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    A bit nerd , sport lover ! I practice capoeira and parkour

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    pissing desperation
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    take a look at my stories ^^

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  1. Every time I hide ... the urge of pee hit me like a hammer !
  2. Have you ever thought about "returning the favor"?
  3. welcome! it's always nice to meet new people and know that I'm not the only one tohold it ^^
  4. https://vk.com/video376550251_456239068 what about now ?
  5. where really desperate to pee and I was afraid of being seen from afar. So I came across a small mountain of dirt. I decided to try crouching behind it. This is the result
  6. can i go out with you one evening? ❤️
  7. if you want I can film myself .. I often end up in this state ^^
  8. I was very desperate, I frantically searched for something around me .. that was the most elegant solution I found ^^
  9. I would be ok even with a towel, but maybe the travel urinal would be a more elegant solution .. what do you think? 🙂
  10. are you telling me we can pee side by side in the sink and cross our flows?
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