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    fascinated by the many aspects of human sexuality,especially the mechanics of urination without a penis.(girly wee wees)

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    How girls pee,like where does it come out?
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    Watching 2 girls pee,each girl watching the other along with me.

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  1. F.W

    Where are my pee buddies?

    I think someone is from Motown. Im UK.
  2. Swords of a thousand men by Tenpole Tudor
  3. Still about 5 times a week.But often twice a day at weekends!It varies really.
  4. F.W

    oops. my wet patch!

    We need a new category;Peephotojournalist of the year.
  5. F.W

    Changing username

    Its worth it to see you peeing into a stream,and peeing like a witch is nice too.
  6. F.W

    Changing username

    I can vouch for that.Gold is awesome!
  7. The Japanese do love to see pretty girls having a wee wee.Dont we all?
  8. F.W

    No more Tumblr

    I think the lovely TamTamSouth featured a lot on Tumblr too..
  9. F.W

    No more Tumblr

    Oh in the states its quite taboo Autumn?
  10. Such a simple picture yet highly arousing.Puddyls i bet you cause guys to get boners just walking by them!
  11. This was on YouTube.A saucy girl showing her knickers.Worked for me!
  12. F.W

    Question for the girls

    Girls,how do you like to see the penis,in the media in i mean?Do you like a nice flaccid one looking like a little tickle will get it going,or do you like to see a great throbbing hard-on,ready for action?Which of course you will only see in a pornographic situation generally..How does it affect you,do you get a sexual feeling,or do you see it as almost amusing? I once "pulled" a small Chinese girl at a party,and we were "heavy petting" in a bedroom,as soon as i got my dick out,pretty stiff,she started giggling..Because she was only about 5 feet tall,it did look pretty huge compared to her...about a 10th of her height really....For a second i was worried,but then she said it gave her tickles in her knickers the sight of it.(unfortunately,she never let me give her a sample of it,and i had to make do with hand job.Close but no cigar.....)
  13. She is on my peelist.Whats happening in this scene?If she shows her pussy ill hire this.
  14. F.W

    Ladies Piss Aftermath (Puddles)

    I wonder if the neighbours see you sat there and think "there she goes again,i wish she would face us!" Puddyls for a dare,sit and wee facing the road.You can always just keep your panties on and legs together...