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  1. Sorta, or maybe just alternating lol
  2. As if that'd be such a bad thing
  3. I kinda wish there were more pics of dudes in the nude while out to get some food on this thread.
  4. I wanna give and recieve a blowjob someday
  5. The Pink-haired person actually has a penis, and their name is Astolfo. Astolfo's gender is technically unknown. Some say they're male, others say they're transfem, some say they're non-binary. But no matter what you think Astolfo identifies as, I think we can all agree that Astolfo is fucking hot.
  6. After midnight on New Years, I decided to ring in the new year with my first pee of the year. I wasn't gonna waste it on a toilet, I wanted to pee outside. Unfortunately my dog was upstairs for the night and it would look sus if I just went outside with my family in the house. So I did the next best thing: I peed in the sink! That sink was just the perfect height. I just let my penis rest on it and just let it all flow out. What a great way to start the new year.
  7. This immediately made me think of that 4chan meme about "vanish me poopum" Jokes aside, I'm so glad this exists. It's such a middle finger to JK TERF Rowling.
  8. "Ah, this brings me back to when I met my first love, peeing in a back alley with her..."
  9. Now that I mention it, my situation is similar to yours. I don't intentionally listen, but I can fuckin hear them through the closed door. Sometimes I wonder if they can hear me peeing through the door, oh god that would make me so self conscious.
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