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  1. One of my friends said "damn girl you frying chicken over there?" while I was pissing on a tree
  2. I love zesty bois who pull their pants down to piss
  3. All of you can pee standing? Damn that's awesome.
  4. I went to a gender neutral bathroom with a trough urinal at this queer bar in Berlin. I was wearing a Pride month dress and I peed in the trough urinal next to a few different people.
  5. I've peed on the beach at night when its quiet and empty. Honestly prefer the beach at night to the beach during the day.
  6. Yeah that was my biggest fear too. Now I'm 22 and I've literally shown some of my friends my dick. Ironically I'm less embarrassed about peeing outside now as a woman than I was back when I still thought I was a guy.
  7. I guess there's a reason East Germany was such a popular vacation spot for Pisuarians during the Cold War. 😉
  8. So true. I've peed in front of my lesbian/bi girl friends once or twice. It's the same for us trans folk. I've peed in front of my transmasc friend before. It was dark so he didn't see anything though.
  9. It took me until the age of 14 to get over the mental block about peeing outside being "shameful."
  10. Ruined as in she literally can't go to the bathroom without thinking of me. I've Pavlov'd her.
  11. My girlfriend and some very very close friends I have in fact ruined going to the bathroom for her because now she thinks about me every time she pees.
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