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    In a relationship (pee-free, sadly). Been into watersports for a while but not really able to talk to anyone about it! Just here for craic about the kink
    Play rugby and lift heavy stuff in my spare time

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    My gf being caught short in the airport car park and bending over to piss behind my car

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  1. I feel like the closest would be one that has a squirt scene (so basically piss), they tend to only put full on piss scenes in actual pee porn Edit-maybe this? https://m.tnaflix.com/brunette-porn/Two-Horny-Girls-Are-Naughty-Tina-Kay/video5280271 It's not much plot but it's got a pretty hot piss scene at the end
  2. Note-The first chapter is just girl-on-girl and is a purely watersports story with elements of reluctance and seduction/corruption. Straight sex watersports will be more prominent in the next chapter. If you're more into wetting/desperation type stories this probably isn't for you, but there will be naughty peeing elements later. With that said, it's just a ridiculous porno plot I typed out over a few days Chapter 1 Jess rolled her car into the unoccupied bay, eyebrow slightly raised in surprise. "Hmm, the host must still be here," she thought aloud as she glanced at the c
  3. Seriously, it'll happen when it happens, I lost my virginity at 18 which was very late for the standards of my home town. As soon as I moved away to uni it happened in like two weeks, sometimes it's just a change of scenery/social circle
  4. I've always wanted to piss inside a pussy, bit anatomically easier for me though!
  5. Hey! Well if you wanted to find people with a pee fetish here is probably a good place to start 😂
  6. Yep, I'm just debating what direction it will take!
  7. Maybe Sofia gets back by making Emily wet herself during sex with Sofia's ex, which causes Emily to fetishise her peeing/desperation and humiliation even more. Loads of avenues you could go down!
  8. Definitely could do, has a lot of potential to be a hot first chapter!
  9. Kate stepped gingerly off the plane, feeling every one of the six pornstar martinis deep she had been from the airport. Despite the utter failure of the two-and-a-half hour flight to sober her up, she could still appreciate the summer heat that filled the air as she went down the steps, clinking cabin bag of duty free gin swinging onto her back. "WHOOO! WE'RE GOING TO I-BEE-THA!" Sara, her maid of honour, hollered behind her. She had tried to convince the bubbly blonde that an Ibiza hen party in June was a bit excessive, but a modest donation from the bank of Jack's mum and dad had been e
  10. Nice start! Wetting/humiliation stuff isn't really my thing but this is some hot writing
  11. You'll probably fill out quite a bit, women have a sort of 2nd puberty in their late teens/early 20s my gf's sister was tiny when she was 19/20 and she's still small but has filled out over the last year or so without gaining much fat.
  12. I'm naturally very hairy and recently shaved my chest and shoulders for a holiday, not totally shaved but it's quite short now. I have to say I personally prefer it and will keep it trimmed, but do you ladies generally like shaved/trimmed or hairy?
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