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  1. {Bum Bing Bon Bo} "This is a test of the Emergency Bathroom Break System." "This is only a test." "If you feel the need to urinate please advise those around you and check for the appropriate non-standard relief locations in your area." "This is only a test." "Had this been an actual emergency, the tones you heard would be followed by a list of volunteer names to assist you."
  2. "Can I put you on hold for just a minute?" "Margret? I need you to get line three." "When you are done using Laura for a urinal, have her take line four." "Actually strike that... have her take your call, I need you here so I can pee." "Get Becky to take line four, she can use Susan for a urinal." "We need to hire more bathroom attendants."
  3. "So there's this girl." "Yeah?" "And she's naked. "Okay!" "Then she starts peeing on the floor..." "Then What??" "It goes everywhere and makes a huge mess." "Oh Yeah and after that?" "That's it." "Seriously!? I can see why you are flunking your Literature Class......"
  4. "Before, After, or During class. Remember peeing is only allowed if you are going ON or IN a classmate." "Uh, IN? We're all girls..." "Yes, so use that pretty mouth of yours' for more than stupid comments."
  5. Hello again all. I was not expecting to be here, but I will explain as always. It is, Mother May I. Apparently with my multiple replies, I am now notified of updates. I do not really check my personal email more than twice a week and usually only once each weekend. Now, on top of that, I set up a "private" account to join and post for my advice. That account is set to notify my main account when there is a new message. So the replies flagged a notification, which was sent to the first account, and then notice of receipt was sent to my regular account. I expect most of you understand
  6. I'd do some more... Just need to get the ideas rolling. Give me a week or 2 and I'll see what I can do.
  7. Hello all, this is Mother May I writing for probably the last time. I wanted to let you know that things have gone well since I reached out and got assistance here. I had not been here since the last post, so this is the first I saw of Paulypeep's reply. Let this post show you how it all turned out, I think we are doing just fine now. There have been a few hiccups and I thought you might enjoy hearing about them. As you know my youngest daughter caught on quickly and adjusted her behaviors for openly peeing. There was one day I arrived home to see her window open and an unmistakable jet of pee
  8. Another business style idea: "Hey, did you hear what happened to Matty?" "Oh, gossip! Do tell, give me all the details." "Apparently the VP was walking through our area on a tour or something. Anyway Matty was on the phone dealing with an irate customer. The VP stopped to see how she handled it." "Not good, then what?" "Well Matty final got them on hold to look into a few things. The VP came over, told her to open her blouse top." "NO WAY! You don't mean?!?" "Yep, sure enough... The VP hiked up her skirt and pissed all over Matty's naked tits." "Damn, when AM I going to get
  9. This is Mother May I, I know I said I would write this weekend, but things did not go as planned. It will make sense as I explain events. First, I read the advice by PaulyPeeps and was instantly mortified. I had never considered the prospect of them wetting their clothes AS WELL AS whatever they were sitting on or standing over. This became the worst-case scenario to be avoided at all costs. Second, as for what I find disapproval in; it is activity as whole. Nothing in my life would ever possess me to think of relieving myself in that manner. I am no stranger to camping and have done that sort
  10. Hello, Wet Carpet. I need advice. So it seems that my two daughters have started down the path to openly peeing. I am unsure where they picked it up, but both are clearly enthralled by it. I will give the information I have so you can tell me the best course of action. My oldest daughter was the one I saw first. It was about two weeks ago and I was doing laundry. I had just finished folding some of her underwear and was delivering it. I slid open the door, not knowing she was in there at the time. I was shocked to see her standing naked in the middle of the room with a thick streaming
  11. Hello Ma'am, can I have a word? Thank you, so... it so hard to pee under my desk. Once I get in position my slit is facing too far up and all I do is spray the under-side of it. Then it drips back down over everything. The IT Team has replaced my machine 4 times this year for "water damage" and they are a little frustrated. Is there anyway I can just... sliiide back and use my cubicle wall? Okay, I understand. Thanks for looking into it. Could I relieve myself here in your office before I leave? I Appeciate It, Thanks.
  12. Don't pee on the floor? Oh, you mean I can pee here? No... OK! I HAVE to pee here on the carpet. This language barrier is really an issue, but if she's going to do it so am I.
  13. Teachers' Lounge. Teachers' Lounge? Teachers' Lounge... Wait, do Teachers lounge the same way I do? I mean it would be a bit odd to take off your pants, plop down on a sofa, spread your legs, and pee past the other arm. Well, I mean during school hours anyway.... Maybe during lunch, it's so much easier to relieve yourself while eating anyway, it just saves time.
  14. Totally fine. The idea's just to keep them short. To make a concise story in only a few sentences. Your submission's well within guidelines.
  15. "Are you visiting for Business or Pleasure?" "I plan to take Pleasure in doing my Business... if you know what I mean."
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