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  1. There is no peeing in the pool area as it can be a slipping hazard. Please make sure that all pee goes in the pool for everyone's safety. If you can not make it in the pool, please see the lifegaurd for assistance. Finally peeing from the high dive is not suggested, but is recommended for the enjoyment of others.
  2. "Secretary! Get in here immediately!" "Yes Sir, what do you need?" "This box of files has to be destroyed immediately, I don't care how just get rid of them this instant!" "Anything you say, sir!" [Hikes up her dress and takes down her stockings and panties] "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!" "Destroying the files 'immediately.' By the time I am done pissing in this box they'll be a soggy illegible mess. If you help it will go even faster." "Damn, I knew there was a reason I hired you. Out of the box thinking... even if someone wanted to examine they'd be put off by the smell alone." [Retriev
  3. FINALLY! College and living on my own..... well my own, with a room-mate, in a dorm, but NO PARENTS. I can't wait to meet my dorm buddy, I hope we get along. Here IT IS! "Hi! I'm going to be living with y- with, with, you... Are you peeing on the floor?" "It's NOT WHAT YOU THINK, I'm sorry... just let me finish and I~" "What I think's EXACTLY what I see, US getting along GREAT!! Let me put these boxes down and close the door so I can join you. It was a long trip..." Actually, leave the door open, I want the other girls to know they can pee here too." "OOOOoooo~ KINKY!"
  4. "Woah? Why's this staircase so full of women??" "Oh, this is one's only pissing. The one to get downstairs is two doors further down the hall." "So where does this stairwell go?" "Just down to the next landing and then there is a floor drain." "Then... why's there carpet too?" "More comfortable for squatting or sitting." "If you are further down, do you get wet?" "Quite often and it's refreshingly enjoyable usually." "Well, since I am here I thought I would go, since you make it sound convenient, but there doesn't seem to be any space." "Oh, you can pee over the edge there on
  5. "Well let's have you strip down and squat here on the carpet. This is a thick pile and does an excellent job of absorbing liquid quickly. There you go, now just close your eyes and relax." "I-I'm not sure about this, could you... could you go with me?" "Sure! Let me just get it out of my pants... alright, here I go. Ah, there you go Julia, good job! You really were full too." "Oh, this feels so much better... but now I have to be honest. I didn't really need help, I just had to see your cock. Innn faaccctt... IIIiiaahh~" *mpfh* *gulp gulp gulp* "Well, thank you for the tip,
  6. "Debbie, can you meet me in isle three? I have a customer in need of an instructional walkthrough." "Sorry Alan, I am already with two ladies over here in six, can you bring her over?" "Oh sure, we will be there shortly. If you follow me miss?" "I can't, sorry... I am a bit pee shy. Could you help me Alan? I don't mind you seeing my lady bits." "I'll certainly do what I can to help a customer, miss." "Thank you, my name is Julia."
  7. "Um, excuse me sir?" "Yes, how may I assist you?" "I seem to be having difficulty with the restroom... where is it?" "Well miss, it would be easier to tell where not to go if you just need to pee. However, it looks like you are having more trouble with actually going, more than where to go. I will call for a female associate to help you get the relief you need."
  8. OH! Got 1 more out of that... Why do they call it a "powder room?" If the room is covered in powder and I piss on it... isn't that a "mud room" then??
  9. Restroom Bathroom Loo Water Closet Lavatory Powder Room Latrine Head That last one's the only out of the lot that makes sense. I just put my dick in her mouth and she swallows it. I always use "The Head."
  10. Ma'am, while do allow and encourage peeing on the carpet, we are going to have to ask you to stop or move to a different area. You have been going forcefully in the same spot for well over a minute. You also seem to show no signs of stopping or even being able to pause your flow, so we have brought you a rolling chair. Please just have a seat, leave your legs wide open, and I will wheel you around as you continue your extremely heavy release. In fact I will even move in reverse to assure that you do not get splashed as we travel.
  11. We just put up a new sign by the front door to the shop: No Shirt, No Shoes, No service No Pants, no Hat, Nothing we can do about that Piss on the floor, No charge for that anymore Custom orders? We have a backroom for that! (Flash your tits for a discount, bigger boobs, bigger savings!! Bring your friends for 2x bonus.)
  12. "Welcome Madam. May I say you look lovely tonight?" "Your dress does a wonderful job covering just want needs to be hidden and the slit up the side to above the hip makes sure you will tease the gentlemen (and ladies) as you dance." "We have your regular table waiting with three bottle of champagne." "I assume you will be skipping the restroom of the evening as well?" "Yes, quite nice. I will make sure your waitress knows to be 'on call' when you are ready to relieve yourself." "She will be willing to service you for any of your desires this evening." "As always, if you need any
  13. {Heard on the overhead intercom} "Ladies, we want to tell you about our sale on Eternal-Dry Panties. 'The only panties that can take pissin' and keep on liquid wickin'.'" "Also, if you are not aware the promotion is currently having an event. Head over to aisle twenty, you can join the festivipees!" "We are in hour four of the holding contest, the final few minute of sign-up for the distance competition, and if any of you need to go, the 'drink the sea (of pee)' needs a few more contributions before we reach the fill line." "If nothing else, feel free to bob for apples, get a nice w
  14. I've a longer 1 I wrote for a Discord server I joined... I told them it'd be an exclusive for a while, now is that time: Hello traveler, welcome my shop. Please take a look around, I have many items to offer. You will find the rare and exotic, but also anything you need to bolster you on your long journey. Ah, I see you have an interest in our selection of “Holy Water,” it is suggested to keep it on hand in large supply while passing through the Necropolis ahead. If you were not aware, “Holy Water” is a ward against the undead. Any creature that lives again from unnatural means can be he
  15. "You and your daughters are not allowed to pee here Miss." "Well why not? I saw a lady with three other women peeing just over there!" "Correct, that spot has the proper lighting and camera to project to screens in the stadium. Going here captures nothing." "Oh, well, I guess I understand that. Girls clench those muscles and get over there ASAPee!"
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