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  1. One of those stainless steel troughs in the bathroom. Like, not wall-and-drain, but more like this.
  2. I just went to a queer bar in Berlin and used a small trough urinal
  3. I'll do plenty of that once I go barhopping.
  4. Trust me, if the city wasn't absolutely crawling with people, and by extension the Fuzz, I would have just went behind a dumpster.
  5. I had to walk all the way to another subway station that had a bathroom.
  6. I genuinely considered that option when I was stuck on the tram that one time when a train ahead of us broke down and we were stuck there for nearly an hour before they finally told us to get off and shut down the entire line.
  7. Or just... make all bathrooms gender-neutral with wall-to-floor stalls. Not that American crap, I'm talking straight up Euro-style bathrooms with doors that close all the way.
  8. Psh, you could totally do it too. Practice make perfect.
  9. Do you have to actually be a Harvard student to do this? Asking for a friend, of course.
  10. I feel so bad for getting turned on when my friends talk about peeing.
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