands,which,if measured from summit to sea bed,is about 32000 feet.
  9. Last night.The last girl in this series has an amazing stream!https://www.xvideos.com/video27801913/filmed_japanese_babes_pee
  10. I think thats why actually women like to wear heels,it will kind of elevate the butt in a squat.
  11. The trouble with that is anyone can just put their hand between their legs and LOOK like they are needing a wee.How do we know,unless like puddyls she provides actual dribbles?
  12. Very juicy little butt,mmmmm
  13. These animals would have been awesome. The "sabre-toothed" Cats.The lineage of these animals,now completely extinct,goes back about 30 million years.In fact its possible that our ancestors may have seen these magnificent beasts,as they are believed to have gone only about 9000 years ago.. This is Smilodon,but there were other various species too.It seems that throughout evolution,the Sabre-teeth,have been an experiment,that kept failing.Even today,the Clouded Leopard,of S.E Asia,in fact has canine teeth,that are proportionately longer than any other cat. Its not quite known how they used their long fragile teeth.They probably didnt stab,as they would have broken.As we have no similar animals today,scientists cant quite work out how they hunted and fed.They were about the size of a Lion,but much more massively built.Probably resembling a small cat like Grizzly Bear....They may have lived in prides,like Lions,providing for each other,as specimens are found with severe injuries,probably caused by large prey defending itself,yet with broken bones that have healed,maybe indicating that the animal was cared for whilst incapacitated. Like the Dinosaurs,sadly one of natures creations that was denied to us.
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