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    I’m still yet to enjoy the wonders of this in person, but love watching videos of girls wetting.

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    Women wetting themselves. The sound of the hot pee pushing against the fabric.

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  1. Can you share the names of the accounts you follow?
  2. Welcome, nice to have more people here.
  3. For me I love watching and seeing women wet themselves more than anything. I have peed into bottles before and outside. But just seeing the warm wetness spreading through panties or jeans and leggings is the best thing ever.
  4. Hi all, sorry, not sure if this should be here or just pee talk. Probably about a year ago a friend of mine (well fiancées friend) told us when we were all out that she had once been drinking in her local pub and was pretty drunk and on the way home which really isn’t that far, she decided she was cold and thought ‘hey, if I wet myself it will be warm and keep me warm’. Needles to say, she said it didn’t keep her warm long. The thought at the time got my pretty excited. Now, I’m really intrigued if she has a pee kink or was just genuinely drunk 😂. My fiancée doesn’t know i have a pee kink
  5. Would love to find some friends in south Uk
  6. One of my favourite content producers!
  7. So how did you get into pee? For me it was a girl in my class who had an accident in front of everyone and since then was kinda hooked.
  8. I spent a lot of time with my partners family, but did manage to get to go outside a couple of times 😃
  9. So I’m on holiday this week. Up in the Peak District and hopefully will get chance to go outdoors! Might even manage to catch my partner going outdoors as well! 🤗
  10. Usually once a day. Sometimes more if I can.
  11. I prefer and love smaller boobs myself
  12. Glad to see someone who enjoys this.
  13. Love it when brushes are used 🥵
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