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  1. i just want to get this of my chest i do not feel comfortable when Mkbigboy likeing my content I know it sounds Petty but i just do not like him am sorry thats just how i feel
  2. will64

    Outdoor Squat

    very nice photo's enjoyed looking at them 🙂
  3. https://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/ME-peeing-in-the-toilet-22
  4. when i see a woman on the toilet 😁
  5. yes it is the episode is called Little Accidents (also known as "Pingu's Lavatory Story")
  6. really enjoying your photos 🙂
  7. i will post again but my Enthusiasm to do video's is a bit low at this time
  8. https://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/ME-peeing-in-the-toilet-21
  9. am starting to get annoyed with some one on this topic 😡
  10. here is a message from Blackinksoul30 Spy I am sorry you felt like I was ignoring you throughout my time that I spent on peefans. This isn’t true. You’ll see in a lot of the posts you replied to of mine I did reply with ‘hugs’ ‘thank you’ and I even reached out to you before I left and offered to give you my email which you said wouldn’t be safe due to privacy reasons. I respect that. Please do not think I was ignoring you or pushing you away which others would view as disrespectful. I wasn’t as close to you as you hoped maybe. That’s okay! I respected you though. Maybe I didn’t reply to each and every single post you replied to of mine. It was nothing against you. I admit at times I had trouble understanding your posts. You’re a very philosophical person that speaks worldly and wise. It was hard for me to transfer your thoughts/feelings into something that I’d understand. I’m a very simple person. Simple thoughts. I’m not really complex/deep etc. And maybe at times I didn’t know how to really reply to you. But that in no way was anything against you as a person. Spy you say that ‘We ALL supported Blackie’ ‘it just happened that hers blinded her to see that we all loved her’. Which honestly isn’t true. Yes the majority of people did. But there were a few that claimed me to be a feminist and sexist during my time spent on peefans. This actually coming from actual quotes from people. Being called a feminist actually isn’t a bad thing if the person calling you this also strongly believes in womens rights/womens power. This isn’t a good feeling if you’re being called this as a way to be made into a villain. A few people hated that I was all up in arms about the title of FW’s post about ‘overly sensitive/overly offended snow flakes’. I think from that point on that tainted peoples view points of me that I made a huge deal about that title. Also when I made a fuss last year about the vaginal wetness on the pee cup I peed into and a member compared my wetness to male ejaculation. Which yes offended me but people got mad that I requested his comment to be taken down. Some members viewed me as overly sensitive from day one. That’s not support. That’s not acceptance. Don’t get me wrong the majority of people here didn’t have an issue with what I posted on peefans. And some agreed that a Ladies room/Men’s room would be a neat idea (even just to try it). Though the rest of the members put words in my mouth that I was somehow was using the idea as a way to get back at ‘men’ even though I never made this claim. People assumed I was out to ‘male bash’ by making a ladies only room which if you truly knew my personality you’d know I’m really not that shallow or hurtful. A few men and women on Peefans knew my thoughts/feelings and knew me as a person (even outside of peefans). They know that I’m a genuine, kind and friendly person. I honestly from the bottom of my heart meant no harm. But from the moment I made the suggestion the writing was on the wall. I figured not everyone would be on board. That’s okay, not everyone had to be on board. In the end the choice would have been up to the admin. But some people took my simple idea and started attacking me and my beliefs as a human being and when I tried to defend myself people viewed me as having physiological issues. If you feel like I was ‘attacking male gender’ that was only because you attacked me first by claiming that I was a feminist. I was trying to stick up for myself and maybe I did a shit job with trying to defend myself. If someone calls me a name or says something I believe in is ridiculous of course I’m going to try to defend myself and my beliefs/opinions. Just like others have the right to voice their opinions/beliefs but it’s my choice weither I stick around or not afterwards. If you didn’t like my idea you could have said ‘I don’t like this idea’ instead of calling me a sexist feminist or bringing up my emotional sensitivity etc. When I made the comparison in my original post to an omarashi server I wasn’t saying that people on peefans were ‘attacking me in private messages’. I made the comparison because just like on the server people didn’t like the idea of a ‘ladies only text channel’ and neither did the majority of people on peefans in regards to their dis interest of a ladies only thread. That was the similarity I was trying to draw. Have I been hurt by men in the past. Sure. Though some won’t believe me but I in no way was even thinking about that when I made the ladies room suggestion. And just because I didn’t originally mention a Men only room in my original post is no vindictive way to try to be cruel. That wasn’t my intention. I apologize about the misunderstanding. With peoples view points of me that I’m a sexist, snowflake, man hating, feminist, which honestly is their own opinions of course. Is no way true how I view myself. I do apologize if that’s how I came across. That’s members blowing up something that I originally thought of as an innocent idea. People clearly feel I’ve been too emotionally sensitive about peoples posts. That I complained too much about peoples posts. That I requested too much to have peoples posts changed that I disagreed with. Some people have viewed me as the enemy/villain this whole time based on my emotional sensitivity then that’s their own issue/prerogative. So no, not ‘EVERYONE’ on peefans loved me. Not everyone was on board with my thoughts/feelings. And guess what that’s okay too! But I feel like my Ladies Room post really did me in, things were said. I was hurt and I hurt others unintentionally. People said things that they can’t take back. I don’t want to be part of a community that feels that way about me. And no that I have some deep seeded issue (Yes I know I have struggles) but it isn’t all on me. I am not the only one to blame here. There’s certain people on Peefans that honestly are against brave strong females/girl power etc. Those that were so quick to point me out as emotionally sensitive/feminist. Ever stop to think that they have an issue too? It’s simply a matter of strongly opinionate people (including myself) butting heads. This is why I left. It’s very much the hive mentality. It’s too many people strongly opinionated people that go against my view points/beliefs and have told me flat out my view points are wrong and that I’m ‘Weak’ to feel this way. Maybe I’m brave to speak my opinion and come up with a new idea. "Being emotionally sensative is not a bad thing. It can actually be a quality that can help one feel more intune/sympathetic with others. Being emotionally sensative is not weak. It's not a 'fault'. I am emotionally sensative. I know this. But at this point there's people here are mad at me for being emotionally sensative. I've explained in the past why I'm emotionally sensative but I feel like at this point people don't care the 'why' they're more mad about the fact that I am emotionally sensative."
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