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    In a relationship (pee-free, sadly). Been into watersports for a while but not really able to talk to anyone about it! Just here for craic about the kink
    Play rugby and lift heavy stuff in my spare time

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    Golden showers
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    My gf being caught short in the airport car park and bending over to piss behind my car

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  1. Being bigger does have problems! My lass and I pretty much can't have sex without me eating her out for several minutes to get her wet enough beforehand. It's not a problem itself because I love doing it (to the point I can maintain at least 90% hardness for the duration) but it means we can't really have spontaneous sex. I know she likes outdoor and risky sex but it's not doable most of the time because without a lot of foreplay it's uncomfortable/painful for her
  2. Pretty clearly bolt ons, still very hot though
  3. Let's just say I'm glad I'm working from home this eve😂🥵
  4. Two strongman competitions lined up for the spring now! Considering I have a 10k in March, a rugby union season to finish and a rugby league season to start as well as an actual job and a mid distance relationship I have no idea how I'll manage it but we move
  5. Female ejaculation/squirting is just a brief involuntary release of fluid from the bladder, i.e it's urine. Because it comes (lol) with contractions in the vaginal muscles as well it's also mixed in with released pussy juices but the actual squirt itself is pee. I've even seen my girlfriend's squirt be quite yellowish. I guess if it got to the point of a squirting orgasm and the girl decided to piss anyway it would just look like the 'squirting' orgasm you see in porn.
  6. "Fuck", Batman spluttered, tied to a table as Poison Ivy's last spurts of a long golden shower splashed his face. "Keep doing that to me and I'll do whatever you want." "How did you get your pheremones into your piss?", Batgirl screamed with shock while tied to the wall opposite. Ivy looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "Pheremones?"
  7. Just women peeing for me-I do watch piss porn with men in but I've never been into the legalporno-type stuff where half a dozen lorry driver looking cunts piss on a girl you can barely even see.
  8. Think you need to tell your brother in law she's a keeper! And I thought I was a weirdo for getting turned on by the smell of pee as well...at least I'm not alone 😂
  9. Hot! Makes me wonder if my lass knows exactly what she's doing when she leaves the door open to go for a wee while we're chatting...
  10. Tfw Anne Hathaway will never call me a forward young man
  11. Anne Hathaway absolutely exudes sex. Her mannerisms and tone in this interview are amazing
  12. Finally in the 600lb deadlift club! Last big round number milestone before 300kg, hopefully in the new year
  13. Last week, nothing much to report though. Before that we were at one of mt gf's friend's for a housewarming and stayed over on an airbed in their living room. When everyone else was in bed my girlfriend dipped her head under the covers and made me cum, with me returning the favour after that
  14. I've actually tried bringing it up with my gf but she's just not really into it, she finds the idea of peeing on each other degrading which is entirely up to her. It's a shame but we have a great relationship and sex life regardless. Making her squirt is sometimes close enough anyway😂
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