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  1. I'm here with a story for y'all. It involves a camping trip, the first I've ever been on but probably not the last. For ease, I'm Helena, my friend is Lauri, and her girlfriend is Jo. Lauri and I have been workmates for years and she is VERY outdoorsy, weekend hiking, regular camping trips, gardening; she does a lot of that stuff. She'd been trying to convince me to join her and Jo on a trip for years and finally wore me down. Since this was probably the only time I'd go, they suggested we go for the most scenic spot and it was a National Park Lauri was quite familiar with, so no chance of getting lost or in too much trouble. She told me not to worry about anything, she and Jo had plenty of extra gear and clothes that would work for me; I just needed to be ready to go. They picked me up at 5:30AM, not really a big deal, there was about a 1:30 drive and they wanted to get in early to claim a good spot, plus we would stop for breakfast. Nothing eventful happened until after we had finished eating, when climbed back in the SUV with around 20 minutes left until arrival. Jo took this time to explain some of the rules, "We're staying in a forest preserve. This area is labeled as 'pack in; pack out,' that means everything. The benefit is that the rules changed a few years ago as they found a properly buried 'latrine' was actually proving beneficial, but liquid waste was still a 'no go'." SO YEAH, they were taking me somewhere that I was going to have to bag my own waste like walking a dog? I was already starting to regret agreeing... but Lauri took over explaining from there. "My family has been staying at this place since I was in 2nd grade. The first time we went my parents explained to my older sister and I that they had a system that had worked for them since before we came along. My mother served as the 'canteen'. So anytime we needed to 'go #1,' Mom would just drink it. This meant that we only needed to have water for my father and the 2 of us and then we were only responsible for packing out when my Mother had to go. We did that for a good number of years, well into my teens, when I decided I wanted to help out and learned to take on the 'canteen' duties as well. My mom ultimately still drank mine, but it still made her job a bit easy and again reduced resources. Since this is your first trip, I won't expect you to share 'canteen' duty, but do not hesitate to ask anytime you need to go. I am a very light sleeper, so even in the middle of the night, just nudge me and I will take care of you." As you can guess I was a bit stunned, I mean they had roped me in for 2 nights and 2 1/2 days. I was silent the whole rest of the way until we had hiked to our quiet little spot. The place was gorgeous. It looked so still and serene... There was a stream nearby and that was to be our water source for drinking. We were encouraged not to bathe as well, but if it was necessary there were strict guidelines. We set up camp and settled in most of that day, it took far longer to coordinate everything so it met required standards. Of course after a long day of working I started to feel my need to pee rise significantly by the afternoon. I put it off as long as I could, fidgeting and keeping busy until I had no other choice. Finally with my nerves shot I had to ask, "Lauri, I need to... to uh... 'Powder My Nose'." I know my face was bright red and I was clutching at the fly of my pants, so it was obvious. Lauri just gave a little chuckle. "Hey babe, Helena needs the 'canteen,' we'll be back in a bit so she can have some privacy." Jo replied, "Alright, don't be too long. I'll have some food ready and probably need to go soon too." We wandered into the splendor of the area, Lauri led me along and I did my best to follow in my desperate state. We didn't go too far before she sat down on a fallen log and unbuttoned her shirt. If I didn't explain this clearly, we were work friends. I had been out to a few functions with her, but always in a group atmosphere. We did talk quite a bit about life outside work, but this was definitely new territory. (Just as a side-note she has well-proportioned breasts. She's a little thick in the tummy, but her boobs are bigger than that, so she appears quite shapely.) She let her shirt fall open with her bra still on and motioned me towards her. "Step up here and unbutton your pants. I'm sure you never tried to go standing, so I'll have to do this full contact to reduce over-spray." Once my pants and panties were around my ankles, she slid forward and buried her nose in my bush. I wish I had known this was going to be a thing, I would have made myself presentable... regardless, her mouth found my lips and her tongue found my surprisingly sensitive opening. A few quick licks and probes and I was gushing. It was like my muscles just gave up. My flow was super-fast, I watched her cheeks puff out almost instantly, but it only took a few seconds for her to get everything back in control. I stood there draining out, my breath was hard and ragged, and I felt deaf in one ear. The sensation was orgasmic and like nothing I'd ever experienced. Lauri sensed this and she reached out with her hands, 1 cupped my tush to keep me close and the other locked fingers with a free hand. This steadied me and I was able to calm my breathing and maintain my balance. I had no idea how long I'd been going, but I showed no signs of stopping either, Lauri was swallowing like a champ without spilling. I was able to look around and take in my surrounds, it was majestic. Is this unfettered wilderness, 2 women preforming an act that was so personal and private. Birds chirped around us and I actually saw some rabbits hop by and stop to watch. I started to tear up a bit. I finally felt empty and my flow stopped. Lauri actually licked me clean just lightly and then before I could react, we were kissing and sharing a good amount of my own urine that she had kept in her mouth. I am about as hetero-sexual as most women, but this certainly had me more curious than usual. We finished up and headed back to camp; as we got close Jo saw us and called out, "So how'd it go for a first try?" Once again, I could feel my face flush red. Lauri spoke for us, "I think it was harder on me than her... don't wait so long next time. It didn't taste bad, but even something good gets old after that much." She lightly punched my shoulder and smiled and finally I just looked at both of them and busted out laughing. They joined in and once we calmed down we ate some food. About half-way through the meal, Jo got up and unbuttoned her pants; Lauri sat her plate down and moved over a bit with an open mouth. Jo seemed completely natural, like she was in front of a toilet that just happened to be Lauri's mouth. They were maybe a foot apart and Lauri had her mouth open, swallowing the whole time. Despite the level of comfort between the two ladies, it still seemed sexually charged. (Just 1 more side note, Jo had no hair and the tiniest slit I'd ever seen. I think that was what allowed her to pee like she did, a solid stream across a short distance with not much splatter.) They finished up without much fanfare, Jo pulled her pants up and Lauri went back to eating. I had to go 1 more time before bed, but Jo said we should stay in camp since it was getting dark. That way I could get more comfortable with doing it around her as well for convenience. It was a bit hard with an audience but I did finally go after standing there for a like 5 minutes. Before we turned in for the night Lauri drained the "canteen" for tomorrow. I wouldn't even mention it, but when you see a girl pee for 3 minutes and fill a gallon jug and another 3/4 after... it bears saying something at least in passing. The rest of the 2 days went about the same, we would pee in the 'canteen' all day and then Lauri would drain it empty before bed. The morning we left, I woke up a bit late to find Jo and Lauri both naked outside. Jo was relieving herself first morning pee, which as soon as I saw, made me have to go too. I jokingly took off my underwear and stood next to Jo doing a "pee pee" dance, like I was waiting in line. Jo smiled and laughed which made her stream go wild and hose down Lauri. "Well, you might as well join me now. It is just going to get all over her anyway." I stepped over and straddled Lauri's shoulder; I was just close enough to get my stream in her mouth along with Jo's. Lauri drank greedily, doing her best to swallow 2 strong morning pees from both of us at the same time. I can say she was quite skilled and did far better than I anticipated. Anyway that's all for now, I'll share again soon.
  2. For now, there is at least one workaround, but it only applies if you're using the Firefox Developer or Nightly build. If you look under "about:config" (if you don't know what this is, you probably shouldn't try it) and set the "xpinstall.signatures.required" value to False, then your extensions will start working again.
  3. (Still working on the "SPAM" story... here's 1 until later). Hey everyone, I was travel in a foreign land some years ago and encounter my first squat toilet. I knew how to use it, but things didn't go as I'd hoped. To give you an idea of my issue, I'll explain a bit. I am what the internet calls a "short-stack," so not tall and still super curvy. I am only five foot one inches tall and my boobs are a 38 HH and my pants are 20W Capri and I still roll the cuffs. When I sit, if I lean forward my boobs touch my lap. Anyway, when I squat all that just presses downward. I can keep my balance and all that, but I was unaware until my attempt to use one that I am also what you call a "power pisser." I found that I had to rest my boobs on top of my knees to keep me from peeing all over my shirt. Unfortunately, that was just the start of the issues. The stalls were all very small and many have foot pads so you know where to line yourself up. So here's how my experience went: Close door to stall, undo pants, stand on foot pads, lower pants and squat, begin stream, soak the under-side of my boobs / shirt / bra (Thankfully I had a jacket... ~_~), stop wetting myself, get boobs out of the way, start going again, and begin spraying the back wall of the stall. COMPLETELY missed the toilet, I tried shifting around and all I did was hose down everything. So I gave up and just went all over the place. I was so frustrated at that point I was seeing how high I could get it up the walls, if I could hit the elevated tank, whatever. So when I was finally done making a mess, I wiped and took off my shirt to stuff in my bag, my bra was drenched too (big bra... big padding) so it came off. I am now dressed in just my jacket and I am pretty sure it was obvious, I mean when the puppies drop my belly button disappears and some of my hemline. I waited in the stall for the room to clear, then dashed out, I usually wash my hands... but now seemed the right time to skip that. SO that was the first time. Of course it was going to happen again, but I was a bit more prepared the second time. I kept my boobs out of the way to start and squatted with my back to the door. In this position I was STILL unable to keep it in the basin, so yes, I trashed that stall too. It was a HUGE pee, I had been avoiding trying to go and was literally leaking in my undies when I finally gave up and tried again. The lake was so big the next stall on either side was flooded, my pee got in those basins because it kept spreading until it just fell over the edge. I was determined to get it right though and my third try did, but makes for a bit of an exposed trip to the public toilets for the rest of the trip. See I found that I actually have to squat OUTSIDE the door to the stall if I want to hit the porcelain. I got a lot of strange looks from the other ladies unless I was midstream, but I had to do it to be more "sanitary". I think next time I visit one of those countries I am just going to go outside. I hear their culture is more accepting of that and plenty of the women do it anyway. I found lots of videos of it, so I guess as long as I am careful not to get caught by authorities I'll be fine. Who know, it might make the trip more fun having to find secret pee spots. Maybe I'll come back and let you all know too. ^_^_^_^
  4. Alright, I need to break 4th wall here again... I've an idea for a post and I want opinions before I just go for it. My idea's to have a message that looks like a spam / clickbait... obviously still going to be on theme, but I wanted to see if any1 thinks it'd be "too disruptive." I mean this thread has gone on for a long time now and if it truly were as popular as we'd like to make it, some ad monger's going to peddle garbage here eventually. Let me know.
  5. So it is me again, the guy with the step sister and two moms. I thought about giving you all something to call me, but not sure yet. As you can guess something new has happened, this time it was not about my family though... well not entirely, I guess just let me explain. So my sister has been more insistent about drinking my urine. I was working on my studies the other night when I needed a break, so I got up to get a snack from the kitchen. As I passed her room, the door shot open, "Hey squirt, going to the kitchen?" "Yeeesss..." "Oh good, bring back something to drink." "... and what would you like?" "I THINK YOU KNOW." Door slams shut. So I go down to the kitchen and get something to drink, because yeah, going to have to pee in like ten minutes now. My moms are on a health food kick right now, so the only thing they buy is fruit juice and distilled water. I really do not mind, they always have a variety and I can mix a fruit punch from flavors and water it down if I want too. So I downed a couple of glasses and waited, ate my snack in the kitchen instead of my room like I wanted, but not a big loss. When I finally started feeling the pressure in my bladder I headed back upstairs. I knocked at the door and got, "Just get in here!" I shut the door behind me and stood there, she was playing some game on her console that looked like a hentai bullet hell shooter. Since it is the last semester of college she only has two really easy classes and spends her time gaming mostly. "I can't pause this. There is a glass on the desk... filler'up." Over to the desk I go, flop my cock in a clear glass, and just release. All of this has made it pretty easy for me to go whenever I want; I will get to the relevancy of that in a minute. "It's going to overflow." "DON'T YOU DARE! I hate when the glass is wet on the outside. Just finish in the pile of underwear there, most of it's your Mom's anyway... Actually no, pinch it off and get over here, I'll take the rest fresh." I proceeded to do just that, I am still working on my flow control, I have no idea why. I can tense up and stop the stream for about ten seconds or so, I set the glass down and went over to stand next to her. She opened her mouth and told me to guide my head to her. She did this weird pose where I know it was spraying against her opposite cheek, but I guess that was fine. I started again and drained out after about five more seconds. "That's it! Dammit Squirt, what a waste..." She smacked her lips a few times, like she was trying to guess the flavor, "Fuck, this fruit juice diet is good for you. That was GOURMET! I'm glad I got a cup of it over there for later." There is the first part. Now, here is the other. So I was out the other day at the mall with a couple of my friends, both of which are female but neither have an interest in me, we have been together since like kindergarten almost. Anyway, we were getting lunch at the food court and I ordered a soda with my meal. First friend, "Hey, you know soda is just sugar water and bad for you, right?" "Shut Up, man all I drink is fruit juice and water at home, let me have something different." Second friend, "Seriously?! Well, I guess that's alright then..." After a long pause, "SOOOO, is it true that doing that makes your 'fluids' sweeter?" She starts to blush visibly. First friend, "Wait really? Is that true??" Me, "Technically, there is unproven evidence that a week-long diet of fruit juice can make your sweat, semen, and saliva taste 'better'." First friend, "Why do you always know this weird shit?" Me, "I don't know, internet?" Second friend, "...BUT, does it?" Me, "I Don't Know. Not like I'm going to test it out." Then under my breath, "…though my sister says it does." Right there... there is where I screwed up. One of them heard me and started probing for information and then the other got in on it too. So I had to retell everything you already know... WHY DID I SAY ANYTHING? (Rhetorical) When I was done they just stared at me for a minute in silence. First friend, "Fuck it, I got to try it now. Piss in your empty cup so I can drink some." Second friend, "You said you can go almost anywhere, so stand here and do it, if you bring the cup back we can't prove you didn't do something to it." "FINE. Just don't be conspicuous. Both of you move the end of the table and I'll stand here so you block me." I gestured around to show them. I got up really casually and we all moved around, I had taken the precaution to undo my fly on the way up so it was already open. I flipped my dick out into the cup so it was not fully visible and pulled out my phone to block view and look more natural. My second friend got out her phone and was filming it; again holding her phone to make it look normal but still let the camera see over the cup mouth. I went right there, no hesitation. My first friend leaned over and watched for a moment until there was small amount in the bottom, then started sucking it up with the straw. She had a small sip and just held the straw in her mouth for a second, then started sucking like a vacuum. When nothing was left in the bottom, she... um, switched straws. So now I am pissing in her mouth. "Hey wait! Save me some to try. Is it really that good??" My first friend only glanced over at her with big wide eyes and nodded. She let my dick fall back in the glass and I finished what had left to drain. My second friend, put down her phone, grabbed my dick and sucked the last drips off and put it back in my underwear, so I could keep looking at my phone for coverage. Needless to say, she took the cup and sloshed it down in one gulp. I don't even know anymore? How is this, my life now? I'm not sure I am complaining, just what the fuck?? They want to go to a movie over the weekend, my guess I will not have to worry about missing any of the show, though I might have to mitigate a fight or two.... *sigh* I'll report more as it happens. {Facepalm}
  6. OK, looking for the video from this image... I just need a name if nothing else. I know it's a SinDrive and Golden Shower Power, but I can't find the title even when I was on the page.
  7. https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2019/01/women-men-bathroom-lines-wait/580993/
  8. Hello again all, It is AshPee! For those that remember me I am a member of a pool where the girls regularly pee in the locker room... actually strike that ALWAYS pee in the changing room. We had a super special event the other day; it was the anniversary of the wall being built!! The owner held a party and invited as many of us girls to show up as could come. They decorated the room and served lots of drinks and food. Of course peeing was casual and we were encouraged to come in our suits to swim if we wanted or just hang out and chat. Let me tell you, I had no idea how many members we had... there were people I had never seen there and I am at the pool about every other day. Apparently we have a night swimming class, a high school synchronized swim team, and MILF Aqua Yoga (yes that is the actual title). Anyway, on to the fun stuff: I got there early and stayed almost the whole time, I wanted to see as much as I could for you folks. Some came and went (BOY HOWDY!), and several ladies stopped in just to pee. As I said the atmosphere was even more casual than usual, the sign that states, "... Be Courteous..." actually had that whole line covered in tape. Mothers and daughters were standing together talking in groups, when one of them needed to go they literally just relieved themselves! You would see them remove whatever they were wearing down there, just pop a squat, sit on a bench, or stand and let loose. The most fun was that no one cared if they got pee all over them, so after a while they were actively showering each other. The high school swim team and some other girls around the same age put on a scene, one of the three girls from my last report was squatting and shooting a big long arc like before, when the synchronized team came and stood around her. Needless to say they lived up to the name, six strong streams raining down on her simultaneously, then her friends from last time straddled her open legs and started hosing her down too. Everyone stopped to watch and a few of the older women stepped in queue to keep the show going as one or another of the group would run dry. The owner and her daughter did a small display too, the owner disrobed and sat on a bench, and then her daughter disrobed and climbed up to stand behind her. The owner then helped her daughter onto her shoulders and the daughter, with support from her mom, squatted over her mother's head. Then she started peeing, from the height she got decent distance, then her mother started her own stream and was able to match the point of impact. It was QUITE IMPRESSIVE. So the last thing of interest was the big surprise. The owner told us all to drink as much as we could for the next forty five minutes. We did just that and most of us were bursting and fidgeting. We were instructed each to stand in different locations around the room and to be naked from the waist down. We could choose any position we wanted, but had to stay in our designated space. The owner got in place and told us to all start going as quick as we could release. The daughter was standing towards the front of the room peeing in her normal pose with the hose in hand as she always does before she cleans the room, and that is when the owner snapped the photo. So now to show any new members that going anywhere in the room is acceptable, there is a photo next to the plaque in the room. A big banner across the top says, "Happee 5 YEAR Anniversipee!!" and there in a nice frame: thirty seven women, girls, and a few young ones all spraying down the changing room at the same time. Once in a lifetime opportunity and I am glad I was there for it. Hopefully I will have some more stories soon.
  9. So here I am again. Hopefully you remember me... I inherited a second mom and a raunchy step-sister that likes peeing. I thought that was the end of it, but it just got weirder this morning: I crawled out of bed and headed down the hall to the bathroom because I just woke up and had to go. We usually keep the door closed and just open a crack, so I grab hold and swing the door open to find both my moms. My step mom is sitting naked on the toilet and my mom is sitting half-naked on her legs. "Oh, hey son." (Like this is completely normal???) "Sorry didn't know it was occupied." Step mom, "You can use the sink if you need to." "I think I'll just wait..." Then as I turn back out of the room, I see my sister slide by me and now with me in the hallway, I watch her completely remove her sleep pants and hoist her butt up on the counter. Within moments she is peeing in the sink. "Hey squirt, I got some wicked morning breath. You got anything to help me fix that??" "I'm going to go get dressed." That was it... so from what I can tell, my mom and my step-mom were peeing in the toilet with my mom going on my step-mom. Then my sister shows up and just uses the sink like it is something she does regularly. Now all of this might make sense, EXCEPT for one MAJOR issue; there are THREE bathrooms in our house. The one where all this occurred, one in the master bedroom that my moms share, and a very open half-bath in the laundry room off by the kitchen. When I say open, it is a laundry room with a toilet and sink, no walls or privacy if multiple people were in the room. I guess things are going to get stranger, I will keep you posted when something new occurs.
  10. Can any1 identify these? I'd like a source if possible...
  11. More info than I usually share online... but I'm a close to 40 virgin with just under 5'(round)x7'(long), so what am I doing wrong?? (rhetorical partly......)
  12. Something a bit different this time... This is a commission I'd done. It's Sypha from the Castlevania NetFlix series. If any1's watched it there's a scene in season 1 where she talks about "I could pee in a bucket and tell him it's beer." SO I thought we'd all might like to see that:
  13. Yeah, I wrote this some time ago... for a completely different site that didn't have any issues. Again, it's just a story. No person was the inspiration for any of these characters, they're 100+% fabrications.
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