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    Trans female
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    Make memes
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    Northeastern USA
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    Tito Gang

    I'm also on Omorashi.org: https://www.omorashi.org/profile/159003-ms-tito/

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    Naughty peeing, golden showers, girls standing to pee, desperation
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    A tie between peeing in a lake or peeing on a tree while trick or treating in a dress

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  1. Hiking is the first thing that comes to mind. There rarely ever are toilets and when there actually are any they're locked.
  2. I sooo love peeing through my swimsuit while swimming. It's a lot easier to do it in a lake than in the ocean for some reason. Maybe it's the waves just pushing me around constantly making it harder for me to relax.
  3. I only really take pleasure in naughty or outdoor pees. Regular toilet pees are just that, regular.
  4. I'm at the bottom. Naked. Ready to take a a shower.
  5. I keep thinking of the "Poopio Awayo" meme that someone made.
  6. Try to pee standing up with a vagina. I don't need to do anything else since I'm already a girl anyway.
  7. I'd pee anywhere but the toilet if given the chance. The toilet can be reserved for other matters.
  8. Damn I wish I had friends I could be this open with
  9. @BeneathMyWillow @ifucksluts @Vassal I hope you like my portrayal of people from your countries!
  10. (It's finally here! The 7th Chapter of the somehow miraculously acclaimed Pisuaria series! Slight warning that there is a little hardcore BDSM in the background. Nothing too much, just a collar and spanking. After a year of procrastination and a week of development, hopefully it's worth the wait.) Chapter 7: Foreign Intimate Relations As a small, reclusive socialist island nation, much of the international community ignores Pisuaria, so most of it's trading is done with Cuba and China, however Russia, Belarus, and even the unrecognized breakaway Pridnestrovie Moldovan Republi
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