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  1. Holy fuck that's so hot. What a lucky guy
  2. Wow! Enjoying the red set 😋
  3. I'm cut and have been since a young child. Always wondered what it be like to have foreskin But lots of partners have always said that they love a cut cock
  4. Oh wow! What a great day you're having Knowing everyone else and reading this thread is making me to go upstairs for some alone time 😉
  5. How many are we up to now @Sophie
  6. Do enjoy a shower changing room piss. Always better when the showers are communal.
  7. 100% agree. Find it such a turn on
  8. Welcome! Great work @Barbieoxoxx
  9. I'm out playing tomorrow, will make sure I drink lots before I go. Hopefully few others around to see me pee
  10. I also probably play too much golf 😅 But enjoy going for pee while on the course.. Walk to the bushes but always still out a bit so people can watch as go past or playing partners
  11. Will4piss


    Yeah love this great seeing wet underwear
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