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    In a relationship (pee-free, sadly). Been into watersports for a while but not really able to talk to anyone about it! Just here for craic about the kink
    Play rugby and lift heavy stuff in my spare time

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  1. Honor May, she actually came up on my tinder when I was single but she must have swiped left😂
  2. 30 in a set is basically cardio, so definitely use bigger dumbbells. The 'easy mode' way to progress is to pick a weight you can do 3 sets of 8 reps with relatively comfortably, then next session 3x10, then 3x12 and when you've done that move up to the next one. You should be able to do this across most exercises at once no problem It's definitely slower but you'll get plenty working volume in and learn how to do it properly, most beginner lifting programmes will only have 3x5 in a few exercises which IMO isn't enough volume to do anything if you're pretty much untrained with weights.
  3. Making it sound like a fuckin vietnam flashback I've seen shit you wouldn't believe...
  4. To be honest, you could probably get away with it since most 'squirting' porn is just pissing 😂
  5. It's something really difficult to bring up with a partner, like I've known I'm into it for a long while but how am I supposed to tell the lass that I want to pee in her mouth (and vice versa)? It's such a hard line to cross I'm really glad this place exists just as a bit of an outlet for it
  6. Hey, it has been a while!
  7. Taken some time out from heavier deadlifts during the league season, starting to ramp up now. 240kg beltless on the axle went up fine
  8. Made the training squad for the representative rugby league team which isn't bad considering I've only been playing league for just over a year No idea how it'll mesh with my upcoming strongman comp because league's such a fast paced sport, just have to eat more and keep doing my speed work in the gym
  9. Really liking this one atm, it's got a very early 00s hard house bassline
  10. Sometimes I can get to the point of it almost not feeling like I need to piss any more and it being more like a dull ache, if it gets to that stage I can go like a racehorse for about a minute straight
  11. Mine's me, I picked it because I look wedge as fuck But mostly, it's just a pic of me without being identifiably me if you get me
  12. Urinna hunts-3 "Kneel, my pet. You are ready," Vinna commanded. She knew it was done, that the blonde had given herself over fully. Anita just needed to drink of her liquid gold and her corruption would be complete. Anita knelt submissively, and began to eat her mistress's pussy without needing to be instructed. After allowing a number of slow, longing licks of her cunt, the vampiress pulled Anita's hair back. "Drink me," she breathed before a strong stream of piss squirted from her aroused pussy. Anita gulped the gushing urine down as quickly as she could. She
  13. Urinna hunts-2 The pair kissed hungrily as Antia fell further under Vinna's spell. Part of her wondered if she was still dreaming, the other part recoiling at the thought of her husband walking in right now. Vinna unclasped her bra and it broke Anita's train of thought. he broke this kiss, panting that they should stop. Vinna eyed her like a tiger about to eat its dinner, removing her own bra, and the voice in her head came back stronger than ever. You want this. "How are you doing this?" Antia asked nervously. "Simple, I'm a vampire," Vinna said. The matter-of
  14. Rewatched a bit of Lesbian Vampire Killers recently so decided to revisit Vinna Reed's scenes for vampire peeing ideas! Urinna hunts Anita sighed. Here she was, perfect makeup, sexy lingerie, and her husband was supposed to be home an hour ago. She had been so horny all day and wanted to surprise him, but business always came fucking first. It became clear he'd be gone all night, so she began to drift off to sleep. Lips pressing together, a body against hers. Nails digging into her sides as the lips traced her neck. Breasts rubbing tog- She stirred. Was she fantasisi
  15. 3 minutes lmao, fuckin hell You could boil an egg before this guy's finished busting a nut
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