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  1. "WOAH THERE!" "Look I know all you guys have to piss, but I am just one girl...." "I mean... I can take several of you at once, sure." "...but uh, not three dicks filling my ass at the same time!" "i'll just overflow on your feet, HAHA!"
  2. Hu-uh Hah Hu AH uh... why did I UNf I decidtostart jog ging? All this extra water for "hydration" and the bouncing's making me need a pee break. I'll just stop here by the trail to catch my breath and relieve myself. OH NO! Is that someone coming this way? They are going to see me and I know I can't stop! Quick pull up my panties and pants. I'm flooding them and THEY WENT THE OTHER WAY!?! SIGH Well, I guess you can't spell "Sweat Pants" without "Wet Pants"... I think next time I may just not stop and jog while I go.
  3. Alternatively: Sorry, is there a problem? What do you mean I'm peeing? Everything's going just fine!
  4. I also had concerns on cost and payment distribution. The market for print media's shrinking vastly in recent years. If we went for a retro look we might hook a few folks... however overall a pee based printed's a specifically niche audience. To be clear, I'm in support for it. I just have low expectations for results.
  5. Not the response I'd hope to get, but whatever... This might be as long as the last one. I got in the next morning and my boss pulls me into the office. I am literally sweating, thinking they're going to fire me or who knows what. I mean I'm part time and that was a pretty weird situation. I wouldn't be surprised if they just dumped me and moved on. Again, turns out that the client had returned with a note, "for my eyes only." My boss was a bit chuffed, so I got sorta congratu-scolded? Like they were happy the client was pleased, but this extra nonsense was not going to be a regular thing
  6. Let's see: Laundry? DONE! Dishes? DONE! Carpets? DONE! Garage? DONE! Backyard? DONE! I guess all I have left is the bathrooms.... but who wants to pee there anyway??
  7. The wealthy really do live in a different world from us. I’ve been working at furniture store for a summer job, not even been there a month, but I've to tell you about this client. Strap in, it might be long. I was chatting with a co-worker on a slow day when this well dressed woman comes in and starts meandering around. I mean she would just look at something, wrinkle her nose, and dash away. She went through the sofa section THREE TIMES, like she was going to find something new. Finally she comes over to us and her eyes light up. "What is this chair?" "It's one of newer models. W
  8. "Girls! How many times do I have to scold you?" "Sorry, we just couldn't hold it any longer." "Ive told you time and again, if you're going to pee in public make sure people are watching!" "..... well no since in wasting it now, get over here and pee in my mouth and soak my tits."
  9. "I have called you five in AGAIN, because you can't seem to keep track of your rolls. The tourists come here to get photographs and if they post images online with inconsistencies we will get complaints from patrons. NOW let me make this clear: One. Geisha 'feed the koi' in the pond. Two. Shine maidens 'make an offering' OR 'cleanse their hands in the wash basin'. Three. Pop Idols 'perform on the kabuki stage'. Four. School girls 'make some rain in the chains'. Five. Delinquents 'serve tea' in the tea room. HAVE I MADE IT CLEAR? You will not pee anywhere but the allo
  10. "LALA LALALA LALA LALA LALA~" "Uh, Ma'am?" "Oh hello there, aren't you a busty thing?" "You seem to be a bit drunk, your dress has fallen down and your breasts are exposed. However, I approached you because your forceful pee stream is blocking the doorway." "You're probably right, you've seen mine though... show me your's now!" "I'm on the clock, I would get in trouble." "You still get bathroom breaks right? Take your break and your bathroom with me here." "I'd have to clear that with my mana~ ...... Oh, uh, wow, she um, she says it's fine as long as I clean up
  11. I really like this "bucket" list idea. I had no idea peeing in buckets at certain places was this popular... Although I am pretty sure lots of these places don't have buckets either. So would I BMOB (Bring My Own Bucket) or JFAPAP (Just Find A Place And Pee)?
  12. Thank goodness my neighbor asked me to check their mail while on vacation. I was expecting they would just tell me to hang on to it until they returned, but they gave me a key. I had never been in their place before. I am going to get to know it very intimately when I am peeing everywhere in the place for the next two weeks.....
  13. Wow, I never thought I'd be able to pee on camera! Of course I also never thought of doing it on display for them in the middle of a store either. The one is projecting on the TV in front of me so I get to watch it happen too!
  14. Actually the police 1 above gave me a good idea too. "Miss, you know it is illegal to relieve yourself on the street?" "Yes I was aware, that is why I am using this basement floor window." "I can see that. However you should be using the trees on the sidewalk where it is designated." "Oh sorry, there was no space when I arrived."
  15. Restrooms closed for cleaning, huh? Well, I hope they have a wet mop, because this hallway is going to need one. Actually, with the puddle I am going to leave they might just need a hose and a squeegee.
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