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    Naughty peeing, golden showers, girls standing to pee, desperation
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  1. Always when I am home alone
  2. I recently this past summer peed on an empty beach at night with my sister and her friends. It made me happy because the boys went to one side and the girls went to another and I got to go with the girls. Gender affirming happinessssss.
  3. Incest maybe gross...but selfcest.... ooooh boy love me some selfcest.
  4. Who told you that?!!! Damn snitches-- (Also the part about depleting energy is true. Cumming makes me sleepy.)
  5. I've recently gotten into Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid.
  6. I can but I have a cock so maybe that's cheating
  7. If moms do this, then they are total jerks. My mom is thankfully not like this. She encourages me and my sis to pee outside if needed.
  8. Damn you forgot to put "trees"
  9. I had a crazy one where I the male weeaboo mafia turned all of the cisgender heterosexual women on a random college campus into mindless anime girl slaves, but all of the LGBTQ students were immune to their brainwashing and anime-ifying technology, so we formed a resistance movement and established a hiding place in a big gender neutral bathroom. I had to pee so I ended up sharing a urinal with another trans girl, and then I woke up.
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