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    Trans female
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    Make memes
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    I'm also on Omorashi.org: https://www.omorashi.org/profile/159003-ms-tito/

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    Naughty peeing, golden showers, girls standing to pee, desperation
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    A tie between peeing in a lake or peeing on a tree while trick or treating in a dress

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  1. True comrades share the urinal when they pee.
  2. Lol, maybe when I have my own place and don't have to worry about hiding a big ass name pissed into the snow!
  3. I'm the latter (person who just enjoys peeing somewhere other than a toilet)
  4. Today I was watching The Clone Wars when I needed to piss. Since I was home alone, I decided that I'd go pee outside. I usually only pee outside when I'm home alone. I ran out to the garage and opened the back door, lifted my skirt, whipped out my girl dick and peed all over the grass and snow, though I tried my best to avoid the snow so I wouldn't make it noticeable. I thought you'd all like this.
  5. Now that I think of it, my mom doesn't have much shame about peeing outside. She's even encouraged me and my sister to do so at times when we were desperate. They've only ever known me to pee outside when I was super desperate though.
  6. Oh, I was never a normal "boy." I am a trans girl, and for some reason before realizing I was trans you couldn't get me to pee outside for a million bucks! (though I wondered what it was like to sometimes) Now that I've realized I'm trans it's like I feel less ashamed of doing it, almost like my inhibitions are just gone. It would still be pretty embarrassing and awkward if they found out, especially since I rarely even go outside other than to pee or do yard work anyway! lol
  7. Hot take: It's just as slutty when men do it. Everyone is a slut. I have decreed it so.
  8. I might be more inclined to go see that now lol
  9. I wish it was the same for girls, unfortunately society says that girls peeing in unorthodox places is a no-no.
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