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    Just a regular dude who loves to be creative and make things… and piss. 😅

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    It’s hard to pinpoint. I actually think it’s the intimacy of sharing it with someone in all aspects that really drives me wild.
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    Peeing an ex girlfriend who also loved piss for the first time in an ocean side hotel room. I wish that moment never ended tbh.

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  1. love that you were able to be openly naughty and no one had any idea. Very exciting and erotic! 😁
  2. I’m trying to drink 4 liters a day lately, so I’m peeing a good bit. Has to be 6 - 8 times a day. For whatever reason the ones before bed and in the morning always get me super horny. Or if I wake up a little early having to go.
  3. Stories engage some of my favorite erotic feelings, so definitely looking forward!
  4. Welcome! Finding a place with likeminded individuals is extremely gratifying, I’m sure you’ll love it.
  5. Grab a squirt pad, they’re awesome and absorb a ton. You can pee in bed too if you want with it. Then afterwords just wash and repeat.
  6. That is such an unbelievably well written story. I read it all this morning and was foaming at the tip.
  7. That’s an unbelievably sexy story. Thanks for the share!
  8. It’s your story and I think you have done a fantastic job telling it, so please keep exploring what you like. My 2 cents is definitely follow your gut, or in this case perhaps your lust!
  9. I think the easiest way to get started is in a way that’s familiar to him, if he doesn’t share the kink as well. Take a shower, have him pee in front of you/on you, pee in front of him, play with him while you do it so it reinforces a positive notion with it, have him pee between your legs/on you on the toilet, etc. then you can ramp it up from there, move away from the bathroom.
  10. Hi @sweetbabygirl4566, welcome to the site. I look forward to seeing anything you create and/or share with us.
  11. Really hope you write more, I haven’t enjoyed erotica like this in a very very long time.
  12. The feeling of peeing on someone and then sticking your peeing cock inside them is one of the most thrilling feelings. The warmth build up, stroking inside… it’s absolutely electric. I hope I can find someone who I can share this with again who also loves it like I do.
  13. Yeah that’s about it for me. If I’m in the mood for something naughty it’ll be solo, something with dominance it’ll be pee drinking related usually, pee sex, etc. always pee involved. It’s difficult to find a partner who is open to pee play, forget also being equally as enthused as you are. Porn is really where I can satisfy that desire.
  14. The room! Honestly, I bet hotel room floors have had more piss on them than any other place in the world. No one’s going to judge you, it’s only temporary, and as long as you spread it out, or do a little patting down later when play time is over, no one will know and you won’t have any damage charges on your card. It’s super fun to be with someone else who loves pissing and get back to a hotel room and casually pee right in the middle of the floor, especially when the other person joins in!
  15. I always enjoy fantasizing about someone laying in my lap while on the couch or cuddled up next to me, and without stopping paying attention to what we’re watching, spreading their legs and casually pissing right onto the couch. One of my favorite pee dreams, hope I can experience it sometime.
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