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    Naughty peeing, golden showers, girls standing to pee, desperation
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    A tie between peeing in a lake or peeing on a tree while trick or treating in a dress

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  1. Same. Or even a man I find attractive.
  2. Omg hi! I didn't know you found this site too!
  3. Exhibitionism and selfcest. I mean, who WOULDN'T fuck their clone? It's not like it's the same as incest.
  4. Ms. Tito


    I have some troubling news regarding the user Simpfan4. They recently had been diagnosed with cancer, so they are no longer going to be active on this site. I'm sure many of you were friends with them, as am I. Hopefully they can beat this thing and join us again, but only time will tell. They reached out personally on another site asking me to let you all know. Let's hope they get well soon.
  5. But not nearly enough statues of women with penises.
  6. There actually does exist harnesses for FTM Stand To Pee devices.
  7. Trans girls stay winning
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