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    I like a lot of things one of them is girls peeing so many things about girls peeing turns me on so much.

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    Taste, smell, touch, sight, and sounds of girls peeing
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    It's hard to choose

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  1. @Darlene I see but the potential listeners are fellow girls though in public restrooms. So you don't want them to listen to you pee maybe because girls pee sounds are too hot? And you don't want to arouse everyone with your very hot pee sounds? But I guess in a home bathroom you don't mind people hearing your pee sounds right?
  2. @Darlene So I am assuming sometimes you like people hearing your pee sounds other times you don't? And it all depends on where you are peeing as well who hears it? And as well as to the exact number of people that can hear your pee sounds right? Being hydrated is a good thing for sure.
  3. @Darlene So you at times try to make your pee sounds less nosy and erotic by doing the toilet paper trick? You do anything else to make your pee sounds less noisy and erotic? Do you girls do all that because you don't want everyone to hear your very hot pee sounds? The noises made by girls gushing pees are harder to control than the hissing and whistling pee sounds though. If I was a girl I would actually try to pee very loudly on purpose as I would get turned on by people of all kinds being turned on by my peeing sounds. Some girls actually like all kinds of people hearing their very ho
  4. @Darlene Haha it's hard to control pee streams for you girls I think even if you girls get a pencil like thin pee stream as opposed to a violent messy stream, even in those situations where you girls are peeing with a thin pencil like streams you girls still can make a mess. A lot of it has to do with your pee coming faster than boys pee streams. Yeah girls pee sounds are super hot. Of course watching girls peeing is much better than just hearing girls pee but just even hearing girls pee from outside closed bathroom doors can be such a turn on. Have you peed in front of several guys befor
  5. @Darlene I see that. But a lot of girls make such a mess even when they pee sitting down on the toilet. A lot of girls spray the inside porcelain part of the toilet with so much pee. And pee drops even end up on bottom part of the toilet seat and even top part of the toilet seat at times when girls pee. Do you think that girls hissing, gushing, and whistling sounds which they often make while peeing are hot at all?
  6. @Darlene So do you have very messy pee streams? What about when you are pissing in the toilet? Do you making a lot of hissing, whistling, and gushing sounds when you pee?
  7. The many different variety of the hissing sounds girls often make when they pee are just too hot. There isn't just one kind of a hissing sound girls make while peeing but rather there are several types of hissing sounds they make during peeing. Different factors determine what type of a hiss girls will get while peeing. I think a lot of the variety in the female hissing pee sound is caused when they pee in toilets especially the western toilets. But I also think that variety of hissing sounds are also made when girls pee in other places too. The unique hissing sound a girl makes while peeing o
  8. @Brad Wallis I too think that many girls do that on purpose these girls definitely know that their peeing sounds are very hot and erotic. Some girls hiss and gush and whistle very loudly while peeing. Some girls for sure definitely get a kick out of the fact that when they are peeing then they often make really hot hissing, whistling and gushing pee sounds turns people on especially if those people are guys. Some girls that are pee shy though try to hide their pee sounds because of how hot those sounds are. While others girls actually are cool with everyone hearing their peeing sounds. It also
  9. @Aliyah Oh nice! So you like the hissing and gushing pee sounds that girls often make when they pee right? Girls pee sounds are so sexy and hot aren't they?
  10. @Aliyah Hey Aliyah a huge welcome here! So what do you like about peeing? Do you like peeing outside? Pissing with other people? Do you like to watch and hear other people pee? And do you also like people watching and hearing you pee? Do you also like golden showers? And do you think that girls hissing and gushing pee sounds are very hot? Or at least a little interesting? I like all of these things and of course I think that girls hissing and gushing pee sounds are very hot.
  11. @Mary Moon Hey Mary welcome to this site! Italian girls are so hot I think. Just wondering do you also have a pee fetish now? And do you like the really hot hissing and gushing sounds which you girls often make when you girls go pee?
  12. @Kittykiss I see that. Do you think that girls hissing and gushing pee sounds are very hot and sexy to listen to?
  13. I see that. Do you like it when people can hear your pee sounds?
  14. There are some great choices especially Margot Robbie and Chloe Grace Mortez they both are so hot.
  15. Do you also like the idea of peeing on someone especially someone whom you are physically attracted to?
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