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  1. Going off-topic but I have aways been curious what you should be expected to do if you're in a scenario where you can't immediately evacuate, like if you're in the middle of showering or something.
  2. Always reminds me of that scene in The Simpsons
  3. Those speccy wizard books were a mistake
  4. I have done on occasion, I find the sink easier though
  5. As a fast walker, I can confirm
  6. A bit of back and forth banter that will probably be of interest, from a RadioTimes interview promoting the new season of Doctor Who Link to the full article if you're interested: https://www.radiotimes.com/tv/sci-fi/ncuti-gatwa-millie-gibson-doctor-who-chemistry-interview/?&utm_medium=social&utm_source=x.com&utm_campaign=rt_Atlas_doctorwhoncutimillie
  7. In an article about The Rock allegedly being unprofessional on set, there's a bit about him peeing in a bottle to save time which would upset some of his co-stars https://www.thewrap.com/dwayne-johnson-red-one-late-budget-problems/
  8. Well the original tweet is right here: https://twitter.com/fesshole/status/1784197058959716503?t=f0qE78Pszf4QhmWW7jrIKg&s=19 this was my personal favorite
  9. Light desperation scene in Superman and Lois Season 3 Episode 12 16:17 One character runs into her house, her daughter's all "Where have you been? I need a lift to work" The mum's all "Fine, I just have to pee real quick" They discuss some drama, while the mum is all fidgety, before the daughter decides she's going to walk to work and the mum runs off screen. That's a bit of a generalisation but I would genuinely recommend giving the show a watch, Season 3 just dropped on IPlayer this past weekend
  10. That was a weird time, but I won't lie, part of me does miss it
  11. I'm just noticing the watermark now
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