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    Just a regular dude who loves to be creative and make things… and piss. 😅

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    It’s hard to pinpoint. I actually think it’s the intimacy of sharing it with someone in all aspects that really drives me wild.
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    Peeing an ex girlfriend who also loved piss for the first time in an ocean side hotel room. I wish that moment never ended tbh.

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  1. I loved it, no apologies! I hope you two got to do lots more beyond this, it’s all very sexy!
  2. I always would do it in the living room if they weren’t home/were out for an extended period of time. I’d wear a shirt and no pants and just pick different places to pee, or casually pee off the couch. Having hardwood floors made the cleanup easy.
  3. I personally love it. I want to wake up on a lazy weekend and be greeted by my partners pussy in my face and their fresh morning piss as I lick them. 😊
  4. I had a nice drunk pee last night/this morning. Was away for work and got in from drinking with coworkers, took off my pants, sat on the chair and realized I needed to pee. Not a lot, just a little. Without really “deciding” I just sort of spread my legs and let my cock pee wherever it was pointing at the time. Only lasted for a bit but I haven’t done any kind of naughty peeing in a while and that was really nice.
  5. Fair point, got lost in my own fantasies and didn’t think about the necessary details. 😂😅
  6. I probably did a bad job of explaining this lol. I mean something like this:
  7. I think anything casual is sexy as hell. One leg pulled up, the other extended and just spreading lips and letting go like it’s totally no big deal… so incredible. 😮‍💨
  8. Maybe try downloading an app like Hud and just message some people relatively close to your area, I think you’ll definitely find some fellow open minded people who’d love to piss all over you and fulfill your fantasies.
  9. To wake up and casually piss on my partner, or waking up to them riding my face and slowly peeing in my mouth.
  10. Thanks everyone! I’m glad you like them. 😁
  11. So, I love pissing but I’m not much of a sharer lol. But the last person I was with was a long distance relationship, and the only way we could pee play for the majority of it was through videos and pics. I miss pissing for someone, and while this doesn’t replace the emotional connection I had, it is nice to share with other people who enjoy. I hope you like it. 😅
  12. I met someone who I really thought I’d be able to make a rest of the life thing work with online. After talking to each other forever, we finally met and it was amazing. We didn’t piss at first even though we both are very fully into it, but when she felt comfortable enough I peed all over her in our hotel room and it felt unbelievable. I really had to piss and was able to keep going and going, and she was so beautiful as she willingly aimed my cock where she wanted me to pee on her. I loved having someone else who loved it as equally and as fully as I do. But even more so, I thought she was
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