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  1. While neither are as strong as my pee fetish, I would say I have a bit of a foot fetish, I also like seeing attractive girls wearing glasses
  2. The latest season of Doom Patrol dropped it's first three episodes yesterday and the new character Madame Rouge (played by Michelle Gomez of Doctor Who fame) makes an... interesting entrance, shall we say
  3. Is this a story worth telling or did you just pass her?
  4. I used to pee in my granny's shed when I was younger. It wasn't like a small wooden thing, this was a proper stone building with a plastic roof about the size of a small bedroom. Me, my brother and my (female) cousins used to play in there a lot and I remember us pissing in there on a few occasions.
  5. I've never used the kitchen sink as it's too high but I piss in the bathroom sink regularly
  6. Have you ever peed in a urinal?
  7. I remember when me and my brother were younger, we would sometimes have a little paddling pool in the back garden. Although our garden isn't exactly private, I remember that on more than one occasion we were told to just pee on the grass. We would've been either completely naked or in our underwear so that was probably why it was ok. (We were younger than 3 and 5 years old so it wasn't that big a deal at the time)
  8. This still of Elizabeth Olsen in the latest episode of Wandavision has definitely stirred something up so to speak
  9. She'd just admit that she's happy to piss outside if need be; such as at the beach
  10. I remember one time I had a dream where I was hanging around an old abandoned building and in this grassy area in front of it I come across a female friend of mine in a high squat having a piss. I also remember this one where I was in this fancy bathroom having a shower, for some reason there was no door but rather a large wide opening when a member of staff from my school days (who I've had a number of pee fantasies about) comes in wearing a see-through night shirt and panties and goes and sits on the toilet, she sees me and sort of gives an embarrassed smile but just as she starts to pe
  11. I'm a male and one of my closest friends in high school was a female who was quite open about her public pissing habits. I never saw her doing it though and I never felt anything towards her that made me fantasize either.
  12. I think the best thing to do in that situation is to say that you're going to be sick and then they'd probably have to let you off
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