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    I have always had a fascination with Pee. Now indulging myself in Pee play nearly every day.

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    It is just so sexy watching my golden pee running down my hard cock and over my balls.
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    My partner peeing over my hands and then letting me rub it all over her pussy, also her holding my cock while I pee'd

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  1. Hi there, my first post here. I am finding myself fantasizing about Pee all day long. At work where the toilets are just off the office space, I watch the women go in and wonder how they sound when they pee. Does their pee hiss, or splash against the bowl? As women seem to go to the toilet together do you chat to each other through the stalls when you are doing your business, or just sit in silence and pee? I am constantly thinking about what a waste of my pee is when I go at work, I think of all the naughty things I could be doing with it at home. Like wetting myself in panties or nappies or a golden shower. Got in to trying nappies after reading some of the post here. Am I alone in these thoughts or do we all do it?
  2. wetali2908


    Hi there Pee lovers, really liking this site. I am a lover of all things pee. Wetting, drinking, really anything that involves pee I love. Only found this site just before Xmas and already getting lots of new ideas. WetAli
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