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  1. I was so disappointed the other day. Walking past an alley something unusual caught my eye. Upon back-tracking I realized it was a young lady trying to relieve herself. I jokingly asked "How's it going?" but I startled her. She thought I was creeper until I handed her a pack of tissues from my purse. Once the initial shock wore off, she began going at a rapid pace. Now that she was feeling better she jokingly replied, "Looks like you scared the piss out of me, literally!" Her jet was so thick and fast I found myself leaning to get a better look. "You, uh, really needed that didn't yo
  2. Sorry for not responding sooner, I had a mini freak-out realizing what I was doing. I mean technically I just admitted to things that'd get me in trouble. However, after a day or 2 it registered, no one knows who, where, or if you want to get existential, even when I am. So, I'll share the story of the slumber party, not sure how long it'll be though. The whole thing is so simple in my mind. Many years ago, a bunch of us were invited to a birthday party for my friend at the time. We had the event at an arcade restaurant and rented the place until after closing since they allowed for that.
  3. Hi, so me again.... from just above. I had another good day. I didn't really intend to try anything after such a success yesterday, but the twinge happened again. I don't want to suppress it yet; if I try to block it now, I may lose my progress. Anyway, that's not as important, this time I was at a sporting goods store. Just looking around at stuff again when I happened into camping. I was glancing at sleeping bags and remembering slumber parties years ago, it was sorta how I got into this peeing thing. I'll save that for another time, just let me know if you want to hear more. So, I wand
  4. I was peeing on the floor in my office the other day, when my boss came into the room. The door swung open and I jolted my neck to look up at her, she stared down to my muff and the amber jet impacting the carpet, "Is this an approved break?" Nervously and with great trepidation, I extended one of my arms to point at my screen where the calendar notification was still on screen. "Are you almost done?" I shook my head to indicate I was not. "This is a common occurrence?" This time I nodded. "Hurry up and finish, I need to go and there's not enough room for both of us." Once I was done
  5. "Thanks for the quarter, it was a real life saver." "What're talking about?" "Oh, Yeah... so I needed to pee. Which I did next to the jukebox. Just hitched up my skirt, shifted the ol' panties to one side, and then splashy splashy on the carpet in the corner next to the machine." "You're Crazy! What song did you pick anyway?" "Had to get something appropriate for the mood. Oh, there it goes-" {Smoking in the Boys Room begins playing overhead} "Ha! Of Course, that's so you."
  6. Sorry this thread is so random. You get inspiration for these simple little things, write them down, and then it blanks out of your mind for a while until more pop up. Walked out of a shop the other day and around the corner. There at the edge of the building I was surprised to see a man peeing. He was in full stream, was not concerned. I called out in a hushed tone, "Hey! Hey, Hey?" While I pointed at hip level with one hand and nodded up with my chin. He understood without issue, turned slowly keeping his feet planted, his dick came into view as profile, then he was facing toward
  7. Hello all, I had to share a break-through but it's kinda short. Please enjoy: I'm final confident enough to pee when only partially secluded! I'd been practicing, but with very little success. It was always the same, I'd find a place, squat down, and then get scared. Nothing would come out. The result was me dashing off to a more secure location. For example, I was in the hardware store a month ago. Wandering through the aisles I stumbled upon the patio furniture. I sat down in the gazebo with a thick bug netting all around. I stripped off my panties and just rested naturally on the chair
  8. You need to give it a prompt where they get caught by another girl and she joins, but only after being convinced.
  9. This was almost the same joke, but it occurred to me after the last 1 I'd: When I said you could use the alley to pee, I meant "a-l-l-E-Y" not "a-l-l-I-E"... dude that's my Mom, with your dick in her mouth, while you piss down her throat. Don't blame me, she agreed to do it!
  10. Ladies, this is the last time I am going to warn you, next time there will be consequences. Despite the fact they are called "gutters" DOES NOT mean you can pee in them... this is a BOWLING ALLEY!
  11. I'm sure you'd sell a bulk collection of your stories. I know you still have several you never posted / published online. Plenty of people'd pay a couple to 10 bucks to get a whole collection.
  12. This 1 was so simple it's dumb: He has not used a toilet in over a decade. His urine is 3% alcoholic by volume. He served as a replacement beer tap during Oktoberfest. More people have seen his penis than the actually Mona Lisa. He is... the The Most Micturious Man in The World. "I don't always pee in a cup, but when I do it's usually because she can't swallow fast enough to drink directly." Tres Equis "Stay urinating, my friends." (Yes, I totally created a new version of the word "Micturition" just for this silly thing.......)
  13. "ARE YOU... [calmly] are you peeing in the garbage can?" "Hell yes! Maybe don't have a single unisex bathroom in your tiny little terrible cafe." "Look lady, I'm going to ask that you never return to eat here or even enter the shop." "Fine by me. You're just damn lucky the trash was convenient; otherwise I'd be pissing in the soda machine."
  14. "Why do you always close the door when you pee? It's not like I haven't seen you do it in LOADS of places... including my mouth." "Look, it's very simple. If I wanted to make a spectacle of my pissing, I would. However I don't always want to feel like I am peeing in the hallway.... unless I specifically meant to."
  15. Ladies! Congratulations again on being chosen as the company's QC team. You've done exceptional work product testing our toilets, each of you four urinating five to seven times an hour to make sure these items are ready for the rigors of the most densely packed sport arenas, night clubs, and amusement parks. Today you will start a new battery of tests on a prototype urinal. It is designed for unisex SIMULTANEOUS use. SO, that means instead of taking turns, you'll be doubling and tripling up on one receptacle. This also means holding until you are desperately BURSTING to release. We need to mak
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