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    Hi, I'm a 20 year old Italian girl, due to a congenital bladder problem, i suffer from incontinence and am forced to go to the bathroom often, in the past I've had several accidents and sometimes to feel more comfortable i wear pullups. I've had several accidents due to this in the past and sometimes, so i wear pullups to be more comfortable. As a teenager this situation of mine wasn't easy and i had some humiliating episodes, but now i deal with it a little better and can laugh about it if it happens.

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    Exhibitionism, Bathroom Control, Humiliation, Desperation, Wetting
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    Once at school, i peed on myself in the gym during gym class because the teacher wouldn't give permission to go to the bathroom during class. Some of my classmates laughed at me and it was very humiliating. But most of it helped me

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  1. 1)Where are you from (country, maybe what state)? Italy 2)What are your gender and age? Female, 20 years old 3) What are the first 5 words that come to mind when you think about pee? Despair, accident, diaper, relief, wetting 4) What are the places where you peed, except the toilet? in my panties 5) When you take a bath or shower and have to pee, do you just let it run or go to the bathroom? I like peeing in the shower 6) When you are in a public swimming pool or a water park, where do you pee? in the toilet 6a) Where do you pee and
  2. I think i told you about it, those who read my posts know about my incontinence and that i am not able to resist for long when my bladder is full. In practice what happened was that when i was on a school trip i had dozed off and when i woke up was struck by a sudden pee emergency (as unfortunately happens to me if i don't go to the bathroom regularly). Basically in a panic i ran to the teacher to ask how long the break would be, and she told me that there was 45 minutes/an hour left, but i knew I couldn't wait that long. Since the bus was unable to stop at that moment, i started crying becaus
  3. Sometimes we play a "little girl" and a "mommy" ☺️
  4. With my girlfriend, sometimes we play some games
  5. With my problems i often find myself in those situations, and sometimes it happens that I don't make it in time 😅
  6. I am incontinent for this very reason: basically my bladder lags behind in growth compared to the rest of my body and recovers slowly. Now my body is that of a 20 year old while my bladder is that of a child. That's why i need to empty it more often than normal and i have accidents. Fortunately my bladder is slowly improving now. As a teenager i wet the bed several times in a week and had many daytime accidents
  7. Men: Jensen Ackles Ian Somerhalder Henry Cavill Women: Jenna Ortega Kristen Stewart Zendaya
  8. But did Miley really have herself photographed while peeing? Are you sure they aren't photomontages? 😮
  9. I felt a little sorry for her, but i found it exciting
  10. this is better at least you're in a closed place and you're not pissing with hundreds of people around. I don't know if i could use these Pollee. When i went to concerts i limited to peeing myself wearing a long skirt, trying not to get it wet when i had to go. Also because chemical toilets disgust me. Or i wear a diaper even if it's very difficult to get rid of, so i prefer to simply pee in my panties and then take them off at the end of the concert. When I went to see Muse in Rome before the pandemic, i peed on myself three times before and during the concert in my underwear and no one notic
  11. for a man, working outdoors without bathrooms is more feasible, for a woman it is problematic, because to pee we have to expose ourselves completely, for me who have incontinence problems and have to pee often, it is really complicated
  12. My morning pee is always very urgent, i have like 30 seconds to get to the bathroom when i wake up, i sleep in a diaper and could pee on myself, but i always try to get to the bathroom, so that i can reuse the diaper for more nights given how expensive Tena Nights are
  13. Since i suffer from incontinence and the only clothes i peed on were my own 😅
  14. I'm usually the one who finds myself in those conditions 🤣
  15. She sometimes activates "mom mode" with me. She is always very protective of me. I was truly lucky to have met her
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