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    fascinated by the many aspects of human sexuality,especially the mechanics of urination without a penis.(girly wee wees)

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    How girls pee,like where does it come out?
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  1. We shouldnt countenance any thing that may be obviously wrong.
  2. There was a magazine called "SEX BIZARRE" which you could get from "adult" shops.
  3. I got one off before work,my own fault,one of those things.Japanese women weeing in squat toilets....I cant recommend it i was knackered for an hour or so just as i was starting work!I blame those Japanese women they can hardly keep their knickers on.
  4. Sink the Bismarck has great special effects,like the pilots eye view from a Swordfish torpedo bomber. Tora Tora Tora,is very wordy,but does tell a good story of the Japanese deceptions to the USA before Pearl Harbour. The 1966 Battle of the Bulge,is very ahistorical,BUT it does tell a vague story about the Ardennes offensive of Xmas '44.Robert Shaw as the german tank leader is brilliant.
  5. The recent Dunkirk was crap,i thought massively overrated.Curiously as well,for most of the film,the Germans are referred to merely as "the enemy".Not the "jerries"or the krauts as most troops in the British Army would have called them.The 1958 version with John Mills is the best.
  6. I like most war movies. A Bridge too far is awesome,it tells a real story quite well,if a little patchy.A lot of cameos which detract from it.Robert Redford probably the best as Maj Cook,capturing Nijmegen bridge. Battle of Britain,when a plane crazy 12 year old. Saving private Ryan of course. Full Metal Jacket puts YOU in the marine section in Hue in '68. Other war movies like Dirty Dozen,Kellys Heroes are excellent,if just adventures.
  7. Oh dear,it seems modern life is getting to everyone. I hope this statement has helped you to get it off your chest.
  8. i think more trimmed is nice,to see some hair,rather than naked.
  9. F.W


    Wheres Zzyzx52 these days?
  10. F.W


    As Spyware says,its often more than just seeing a vagina or pee etc,its whats in the girls eyes too.Sometimes the models do look like they would rather be having a fingernail removed,but sometimes you do see a hint of naughtiness.
  11. https://xhamster.com/videos/voyeur-pissing-111-7613066#mlrelated
  12. F.W


    You gotta love white knickers,they show up so well!
  13. By the way,i dont think EVER in the past 500 million years that AUSTRALIA,has ever been connected to Europe.Even when it was all one landmass,Pangaea about 300 million years ago,it was still thousands of miles away....How the hell does AUSTRALIA count as Europe?
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