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    Hiiii! Im ennie, and i really like piss, it just facinates me! Peeing where i shouldnt and holding is the most fun for me. Btw, dms are always welcome! I love making new friends! Looking for someone to rp with!! Add me on Discord: emilineeee#3263

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    Naughty peeing
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    Pissed in my back yard with my pussy against the ground and rubbed my clit afterwards

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  1. I dont think i can even get up, my peehole started leaking.
  2. Im on my sofa,, i can do it around here if i need to
  3. This christmas i have to pee very bad!!! I could really use some help!!
  4. I went swimming with my dad today, and when i first entered the pool i had already needed to pee. I thought i would just hold it until i had a free moment. After about an hour i was desperate to go, so i told my dad. We both got out of the pool but he told me he didnt want chlorine water to get on the inside carpets, which meant i couldnt walk across the house to get to the bathroom. He suggested i just pee outside but i was in a one peice bathing suit and that would be a little tricky. So i sat on the edge of a chair and spread my legs. I let a little tinkle out but after seeing th
  5. Oh yeah that was a wonderful pee, and i totally soaked through the towel and the carpet below it! One of the best feelings ever!
  6. I think thats it for me, im gonna let it all out onto the towel now!
  7. One of my favorite peeing positions! Just a few more minutes until its time!
  8. Its been pretty good actually, ive been doing a lot of carpet pees since im getting it professionally cleaned next week. Loads of fun 😊
  9. Seems like a good plan to me! I can make it until then!
  10. Just nude in bed right now @weteric, hopefully i can make it onto a towel and not flood my bed.
  11. Thanks for the encouragement! Pacific time here, 1:16 am!
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