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    Hiiii! Im ennie, and i really like piss, it just facinates me! Peeing where i shouldnt and holding is the most fun for me. Btw, dms are always welcome! I love making new friends!

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    Naughty peeing
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    Pissed in my back yard with my pussy against the ground and rubbed my clit afterwards

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  1. Thinking about having a panty pee and already need to go.. anyone want to help me hold?
  2. Just starting to hold, anyone up to help me?
  3. This happened not too long ago. My brother and i were playing monopoly and drinking beer, as we do, and of course after a few hours i needed a piss. So i took a break from the game and went upatairs to my bedroom (it has a private bathroom). I sat on the toilet and turned on my phone, not a very clean habit i know but i cant help it. I was scrolling through insta when i felt my thighs wet... I was sitting with my legs spread apart too much so my pee angled up and sprayed off the edge of the toilet! I said fuck it and just finished my long pee spraying like that. Didnt bother to
  4. I propped my phone up in front of me with a tripod, i did remove my panties, and i did a low squat over my carpet, slightly moving my hips so i could spread out my pee more.
  5. Yes sometimes hours will go by while im holding and my panties soak without me noticing! At that point i jist give up and let it flow!
  6. I spent the day with my family today, doing mostly activities that involved hydration. Lots and lots of hydration. My family kept breifly leaving to the bathroom to piss i guess, but i decided to keep holding my piss. I didnt pee once all day, so whrn the day camr to a close i was bursting. I walked into my room and immediately stripped my bottoms as i tried to think of a good place to relive myself. I decided on a towel in the bathroom would be fun. I hurrily threw the towel on the bathroom floor, no time to fold it, and kneeled over it. I opened my hole and piss poured out of
  7. Just had my morning pee... in the bath tub!! I played with myself a little before i started pissing, and massaged my peehole mid flow! I regularly use this bathtub in place of my toilet! Ive been more comfortable on camera lately and i managed to film it too... currently letting spurts of pee off the edge of my bed... https://www.erome.com/a/P6w5a4mL
  8. Ive been holding more and more recently, and i finally decided to give in to temtation and let it all flow out onto my carpet!! This was risky since my family is in the next room over, i hope they didnt hear me. I was already peeing in my panties as i walked over to my place of choice. My pussy was throbbing and i was so releived to let my piss flow! I had a good time playing with my little clit and fingering my piss covered cunt afterward. I decided to film for the first time and i love this video! My phone camera isnt the best but i'll add the link in case anyone wants to watch 😅 https://www
  9. For me its touch, because i love feeling my stream on my hand as my piss flows and feeling my puddles!
  10. The whole day my pussy has been throbbing, but i havent gotten the chance to satisfy myself until now. I decided to drink a few bottles of water to fill my bladdet and treat myself with a naughty pee somewhere in my room. I laid in my bed, pantiless, as a waited for my bladder to fill. 2 hours later and i needed to piss so badly, it was starting to drip out of my pussy and onto my bed. I looked around my room and decided the best place to pee right then was in the back of my closet. My closet is carpeted so i had hoped that my pee wouldnt be too yellow and leave a stain. I pushed my
  11. Yeah i definitely will post more stories like this soon!
  12. Once i was at a house party, there was a lot of drinking obviously and i found myself needing a piss in no time. Lots of drunk people at lined up at the bathroom, and i didnt want to wait. I grabbed a plastic cup from the kitchen and went into the backyard where the party was. Grabbed a couple of my girl friends and had them watch me piss into the cup. It ended up overflowing but the girls watching sure got a kick out of it! Left the cup of piss on a table next to other drinks. I have more house party stories but thats a thread for another time
  13. Just had my pee! I sprayed my piss all over my bathroom floor! It was amazing!!
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