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    A bit nerd , sport lover ! I practice capoeira and parkour

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    pissing desperation
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    take a look at my stories ^^

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  1. my video, posted on VK ^^ https://vk.com/video376550251_456239020
  2. Im so desperate ... Should I ... ?
  3. you will have to drink a lot, then
  4. If u need help , I have a good stream ^^
  5. I have a shy bladder, it would be embarrassing for me to make a lot of noise knowing that a girl can listen. But ethically I find the unisex bathroom quite right
  6. Its 22 cm . I Will post a pick with a ruler of u want ^^
  7. So ? Any new adventures ? 🙂 Ps: are u italian ?
  8. I was 13 . I remember always looking for porn like this >_<
  9. Category Four : Best fictional writer @ppgirl
  10. from seeing desperate girls pissing in naughty places, to pissing on and getting pissed on and finally drinking and making others drink
  11. I'm just going to buy a new carpet ^^
  12. an outdoor holding challenge, late in the evening, would be nice. Put yourself in an uncrowded area (perhaps near the car) and whoever loses simply pisses himself. You can use the car to escape soon after

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