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    Northeastern U.S.
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    Been a lurker for a bit and probably still will be for a bit

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    desperation and public pissing
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    Peeing on the floor of a coffee shop I worked at while I was on shift

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  1. Hey, just another person that has been a lurker for a bit. Never really been public or open about my fetish so it is very strange to be posting about it to be completely honest. I am 20 and from the U.S. I have been into this for so long and this site was one of the first I stumbled on and have been a lurker since then. Also I am into bdsm and public stuff and combining that with piss stuff. I don't know how active I will be but maybe slowly I will learn to be okay with talking about a fetish I have had for over almost a decade now here. Alright I think that should be about it, if
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