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  1. Hello again fellow P-VLoggers. The other week on a short trip out of town to get content for you all to enjoy, something odd struck me. No, I didn't get a surprise dick whip in the face, by two guys... for a THIRD time. I was at a big box warehouse store, cloistered in a hidden back area, behind the "Employee Only" section. I had found a forklift sitting quietly there and decided to clean it up a bit by making it dirtier in the all familiar way. I climbed up in the seat and noticed that a box was still on the lift, which we all know is not protocol (Forklift Certified BABY!). Leaning forw
  2. I hate that feeling when you walk in a room and forget why you're there. It happened to me the other day, walked into the bathroom and *poof*, thought gone. When I got back to the living room the puddle on the floor reminded me that I had needed to pee... but clearly I did that before I left.
  3. Young lady, since you clearly don't understand the the repercussions, let me explain it to you. Excessive liquid on hardwood surfaces cause it to expand, at which point the pressure will cause it to buckle and then either dislodge or crack. Yet you insist on pissing here, even while I scold you, when there is carpet TWO STEPS AWAY FROM YOU. The fact you intentionally left your chair to squat over this space shows you have no respect. You could have easily gone right where you sat without issues. So, since you want to act like a trollop, you will be treated like one. {light, firm slap to the fa
  4. This is just a short experience, but I needed to share it. I was out with a friend of mine doing some shopping. We were hitting up a few independent places that we don't get to often, so small stores. We were done eating and headed to the next locale, as we wandered around; the urge to go started to catch up with me. Now as I said, this is somewhere we have been multiple times, so I knew they had a bathroom. I headed down the small hall to find a sign on the door, "Restroom Out of Order." OK, I go back to the front checkout, "Can I use the bathroom?" "Sorry, not serviceable." Pol
  5. Welcome to the first meeting of "Peeing in Modern Literature." As expected most of you are questioning how many stories have references to peeing in them. The truth is that question is irrelevant. This class is about pissing on the the drivel that is consider current day writing. So everyone before next class I want you to relieve yourself in the "Self Help" section of any big name book seller. If you have a witness, good, filming will be awarded extra points. The class will critique your style and book selections. Ladies you will have it easier, skirts are key. Fellow
  6. Julie what are you doing? The sign specifically says they are closed. Yeah, but I didn't know and I really need to pee. I'm just going to make a late night mail drop. [2 min later] You weren't kidding, the whole floor in there is covered... could you hurry up though, I need to go now.
  7. Don't go crazy on my behalf. I'm thankful you even did as much as you've.
  8. Much appreciated. If I'm remembering correctly there's a sequel where 1 of the other girls finds the puddle in the room. Can you post that as well? Been years since I'd a chance to read these, so thanks again.
  9. "Hey babe?" "Yeah?" "I kinda need to pee, you want to drink it?" "Nah, not thirsty right now. Go ask my sister." "Okay, thanks."
  10. I'm so glad we came to an agreement. This works so well, I get to pee down your throat, you get to pee on the floor. Everybody wins.
  11. I go to thrift stores once a month, buy a huge bag of clothes, and bring it home with me. I spend the next week with all of it in the bag, peeing on it whenever and as often as I can. When I'm done, I take the whole thing to my friend's laundromat. We put everything through two full washes, then we inspect all the items and repair them or if they're too far gone, set them to the side. The fixed group gets dropped off at the out-reach office. The other pile get torn up and turned into blankets and dropped off at the homeless shelter. We write everything off as dona
  12. I was going through my old toys from when I was a young girl. My parents would always try to buy things that were "educational fun." Thankfully one thing that I adored they bought me plenty of times. I had a huge marble run, it had ramps and loops, spinners and see-saws, so many different funnels and tunnels. I had NO IDEA, it would work even better pissing in it. I don't think I have gone in the toilet for over a month... and I just now decided to change the order of the system!
  13. My answer for this is always the same, "Slightly too large for the frame." It scales for petite to average and above. I like them big and this makes them appear that way without being excessive. Unless we're talking drawings, then the slider goes MUCH further.
  14. Welcome to your new home. Since you ALL have been "socially reprehensible" you ended up here. With that fact you must realize that your privacy is now forfeit. This facility does not allow clothing and you will be only be "powdering your nose" in private for one type of release. That is CORRECT, you will not only be peeing with an audience, you will be PERFORMING it... and cleaning up afterwards. The bigger the mess, the more you clean. Now strip out of those jumpsuits, the guards will begin introducing themselves by pissing ON YOU.
  15. "Hurry or we will be late to the Botanical Toilets." "You mean Botanical GARDEN?" "I said what I said and you heard me correctly."
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