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    In a relationship (pee-free, sadly). Been into watersports for a while but not really able to talk to anyone about it! Just here for craic about the kink
    Play rugby and lift heavy stuff in my spare time

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    Golden showers
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    My gf being caught short in the airport car park and bending over to piss behind my car

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  1. Yeah, I've had this thought! I answered prefer to be peed on but it was only because I had to pick one, giving a golden shower is a very close second. I've unfortunately not had the pleasure in reality yet though I was a bit surprised when I signed up that it's more of a wetting/naughty pissing community here rather than watersports, I find girls naughty peeing hot but the wetting stuff is really not up my alley.
  2. My gf isn't into it, but I have dated girls off tinder that have been open to it or also into it (I've brought it up while sexting etc). Just circumstances stopped us actually getting to that stage, I was living at home and watersports are a a bit logistically difficult if you want to avoid a mess😂
  3. Have fun, love waterparks me How slowly letting it go while you lay back on the float in the lazy river?
  4. A side effect of strongman is getting a dump truck
  5. Jennifer should have believed the villagers when they told her the owners of the house were witches. After all, it had to have been an enchantment. She didn't really want to stay there to be drenched in their hot golden showers every day, did she?
  6. Later on, as our streams crossed and her hot urine soaked my body, I just knew all the extra cleaning was going to be worth it
  7. "Stand up," she commanded. "Do you need to pee?" "I do miss," I meekly replied. "Good. That's your job now, you're not my maid, you're my piss slut. You're never pissing in the toilet again in this house, and nor am I while you're here." God I was so wet, and not just from her pee. She lay under me and played with herself while I pissed, drenching her pussy and abdomen.
  8. I told her I was sorry and just wanted to know why there were pee puddles everywhere, to which she just laughed and said "well, now you know." She then told me to get on with cleaning while she decided what to do with me. She clearly made up her mind quickly, because before I knew it she had stood over me and began to pee all over my back. The hot stream drenched my outfit and I let out an involuntary moan "You loved it didn't you? Did you make yourself cum watching those videos?" I bet you got turned on cleaning up all that piss, imagining the dirty, sexy golden showers." I wa
  9. The first step is probably to find a woman that likes you for who you are pal You're putting the cart before the horse to be honest
  10. The footage from the next day was from the bathroom. Another girl, this time a blonde, and another pissy tryst. No wonder it was soaked the day after! I could see why she needed a maid if she wouldn't at least clean up after herself. When I arrived that weekend she was working from her home office with nobody else there. She told me she'd be doing some extra admin, but then a few minutes later she dropped a bombshell. "I know you've been spying on me."
  11. Thought this would be a fun change! what's the best upload site so it won't need a shitload of posts? The maid When I got offered the job to be a maid at Nathalie's house I was thrilled. She's the most successful businesswoman in the town and everyone said people working for her all ended up in high places. That was why I didn't really mind when she aked me to wear this stupid French maid outfit. What did raise my eyebrows was that I spent most of my time cleaning up puddles round the house. They always seemed to appear after her friends had been round. Maybe she and her friends
  12. It's the thing I'm most into to be honest, but yet to actually do😂 I absolutely love eating my girl out, especially pushing her legs back towards her head and burying my face in, so doing that while she pees in my mouth and all over herself would be incredible I've always wanted to piss on a girl's clit before fucking as well, especially if she's tied up so I can tease her with it.
  13. Athens, 5 years prior to the sealing of the shrine "You must let them baptise you, Flavia. It is the only way. Without it you cannot remarry, it is that simple!" "But what if I do not wish either baptism or marriage, father?" Flavius Claudius grumbled, slamming his cup to the table. "Then you are a wilful fool of a girl. You said before you are like me, you care not for matters of the divine. Then what is your problem? Just let them wash you and be done with it, and you will secure your future." "I was supposed to secure my future with Alexios and look what happened there!" "His
  14. I can vouch for this, Ocean in Notts has piss corner (bit further down from fingering corner😂)
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