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  1. Going outside is always a thrill. I love laying by a lake or a creek in a secluded spot, whipping it out and watching as my stream shoots into the air. But if we are talking favorite? Anything nonchalant inside. Especially when shared. 💦
  2. I love doing this in the form of waking up on a weekend when I have nothing to do. I usually don’t wear bottoms to bed and I love waking up in the morning having to pee and playing with myself as the pressure builds, teasing and edging. I’ll do it for as long as I can, cum and then piss and wash up. Excellent way to start a day. 😁
  3. When I was young and lived at home, all the time. I used to have an old bmw as a project car that I would work on. When the garage door was closed I’d just pee freely on the concrete to the side of where I was working. I loved it. Sometimes it was against the wall, sometimes just right on the floor, sometimes I’d slide from under the car and just pull my cock out and aim towards the corner while still on the ground. The best feeling.
  4. Really hot, but a fair bit shorter than I had hoped. 😅
  5. Lately I’ve been pissing in my bed, mostly when I wake up on the weekends and don’t have to be anywhere. Just point my cock all around and soak my blankets. Not pissing a tin mind you, though I did the one day when I went and grabbed a towel and laid it over the top blanket, but definitely a good bit. I’ve also been using my pee as lube basically, which I haven’t done since I was a teenager, and the orgasms have been unreal.
  6. -Z.

    A shy doe!

    Welcome! You’ll definitely find plenty of people here who appreciate similar thrills. 😁
  7. Alcohol: Makes your pee essentially warm water once you’ve had enough to get very tipsy. diet soda: your body filters the synthetic sweetener out through your urine and it’s relatively quick, thus sweetening your pee. combining the two is a very effective way to make it taste good enough to never spill a drop. 😁
  8. Can’t say why you’re doing it, but I’m a fan. 🙂
  9. I would not only like it, I desire it. Casually pee everywhere and on each other anywhere.
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